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Reed says Edwards will get himself right

Posted by Chris Brown on August 31, 2009 – 12:48 am

Though the faith in Trent Edwards among the Bills fan base might be wavering, it is certainly not the case in Buffalo’s locker room.

Josh Reed came to the defense of Buffalo’s quarterback after another subpar performance on offense. When asked if Trent will be able to pull himself out of the two-game funk he is in, Reed answered in the affirmative.

“He’s a professional and that’s one of the reasons he is our starter,” said Reed. “It’s times like this when you feel like you should be playing better that really makes you a pro. He’s going to pull through this. Everybody goes through this kind of thing. We just have to keep pushing.”

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Reed determined to right the ship

Posted by Chris Brown on August 31, 2009 – 12:45 am

Talking to Josh Reed after the game on Saturday night, the veteran was frustrated.

He believes the Bills offense is too talented to be struggling in the fashion it has the past two preseason games. Having seen too many seasons in which the offense has had trouble scoring Reed does not want to witness a repeat performance in 2009.

“We still feel like we have a week to go to get things going and we have practice to do that,” said Reed who knows the starters won’t see much time in the preseason finale. “I would say it’s more a sense of urgency. We just have to make sure that guys are still on the same page, that nobody is down and we just have to keep everybody up and just keep pushing.”

Reed is also hopeful that the return of Terrell Owens will help to spark the offense come the regular season.

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Players rolling in

Posted by Chris Brown on July 24, 2009 – 3:47 pm

A few veterans are already on campus at St. John Fisher for report day.

Josh Reed, Justin Jenkins and Fred Jackson are already checked in to their rooms.

We’ll keep you posted on the roster as players arrive.

Right now we’re hearing T.O. Is going to be arriving this evening, but that’s unconfirmed. Players have to be here by midnight tonight.

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Ravens need a wideout

Posted by Chris Brown on July 14, 2009 – 12:36 pm

With the surprising announcement by Derrick Mason that he’s retiring, the Baltimore Ravens are suddenly in desperate need for receiving help for young quarterback Joe Flacco. And I know one team that has a surplus of talent, should they not like anything on the free agent market.

Truthfully though there’s still a lot of good talent on the market right now. I think the best fit for the Ravens would be Amani Toomer. Big, tall wideout with veteran savvy who can still catch 60-75 passes for you and get you 6 touchdowns.

Plaxico Burress (legal issues), Marvin Harrison (too old) and Matt Jones (drug problems) are other options, but all of them have warts. Jerry Porter is another vet out there. Toomer is the fit as I see it.

If not the Ravens may look to make a trade and the Bills have a cupboard full of quality receivers. I think the top 3 (Evans, Owens, Reed) are untouchable. Reed has too good a rapport with Edwards, who relies on him heavily. Anyone after that I believe is fair game should the Ravens come calling.

It would be hard not to see Baltimore looking to land a veteran wideout. With Mason retired Baltimore has just Mark Clayton and Demetrius Williams with their third receiver being Marcus Smith according to the Baltimore Sun. The only true vets after Buffalo’s top three are Roscoe Parrish and Justin Jenkins.

I think the Ravens will talk to Toomer first and go from there. And yes I know Mason said he’s only 99% sure, but Marv Levy always said, “If you’re thinking about retirement, you’re already retired.”

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Don’t agree with all of Bowen’s assessments

Posted by Chris Brown on July 8, 2009 – 1:37 pm

National Football Post columnist and former Bills safety Matt Bowen (though a leg injury cost him his only season in Buffalo) put together his five ways that the Bills can make the playoffs this year.

While I share his enthusiasm, I don’t completely agree with some of his assessments.

First, regarding his stance that Buffalo has to play more man-to-man defense on the back end. I’ll be the first to say I’d like to see more press coverage, than painfully watch talents like Terrence McGee and Leodis McKelvin giving WRs a 10-yard cushion.

Even McGee himself felt they should be playing more press coverage. But I think the reason Perry Fewell had his guys play off so much was because his four man pass rush couldn’t get home, and 24 sacks last season serves as proof.

