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Jamal Lewis to play

Posted by Chris Brown on October 11, 2009 – 12:02 pm

Browns RB Jamal Lewis (hamstring) was questionablecoming into today’s game, but he’s active and expected to start.

Also active is starting ILB D’Qwell Jackson who was doubtful coming into today.

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Browns GM responds to quitting accusations

Posted by Chris Brown on November 13, 2008 – 6:19 pm

Cleveland GM Phil Savage addressed the quitting accusations by Jamal Lewis and Josh Cribbs stemming from last Thursday night’s game against the Broncos on WTAM radio in Cleveland.

He also tried to claim that Lewis and Cribbs made those comments as a way to fire up the team. I don’t think I’m buying that one.

Either way one of two teams will be coming into Buffalo Monday night, either a Cleveland team that’s ready to go in the tank as soon as the score is not in their favor or a team that’s ready to take out their frustrations on the opponent.

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Crennel denies his team quit

Posted by Chris Brown on November 12, 2008 – 5:56 pm

Despite comments from two of his players (Jamal Lewis, Josh Cribbs) that stated there were players on the team that quit late in their waning second loss to the Broncos last Thursday night, Browns head coach Romeo Crennel disagreed when asked to assess whether players quit or not.

“You don’t like that because as a coach you don’t want your players to ever quit,” said Crennel. “You want your players to fight until the end. As I looked at the game I thought the guys did fight until the end because we had the ball at the end with a chance to win the game. So if you quit, you don’t have that situation. Now, there are some guys on my team that could have made better decisions in crucial situations that would have impacted the game, but we didn’t make them. We have to see how we can make those plays to give ourselves a better chance. But players on the team didn’t quit.”

Obviously no head coach could ever acknowledge players on his team quit, but when two players publicly question the heart of their teammates you’ve got a problem.

That’s why I think if the Bills can manage to get an early lead Monday night, the Browns team may go right in the tank.

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Jamal Lewis rattles team’s cage

Posted by Chris Brown on November 10, 2008 – 3:42 pm

The issues the Browns are facing might be more serious than those of the Bills on their current three game losing streak.

Jamal Lewis was calling out players in his own locker room after their waning moment loss to Denver last Thursday night.

“Some people need to check their egos at the door and find some heart to come out here and play hard,” Lewis told the News-Herald. “This is a man’s game. The way we went out and played two weeks in a row, finishing the same kind of way, it’s just not there. Some men around here need to check themselves. Straight up. That’s it.”

Lewis went on to say that some players on his team quit before the end of the game. Head coach Romeo Crennel hinted that some lineup changes might be in order.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Buffalo’s cage getting rattled a little bit to wake the team up out of the funk they seem to be in right now. I don’t know where that comes from, whether it’s the coaching staff or one of the team’s captains, but the Bills need a jumpstart right now.

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