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OT Bell won’t go whole game

Posted by Chris Brown on September 11, 2010 – 6:15 am

Despite OT Demetrius Bell’s confidence that he’ll be able to go the distance in Sunday’s home opener vs. Miami, Buffalo’s coaching staff intends to give him breaks in the game.

Head coach Chan Gailey told that the endurance in Bell’s rehabbed leg is something that is not quite ready for a full game in the regular season, and the team does not want to deviate from their methodical approach with the left tackle in his recovery from offseason surgery.

“I don’t think he’s ready,” said Gailey. “I think that there is still a lot of muscle toning and building to do for him to be able to go out there because we all know that the level of intensity in the preseason and the level of intensity of the regular season jumps up another notch. 

“So you have to be ready for that jump and he’ll play as hard as he can play and he’ll do a great job, but I don’t think he’ll be able to go all 60 or 65 plays. We’ll have to spell him.”

Expected to do that is Bills swing tackle Jamon Meredith.

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OT Green out

Posted by Chris Brown on September 2, 2010 – 4:49 pm

Bills starting RT Cornell Green will not play tonight.

Green will be replaced in the lineup by Jamon Meredith.

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Bell good to go

Posted by Chris Brown on July 28, 2010 – 4:49 pm

The goal was for Bills LT Demetrius Bell to be good to go come training camp. It appears as though that will be the case, but pounding out two-a-days coming off a long knee rehabilitation is not on the docket to start.

“He’s really doing good,” said Bills GM Buddy Nix. “We’re going to try to be smart with him and not take him out there and grind him twice a day. But he’s really further along than we had hoped at this time.”

That’s certainly good news for Buffalo’s left tackle position where Bell is expected to compete primarily with second-year man Jamon Meredith with fifth-round pick Ed Wang also a candidate. Nix was asked if he considered adding a more veteran offensive tackle to the mix. Here was his response.

“You’d like maybe to add a guy to the mix,” said Nix. “We’ve been down this road before, if it’s a clear improvement at the position then you do it, but if it’s not then I don’t think you retard the process and you hope these young guys go through. They’ve got great ability. They’ve got everything except time on the job.”

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Fan Friday 7-16

Posted by Chris Brown on July 16, 2010 – 1:01 pm

We’re inching closer to training camp. Only 12 days until the players report. Here’s our latest edition of Fan Friday (

1 –  Alright Chris, 
Last year around this time i sent you an email asking you if the Bills were going to take shots down the field with the new addition of Owens. You emailed me back saying that they would and I think a majority of people would have agreed with you.  But even with Owens, I once again had to suffer through a lot of dink and dunk passing.  I just want to ask you what the Bills offense can do to open up the passing game.  Is it going to be another “dink and dunk” 2010 season for the Bills?
Eric, Hamburg

CB: The reason down the field passing didn’t happen last year was because it simply couldn’t. With the offensive line unable to consistently protect, due to inexperience, injuries and other issues, there was no time for routes to develop and quarterbacks to have enough time to make such plays in most cases. Not making excuses. If you don’t have time you can’t make those plays happen.

And the case is the same this season. The protection has to be consistent and improve if you want more downfield plays.

2 – Hi Chris, now that Marshawn Lynch has reported, this may now open up some new possibilities for Chan Gailey. For instance, do you think that the Bills will pound defenses with Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch, and use C.J. Spiller as a change of pace back. If the line blocks well, this could be a dangerous backfield. They could use a ball control attack, bring the defense in to respect the run, and then take their shots downfield. Even though their receivers outside of Lee Evans and Roscoe Parrish, are mostly inexperienced, they have enough talent to really hurt some defenses. Your thoughts.

Tony, Daytona Beach, Fl

CB: I think the possibilities are endless for Gailey with the personnel you’ve listed and that’s what makes it so exciting. What’s more is Gailey has mentioned more than once the receiving abilities of all three of those backs as he believes he can design plays where they’re thrown the ball as much as they’re handed it. And those routes likely won’t take a lot of time to develop, which means the QB is getting the ball out quickly, which lessens the demand on consistent pass protection, which was an issue last year and could be again this year. The Bills have an offensive mind that will make things work regardless of where deficiencies might lie.

