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Robey thought he had a TD

Posted by Chris Brown on November 30, 2014 – 6:30 pm

Though the Bills won by 16 points over Cleveland on Sunday, it’s could’ve been more. Buffalo had a touchdown taken off the board, when Kyle Williams sack and apparent forced fumble that recovered by Nickell Robey in the end zone was ruled a forward pass and thus an incompletion on the play.

“They told me Manziel’s arm followed through when he tried to throw the ball,” said Robey. “But from the looks of it on the film, replaying it, he never had possession of the ball.  I was looking for it to be a touchdown but they overturned it. It hurt me a little bit.”

It would’ve been the second touchdown or Robey’s career. His first came last season at Miami on an interception return. It also would’ve been the second touchdown scored by the defense joining Jerry Hughes fumble return for a touchdown.

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Bills could face 3 rookie QBs in 2014

Posted by Chris Brown on May 13, 2014 – 2:11 pm

The Bills 2014 regular season schedule could have Buffalo on a collision course with three of the top four quarterbacks taken in the 2014 NFL draft.

Buffalo will not face top quarterback Blake Bortles who went to Jacksonville, but they will face the Minnesota Vikings in Week 7, who took Teddy Bridgewater at the end of round one. Whether he beats out veteran Matt Cassel remains to be seen.

Buffalo also faces Cleveland in Week 13 where Johnny Manziel is expected to be the Week 1 starter. Then in Week 16 at Oakland they could square off against Derek Carr, who was taken by the Raiders in round two, especially if the season goes the wrong way for Oakland by that time.

It’s possible, but unlikely that they’ll face Houston fourth-round pick Tom Savage at quarterback in Week 4. It’s more likely they face their former quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

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How Manziel draft drama could unfold

Posted by Chris Brown on April 30, 2014 – 4:26 pm

QB Johnny Manziel is already the most headline grabbing prospect in this year’s draft. ESPN NFL draft analyst Todd McShay believes that the heart stopping quarterback could create even more drama in next week’s draft if he gets past Cleveland at four, which at this point sound possible.

“Manziel I think it’s four or it’s going to get really interesting,” said McShay. “From what I understand there are discussions, as there is in every draft room, in the (Cleveland) organization that that’s the way to go. I think that would be a good fit and I don’t think every place would be a good fit for him. I think having Kyle Shanahan there and the west coast system and having had RGIII, and I’m not saying they’re the same player, but Johnny Manziel’s game is about movement and elusiveness. But I think he’s a good fit for them because they have the right people and right system in place.

“If he doesn’t go four the wild card is St. Louis. They won’t take him at two, but they could do some moving around and they’re rumored in a lot of potential trades. Les Snead likes to trade and Jeff Fisher isn’t opposed to it either. If St. Louis sits at two and takes an offensive tackle he’s not going to Jacksonvile, he’s not going to Oakland, he’s not going to Atlanta. I don’t buy the Tampa Bay rumors and if he gets past Minnesota he’s not going to Buffalo, Detroit or Tennessee or the Giants.

“So if he gets past four he could fall to 13 to St. Louis. I’m not saying St. Louis would take him at 13, but it’s a possibility. He’s on their radar and there are people in that organization who really like him. He’s the most polarizing player in this draft. If he gets past four it’s going to be the all-time drama. Where he’s going to go, who is trying to trade up? It’s going to make for an unbelievable scene if he’s on the board at five, but there’s a decent likelihood he goes four to Cleveland.”

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Fan Friday 4-4

Posted by Chris Brown on April 4, 2014 – 12:24 pm

The 2014 draft is just over a month away and the pro days are winding down. Among the big ones left are Penn State (April 8), LSU (April 9) and Georgia (April 16).

For now here are some of your latest questions from email at and on Twitter @ChrisBrownBills.

1 – Chris,

If a scenario happens where say the big 3, Clowney, Mack and Watkins were gone and either/or Bortles, Bridgewater and Manziel fell to the Bills at #9. Do you see any chance the Bills would have interest? I’m of the mind that we need to give EJ Manuel a healthy and fully educated season to see if he’s the man. That being said if a team sees a potential franchise QB drop into their lap I guess you do have to consider it.

