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Fan Friday 10-7

Posted by Chris Brown on October 7, 2011 – 11:53 am

Big one at the Ralph on Sunday with the Eagles flying in. The only certainty is it’s going to be a very entertaining game. Now to your questions, which can always be submitted to

1 – Chris,

First of all, I think I speak for the entire Bills fan base when I say thanks for all you do with the website, continuously updating the fans with excellent Bills coverage throughout the week… 

My question is: Why isn’t David Nelson ever mentioned as a potential perimeter x or z receiver in the Bills’ system? With his 6’5″ 215 lb frame, I was surprised he was not more of a consideration after Marcus Easley went down, especially after the past few weeks’ performances and perhaps even prior to that. He is a big target with soft hands and good route running ability. Does he lack the speed necessary to get down the field? I believe he ran a high 4.4 to mid 4.5 40 time at the combine, isnt that considered somewhat average? On a side note, I think Kamar Aiken has a bright future ahead of him given the opportunity. I was worried he wouldn’t be signed to the practice squad, great signing. 

Best Regards,
Go Bills!

Rochester, NY
CB: Nelson’s best spot is in the slot. He’s a great mismatch inside because of his size. Outside you need a receiver that is faster and more physical, and Donald Jones has a skill set better suited for that. Nelson is a smooth route runner and knows how to find the holes underneath. He seems to benefit from having ‘two-way go’s’ as a slot receiver, which means he can break his route off inside or outside on the defender. Outside receivers don’t have that option lined up close to the sideline.

I do agree with your thoughts about Aiken. I think there is certainly potential there and he would be an outside receiver option down the line.


2 – Chris,

I was wondering about Troup and his timetable.  I know he has been limited in practice and that is good progress, but I wondering if there was an update.

Thanks again for all you do and has anyone ever told you that you ask really long questions?  Just an observation not a critique.


Andrew F. Browne
CB: Troup’s lower back situation is something he’s dealt with in the past unfortunately. He worked on his core strength relentlessly all offseason in an effort to lessen any strain on his back, but the stiffness resurfaced at the beginning of the year and is now back again.

I don’t know if there’s a solution to eradicating it, but Troup is doing everything he can to make it a non-issue as far as playing on Sundays. I don’t know if it’s going to be a chronic condition that plagues him the rest of his career, but it is concerning.

And yes, I am long winded. I try to cut questions shorter, but it never seems to happen. Not sure why I choose to give a preamble.


3 – Hi Chris,
I was just wondering if you can explain the captains’ C and the significance of the stars underneath – some are solid, some are not. 
Also, where has the pass rush been?  It doesn’t seem like they are getting much pressure on the QBs they faced so far this year. Can Dareus and Williams be that Suh-type player for us up the middle?  Can we get there with the blitz; we haven’t been doing it much this far?
Pat (Oakville, ON)

CB: The stars under the captain’s C represent how many years a player has been a team captain. Each year they are a captain is represented by the number of stars that are gold underneath the ‘C’. There are only four stars under the ‘C’ so if a player has been a captain for more than four years, like Brian Moorman, the ‘C’ is turned gold as well.

As for the pass rush, the Bills had a bit more success against the Bengals, but getting home with four hasn’t proven very fruitful. Part of the reason was the first two weeks against last year’s top two rushing offenses, the focus was the run game. Against Brady and the Patriots they chose to drop 7 into coverage and get hands in the passing lanes knowing getting to Brady rarely happens. But you’re right it has to be more productive moving forward.


4 – Hey Chris,    

Could you tell me what’s wrong with Easley? I was really hoping to see him play this year.     Also how is Merriman’s shoulder? 

Thanks ,   Dale  

CB: I actually saw Easley in the locker room on Thursday this week as he was in to pick up a few things. He spoke at length with Bryan Scott, and afterwards I asked him if he would mind talking about his condition, which forced him to go on injured reserve.

He said he’d prefer to keep his situation private, so I chose to respect that because it’s certainly his right. Whether he changes his mind down the road remains to be seen, but we’ll try to revisit it if Easley’s view on his situation changes.


5 – Hi Chris.

What happened to Bruce Hall, Jon Corto, Felton Huggins, and Ed Wang? The last time we saw Bruce Hall, he was carrying the ball over the goal line. Then he was placed on IR. Were these really season-ending injuries, and if not, why not just release them? Does anyone know what happened to these guys? What also happened to Robert Eddins, for example? Was it really a season ending injury or something that would likely nag him for a few weeks? 