3 – Hi Chris,
I’ve heard so much about the pending lockout next March if no new CBA is reached, however I have not heard what will happen to next year’s draft if that takes place, will there still be a 2011 draft?


Colorado Springs, CO

CB: As I understand it there would still be a 2011 draft. I think the only question is when it would take place based on the expiration of the current CBA.

4 – I have read up on coach Gailey he’s a very experienced coach and he’s very good with making offences work so I do think we will be better then what most people expect this year but I want to know what your thoughts are on his ability to build this franchise into a super bowl contender in years two three or four.


CB: What’s most encouraging to me about the state of this franchise is they have two chief decision makers in Chan Gailey and Buddy Nix that are committed to a plan as to how to build this team and it’s for the long haul. They are going to methodically add the pieces to this roster that they believe will make the Bills a contender for the long term, not the short term. Yes, it requires more patience on the part of fans and I admit that’s hard with as patient and loyal as you fans have been. However, I am supremely confident that these guys at the top know how to build a program into a winner in time.

5 – Hey Chris,
Is there any chance that when Bell comes back that Meredith keeps the starting LT position or will Chan and co just give it back to Bell? I’m a big Meredith fan and watched him close last yr and he seemed to play real well. IMO he is gonna be a stud OT in the NFL and I hope he has a real chance to start and isn’t just playing “Fill IN”. Do you have any inside info on this subject???

Thanks Jay

CB: Bell is the incumbent and I think he’ll have every opportunity to win the job, but Meredith will be real competition. One thing to keep an eye on is if Bell comes back from his knee rehab and doesn’t miss a beat, don’t be surprised if you see Meredith as stiff competition for vet Cornell Green for the starting right tackle job. He looks like a natural right tackle and it wouldn’t shock me if he eventually supplants Green.

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Byrd back

Posted by Chris Brown on June 24, 2010 – 3:21 pm

After not participating this morning FS Jairus Byrd is back on the practice field this afternoon.

Byrd is one of a handful of players who is having their reps scaled back.

Kawika Mitchell, who participated in the morning practice is watching this afternoon. Marcus Stroud is also not on the field for the afternoon practice following his morning participation.

Derek Schouman however, has been a spectator for all of Thursday as has Jamon Meredith and Ashton Youboty.

New to the non-participant list this afternoon is LB Reggie Torbor.

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Change not big for linemen

Posted by Chris Brown on June 14, 2010 – 12:03 pm

Bills OT Jamon Meredith, who is currently manning the starting left tackle spot in spring practices, says the techniques being taught now aren’t much different from what he was being drilled on last year.

At times blocking techniques can have different schools of thought and thus are coached differently from coach to coach. But Meredith doesn’t see a big difference from last year.

“Not much of a change,” he said. “Everybody pretty much teaches the same stuff, but a few coaches specialize with a few different things, but a lot of it is similar mentalities.”

Knowing it’s one less thing that’s completely new is likely refreshing to a group of linemen that are getting accustomed to a new offensive scheme with new terminology as well as the cadence of four different quarterbacks.

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Fan Friday 5-28

Posted by Chris Brown on May 28, 2010 – 1:30 pm

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone. Just take a minute to remember those that made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.
First week of OTAs is in the books. Let’s get to your questions (

1 – Hi Chris:
    I was wondering if you think that Jamon Meredith has a shot at becoming the starting right tackle for the Bills this year?  I know his play was limited in 2009, and it looked to me like he struggled against Julius Peppers, but he also looked as though he might have potential based on what I saw in the other games he played in.


CB: Meredith is actually going to be pushing Demetrius Bell for the starting left tackle position. At least that’s how things are shaping up after the first week of OTAs. Meredith was working with the starting unit at left tackle with Bell still rehabbing from surgery.
Though your memory of Meredith’s play is struggling against Julius Peppers you need to know that his first three career starts were made in Buffalo uniform last season, without the benefit of a training camp or prior knowledge of the Bills offensive scheme. He had a month to prepare and then he was suddenly starting. So under the circumstances I thought he did pretty well. I thought his first career start against the Jets at the Meadowlands last season was a pretty good one.

Meredith also looks bigger and stronger through the shoulders and his upper body. We’ll see what kind of difference that makes and how much he’ll push Bell come training camp.

