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Packers claim RB White

Posted by Chris Brown on October 15, 2012 – 5:24 pm

The Bills had to release RB Johnny White from their roster last week to make room for reinforcements for their offensive line due to injury. But White did not clear waivers Monday as he was signed by the Green Bay Packers.

The Packers official team website reported the signing of White Monday as they placed RB Brandon Saine on injured reserve. Green Bay already lost Cedric Benson to a long-term foot injury. However, he was designated to return.

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Last minute change

Posted by Chris Brown on August 25, 2012 – 7:04 pm

RB Johnny White is dressed for tonight’s game. He was initially reported as inactive, but is on the Bills sideline in uniform.

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3 Bills inactive for game

Posted by Chris Brown on August 25, 2012 – 6:33 pm

We all knew OT Erik Pears and DE Mark Anderson were not playing with groin injuries. There’s one other player that won’t make it tonight.

RB Johnny White has been battling an ankle injury all through training camp and the preseason. He too is inactive for tonight’s game.

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RB White questionable

Posted by Chris Brown on August 9, 2012 – 4:31 pm

Bills RB Johnny White is going to be a game time decision tonight.

White has missed some time in camp the past few days due to an ankle injury. He’s going to try and test it before the game, but if it doesn’t respond he’ll be inactive along with Eric Wood, Erik Pears, David Nelson, Terrence McGee, Justin Rogers and Torell Troup.

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Choice to add to competition

Posted by Chris Brown on March 24, 2012 – 12:19 pm

RB Tashard Choice, who agreed to re-sign with the Bills Saturday, is only going to add to the competition in Buffalo’s offensive backfield.

Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller are the two primary backs and that’s very unlikely to change. However, Choice will be part of a third back competition that also includes former fifth-round pick Johnny White.

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Smith out for Sunday

Posted by Chris Brown on December 30, 2011 – 12:37 pm

As expected Bills QB/WR Brad Smith will miss the season finale in New England.

“Brad Smith is out,” saiad head coach Chan Gailey. “He’s not going to make it.”

Smith missed the entire week of practice with a hamstring injury.

WR Ruvell Martin (hamstring) and RB Johnny White (concussion) are listed as probably for Sunday’s game after practicing fully for the past two days.

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White, Martin sitting

Posted by Chris Brown on December 22, 2011 – 11:40 am

Just two non-participants at practice Thursday for the Bills.

RB Johnny White (concussion) and WR Ruvell Martin (hamstring) were not participating.

TE Scott Chandler (ankle) was practicing, but still appears limited. We’ll have the status of all injured players this afternoon when Chan Gailey provides his update post practice.

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Fitz and Jones probable

Posted by Chris Brown on November 4, 2011 – 12:00 pm

There really wasn’t any doubt that Ryan Fitzpatrick would play on Sunday despite being slightly limited in practice on Wednesday and Thursday. He’s listed as probable. It also looks like he’ll have one of his top receivers back in the lineup in Donald Jones.

Jones practiced fully for a second straight day and was also listed as probable by head coach Chan Gailey. The second-year wideout said his ankle felt better than expected the very first day back on the practice field, and seeing his level of participation go from limited on Wednesday to full practice on Thursday and Friday is a strong indication that he’ll get the start on Sunday against the Jets.

Johnny White, who missed Wednesday’s practice due to illness, is also listed as probable.


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Johnson practices fully

Posted by Chris Brown on September 29, 2011 – 3:19 pm

On Wednesday he was given a rest day for his nagging groin injury, but on Thursday things were back to normal at practice for Stevie Johnson.

According to head coach Chan Gailey, Johnson participated fully.

Also able to practice fully on Thursday was RB Johnny White (ankle), LB Kirk Morrison (hamstring) and DT Torell Troup (lower back).

All four are expected to be available for Sunday’s game in Cincinnati.

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Johnny White limited

Posted by Chris Brown on September 28, 2011 – 3:45 pm

Bills reserve RB Johnny White was limited in practice Wednesday.

It’s unknown if White sustained the injury during practice, but he was limited Wednesday with an ankle injury. We’ll have more on White’s situation Thursday.

Meanwhile Kirk Morrison, who has been out the last couple of weeks with a hamstring injury practiced fully Wednesday as well as Torell Troup (lower back).

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Returning players limited

Posted by Chris Brown on August 29, 2011 – 6:41 pm

Johnny White, Donald Jones, Roscoe Parrish and Shawn Nelson were all back practicing after long layoffs, but head coach Chan Gailey said they weren’t full go.

“They were limited,” said Gailey. “We’re just breaking them back in slowly. They got to practice today, but we’re going to be very careful with those guys.”