CB: Corto, Hall, Huggins and Wang were all waived-injured when the final 53-man roster was assembled. They had injuries, but were not going to be on the 53-man roster so they were waived. Once they cleared waivers the reverted to Buffalo’s injured reserve list where they currently reside now.

Robert Eddins was in a similar situation, but if memory serves asked for a release from injured reserve, which was granted thereby making him a free agent.

Players with injuries that won’t last the season often do this to have an opportunity to latch on with another NFL club once healthy.

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Bills’ native sons working out

Posted by Chris Brown on June 15, 2011 – 10:31 am

A couple of the Bills hometown players are working out together.

Buffalo native Naaman Roosevelt and Orchard Park native Jon Corto are putting some time in together at the gym according to Roosevelt’s twitter account.

nyce18 At the gym wit john corto
Roosevelt even went so far as to have his photo taken next to Corto’s mounted jersey at the gym. Presumably Roosevelt is at Corto’s local gym where he works out. Obviously the jersey is from when Corto was still a linebacker. He’s 33 now that he plays safety.

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Corto signs extension

Posted by Chris Brown on February 11, 2011 – 9:59 am

The Buffalo Bills have announced that they have signed safety Jon Corto to a contract extension. Details on the home page at

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Bills locals adding up

Posted by Chris Brown on November 27, 2010 – 1:56 pm

With Shawne Merriman being placed on injured reserve Saturday, his roster spot was filled by WR Naaman Roosevelt, yet another local WNY product on the Bills 53-man roster.

The Bills now have three local players on their active roster in S Jon Corto (Orchard Park), FB Jehuu Caulcrick (Clymer) and WR Naaman Roosevelt (Buffalo).

Roosevelt was spending extra time after practice Friday fielding punts, so there would seem to be a possibility that he could be active Sunday against the Steelers for return duty. Caulcrick saw his first NFL regular season action last week against the Bengals and Corto is now in his third season with the Bills.

Nice to see some local talent dotting the roster. We’ll see if they’re all active for Sunday’s game.

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Practice update

Posted by Chris Brown on October 20, 2010 – 12:46 pm

Just two players not participating in practice Wednesday.

Terrence McGee and Cornell Green are not participating in practice. S Jon Corto is practicing with his teammates, but remains on Reserve/PUP. The team has until Nov. 8th to decide on when or whether to elevate Corto to the active roster.

“I can only control what I can control,” said Corto of the decision facing the coaching staff on his status. “So, I’m going to go out there and get myself into shape for if they do call me up, I’m ready to rock.”

There’s a very good chance that Corto could be activated sooner rather than later. Corto would be an immediate boost to Buffalo’s coverage units on special teams.

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Corto on the shelf

Posted by Chris Brown on July 28, 2010 – 1:17 pm

Bills safety Jon Corto will not be on the field when practices begin Thursday.

Corto told reporters upon his arrival at training camp that a pre-existing wrist condition required surgery after spring practices.

“The injury will keep me out for a few weeks, said Corto. “The 22nd or 23rd is what’s projected, but maybe faster than that. It’s healing very fast and I’m looking forward to the season.”

Corto is expected to be placed on Active PUP Thursday.

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LB Draft takes Buffalo kids to movies

Posted by Chris Brown on January 8, 2010 – 10:41 am

Bills LB Chris Draft has taken 200 select Buffalo school kids to the movies with him to see ‘The Blind Side.’ But it’s more than just a few hours out of the classroom.

In partnership with the Buffalo Public Schools, the Chris Draft Family Foundation offered 200 students (selected based on academics, leadership and extra-curricular involvement) the opportunity to participate in a discussion and a the movie, featuring a private screening of ‘The Blind Side.’

As part of the Chris Draft Family Foundation’s Character Team™, Bills linebacker Chris Draft, along with teammates Jon Corto, Keith Ellison, will lead a discussion of the film, allowing the students to discuss the importance of character as a theme in the movie.

Following the film and discussion, the students will participate in an essay contest, encouraging them to use the film as a vehicle to convey their thoughts about history, current events, perseverance and other positive character traits. The student with the winning essay will have the opportunity to have dinner with Draft the weekend of January 16.

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Meredith and Corto to get some major time

Posted by Chris Brown on January 3, 2010 – 12:10 pm

With Jonathan Scott and Andre Ramsey both out rookie Jamon Meredith will be very busy today.
Meredith will start at left tackle. He’s made 3 starts this season, but all at right tackle.