As good as McGee and McKelvin are asking them to cover man-to-man for more than four seconds is unrealistic. I think until Fewell sees that Schobel and Maybin can consistently make the four man front work, you won’t see a whole lot more man coverage calls.

I agree wholeheartedly with his second point about getting T.O. involved, but that’s kind of a no brainer. He’s right about the coverages though (lots of cover-2 and 2-man). I just hope that Trent doesn’t just settle for working underneath with Josh Reed and Roscoe Parrish when he sees that. Reed and Parrish are great weapons in the middle of the field, but Trent has to throw some passes into the teeth of the defense because he has proven playmakers in Owens and Evans who can work the deep middle and both fight for the ball.

Bowen’s right about Jackson and Rhodes. I think together they can hold the fort while Lynch serves his suspension.

He’s dead on with his pass rush point, and Fewell knows how to be creative with his blitzes and creeper LB packages. He’s been forced to use it the past two seasons, so he’ll be ready if he has to go into his bag of tricks again.

The home field advantage point is a tricky one. The Super Bowl era Bills of the early 90’s reveled in the winter weather they had at home and used it to their advantage. I know there are a lot of fans that would like to see the current Bills make better use of that advantage.

The only problem is the only teams on the schedule slated to come to the Ralph when the weather begins to affect games and might not be accustomed to it are Miami (Nov. 29) and Indy (Jan. 3). The only other home games on the back end of the slate are two northeast based teams in the Jets and Patriots and Buffalo is playing New York in Toronto on Dec. 3.  

So while I respect Bowen’s opinion in most cases, points one and five have some caveats.

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Fan Friday 6-12

Posted by Chris Brown on June 12, 2009 – 5:26 pm

Fan Friday 6-12
Well minicamp is wrapped up and now begins the six week hiatus until training camp. Something tells me it’s going to move quickly. Let’s get going with the latest installment. Thanks for your questions. Keep them coming at
1. Do you see the Bills extending the deals of any more players on their roster like they did with Stroud? Guys like McGee, Josh Reed, Denney, Whitner, Poz and a few others only have 1-2 years left on the deals. Getting a few of them locked up would be a good move.

CB: I believe that on the list of guys you have that McGee is top priority. He’s still in the prime of his career and has been an outstanding performer for the Bills from day one. He’s a model professional, plays hurt and keeps his nose clean.

That’s the kind of guy the Bills typically lock up long term (see Lee Evans) so I expect that to get done before the 2009 season is over.

As for Reed and Denney the situation is a little different. Reed has had back issues through the course of his career and to his credit he’s fought through them and performed. Knowing how much Trent relies on Reed it wouldn’t surprise me if he was extended, but with some promising young receivers on the rise (Hardy, Johnson), I’m not sure you can say he’s a lock to get an extension.

Denney is in a similar boat. A solid, steady performer, but with the team invested in Chris Ellis and Aaron Maybin I’m not sure he’s re-signed long term.

Whitner and Poz I anticipate will be taken care of eventually, but probably not this calendar year.


2. Do the Bills believe Bell is ready to step in and contribute at this time? Going to have to have the O-line do a lot of work to get them to work together for this year with all the new players….also, I wonder if Walker can hold up at left tackle for 16 games? Your thoughts????

CB: I don’t think there’s any doubt that the biggest question mark entering the season will be how far the offensive line can come with all the new pieces.

As for Bell I don’t anticipate him challenging Walker or Butler to start, but I do think the staff believes he’s ready to handle the swing tackle role if he’s able to win that job over Kirk Chambers, who has held it the past two seasons.

Walker’s strength as a tackle is in pass protection, which might surprise some people looking at him. That’s a good thing knowing he’s going over to the left side, but he will be facing some top flight pass rushing talent with the schedule this season.


3. Chris,
Its my understanding that Aaron Maybin weighed about 250lbs. at Penn States pro day, at which he displayed consistant 4.6 speed.  Is it likely the Bills will have him continue his growth atleast 10 more pounds, and if so does his quickness remain the same?

CB: Talking to Aaron about this very subject you need to understand he just turned 21 in April so his frame is still just filling out. He said he’d like to be around 255 by his second NFL season, which I think is sufficient. He’s confident he can maintain his speed at that weight.