Enjoy your work Chris,
Thanks Wally James
Fredericksburg ,VA

CB: That’s an interesting scenario you’ve painted. I think the Bills have been clear that they are all in on EJ Manuel as their franchise quarterback. As tempting as it may be to draft Johnny Manziel if he is there at nine, you have to look at this the way the Bills or any other NFL franchise would.

They invested more than a year of research, scouting, testing and projecting to make their determination that EJ Manuel is fully capable of being their franchise quarterback and excelling for them on the field. That kind of commitment mandates that you do everything you can as an organization to help him succeed. Drafting a quarterback ninth overall this year, no matter who it is, does not achieve that mandate.

If the value at nine is right for a player who can more effectively help EJ Manuel on the field this year on offense then another player will be the pick. Not Johnny Manziel. If the value is not right then I see the Bills moving back to allow another club to trade in to take Johnny Manziel and gain valuable picks in the process, not unlike they did last year (See: Kiko Alonso).


2 – Chris,
Thanks for all you do. With all of the cuts of high priced veterans (Revis, Peppers, etc) do you anticipate Mario Williams to survive the length of his contract in Buffalo?   Or do you anticipate the Bills parting ways to free up $16+ million in cap space.


CB: High-priced players sometimes do not see the end of lucrative contracts, and you’ve provided more than one example above. When contracts aren’t guaranteed, as is the case in the NFL, there are no guarantees a player will see the end of it with the club that signed him.

That being said the Bills are among the most fiscally responsible teams in the league and rarely put themselves in a position of having to fire sale the roster. The last time it happened was in 2000 when late GM John Butler, being so tied to Hall of Famers Bruce Smith, Thurman Thomas and Andre Reed compromised the team’s salary cap health until he unfortunately had to cut all three on the same day.

It served as a lesson to this organization to not fall into such a situation again.

So while I certainly wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a day coming when the Bills do decide to part ways with Mario Williams prematurely, I think they also try to maintain a measure of responsible spending to allow for a couple of lavish contracts on the roster.


3 – Chris,
As always thank you and everyone who help to inform Bills nation. My question is on the defensive side,  now that Byrd is gone for sure who do you see stepping up next to Williams? I know Searcy saw a good deal of time last season in spot duty for Byrd early on(along with Leonhard), but do you see him as a full time starter? I really like him as a third safety you can put in the box and play on special teams personally.

Do you think Duke Williams could be the next guy or Meeks maybe? Or maybe a replacement could be found in the draft. Also what do you make of the defensive end position as a sleeper positional need? Do you see any of the “tweeners” (Hughes or Lawson among others) possible switching to or back to the d-end position? Or do they stay at linebacker? Look forward to hearing what you think thanks again!

CB: Doug Marrone has given indication that Corey Graham will be given an opportunity to play safety alongside Aaron Williams, so he’ll be part of the competition and I like the open-minded thinking there. He’ll be in direct competition with Duke Williams and Jonathan Meeks. I really liked what I saw from Williams in both the practice setting and the preseason last year. I think his athleticism caters well to the versatility you need nowadays at the safety position. He played corner at Nevada so coverage assignments down on the line aren’t an issue for him.

We just didn’t see enough of Meeks last year with the injury to know what he can offer. Searcy while capable of playing safety really carved out a niche for himself as a nickel LB. He had a very productive season there so I’m not sure the coaches will want to mess with that.

As for defensive end, I think the priority is getting Jerry Hughes signed to a long term deal as he enters the final year of his rookie deal. Provided they can get a deal done they should be okay there.

With coach Marrone saying at the league meetings last week that they’ll primarily be a 4-3 front defensively I do see Hughes and Lawson joining Mario Williams as the primary defensive ends in Jim Schwartz’s defense. Whether they decide to add through the draft remains to be seen, but that’s a pretty darn good trio.