Meanwhile at LB with Bryan Scott, and Ashlee Palmer out and Nic Harris on I-R, Jon Corto will start at weak side LB.

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Stamer won’t get old jersey number

Posted by Chris Brown on December 23, 2009 – 11:44 am

Though LB Josh Stamer is back on the Bills roster after signing with the club Wednesday, he won’t be getting his old jersey number back.

Stamer wore #57 in his first stint with the Bills, but that number is currently occupied by Jon Corto. So Stamer will be wearing jersey number 50 for the final two games this season.

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Thurs. player radio appearances

Posted by Chris Brown on November 11, 2009 – 5:15 pm

Here’s where you can find Bills players on the radio dial Thursday.

Jairus Byrd – ESPN Radio 1080 The Fan, Portland, OR @ 1:45 PM 

Jon Corto – Shredd and Ragan, 103.3 The Edge @ 4:30 PM. You can listen online if you’re outside of the listening area.

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Butler hosting a Sabres bud at camp

Posted by Chris Brown on July 28, 2009 – 1:50 am

Brad Butler and Jonwill be hosting one of his Buffalo Sabres buddies at training camp on Tuesday.

For the night practice Sabres forward Andrew Peters is scheduled to make the trip out to training camp to watch Butler and his teammates.

Butler is a Sabres season ticket holder.

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Brown’s Best Week 11

Posted by Chris Brown on November 18, 2008 – 7:29 pm

There’s no question this loss still stings, but we delve into some of the more impressive individual efforts from Monday night right now.

BEST PASS BREAKUP COMBO: Marcus Stroud/Bryan Scott – On a 3rd-and-8 at the Bills 23-yard line, Stroud tipped a Brady Quinn pass at the line and Scott knocked it away from Kellen Winslow to force Cleveland to settle for a field goal off a turnover.

BEST DEFENSIVE SERIES: Jabari Greer, Terrence McGee, Bryan Scott – The three defensive backs were instrumental in forcing Cleveland to walk away with just a field goal after Trent Edwards third INT of the first quarter. Faced with defending a 12-yard field, Greer made a great play in pursuit running Donte Stallworth down from behind on an end around for a loss of four. On the next play McGee had tight coverage on Braylon Edwards and was a factor in forcing a second down pass incomplete and on 3rd-and-14 Scott broke up a pass intended for Kellen Winslow. So after making an interception at the Bills 12-yard line, the Browns lost four yards on the drive, went three-and-out and had to take just a field goal.

BEST PUNT/DOWN COMBO: Brian Moorman/Jon Corto – Moorman’s high hanging 40-yarder allowed coverage to run under it as Corto impressively caught the ball on the fly to down it at the Browns’ four-yard line.

BEST PASS DEFENDER: Terrence McGee – The left cornerback had a career-high six pass breakups as he had almost as many plays on the ball as his top assignment Braylon Edwards, who despite having eight catches have a long of just 23 yards in the game.

BEST ONE-TWO PUNCH: Marshawn Lynch/Fred Jackson – The two backs combined for all the yardage gained on the Lynch touchdown drive and on the 45-yard field goal drive in the second half.

BEST HOLE PUNCHER: Offensive line – Buffalo’s men up front finally took it to an opponent as they opened consistent holes for the Bills tailbacks and dropped some Cleveland defensive linemen on their wallets.

BEST DISRUPTER: Kawika Mitchell – The linebacker was constantly in Brady Quinn’s face contributing a sack and a team high three quarterback hits. His sack effectively stalled a Cleveland drive in which again the Browns had to take just three points on a Dawson field goal. Honorable mention to Marcus Stroud.

BEST LIFELINE PROVIDER: Leodis McKelvin – His 98-yard kick return for a touchdown gave the Bills new life late in the contest and got the crowd back into what was suddenly a field goal game.

BEST COVERAGE: Bills defense – Facing a 2nd-and-goal from the Bills five-yard line, the Buffalo defense, minus Donte Whitner and Jabari Greer, had solid coverage with Keith Ellison forcing an incomplete attempt out of bounds to Jamal Lewis in the end zone. That was followed by solid coverage on 3rd-and-goal from the five as Quinn had to throw it away out of the back of the end zone for yet another Dawson field goal.

BEST BACK TO BACK PLAYS: Terrence McGee – The corner broke up two straight pass attempts to Braylon Edwards on 2nd-and-7 and 3rd-and-7 to force a punt with the Bills down six late in the fourth.