Jones said he was full go in practice Monday.

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Jones, White back before opener

Posted by Chris Brown on August 22, 2011 – 5:27 pm

Their injuries weren’t deemed serious, but WR Donald Jones and RB Johnny White are likely to miss the rest of the preseason.

Jones suffered a head injury when he took a vicious shot from Denver FS Rahim Moore on a deep sideline route in Saturday’s game at Denver. White also sustained an undisclosed injury when he was violently thrown down to the turf on his head and neck on a run play.

When asked about their prognosis head coach Chan Gailey pointed to the season opener at Kansas City.

“They’re both going to be back for the first ball game as I understand it,” Gailey said. “Johnny will probably be back a little quicker than Donald, but I think they’ll both make the first ball game.”

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Bills injuries not serious

Posted by Chris Brown on August 21, 2011 – 12:06 am

Bills head coach Chan Gailey got right to an update about the handful of injured Bills in Saturday night’s game, including Donald Jones who was knocked cold on an illegal hit along the sideline and Johnny White whose head was slammed into the turf on a tackle and had to be carted off strapped on a backboard.

“I know the injuries were of concern to everyone and the good news right now is there were no serious injuries,” said Gailey. “Guys will miss a while, but they’re going to eventually be fine.”

Johnny White was taken to the hospital for examination, but cleared and flew home with the team Saturday night. So did Jones.

Arthur Moats suffered a bruise to his leg and Naaman Roosevelt and Felton Huggins sustained undisclosed leg injuries.

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Vets helping rooks

Posted by Chris Brown on August 10, 2011 – 7:08 am

The other day I pointed out how Shawne Merriman displayed leadership by helping out OT Ed Wang with pass rush tells from opposing LBs. A good number of the vets have helped out rookies with questions knowing they didn’t come into training camp with any foundation of knowledge with respect to the offense or defense.

Fifth-round pick Johnny White has been asking Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller questions through the first week of training camp.

“Yeah. Simple little things to correct my game and little things that the playbook might not cover,” said White. “But since they have game experience they can help me out with that, so they have been a big help.”

White feels at this point he’s got the hang of the playbook and is working on minor corrections with reads, protections and the like.

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Fan Friday 7-1

Posted by Chris Brown on July 1, 2011 – 11:35 am

Enjoy the holiday weekend Bills fans and remember if you’re in the military take advantage of submitting any service photos from overseas, especially if you’ve got Bills gear in the shot. We’re doing a military Bills fan photo gallery tribute on July 4th on Just send your photos and info to me at

1 – Chris,
Could you clear up some confusion on the part of Bills fans?  Many fans have said on the message boards that blue pants are going to be used but just weren’t ready for the recent unveiling.

Hopefully that’s true (although hard to believe they wouldn’t be ready) as I think the blue pants with white tops looks 100% better than white on white (“long underwear” look IMHO).  Please clear this up once and for all for all of the fans, the majority of which seem to want the blue pants also.  9 years of white on white was enough!


CB: What I have been told by our people at One Bills Drive is the following. The away uniform in 2011 will feature white pants with a white jersey.


2 – Hi Chris,
Last I heard, NFL Network was still not able to find a team to follow via their reality television show Hard Knocks. They were turned down by the Jets for a second season, the Cowboys and another team I believe.
Are the Bills not interested in this opportunity? Have they contacted NFL Network on this topic?
I for one believe it would help the regionalization efforts with Toronto and getting a more engaged fan base from the north.

CB: You make a valid point, but I’m not in a position to speak for Buddy Nix or Chan Gailey and what they’d decide. Having been around them the past calendar year and seeing how they operate, I’d be surprised to see them sign off on something like that.

They’re both old school football men that just want to go to work and get the job done. Having to deal with cameras following them wherever they go during the busiest time of their calendar year doesn’t sound like it would jive with their way of doing things, but obviously that’s their call not mine.


3 – Hey Chris,

With all the hype going on with Terrelle Pryor I was wondering about other quarterbacks that could be taken in either free agency or the supplemental draft.  I am pretty sure Pat Devlin is still on the market and I liked his numbers and physical traits.  I also heard he has the intangibles to be a NFL quarterback.  Is there any chance the Bills get him? 

Tommy from Pittsford

It’s certainly possible that the Bills will add another young arm to their quarterback contingent, but I think it’s far more likely that they add a veteran that they feel is capable of backing up Ryan Fitzpatrick. They already have a young developing arm in Levi Brown, so I would anticipate them adding someone that’s had some time in the league and been on the field a fair amount on Sundays. Buddy Nix said earlier this offseason they may very well add two more quarterbacks, but the fourth in all likelihood would be another passer for camp and if he impresses maybe he sticks around in some capacity. That’s where an additional young signal caller might come into play.