4. Hey Chris,
How are contract negotiations going with the rookies? I just saw that Sanchez got his contract and I was just wondering when our rookies are going to be signed. Thanks!

David Rieth
Rochester, NY

CB: Negotiations are just in the preliminary stages with some of Buffalo’s later round picks. I don’t see signings beginning for at least another week or so. However, with San Francisco (which picked ahead of the Bills in most rounds) setting the market by signing players right around Buffalo’s picks early it might grease the wheels a bit. We’ll see.


5. Hi Chris,
I was just curious if the Bills are looking to upgrade the outside linebacker position with what’s still left in the market or are they content with the youngsters they have on the roster.  I also am curious if you know the status of Derrick Brooks?  Is he still looking for work or did he decide to hang it up?  If he is still looking for a contract, do you think the Bills should take a 1 year chance on him until they can develop Nic Harris or Al Bowen?

CB: I believe the club will stand pat at OLB heading into camp. Injury could change that, but I don’t see them pursuing Derrick Brooks, though it makes sense with his familiarity with the system. I think the coaching staff has a lot of faith that Alvin Bowen and Nic Harris can be legitimate competition for Keith Ellison and from what I’ve seen I would agree.

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Schobel, Reed back

Posted by Chris Brown on June 8, 2009 – 3:02 pm

Aaron Schobel and Josh Reed are back practicing for the final OTA here on Monday.

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No T.O. at practice

Posted by Chris Brown on June 5, 2009 – 2:59 pm

Terrell Owens is not in attendance for Friday’s OTA practice. It’s the first voluntary workout he’s missed this spring.

Also not in attendance are Roscoe Parrish, Josh Reed, Aaron Schobel, Corey McIntyre and Shawn Nelson.

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Nelson, Reed and Schobel not on hand

Posted by Chris Brown on June 4, 2009 – 4:56 pm

Those players not in attendance for Thursday’s voluntary OTA practice were rookie Shawn Nelson, Josh Reed and Aaron Schobel. Roscoe Parrish was also absent.

We expect to get an update on Nelson’s absence from Dick Jauron Friday.

For a full report on Day 10 of OTAs check the home page later this afternoon.

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McKelvin, McGee not participating

Posted by Chris Brown on June 2, 2009 – 3:05 pm

Leodis McKelvin and Terrence McGee are not participating as week 3 of OTAs begins.

Josh Reed and Aaron Schobel are the only absentees.

Lee Evans, Chris Kelsay, Langston Walker and Dominic Rhodes are back.

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Several players absent

Posted by Chris Brown on May 29, 2009 – 3:04 pm

A number of veteran players are absent for Friday’s voluntary workout.

Players not in attendance are Roscoe Parrish, Dominic Rhodes, Langston Walker, Lee Evans, Chris Kelsay and Aaron Schobel.

Also not on hand are Leodis McKelvin and James Hardy, but neither had been participating.

Josh Reed is back.

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Fan Friday 2-20

Posted by Chris Brown on February 21, 2009 – 3:24 am

It’s been a busy couple of days so I apologize for getting this up so late. You can send questions to me at I answered more questions this week figuring there would be more draft related questions, but nothing on the combine. Catch up with you next week.

1. Chris,

I know you think a pass rush DE is our likely 1st round pick, and other Mock Drafts have us picking a TE with that first pick (which I think is a huge reach at 11) but what about Aaron Curry, OLB from Wake? Assuming Crowell doesn’t re-sign after his issues with the front office this past season, we will be looking at hypothetically losing not only depth if Ellison doesn’t re-sign, but also potentially our starting OLB.

Todd McShay has the Seahawks picking him at #4, but I don’t see it– especially with glaring needs like WR, and people like Michael Crabtree likely being available when they pick. Curry is big, physical, and has the high motor that the Bills love (ie Kyle Williams)– so why not Curry at 11?

Thanks Chris,

Matt, Beverly MA

CB: I wouldn’t rule Curry out as a possibility, but I’d be surprised if he’s there at 11. I suppose it’s possible, but this guy is super on the field and super off. Squeaky clean and a playmaker. Jerod Mayo went 7 last year to the Patriots. I can’t see him dropping to the Bills at 11, but if he does I wouldn’t mind the Bills taking him at all. He’s one of the safest picks in the draft.