2 – Hey Chris,
My question to you is Buddy Nix in an interview said they were talking about moving up in the draft after selecting Spiller at #9. Did you ever find out from Buddy what player that they were targeting that he said was gone so they just stood still and never made a trade?
Tampa, FL

CB: I don’t know for certain, but I strongly believe the only player they were considering other than Spiller was Russell Okung the offensive tackle from Oklahoma State. Had he still been on the board when the Raiders were on the clock at eight, I think they would’ve made a deal to move up and get him. But when he went to Seattle at six, that was obviously no longer an option.

3 – Hey chris,
The Bills have 3 safeties that can play in byrd, whitner and wilson. So who are the two that the Bills think can be the starters right away and is there a chance that one of those guys moves to CB? Also the linebacker corps need something too with another OLB do you think that Davis can be that guy or can Harris come into that spot?

CB: I think you’re forgetting about Bryan Scott, who is a more than capable safety as well. So that’s four right there, all with experience. Right now Whitner and Byrd are the starters in OTAs. Scott and Wilson are the reserves. It’s going to be an interesting competition. I don’t believe any of them are fit for moving to corner at the NFL level, and they have good depth at that position anyway.
As for OLB Davis is strictly an inside guy. Outside with the ones right now it’s Kelsay on the strong side with Maybin and Chris Ellis sharing first team reps on the other side.
4 – Chris,
In the past it seems as though we have given receivers a ‘cushion’ which allowed them to get 5-10 yards pretty much at will.  Do you see the new 3-4 defense coming with more press coverage?  I think Leodis and McGee can handle it particularly Leodis with his size.  I am tired of hearing about Revis island.
Steven J. Huber

CB: I think you can bank on seeing a lot more press or man coverage in George Edwards defensive scheme. Players have already been commenting on how much more man coverage calls they’re getting in their 3-4 scheme. They’re excited about it, and it makes sense. With one of the deepest units on the roster it makes sense to ask the secondary to man up more.

5 – Hi Chris,
It seems as though most draftniks thought the Bills got very good value for just about all of their selections, with the exception of Torell Troup. It also seems that most of these people believed the Bills should have taken Mount Cody at that spot. I have more faith in the Bills’ organization than in these analysts, so I don’t have any problem with the pick, but can you touch on some of Troup’s qualities that made the team value him above players like Cody or Linval Joseph, who I know you were high on?

CB: What Troup offers that Cody does not is the ability to play all three downs. Cody is a two-down run defender and nothing more. Plus his weight issues and work ethic issues are going to make you wonder just what you’re going to get on every snap. The guy has also had conditioning issues.

You’ll never have to worry about what you’re going to get out of Troup. He’s more than capable athletically and has a work ethic that Cody does not come close too. He’s not going to be pushing the pocket for sacks, but he relishes the dirty work. As for Joseph I did like him as a prospect. I think his peak however is further away than Troup’s.

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Fan Friday 4-30

Posted by Chris Brown on April 30, 2010 – 12:34 pm

Well the 2010 draft is in the rearview mirror and the Bills really got some good talent for their D-line in Troup and Carrington. I like those guys a lot. Spiller is a difference maker. Be nice to strike a little fear in opponents. Some good depth players too.
In any event let’s see what’s on your mind on the heels of the draft. ( for questions).

1 – Hey Chris,
Do you think buffalo bills send their 2nd rd pick (2011) to baltimore for gaither after not getting a premier NFL ready LT in the draft?? He’s young some experience 2nd yr.

CB: There’s no debating that Gaither is talented and young. Here’s what I think happens with the Bills and their left tackle situation. I believe Buffalo’s talent evaluators will assess the talent on hand and see how they perform on the field through minicamps and OTAs this spring. If they feel they need to upgrade I believe they will. Currently there are two tackles with experience that I see worthy of pursuing.

One is Gaither and the other is New Orleans’ Jammal Brown. Granted Brown is coming off an injury, but provided he checks out, I would look at both of them as options. A second or possibly a third rounder in 2011 could get it done.