4 – Dear Chris,

Thanks for all you do to keep us fans up to date.  That goes double for those of us that have moved away from upstate NY, but still call Buffalo home.

I have a question about the Practice Squad.  Can another team just sign a guy off of our Practice Squad any time they feel like it?  Do we have to agree to let that player go?  Do we get compensated if they take one of our guys?  I’d sure hate to see a guy like Jasper or Batten end up in New England and become a real monster that we have to play against twice a year.  

Gregg from Fort Worth

CB: Unfortunately yes, another team with an opening on their 53-man roster can pluck a player off of any team’s practice squad at any time. There are some measures the original team can take to prevent losing the player if they covet him. One is to offer him an active player contract (practice squad players make less) and a spot on the active roster.

The Green Bay Packers tried to do that when the Bills went to take Brian Brohm off of Green Bay’s practice squad. They offered a deal equal to that of the Bills contract, but Brohm still chose to leave.

More than 95 percent of the time the practice squad player leaves because the new team that signs him has to keep him on their active roster for at least three weeks, so it’s a genuine opportunity to get on an NFL field on a Sunday, especially if the team they’re going to has had a rash of injuries at said player’s position.


5 – Chris,

Thanks for all your work. I was wondering where you think that Johnny White will be in the backfield. With Fred and CJ carrying most of the load, do you see him more as a returner or do you think he will get some carries. I think he can develop into a complement to CJ once Fred leaves.


CB: I see a lot of special teams work ahead for Johnny White, who can serve in a lot of roles on that unit. I could also envision him being a goal line back as the season wears on. The kid runs downhill… hard. He’s an inside runner primarily, so if they want to take some of the wear and tear off Fred I could see him spelling Jackson a bit here and there. However, if he gets more than 4-8 touches a game on offense as a rookie I’d be surprised, just because of who is in front of him on the depth chart.

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Fan Friday 6-3

Posted by Chris Brown on June 3, 2011 – 12:09 pm

Hard to believe we’re into June already. We’ve got some uniform tidbits and some roster talk  this week so let’s get to your questions from and keep them coming.

1 – Chris, 

I would like to hear your opinion between Kellen Heard and Michael Jasper.  Heard was added to the roster late last season.  He is listed as 6’6″ 355lb. DT, signed off of the Raiders practice squad.  Then there is the newly drafted Michael Jasper whom I believe is listed as 6’4″ 375.  Also listed as a DT.  I guess the question is shouldn’t we be just as excited about Heard as Jasper.  I am thinking that Heard slipped into the team late last year and mostly unnoticed, but he is a very big man.  Jasper was drafted during one of the more exciting times of the season, “the draft”.  Your thoughts between these two men.


CB: Well I think it’s clear that both players have a hill to climb to crack this roster. The two of them are likely to be going head to head for what could be the last spot on the active roster at defensive line. Last year Buffalo’s coaching staff kept seven defensive linemen. Right now the top 6 are Carrington, Dareus, Edwards, Johnson, Troup and Williams leaving one spot available provided the rest of the roster falls in such a way to allow for a seventh defensive lineman.

Heard benefits from being here for about six weeks last season. He has familiarity with the system. Jasper is coming in cold and without having played defensive line the past two years. Both are intriguing, but they’ll have to really impress to crack what has quickly become a pretty solid defensive line depth chart.


2 – Chris, everyone keeps talking about how awesome Kyle Williams in articles and blogs and such. I never remember seeing him really stand out last year. I have trouble getting excited about the guy. Can you please do a video montage of some of the plays Kyle Williams made last year to show off what he did well? This I think would go a long ways to getting myself and many Bills fans excited about 2012.

Rob Conner

CB: Funny you should ask this question Rob. We have plans to do video pieces on of the Top 10 performances from 2010 and Kyle’s game against the Steelers in Week 12 last season is on that list when he had 10 tackles and a couple of sacks and dominated Steelers linemen Chris Kemoeatu and Maurkice Pouncey.

The best part is we have members of Buffalo’s coaching staff breaking down the plays with me in the film room to provide insight on each and every highlight from the players.

The 10-part series will begin on on Tuesday June 14th and aside from a brief interruption with our coverage of the uniform unveiling will run through mid-July. So keep an eye out for it. We’re real excited about it.