2. Chris with Mr. Wilson stating that our beloved Bills lack talent what do you see as a realistic off season as far as resigning our own or free agents go? Very interested in your response.
Scott Eustace


CB: I think some of the restricted players could be retained in addition to Jenkins and DiGiorgio like Keith Ellison and Gibran Hamdan, but I think Angelo Crowell will be allowed to test the market. If it’s lukewarm and he has trouble getting offers I think the chance of him returning increases. As for Greer, I fear that his asking price will be too high. Buffalo is heavily invested in Leodis McKelvin and could probably re-sign Terrence McGee to an extension as an alternative. I think Kirk Chambers and Duke Preston stand a good chance of being re-signed, but I think both would be reserve players if the Bills acquire what they want to in free agency and the draft.

3. Hey Chris,
I don’t agree that it is imperative to find an experienced backup QB. I think Trent will be fine. Of course the game is still a bit fast for him, he has only played a little more than one season. The second time he saw the 3-4 defenses and 8 in coverage he handled it. (The running game wasn’t exactly helping the first time through those teams either!). No one works harder wants to learn more, and don’t you think we may already have a decent backup??
Thanks, Ray Perez

CB: While I agree with some of what you’ve said, I think an experienced backup would be a welcome sight for the Bills quarterback position. Talking to Turk Schonert at the combine today he too would like an experienced backup.

The reason why is he believes a veteran, that knows his role, can really help Edwards with some of the nuances of the game that he may not have experienced extensively as of yet. The problem is the free agent pool at quarterback is so thin that I don’t know that they’ll find a good fit for the Bills.

Finding an experienced backup, that knows his role, is actually a way to help Trent (and the team) not to threaten him with competition.


4. In your opinion, what needs to be upgraded more, offense or defense? I am of the opinion that offensive success is more due to strategy (ie: playcalling), and defensive success is more due to talent. I’d like to see the Bills draft defensively. Also, do you think Schonert will finally implement the no-huddle? It’s something the OC’s have talked about for a couple years now, but we’ve yet to see. What are your thoughts?
-John, Rochester NY.

CB: I think both offense and defense need to add playmakers. When opponents can double Lee Evans and shut down the passing game, that screams for more talent, despite the fact that I think Josh Reed and Roscoe Parrish are good complementary receivers. The added talent has to come at tight end to help Reed in the middle of the field. On defense you’re right another pass rusher, and outside linebacker that can start are two big pieces that need to be added.

As for the no huddle Turk Schonert addressed why they didn’t use it as much at the Combine today. I’ll let him explain.

“We didn’t use it a lot, not like we wanted to for various reasons,” said Schonert. “We’d use it for a series and we actually used it in the fourth quarter of the Oakland game and it helped us win the game and wore them out. We started a couple of games in no huddle, but we didn’t execute and weren’t very good so I got out of it in the first quarter.

“Last year we had to back off a little bit at the start of the season because of Jason’s (Peters) holdout. All of a sudden he’s coming into a terminology change so we had back off at the beginning of the season due to that. Then Josh (Reed) gets hurt, he’s out three games and we had a rookie flanker in there. Then Trent (Edwards) got hurt. We kind of hit these roadblocks that kept us from using it as much as we wanted to.”

As for 2009, Schonert said that they plan to use it more.

“We’re going to continue to work on it, we like it, we want to use it,” Schonert said. “But we’re going to use it, try to improve it and plan on having it in our arsenal.”