2 – With the addition of Chad Jackson what do you see happening with Roscoe Parrish? I mean Chad is a return man with a lot of speed and a lot of the same qualities Parrish has. I know its been talked about before, but with the Bills having Evans, Hardy, Steve Johnson, and now Chad Jackson do you see the Bills trading Parrish and maybe get a draft pick out of him?

-Long Island-

CB: I don’t see Parrish being moved. I think he finally has an offensive coordinator (Gailey) that will come up with a way to maximize his talents at the receiver position on offense. I anticipate him getting a lot more snaps in the slot, especially with Josh Reed gone. They’ll use him in motion a lot too. Think about Parrish and Spiller in the two slots in a four wide look. Man I like the sound of that. Chad Jackson in my opinion is nowhere near the return man that Roscoe is. Roscoe’s biggest competition is going to be Spiller in the return game.

3 – I see Dallas released there left tackle Flozell Adams. Is he worth pursuing by the Bills?

Jeff Johnson

CB: For some reason I just don’t see the Bills pursuing a player that at best is a one-year stop gap. I could be wrong, but I think Buffalo is building this team in such a way where they’re looking for long term answers especially at a position like left tackle.

4 – Hey Chris,
Thanks for all your great coverage of the draft. I’m sure you’ll be getting plenty of questions about the O-line, but that obviously seems to be the biggest concern for us fans as of right now. I am assuming that left guard through right tackle is pretty much set at Levitre, Hangartner, Wood and Green. My question is do you think Bell goes in as the starting left tackle right now? I know Nix said he has to be, but he didn’t seem completely convinced. Do you think Wang or Jamon Meredith (who I thought was decent last year) have any chance of displacing Bell?

CB: Personally I think it will be an open competition. We’ll get a better sense of just how healthy Bell is coming off the knee injury when OTAs start up. It’s his job to lose because he’s the incumbent, but I do think Meredith will give him a good run. Andre Ramsey is also in that mix and Wang is a dark horse, who I think will need some development in the end. As I said earlier based on coaching and front office evaluations a play for a Gaither or Jammal Brown I do not think is out of the question yet.

Another possible option that’s out there is Levitre possibly kicking out to tackle, but with so many other young options right now, I anticipate the staff will sift through those first.

5 – Chris,
With Chan saying he likes big receivers on the edges – might we see Evans spend some time in the slot?  I could see that causing some serious matchup problems for a defense.
CB: With Chan Gailey I would rule nothing out. Buffalo has added some receivers with size, both in the draft and free agency. Too often we’ve seen Lee Evans facing bracket coverage and taken away as a weapon. I believe Gailey, knowing the playmaker that Evans is would do whatever he can to put him in a playmaking position. It could just mean moving him around more, or it could very well mean more time in the slot. We shall see.

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Meredith and Corto to get some major time

Posted by Chris Brown on January 3, 2010 – 12:10 pm

With Jonathan Scott and Andre Ramsey both out rookie Jamon Meredith will be very busy today.
Meredith will start at left tackle. He’s made 3 starts this season, but all at right tackle.

Meanwhile at LB with Bryan Scott, and Ashlee Palmer out and Nic Harris on I-R, Jon Corto will start at weak side LB.

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Injury update

Posted by Chris Brown on December 18, 2009 – 1:04 pm

Terrell Owens heads a list of four players that are questionable for Sunday.

Owens missed practice again Friday due to illness though he was in team meetings at One Bills Drive.

The other questionable players for Buffalo are LT Jonathan Scott, WR Justin Jenkins and reserve OT Jamon Meredith. FS Jairus Byrd is probable.

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Practice update

Posted by Chris Brown on December 18, 2009 – 11:01 am

Terrell Owens is the only absentee here on Friday as some players on Buffalo’s injury report are back practicing.

The team is practicing in the stadium and OT Jonathan Scott looks to be full go as he practices for the first time this week coming off his eye injury suffered last Sunday.

Jamon Meredith, Justin Jenkins and Jairus Byrd have all been limited in practice this week, but all three are again participating here on Friday.

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Report: Bills sign QB Brohm

Posted by Chris Brown on November 19, 2009 – 7:06 am

They are unconfirmed by the team, but there are numerous reports that the Bills have signed QB Brian Brohm off of Green Bay’s practice squad.