BEST FIELD POSITION PROVIDER: Roscoe Parrish – Down six points with five minutes remaining Parrish provided the offense with fantastic field position thanks to a 34-yard return to the Cleveland 48-yard line.

BEST BIG TIME RUN: Marshawn Lynch – His 28-yard rumble on 2nd-and-4 from the Browns 29 set up the go ahead touchdown on the Edwards sneak.

BEST TRAPPERS: Bills cover teams – Buffalo’s special teams coverage units held the dangerous Josh Cribbs six yards under his kick return average which was third best in the league. Moorman also forced Cribbs to make a pair of fair catches with his other punt downed making Cribbs a non-factor in the punt return game.

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Brown’s Best – Week 10

Posted by Chris Brown on November 10, 2008 – 5:26 pm

BEST AWARENESS: Roscoe Parrish – The Bills slot receiver converted a 3rd-and-7 on Buffalo’s opening drive breaking a pair of tackles and stretching for the first down stick.

BEST OPEN FIELD TACKLE: Reggie Corner – Covering Wes Welker, Corner closed the space on a receiver screen and dropped the slot receiver for no gain.

BEST ANTICIPATION: Bryan Scott – The safety quickly recognized the end around play to Randy Moss and dropped the wideout for a two-yard loss.

BEST PASS BREAKUP – Terrence McGee – His shot on intended receiver Ben Watson as the tight end tried to make the catch jarred the ball loose for an incompletion on a 3rd-and-9 forcing the Patriots to settle for a field goal.

BEST LEG: Rian Lindell – The Bills kicker had a pair of touchbacks to help keep New England’s number one ranked kick return unit from making a big play.

BEST TOUCH: Brian Moorman – The Bills punter may have had his most consistent day of the season with four punts pinning the Patriots inside their 20-yard line. His best kick was probably his 36-yard placement punt that his coverage unit downed at the New England three-yard line.

BEST COVERAGE TACKLE: Jon Corto – The linebacker knifed in low at Ellis Hobbs and dropped him for just a 13-yard return. Copeland Bryan had an assist on the play.

BEST RED ZONE STOP: Ryan Denney/Ko Simpson – The two defenders stopped BenJarvus Green-Ellis on a 3rd-and-2 at the Bills 19-yard line for no gain against forcing the Patriots to take a field goal in the third quarter.

BEST THIRD DOWN STOP: Marcus Stroud – On a 3rd-and-1 Stroud beat his man to take down Kevin Faulk for a three-yard loss to force a punt.

BEST KEEP HOPE ALIVE PLAY: George Wilson/Marcus Stroud – The safety and defensive tackle combined for a sack on Matt Cassel in the fourth quarter. Stroud forced the fumble and Wilson recovered the ball at the Bills 44-yard line down 13-3 to give the offense an extra possession.

BEST RETURN: Leodis McKelvin – His 85-yard return gave the offense an additional chance to put points on the board late in an effort to make a run at the Patriots in the waning moments.

BEST NOSE FOR THE BALL: Ryan Denney, Ko Simpson, Kawika Mitchell – All three finished with 11 tackles on the day to lead the team and were active from start to finish on a day when Buffalo’s defense logged a lot of time on the field.

BEST EXECUTION: James Hardy/Trent Edwards – It came a little too late, but Edwards best throw went right where it should go to Hardy’s backside shoulder on the touchdown reception late.

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Fan Friday

Posted by Chris Brown on October 31, 2008 – 7:21 pm

Here’s our latest edition. Remember you can send your questions to me at Let’s get started.

1. Chris,

Our three starting DE’s – Schobel, Kelsay, and Denney – have ONE sack each.  Why is nobody talking about their lack of production after all we heard is how they are going to thrive with Stroud, who has been nothing but impressive thus far, and where is Chris Ellis? Why did we draft him if we are not going to give him
a shot?  Thanks

-Nick K.

CB: The main issue with the pass rush as I see it is the quick passing game they’re facing. Every team uses it now offensively and the last three weeks in particular opponents have been relying on it to neutralize Buffalo’s pass rush. So far it’s worked, I believe in part because there hasn’t been a lot of press coverage on the back end.

If you don’t have your cornerbacks press at the line, the quarterback can take three steps and throw it and get five yards. In Arizona in Week 5 Kurt Warner did that the whole game. When defensive ends were coming clean they still couldn’t get there in time. Until there’s more press coverage, teams are still going to take the underneath stuff and move methodically down the field.