5. Hey Chris;
Is there any chance the Bills keep Greer? It would be tough to watch another player that has developed into a dependable starter at a vital position walk (Winfield, Clements). It would seem they want McKelvin to take that starting role with Youboty as the nickel, and Corner as the dime. It would be great to see McKelvin battle Greer for the starting role, with the player finishing second be the nickel. Greer seems to always come to camp prepared to compete, and would push McKelvin to do the same, or become the nickel, which would still give them 3 top corners, and solid depth.
The need for a solid starter at weak side linebacker needs to be addressed. How do you see the Bills taking care of that need? Crowell?
Thanks;   Dan from Williamsville

CB: As Russ Brandon told me today at the Combine they’ve maintained an open dialogue with Greer’s representatives, and have made it clear that they would like to bring Greer back. The problem is the money. My guess is that Greer’s agent is looking for $7-$9M a year in light of some of the recent contracts signed by comparable corners (Kelvin Hayden, Corey Webster). I can’t see the Bills committing that kind of money to Greer as much as they’d like to retain him. I think he hits the market.

As for the strong side linebacker position (Mitchell plays the weak side), there are options in free agency like Tyjuan Hagler, who could come in familiar with the system having played in Indianapolis in similar scheme. I think Morlon Greenwood would be an affordable option too.


6. Hey Chris,
I heard the Lions are leaning toward giving Culpepper the #1 spot and releasing Kitna.
How would Kitna fit in as a back up to Trent? How much do you think he would cost? Would any team look at picking up Kitna as a #1?

CB: I think Kitna would be an interesting option. I think the first thing that has to be clear is that Kitna is willing to accept a backup role and realize in Buffalo he would not be able to compete for the starting job. As long as he can do that, I think he could be a capable backup. Kitna has always been prone to at least one big mistake in games, but as a backup that’s less likely to happen. He has seen a lot in this game and could probably assist Edwards in the quarterback room.


7. Hey Chris,
I really like Eric Wood (out of Louisville) at center.  I am a U of L fan so I have been able to watch this guy for a while.  Where do you see him going in the draft itself and could the Bills use him?
Mike Lundert

CB: There’s no debating that the Bills need help at the center position. Jason Whittle, Duke Preston and Melvin Fowler are all free agents. I think Preston is the most likely to be re-signed before free agency opens, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they seek another veteran player, and add another interior linemen in the draft. It could be a player like Wood, who figures to go late 2nd to top half of the third round.

I like the way Wood finishes plays, but according to the experts drive blocking is where he needs to get better. I liked some of the tape that I saw on him and he seems to get to the second level pretty well. I think he’d be a good player to groom behind a veteran center to eventually take over the job in a couple of years.

8. Chris,
I know this may sound crazy but consider this. I  don’t think the Bills want to spend the money that Peters would be looking for thus making him an unhappy Bill. Trade for a top 5 pick and another solid pick. Bills won’t want to pay for a top 5 pick so trade down to near 10. Use the pick to get another tackle. Trade into top 10 with the other pick from Peters trade to get one of the top DE’s. Then use second round pick for TE?
After seeing what you wrote about the other OT getting big money I think there is trouble ahead with Peters.

CB: Sorry, but I’m going to have to disagree with you on this one. If it were up to me a bird in the hand (or in this case a franchise left tackle) is worth more than two in the bush. You have a bona fide Pro Bowl caliber left tackle on your team that is unhappy because he feels he’s underpaid, and he played like it last season.

I believe the Bills will find a way to rectify that situation in the form of a new contract for Peters. They’ll have to make some roster decisions to do so, but left tackle is the second most important offensive position after quarterback and you’ve got a guy that can play eight to 10 more years. I’m confident that if Peters gets a contract he is happy with he will be back to Pro Bowl form on the field.


9. Chris,
My question is what likelihood do you think there is that the Bills draft Pettigrew. He has character issues and I have to believe we will be very gun shy. A lot of the pundits have us drafting him with the first pick. I say “no way.” Have a good one.
Mark Tate

CB: I think Pettigrew is a very impressive player. He’s the only major all-around tight end and will be a first-round pick. His off the field blemish stemmed from a house party and he was charged with assaulting a police officer when he “elbowed” one in the chest as he was dispersing. Rest assured the Bills just like every other team will investigate it fully.

I felt Pettigrew came across well in his interview with the media. He seems very focused on his career and excelling at the next level.

I’m still a bit apprehensive about making him the 11th pick in the draft. There aren’t many picks of tight ends between 8 and 15 in the last 15 years that have proven worthy of a selection that high. Tony Gonzalez is one of the few exceptions.

