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Pioli to run Chiefs

Posted by Chris Brown on January 13, 2009 – 9:14 pm

Well a day after officially losing their offensive coordinator (Josh McDaniels), the New England Patriots appear to have lost the most important piece of their front office hierarchy as ESPN and NFL Network are both reporting that Patriots VP of Player Personnel Scott Pioli is taking the GM job with the Chiefs.

It also means according to the report that Herman Edwards is out as head coach and that Giants DC Steve Spagnuolo could be hired as head coach.

This is obviously a big loss for the Patriots front office, who also lost Thomas Dimitroff the year before to the Falcons where he expertly turned them into a playoff team in a year.

According to ESPN, Director of Player Personnel Nick Caserio will fill Pioli’s role for the Patriots moving forward.

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Chiefs head coach understood Bills 4th qtr. passing

Posted by Chris Brown on November 24, 2008 – 5:01 pm

According to one post game radio report, Kansas City defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham was hot after Sunday’s loss to the Bills vowing to get back at Turk Schonert some time down the road in some way, shape of form after the Bills continued to throw midway through the fourth quarter despite being up comfortably on the scoreboard.

Cunningham’s head coach Herman Edwards however, appeared to understand the motives of the Bills.

“They kept throwing because they were trying to get their quarterback back because he had been struggling in the passing game,” said Edwards. “I think at the end there when you would expect them to run the ball, they didn’t do it. They kept throwing the football, I think, because they wanted to get their quarterback going.”

Head coach Dick Jauron was asked about all the passing in the fourth quarter despite their sizable lead and offered the following, which seemed to run in concert with Edwards’ theory.

“We felt like we did what we needed to do to win a game and that was all we were trying to do,” said Jauron. 
“We have a young quarterback who needs to see situations and finish games, but I wasn’t aware that that was an issue at all particularly the way both offenses seemed to be making big plays. At about nine minutes left in the game we had a 30 point lead, I’ve seen 14 points in 42 seconds, but our opponents didn’t think it was over. I didn’t realize that was an issue with anybody.”

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