The Bills can hope that the opposing QB will screw up at some point, but against veteran signal callers like Warner, Pennington it doesn’t happen often. Chances are greater this week, but Favre is another guy that knows how to throw on rhythm quickly.


2. Chris,
Can you do the fans a favor and talk to either O-line coach about the ‘scheme’ that they use?  There is debate (ongoing would be an understatement) about whether the Bills employ a “zone blocking” scheme or not.  Perhaps they could share their philosophy with you.
Hope you can fit this in.  Thanks.

CB: I talked to Dick Jauron about this and he told me that they make use of a few different blocking schemes including zone blocking. He wouldn’t divulge if they do one any more than the other.

I do know this. They tried zone blocking early last season and when it was not successful they moved away from it and the numbers got a bit better on the ground.

Zone blocking schemes are usually implemented for the lighter more athletic lines in football, but with all the twisting and stunting that defensive lines do these days, it’s almost necessary to incorporate some zone blocking into your scheme.

I’d rather see more plowing straight ahead than zone blocking. Then again when they do try to plow ahead in short yardage they haven’t been overwhelmingly successful there either.

But to answer the question they do some zone blocking, but it’s not their exclusive approach offensively.


3. Chris,
Do you think the Bills made a mistake with focusing so much on size at the receiver position that they ignored the awesome skills and speed of receivers DeSean Jackson and Eddie Royal which would have been a perfect fit for our offense? 
Coach 85

CB: I don’t think the skills of Jackson and Royal were ignored. The Bills scouting staff takes a look at the whole picture of the player. A mismatch in terms of size was essential for the Bills on the outside however. Jackson was not on the board when the Bills were on the clock in round two. He went to Philly in round one. Royal was on the board and went to Denver with the very next pick after Hardy. I know both of them have made an impact sooner than Hardy, but I’m going to encourage you to be patient. He’s coming along in practice. He should have a bigger role this week. We’ll see.


4. I have a question I hope you can answer for me. My question involves a game against the Jets I “Think” in 1995. It was in the 4th quarter with a couple minutes left when Jets were marching down the field. They threw a hail Mary into the end zone. And like all hail Marys everyone jumped for it. Well we were called for pass interference! It was a total BS call. Wade Phillips was HOT! Pete Carroll was the coach and Wade was so ticked off he called the team off the field and went into the locker room leaving time on the clock. Carroll proceeded to rack up points with no defense (Bills) on the field. My question is do you remember this game or can you find this  game for me? I’ve been a Bills fan for 20 years and actually live in California all my life. I have other fans here we watch the games with (Bills Backers) And they don’t remember the game I’m talking about (rookies!). Any help would be appreciated, Thanks Don.

CB: Well Don you’ve got the coaches right, but the Bills were playing the Patriots and it was 1998. This is the infamous “Just give it to them” game. Andre Reed had put the Bills ahead with six minutes left on a four-yard TD reception from Doug Flutie to make it 21-17 Buffalo.

Drew Bledsoe began a Patriots drive. Facing a 4th-and-9, Bledsoe threw a pass to Shawn Jefferson along the Bills sideline with six seconds remaining. Replays indicated that Jefferson not only failed to get two feet inbounds, but went over the sideline short of the first down marker.

The two officials on the sideline huddled to discuss the play and were within earshot of Andre Reed. After talking for about 30 seconds, Reed said he heard one official say to the other, “Just give it to them.”

So the Patriots were given the completion and the first down.

On the next play Bledsoe threw the Hail Mary pass to which you referred from the Bills 26-yard line which fell incomplete with no time left, but the officials called pass interference in the end zone on Henry Jones even though the ball was not catchable.

So the Patriots were given possession 1st-and-goal at the one-yard line and Bledsoe threw a play-action touchdown pass to Ben Coates for the winning points.

After the TD, Wade Phillips pulled his team off the field and the Patriots, with no defense facing them, had Adam Vinatieri run a two-point conversion in for a 25-21 final.

Believe it or not that game is the one that bothers me more than any other. More than ‘wide right’ more than ‘home-run throwback’ because it was the biggest robbery of a victory I have ever seen in my time covering this team.


5. What would be the consequences for local viewership/blackout if the Toronto game didn’t sell out?

To my understanding, the game is considered a sell-out because it was ‘sold’ to Rogers.

Could you please let us know the exact situation and nip any potential panic in the bud?
Thank you,


CB: The Bills-Miami game in Toronto is being treated like any other home game for the Bills with respect to blackout rules as it’s been explained to me.