Brohm, who as a member of a practice squad is technically a free agent, chose to sign with the Bills last night per numerous reports despite being offered the same two-year deal by the Packers.

There’s little doubt that the uncertain situation surrounding the QB position in Buffalo convinced Brohm that he would have a better chance of getting on the field in Buffalo as opposed to Green Bay where they have a long term answer at QB in Aaron Rodgers.

Brohm is the Packers former 2nd round pick in 2008. At 24 he’d certainly be part of the QB mix moving forward with a new regime.

Brohm will also be reunited with his former college center Eric Wood. It’s a shrewd move by the Bills, but to this point the team has not confirmed anything. But if the reports are accurate Brohm would be the second player the Bills have snatched off of Green Bay’s practice squad joining Jamon Meredith.

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Chambers to start at RT

Posted by Chris Brown on November 15, 2009 – 12:30 pm

With Jonathan Scott not making the trip (personal reasons) reserve OT Kirk Chambers will start at right tackle for the Bills today.

Rookie OT Jamon Meredith is active for today’s game, but is coming off a sprained MCL and is not 100 percent. He was only able to practice on a limited basis this week.

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OT Scott out for game

Posted by Chris Brown on November 14, 2009 – 6:34 pm

In the latest round of bad luck for Buffalo’s offensive line, OT Jonathan Scott, who was ready to return after a three game absence, is out for Sunday’s game.

Scott did not make the trip due to undisclosed personal reasons. He’s been declared out for the game.

Rookie Jamon Meredith had filled in for Scott at right tackle the past three games, but is questionable for Sunday’s game.

The only other healthy tackle on the roster besides left tackle Demetrius Bell is Kirk Chambers, who finished the game against Houston after Meredith went down with a knee injury.

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Injury update

Posted by Chris Brown on November 12, 2009 – 2:37 pm

Here is the official rundown of participation at practice Thursday among Buffalo’s injured players.

Did not practice
CB Terrence McGee (knee)
LB Keith Ellison (quad)
WR Terrell Owens (hip)
DE Aaron Schobel (groin)
DT Kyle Williams (knee)

Limited in practice
FS Jairus Byrd (groin)
FB Corey McIntyre (knee)
OT Jamon Meredith (knee)
S Donte Whitner (ankle)

Both Schobel and Williams worked with trainers on the side. Head coach Dick Jauron however, was not overly encouraged by that development.

“Well they’re further ahead than (Wednesday),” said Jauron. “But not far enough where they could practice.”

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Injury update

Posted by Chris Brown on November 11, 2009 – 4:38 pm

Here’s the official rundown of injured Bills players and their level of participation in practice Wednesday

Did not practice
LB Keith Ellison (quad)
CB Terrence McGee (knee)
WR Terrell Owens (hip)
DE Aaron Schobel (groin)
DT Kyle Williams (knee)

Limited in practice
FS Jairus Byrd (groin)
FB Corey McIntyre (knee)
OT Jamon Meredith (knee)
S Donte Whitner (ankle)

Full participation (players coming off injury)
QB Trent Edwards (head)
TE Shawn Nelson (migraines)
S Bryan Scott (ankle)
OT Jonathan Scott (ankle)

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Practice update

Posted by Chris Brown on November 11, 2009 – 11:58 am

Here’s the rundown of who is not practicing here at One Bills Drive on Wednesday.

Terrence McGee
Keith Ellison
Terrell Owens
Aaron Schobel
Kyle Williams

OT Jamon Meredith appears to be working in practice on a limited basis as well as Donte Whitner. But we’ll get an official update from head coach Dick Jauron later this afternoon.

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Postgame injury update

Posted by Chris Brown on November 1, 2009 – 6:20 pm

Buffalo lost four players to injury in the game and none of them returned to action before the game was over.

Head coach Dick Jauron after the game confirmed that Aaron Schobel and Jairus Byrd suffered groin injuries. Byrd had been dealing with a nagging groin problem for a little while prior to today’s game according to Jauron.

Right tackle Jamon Meredith suffered a sprained MCL. No word on his prognosis.

Keith Ellison suffered a quad strain and could not return to the game.

