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ESPN’s Clayton on Byrd-“Don’t go overboard on safety”

Posted by johnmurphyshow on July 9, 2013 – 12:22 am

The clock is ticking for the Bills to get a long term deal finished with free agent safety Jairus Byrd. But Senior Writer John Clayton says it could be difficult for the team to nail down an extended contract. And, in an appearance on The John Murphy Show Monday night, Clayton said the Bills have to guard against paying too much for a safety.

“I’m sure that if the Bills would go up to $8 and a half to -$9-million dollars, the deal would get done,” Clayton said. “But like every team, you have to watch the cap and you have to watch the dollars. So far, there’s nothing that’s been close enough that either side is optimistic.”

Clayton told host John Murphy it’s important for teams to put the proper value on their free agents, and not over-spend on certain positions.

“You have to realize that the safety position is one where you don’t want to go too far overboard. You want to try to save money for other positions,” he said.

“You can see what’s going on with Jairus Byrd. Cam Chancellor of Seattle just got $7-million dollars a year. I don’t know if the Bills are at that number or not, but you would think Byrd would want top safety number, a little bit over $9-million. And that probably isn’t going to happen. Because of that, it’s tough to get those long term deals.”

Clayton says he’s rooting for Byrd and the Bills to strike a long term deal. He thinks it’s a good fit for the team and the player.

“I hope he does (sign). He’s a great playmaker, he’s a great leader and he’s perfect for that team. You’d like to see that long term security.”

The entire interview with Senior Writer John Clayton is available here.

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