The game must be sold out 72 hours before kickoff for it to be broadcast on television. Remember clubs and suites do not count toward a sellout, only general admission. So as long as the game is sold out you’ll be good to go on TV.


6. Regarding DiGiorgio’s injury, the linebacker situation and the signing of Buggs (and not Haggan) do you think in the unfortunate event that one of the Bills starting linebackers goes down with an injury that the team employs a 4-2-5 scheme where the DB’s consist of 3 safeties? I feel that with the size and play of Scott that the Bills could still be an effective run defense with a safety tandem of Whitner-Simpson-Scott in the game and only two linebackers.
Andrew Suppo

CB: I think the 4-2-5 is unlikely to be their regular base package if another LB goes down. However, your mention of Scott is very astute. Scott has been getting reps with the linebackers during individual position drills just so he’s familiar with the responsibilities at the outside linebacker position. He’s not all that different from Coy Wire in terms of body type, who was transitioned to linebacker in his final season in Buffalo.

So if there was another injury at the position, I would anticipate Scott to be the next player moving into the lineup at LB instead of Marcus Buggs, Jon Corto or Blake Costanzo. And it would be a move based purely on experience as Buggs, Corto and Costanzo have little to none on defense at the NFL level. 
7. What is the Bills best starting record (I know 5-1 is the best since 1995) but what is the all time best? When can we say this is the best start ever?

CB: The Bills best start ever was in 1964 when they went 9-0 before losing a game. That season they finished 12-2 and of course won the AFL title. Buffalo has gotten off to 5-2 starts eight other times in their history and made the playoffs five times (1980, 1989, 1992, 1995, 1996). In three of those five postseason appearances, the Bills lost in the first round.


8. Hey Chris,
The Bills have been giving up at least two sacks a game. Duke Preston steps in for Melvin Fowler and the Bills allow no sacks. Do you think they are better off with Duke Preston at center?
Thanks  Alex G.

CB: You’re right the Bills did not allow a sack against the Chargers when Duke was in there and he did have a good game against Jamal Williams. Of course the Chargers barely sent more than four pass rushers the entire game which helped as well. Duke might very well be a better fit, particularly against 3-4 defensive fronts when the nose tackles are bigger and stronger on the whole. Preston goes 326 pounds, with Fowler closer to 300. Just being able to stand in there is easier due to size for Preston.

Though Dick Jauron hasn’t come out to definitively say that Duke is ‘the guy’ moving forward, I think he will be in there for the foreseeable future even when Melvin is 100 percent healthy.


9. Can you discuss a bit more about Reggie Corner?  I thought you had said he looked good in pre-season and maybe would be ready to play before Leodis?
Mark Teske

CB: At the time I made that comment on Corner, McKelvin was still unsigned in camp. I said if McKelvin misses much more training camp time, Corner could be on the field before him. I was anticipating that Corner had a decent shot at the nickel job, and knowing they had McKelvin focusing on outside corner almost exclusively that opinion made sense to me.

Of course Ashton Youboty then came out of nowhere to win the nickel job.

I still have faith that Reggie Corner will make an impact before the season is over at CB. I think his best position is the slot and with Youboty’s lingering foot injury not improving they made need him there at times sooner rather than later.

The defensive staff has a hard time putting a lot of faith in rookies knowing the negative consequences that can result (six points) and I totally understand that. But playing McGee last week against Miami instead of a healthy McKelvin might not have been the best idea.

When injuries force your hand you’ve got to put them out there and trust them. Not saying McKelvin or Corner won’t make mistakes, but sometimes the risk has to be taken. They made the roster because they can play. When you’re short handed you’ve got to use them.

But I think Corner can play and make plays on the ball. I still believe he’s going to be a good player for this team when he gets his opportunity.


10. Hey Chris,
I read your blog where you said you were surprised the Bills didn’t re-sign Mario Haggan. Isn’t he suspended for four games if/when a team signs him?
Maybe I made that up, but I thought that news came out over the offseason.
Also, why not Donnie Spragan at linebacker?

CB: Haggan has served his suspension. It covered the first four games of the season whether he was on an NFL roster or not. As of Week 5 he was clear to play for any NFL club that wanted him.

I just thought that with all the experience lost on the special teams coverage units in the offseason, that losing DiGiorgio was another loss of experience that had to be replaced. Haggan made sense to me in that fashion. The Bills thought otherwise.

As for Donnie Spragan, I think his best days are behind him, but in a pinch he could be serviceable. He’s just lacking a bit in space.

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