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Fan Friday 10-30

Posted by Chris Brown on October 30, 2009 – 3:01 pm

We’ll see if the Bills can make it three in a row against a high-powered offense in the Texans this weekend. Here are some answers to your questions. (

1. Hey Chris.
The loss of linebackers to injury this season has me wondering what has become of John Digorgio this season. I know the Bills cut him in the pre-season because of health issues. He filled in well for Poz in 2007 and I wondered if he was a possibility to come back since he knows the defense and the players well. 
Concerned Bills fan- Rochester
CB: This past offseason John DiGiorgio was signed to a two-year extension, but he was coming off ACL knee surgery. As training camp approached DiGiorgio had to undergo another surgery as there were bone fragments that had to be taken care of. It set back his rehab. He was eventually put on injured reserve.

Later the team waived him in an injury settlement so he is no longer with the team. In light of a second surgery you wonder if DiGiorgio’s football career is in jeopardy. Not all ACL knee repairs are successful, at least to the point where a player can play at the NFL level again. Each case is different. It’s unfortunate.


2. Chris ,
On some of the promos for the 50th season team I saw a Buffalo Bill with the name Schottenheimer on his back in one of the shots. I was
wondering if that was Marty by any chance and if not who it might be ???

Thanks Mr. T from Ft. Myers Fl.

CB: Yes, it was Marty Schottenheimer. He played for the Bills from 1965 to 1968 as a reserve linebacker and wore jersey numbers 56 and 57. He was the team’s seventh-round draft pick in 1965.


3. Chris,
How does Braylon Edwards get traded and comes in and makes game changing plays for the Jets right away? And how is it that Trent can’t do the same for T.O.? And  T.O. has been playing  5 games w/bflo.. Bad QB or bad coaching? 

CB: I can definitely answer your first question. Braylon Edwards’ smooth on field transition to the Jets was aided by an offense that was identical to the one that was installed by Browns head coach Eric Mangini in Cleveland. Edwards essentially learned the same offense in Cleveland that the Jets were using in New York, because Rex Ryan kept offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer.

As for T.O. and Edwards, there are issues preventing deep ball plays. Pass protection consistently holding up long enough and decision making by a QB that has been reluctant to throw deep.


4. Chris,
Jamon Meredith was a player I thought the Bills might draft and play at Guard.  I’d like to know your assessment of his play against the Jets. Also, what is the long term plan for Eric Wood.  Do you see him eventually moving to center?
Pete Howell

CB: I’ve talked to coach Kugler about Meredith and he said they had high grades on him and did see him as a guard/tackle. But he’s 6’5” and 305 pounds with good feet so he can play on the edge. In fact most of his college career was on the outside before moving to guard as a senior. With Levitre and Wood entrenched at the guard spots, tackle is probably where Meredith will stay.

As for Wood I think perhaps in time he could serve as the team’s backup center, but his primary position will be guard moving forward.



5. Hi Chris,

I have to ask, why aren’t the Bills giving Steve Johnson any playing time other than on Special Teams?

The thought of having a TE in Nelson (6’5″), Hardy (6’6″) returning soon, T.O. (6’3″) and Johnson (6’2″), seems like they would like to get the height advantage that would cause opposing defenses fits.
Especially in the Red Zone!!!

Thanks . . . Bob
CB: Head coach Dick Jauron actually has made Steve Johnson active on game day the last two games because he does want to get him more involved in the offense, and I expect that to continue Sunday. That’s why Roscoe Parrish has been inactive or the emergency 3rd QB.

However, those opportunities on the field have yet to present themselves. I do believe Johnson has potential and liked what I saw from him toward the end of last season, but when Terrell Owens and Lee Evans are having trouble producing I don’t know how much the offensive staff can concern themselves with how often they can get opportunities for their fourth receiver.

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Bills line today short on starts

Posted by Chris Brown on October 18, 2009 – 1:29 pm

Buffalo’s offensive line with three rookies and a first-year starter on it today in Demetrius Bell is very light on experience.

Veteran center Geoff Hangartner has 32 starts under his belt, with the other four linemen bring a total of 14 more starts to the table counting the games played thus far this season.

Jamon Meredith, who will start at right tackle is making his first career NFL start. Demetrius Bell has four starts, Levitre and Wood have five each.

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