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Herm Edwards: Players vs. philosophy

Posted by Chris Brown on January 31, 2017 – 12:05 pm

ESPN NFL analyst Herm Edwards talked with this past week at the Pro Bowl and was asked to weigh a coach’s philosophy and approach against the talent and capabilities of the players on the roster. Edwards, a former head coach of the Jets and Chiefs explained why those two things must fit together.

“Philosophy is one thing – players are another,” said Edwards. “If your philosophy doesn’t fit the players, then you’ve got a problem. I think Sean (McDermott) is smart enough to realize that regardless of what his philosophy is, it’s got to be player-friendly.

“These philosophies and systems, that’s all coach talk. The reality is that you have the players that you have. You’re not going to get rid of all these players. There’s a reason they’re in the National Football League. They happen to be good players.

“I think the coaches that have success in our league are the coaches that might have a philosophy, but the system is player-friendly – and I can’t say that enough. It’s player-friendly.

“Players play, coaches coach. When you get that twisted – when the philosophy becomes bigger than the players – you’ve got a problem. I think most coaches understand that, so it’s a matter of, now, how they work that system and how these players will obviously flourish in it.”

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Clayton likes Bills chances in ’12

Posted by Chris Brown on July 3, 2012 – 10:52 am

First it was ESPN NFL analyst Herm Edwards making the prediction, now it’s veteran ESPN NFL writer John Clayton that likes Buffalo’s chances to end their playoff drought.

In Clayton’s MailBag the NFL beat writer believes this could be the year when Buffalo reaches the postseason (see below).

Q: Are the Bills the real deal? They look great on paper, signing guys like Mario Williams and Mark Anderson to go with second-year man Marcell Dareus, and drafting Stephon Gilmore to go with Terrence McGee and Jairus Byrd in the secondary. Add the killer run game and receiver Steve Johnson, they look like the clear favorites to win that division. Yet, we saw this with Philly last year, and we saw how that turned out.

Chris in Largo, Fla.

A: To be the real deal, the Bills would need to be a playoff team for the next three years. Still, the schedule and roster are set to make a wild-card run this year and I think they could do that.

For years, the Bills were hopeless in a division that was loaded with 3-4 defenses. Chan Gailey installed an offense that caused opposing defenses to get out of the 3-4. The Bills’ defense should make a dramatic improvement.

Plus, they don’t face a lot of great quarterbacks in their eight games in the AFC South and NFC West. If you are a Bills fan, enjoy.

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