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Brown all but signed in St. Louis

Posted by Chris Brown on February 27, 2009 – 10:16 pm

Looks like Baltimore FA C Jason Brown is all but signed in St. Louis according to the Post-Dispatch.

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Carolina OL Hangartner to visit Bills?

Posted by Chris Brown on February 27, 2009 – 6:46 am

Carolina FA OL Geoff Hangartner is going to visit the Bills on Friday according to NFL Network’s Adam Schefter. With Brad Butler the only returning interior lineman under contract, following the release of Derrick Dockery, Buffalo has to address the guard and center position.

Hangartner served the Panthers as a backup center and guard in 2008 and has appeared in all 16 games for Carolina each of the past three years. Due to injuries last season he made eight starts. Buffalo would presumably represent a better opportunity to start as Ryan Kalil is locked in at the pivot for the Panthers.

Indy’s Jeff Saturday re-signed hours before the deadline agreeing to a three-year deal, while Baltimore FA Jason Brown is reportedly headed to St. Louis for his first FA visit.

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Rams, Dolphins, Chiefs all after Jason Brown

Posted by Chris Brown on February 26, 2009 – 11:36 pm

According to the National Football Post, the Rams, Dolphins and Chiefs are all going to be bidding on Jason Brown at midnight tonight.

He’s a nice player, but there’s no way I’m getting into a bidding war for a center of his caliber. He’s good, but he’s not crazy good.

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Looks like Jason Brown will hit market

Posted by Chris Brown on February 26, 2009 – 7:40 pm

Baltimore Ravens free agent C Jason Brown looks like he’ll hit the market. According to the Sporting News the Ravens have told him he won’t be back with them as they focus their attention on Ray Lewis and Bart Scott, who are also free agents.

Brown will garner interest. The Vikings and Dolphins are among the teams reportedly interested.

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Dolphins reportedly zeroing in on Jason Brown

Posted by Chris Brown on February 24, 2009 – 8:46 pm

With Matt Birk negotiating to re-sign with Minnesota, the Miami Herald is reporting that the Dolphins are likely going to have the number for Jason Brown’s agent on their speed dial come midnight Friday when free agency opens.

It’s no secret the Dolphins want to upgrade their center position and transition Samson Satele to guard or the bench as he had trouble handling the likes of Vince Wilfork and Kris Jenkins, which was also an issue for the Bills. It doesn’t appear like Brown is going to re-sign with Baltimore before Friday.

Brown has only started for one season with Baltimore.

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Fan Friday 1-30

Posted by Chris Brown on January 30, 2009 – 6:47 pm

Not surprisingly, free agency and the draft are dominating the questions I’m getting at Feel free to submit a question if you have one. Here we go.

1. Chris, 
        I have read before that Bill Parcells in the late 90’s (while with the Jets) brought in Kevin Mawae to stop Ted Washington when we ran the 3-4 defense.  I thought that was interesting to build your team to stop or beat particular players in your division and not necessarily always filling holes on your team. What are your thoughts on this?

CB: I think when there are players of Ted Washington’s caliber that can be disruptive up front at a certain position on a division opponent you have to make it a top priority. There’s no question the Bills are facing a similar situation knowing they’re going to see Vince Wilfork and Kris Jenkins twice a year, every year, and to a lesser extent Jason Ferguson. Center might be a higher priority for Buffalo than any other team in football in light of the teams they have to face in their division. So taking a similar approach to what Parcells did with the Jets would be wise, but is the right free agent answer out there?

As I’ve said before I’d be willing to sign Matt Birk (Minn.) to a two-year deal and groom a young replacement behind him (draft pick). That being said I’d probably re-sign Duke Preston as well. Baltimore’s Jason Brown is another option. He holds his ground a bit better than Duke, but he’s not any more athletic as I see it.


2. Dear Chris,
Hardy’s injury was rough on the receiving corps. Any chance of trading up for Crabtree?
Zubbaz Wearer
CB: James Hardy’s injury will be something that has to be addressed, even though Steve Johnson came on strong at season’s end. I think a one or two-year deal for a veteran free agent like Amani Toomer would be the best move. It takes the pressure off Hardy to come back quickly and make an impact this year, which I think will be difficult. And it provides the receiving corps with a player that has been there and done that along with Evans and Reed. While Crabtree is enticing, I just don’t think another young wideout is the answer, particularly with a host of other positional needs.


3. Hey Chris,

Just taking a look at the draft this year.  Do you think either Everette Brown or Aaron Maybin would fit in the 4-3 and do you think (or know) if the Bills would be inclined to take either of these DEs?


CB: I think Everette Brown is capable of playing in a 4-3 at the NFL level. I’m less sure about Maybin. Brown is a guy I like a lot. Most mock drafts right now don’t have him coming off the board in the top half of round one, but I like what I’ve seen.

I’ll try to do a little more homework on Brown to see if there are off the field issues or knocks on his game, but what I see on tape is pretty darn good stuff. I still need to see more of Maybin, but all indications are that he projects more to an OLB in 3-4 at the NFL level.


4. Hey Chris,
            I have been reading and a lot of people think that the Bills need to draft a TE to help open up there passing game, but what about free agency?  I believe the bills should pick up a DE in the draft with our first round pick, and then get our TE from free agency.  What do you think about L.J Smith being a realistic option for us?
-Anthony McClure

CB: I think there is a need to add a dynamic pass catching tight end and L.J. Smith has been that in his career. However, his injuries have become alarmingly frequent and I think he’s a very old 29. I think despite his talent, he’s too high risk to sign and expect him to change the face of your passing game. In free agency it’s pretty thin. The only attractive pass catching options are Tennessee’s Bo Scaife and RFA Owen Daniels (Houston). The draft might be the way to go, though I’m hesitant to add more youth.


5. Hey Chris,
For the upcoming draft I have a few scenarios that the Bills could pursue. Do you see them trading up to guarantee a guy like Orakpo from Texas? I also have them trading their first round pick for the Philadelphia Eagles 2 first round pick selections where they can draft a TE and C?
Toronto, Canada

CB: I think it’s very unlikely that the Bills would move into the top 10 to secure almost any player because it costs an awful lot to move up that high in the draft even from 11, and the top 10 is where the money really gets ridiculous for rookies. I expect the Bills will have a top 3 candidate pool for their first pick and hope one is still there at 11.

Either way they’re virtually guaranteed to get an impact player at that spot. If however, none of their top three choices are there at 11, I believe it’s reasonable to think they would explore moving down as you suggested.

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