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QB Campbell a Raider

Posted by Chris Brown on April 24, 2010 – 12:08 pm

The trade as predicted is done. QB Jason Campbell is now an Oakland Raider after a trade between the Redskins and Raiders.

Early reports are that the Redskins acquired a sixth and a seventh-round pick for Campbell as the Redskins didn’t have much leverage in a trade after acquiring Donovan McNabb.

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Campbell to be traded soon

Posted by Chris Brown on April 24, 2010 – 11:58 am’s Jason LaCanfora is reporting that Washington QB Jason Campbell could be traded in the next 10 minutes.

Washington and Oakland have reportedly been discussing a trade involving Campbell for the past couple of hours and a deal could be imminent. Here’s LaCanfora’s latest twitter post.

JasonLaCanfora    Exchanging texts with Jason Campebell. He figures he will get word on a trade in the next 10 minutes or so. We got ya covered at NFL Network.

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5 teams interested in Campbell?

Posted by Chris Brown on April 5, 2010 – 10:22 am

There’s a radio report that five NFL teams are suddenly interested in Jason Campbell, now that the Redskins have swung the trade for Donovan McNabb.

Of course the Bills are among the teams mentioned, which also includes Carolina, Jacksonville, Oakland and a cryptic unnamed team. The radio report came from ESPN Radio 980 in Washington, a station owned by Redskins owner Daniel Snyder.

Hmmmm. Sounds like someone might be trying to drum up interest in a player that no longer serves a purpose on their roster. From what I’ve heard there’s a lot of rumor and conjecture tied to this one. Not saying that Jason Campbell won’t be moved. Just find it hard to believe there are this many teams interested.

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QB Campbell tendered

Posted by Chris Brown on March 3, 2010 – 4:04 pm

As expected the Washington Redskins have tendered QB Jason Campbell.

Washington head coach Mike Shanahan indicated they would tender Campbell when he spoke last week at the NFL Combine. ESPN is reporting that they tendered him at the first-round level, meaning if a team signed him to an offer sheet that the Redskins chose not to match, Washington would receive that team’s first round pick.

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Shanahan: We’ll tender Campbell

Posted by Chris Brown on February 26, 2010 – 10:55 am

Denver head coach Mike Shanahan is addressing the media at the NFL Combine and was asked if the Redskins will tender Jason Campbell.

“Yes, we will tender Jason,” said Shanahan. “We’ll get that done next week.” 

Shanahan didn’t say what level of tender would be used on the quarterback. Presumably it would be the minimum, which would carry draft compensation based on the original round in which Campbell was drafted which was the first. The minimum tender this year for Campbell would be $3.15M.

The thinking in Washington was Campbell could be moved via trade, but there’s also the belief that Campbell could be used as a stop gap QB in Washington in 2010 and let a rookie QB like Bradford or Clausen sit and watch for a year until the team gets the offensive line back in order. No sense in throwing a rookie QB to the wolves if the pass protection isn’t sound.

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Report: Campbell deal unlikely

Posted by Chris Brown on February 25, 2010 – 2:30 pm

Though rumors are running rampant that there could be a trade deal in the works for the Bills to acquire Washington RFA QB Jason Campbell, a Washington Post report cites sources as saying it’s not likely.

Redskins Insider Jason Reid of the Washington Post, stated the following on the odds of a Campbell trade.

People familiar with the situation told me they did not envision the Redskins completing a deal with Buffalo involving Campbell.

Reid also adds that Campbell’s agent is scheduled to meet with Redskins GM Bruce Allen here at the NFL Combine about an extension for Campbell.

The rumored deal by the way was Campbell for Whitner and a pick. Now Reid also stated that he wouldn’t be surprised if Campbell was not on the Redskins roster in 2010, but does not seem convinced that Buffalo would be a destination.

First of all, a trade cannot happen until the league’s moratorium is lifted March 5th. Second, if the Redskins choose not to tender Campbell by next Thursday, he’ll become an unrestricted free agent March 5th and would be free to sign with any club.

I’d like to think that any other NFL team that might be interested in Campbell would wait and see if he’s even tendered a qualifying offer first.

Head coach Chan Gailey was asked specifically about whether he plans on adding a veteran QB to his roster and he said the following today.

“I’m going to sidestep that again by saying we always are trying to improve our football team,” said Gailey. “If that’s the best way to improve it then I’ll do that.”

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Jets could make move for QB Campbell

Posted by Chris Brown on April 24, 2009 – 2:26 pm

If Redskins owner Dan Snyder makes the moves necessary to land USC QB Mark Sanchez, the Jets may make the next move and take Washington’s cast off signal caller off their hands.

According to the Washington Times, the Jets have expressed interest in acquiring Campbell as they look to secure a more talented or more proven option at QB.

Campbell would certainly be a better option than Clemens, Ratliff or Ainge. What it would take to get him is the big question.

I’m thinking a second-rounder in light of what Matt Cassel went for.

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Cutler and Scheffler to Redskins?

Posted by Chris Brown on March 17, 2009 – 6:52 pm

Well here’s the latest rumor on this Cutler saga so take it for what it’s worth. According to the Bleacher report, yes I know… risky, it’s a three-way trade with Cutler, Scheffler and a Browns 3rd round pick going to Washington, Chris Cooley, Jason Campbell and a Denver 5th rounder to Cleveland and Brady Quinn and Washington S LaRon Landry going to Denver.

Oh and they say the teams will announce it at 5. Of course they lead the story off by saying ‘This is unconfirmed.’

Is it wrong for me to be skeptical? I just don’t see it all coming together this fast, especially with the Broncos apparently set to try to one more time to convince Cutler to stay put. Ah the viral power of the internet! Is this truth or fiction? You’ve been warned.

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