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One final tribute

Posted by Chris Brown on October 8, 2014 – 7:43 pm

The NFL owners approved Kim and Terry Pegula as the new owners of the Buffalo Bills on Wednesday, and after the applause died down, there was another round of applause given for the late Ralph Wilson and those who served under his leadership.

“I did mention that after the Pegulas were approved as owners how important Ralph Wilson was to the league,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “How important he was to me personally. How much respect I had for his leadership, his ownership of the Bills and what he’s meant to Western New York. I’m confident that Terry and Kim are going to build on that legacy. They will take the Bills to another level and I think Mr. Wilson would be very proud of the outcome.”

Bills President and CEO Russ Brandon, who worked closely with Jeff Littmann and Mary Owen, who were serving as Trustees for the Wilson ownership, knew that it was a day that brought closure for them as they handed off ownership to the Pegulas.

“Certainly Jeff (Littmann) and Mary (Owen) were in there during the vote and it was an emotional scene for them,” said Brandon. “Commissioner Goodell mentioned the Wilson family, Ralph and Mary and what they’ve meant. The 53 years that Mr. Wilson gave to the National Football League and everything he’s meant to this league and to the people in that room. No one loved being in that room more than Ralph Wilson, and a great respect for the league and for the game of football. The reason we’re all standing here is what he built with a lot of other owners over many years.

“Jeff and Mary have been tremendous stewards of the Wilson family and great members of NFL membership. It was a nice moment when the Pegulas came in and knowing that for years to come we have Buffalo Bills to be focused on and that’s it.”


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Littmann calls Pegulas 1st class

Posted by Chris Brown on October 8, 2014 – 9:38 am

Jeff Littmann, Mr. Wilson’s CFO for the Bills provided additional comment on behalf of the Ralph C. Wilson Foundation and in the process commended the Pegulas for their handling of this ownership transition process.

Littmann first pointed out that the final step in ownership transfer is the purchase transaction, but he expects that to be handled in short order.

“They have been absolutely wonderful to work with everything has been first class through the process so we think this will go swiftly, and will check that box and we’ll be on our way,” he said.

Littmann also said the outgoing ownership will do whatever necessary to assist in the initial steps of ownership transition with the Pegulas.

He also said the Ralph C. Wilson Foundation is still in the initial planning stages and will unveil their plans when they are finalized.

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Goodell briefed by Bills on advisors

Posted by Chris Brown on May 21, 2014 – 1:55 pm

With the announcement today (Wednesday) that the Bills have retained financial and legal advisors to begin the process of the sale of the team, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell explained how the league was briefed by the club a day earlier.

“We did have a brief report from (Bills CFO) Jeff Littmann,” said Goodell at a Tuesday press conference. “He told us they are engaging not only a bank but also (legal) counsel. They are proceeding with the process. They will do it in a deliberate fashion and when they come to a conclusion they will let us know. Obviously, they will stay in contact with us and in full cooperation with my office. They recognize the importance of league rules and they will do it the right way. We are confident that will be the case.”


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