I am absolutely delighted that the Bills have re-signed K Dan Carpenter,but I am perplexed as to why the Dolphins released him. Was he a problem in Miami or was it a money situation??
Regards from
Los Angeles

The Dolphins found him expendable because they drafted a kicker in the middle of the fifth round last year in Caleb Sturgis. Miami was apparently disappointed in Carpenter, who had struggled a bit early in the 2012 season and was hurt for the last two games that year. The investment in Sturgis practically predetermined how the “competition” was going to turn out in Miami last summer.

What I enjoyed was watching Carpenter succeed on almost 92 percent of his attempts, almost half of which came from 40-yards plus. He finished tied for 10th in the NFL in field goal accuracy and only two kickers ahead of him (Gostkowski, Tucker) had more attempts from 40-yard plus than him.

Meanwhile Sturgis finished 29th in field goal accuracy at 74.6%.

From 40-yards plus last season Carpenter was an impressive 14-for-17 (82.3%) including 4-for-6 from 50-yards plus. Sturgis was 11-for-17 (64.7%) and he played half his games in Miami. Carpenter had seven games in Buffalo.


5 – Hi Chris,

I have a hypothetical question for you. If Sammy Watkins was still available when the Bills are picking do you think they may pass on him because he is reportedly to be represented by Eugene Parker? I think it would be a fair observation to say that Eugene Parker is developing a reputation for causing the Bills front office grief when it comes to contract negotiations with Jairus Byrd and Jason Peters being prime examples.

From an outsiders prospective if the Bills were to select Watkins and he performs as expected, then we would only have him for the length of his rookie contract before he ventures off to “greener pastures”. Do you think teams are impacted by who the players selects as their agent when deciding who to draft particularly in the first round?

CB: I don’t believe that NFL clubs factor in the agent for the player when assessing their grade for the player on their draft board. Knowing that I tend to believe the Bills and every other NFL team chooses a player based on his ability on the field, potential, character makeup, passion for the game and fit for their team. So if Sammy Watkins is on the board at nine, which I don’t think will happen, then I see the Bills running the card up to the podium with his name on it.

Your point is a valid one, but the opportunity to get one of the best prospects in the entire class at a position of need trumps any concern you might have about him staying with the team for his second contract.

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Notable Wed. pro days

Posted by Chris Brown on March 4, 2014 – 5:15 pm

Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel will not be participating at his college pro day on Wednesday. He’s scheduled his own private workout on March 27th. Here are some of the other notable pro days scheduled for March 5th.

DE Chris Smith – 6’1″ 266
C Travis Swanson – 6’5″ 312
K Zach Hocker – 6’0 1/4″ 189
FB Kiero Small – 5’8 1/4″ 247

Mississippi State
G Gabe Jackson – 6’3″ 336
RB Ladarius Perkins – 5’8″ 195
OLB Deontae Skinner – 6’1″ 249

Texas A&M
OT Jake Matthews – 6’5 1/2″ 308
WR Mike Evans – 6’5″ 231
OLB Nate Askew – 6’3″ 239
RB Ben Malena – 5’8″ 193

ILB Chris Borland – 5’11 1/2″ 248
S Dez Southward – 6’0″ 211
G Ryan Groy – 6’5″ 316
TE Jake Pedersen – 6’3 1/2″ 238
WR Jared Abbrederis – 6’1″ 195
RB James White – 5’9″ 204
DT Beau Allen – 6’2 1/2″ 333



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Report: QB Manziel to enter NFL draft

Posted by Chris Brown on January 8, 2014 – 1:16 pm

It has been widely speculated, but now it’s being reported that Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel will declare himself eligible for the 2014 NFL draft.

That according to and ESPN, which is reporting that the former Heisman trophy winner has filed the required paperwork to forgo his final two years of college eligibility.

Manziel has been projected to go as high as the top five in the 2014 NFL draft, with some already mocking Manziel to be taken by the Cleveland Browns with the fourth overall pick.

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