3 – Chris,

 By now, we all know that the regular home and away jerseys are changing.  And thanks to Madden, most of us know what they are changing too.  But I saw the THROW BACK jerseys are all on sale for the same price as the discontinued jersey, I have to ask…… Is that going away too?

Steven J. Huber

CB: I’ve been told that he team will not be wearing an alternate third jersey in the 2011 season. Just a home and away jersey.



4 – Why did the Bills pick June 24th as the day to unveil the new jerseys?


CB: There were two main factors in June 24th being selected and both of them involve timing issues. The first was late June was the absolute earliest that the new jerseys would be available from Reebok. That’s why the new jerseys were not used during the NFL draft when Marcell Dareus was up on stage at Radio City Music Hall. They weren’t available yet

Changing uniforms in the NFL is an 18-month process with a countless number of stages and steps. It’s not a quick turnaround by any means.

The second timing issue has to do with the Ralph Wilson Stadium turf. Shortly after June 24th the old turf is being pulled up for the new turf scheduled for installation for the 2011 season. Obviously an event on a torn up football field does not provide for the best of venues knowing there will be field access for fans that attend the uniform unveiling.  

Hope that clears it up for you.



5 – Chris,

Thanks for all you do. What do you think taking Johnny White in the draft means for the RB situation? Is there possibility for trade with him here?

Also, assuming Fred Jackson starts, can he push for the 2nd RB, starting over C.J.?

Thank you,
Max, Lakeview N.Y.

CB: I think in this day and age of the NFL you need a stable of backs. Last year in the preseason we watched Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson go down in the first half of their first preseason game leaving only C.J. and at the time Chad Simpson.

Most NFL clubs carry three backs on their 53-man roster because it is such a punishing position along with a fullback.

So I’m anticipating White to be the third back behind Fred and C.J. and for him to spell them once in a while when they need a break or in the event of injury while also contributing on special teams where he’s a pretty darn good asset in the opinion of Bills special teams coordinator Bruce DeHaven with whom I spoke recently. And thanks for the kind words.

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McShay: White most underrated

Posted by Chris Brown on April 30, 2011 – 2:37 pm

ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay called Bills fifth-round pick Johnny White the biggest sleeper in the draft class.

“One of the most underrated players regardless of position in this year’s draft is Johnny White from North Carolina,” said McShay. “He played different positions early in his career and was a defensive back and moved him to a wide receiver role and they tinkered with him. He’s a little over 5’10” and a little over 200 pounds. Your average NFL size for a back.

“He has quickness and that lateral agility and the ability to make the sharp cuts and explode. He has tremendous ball skills and if you’re not going to be a starter right away as a running back you’ve got to contribute on third down and you’ve got to contribute on special teams. Johnny White can catch the ball as well as any back in this class and is very productive as a return specialist. I think he has a lot of upside in that regard.”

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Bills nab sleeper at RB

Posted by Chris Brown on April 30, 2011 – 12:51 pm

The Bills said they would look at getting a RB late in the draft and they got one of the biggest sleepers in the class.

North Carolina RB Johnny White is a multi-dimensional player. He began his college career at WR and was moved to running back. He also returned kicks. His hands are excellent. To me White is a guy that could earn time as a third down back early in his career and obviously can be a help on special teams. Nice pick at this point in the draft.

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Sleeper RB

Posted by Chris Brown on April 3, 2011 – 4:47 am

This time of year everyone is on the lookout for that big time sleeper no matter the position. There’s one this year at the running back position.

North Carolina RB Johnny White, has a story that reads much like George Wilson’s NFL career. Recruited as a running back, White was asked to change positions after his freshman season and played more than half his sophomore season at cornerback. He then played some receiver as a junior before ultimately switching back to running back full time his senior year.

He was also a co-captain on special teams where he was a standout in coverage and returned kicks.

He was invited to the combine, but was not in top form due to a broken collar bone suffered against Florida State in November. Still he ran a 4.5, had a 32 1/2 inch vertical, a 9’9″ broad jump. Obviously coming off the collar bone injury he didn’t bench.

Position drills is where White shines. Just ask ESPN analyst Todd McShay, who is high on White.

“One of the most underrated players regardless of position in this year’s draft is Johnny White,” McShay said. “They tinkered with him there position-wise at North Carolina. He’s a little over 5’10” and a little over 200 pounds. Your average NFL size for a back. He has quickness and that lateral agility and the ability to make the sharp cuts and explode.

“He has tremendous ball skills and if you’re not going to be a starter right away as a running back you’ve got to contribute on third down and you’ve got to contribute on special teams. Johnny White can catch the ball as well as any back in this class and is very productive as a return specialist. I think he has a lot of upside in that regard.”

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