And I think if you’re taking a tight end that high he has to be Tony Gonzalez good.


10. Chris,
What do you think about Torry Holt being traded to the Bills in a Stroud-esq. trade? He makes perfect sense considering he has two years on his contract, and we will have a solid receiver alongside Evans while Johnson and Hardy are learning the system and will prove to be the real deal or not. He’s played well on a terrible team and before this year had 83 receptions on a team that drafts top 5. He had a slight dip with comparable numbers to Lee Evans. With Holt, Edwards will have another great target and a better learning curve.
My concern is his transition from 6 games in a dome to 6 games in swirling winds and cold weather. He respects the Bills as he’s said prior to playing us and wants to be traded.
What do you think the likelihood is of us bringing him in and what would it take?
Jonathan – Westchester, NY.

CB: I think it would take probably a third or fourth-round pick, but I’m just guessing. Holt is on the decline, but I like your thinking in terms of another weapon to work opposite Lee Evans. Holt is still respected by opposing defenses so it’s not a bad idea. A veteran receiver is what is needed not more youth.

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Injury update

Posted by Chris Brown on December 11, 2008 – 7:33 pm

Donte Whitner practiced fully Thursday as did Josh Reed and Marcus Stroud, who also did not practice Wednesday.

Jabari Greer was limited and did not do as much as he did on Wednesday, but Dick Jauron said he has an “outside chance” of playing Sunday.

Trent Edwards did not practice at all as well as Aaron Schobel and Dustin Fox. Trent did a little light tossing at the beginning of practice, but it was not within the scope of practice. It was on the side.

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Whitner, Reed back practicing

Posted by Chris Brown on December 11, 2008 – 5:04 pm

Donte Whitner and Josh Reed are back practicing here on Thursday.

Participating but looking limited are Jabari Greer and Marcus Stroud.

Not practicing are Aaron Schobel and Dustin Fox. Fox is working on the side with trainers.

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Injury update

Posted by Chris Brown on December 10, 2008 – 8:01 pm

Trent Edwards (groin) missed practice again on Wednesday. He declined to elaborate on how his injury is healing.

Josh Reed (back) was suffering from back spasms and could not practice.

Marcus Stroud (hip) is dealing with a hip problem. Dick Jauron did not get into the severity of the injury.

Donte Whitner missed practice due to illness. No word on whether he’ll be able to practice Thursday.

Aaron Schobel was absent with the foot. Dustin Fox (groin) also did not practice.

Jabari Greer (knee) was limited in practice Wednesday, his first practice since suffering the injury against Cleveland a month ago.

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Trent still watching

Posted by Chris Brown on December 10, 2008 – 4:53 pm

Trent Edwards is still watching practice this week as he’s not participating here on Wednesday due to his groin injury.

We’ll have full coverage this afternoon on

Also not participating are Josh Reed, Dustin Fox and Marcus Stroud. Aaron Schobel and Donte Whitner are not in attendance.

Jabari Greer is participating, but appears a bit limited in his return from a knee injury.

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Player radio appearances

Posted by Chris Brown on December 3, 2008 – 9:23 pm

Ryan Denney will be on The Fan 590 AM in Toronto on The Morning Show @ 7:10 AM

Josh Reed will be on Kiss 98.5 FM @ 7:15 AM

Duke Preston will be on Z103.5 FM in Toronto @ 7:20 AM 

Leodis McKelvin will be on 790 AM The Ticket in Miami some time after 2pm

Marcus Stroud will be on 560 AM in Miami @ 2:05 PM

Brian Moorman will be on 640 AM in Toronto @ 4:40 PM

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Receivers were open

Posted by Chris Brown on December 2, 2008 – 8:12 pm

Just had an opportunity to watch some film from Sunday’s game against San Francisco.

Yes, I know why bother with a game that’s dead and gone.

But one thing that I took away from watching the offense was that there were receivers open… a lot.

After the game there was a general consensus that the 49ers did a good job covering Buffalo’s wideouts, but there were a lot of plays where Lee, Josh and Roscoe created separation or were sitting in a hole waiting for a pass.

Now I’m not indicting the quarterbacks here. Sometimes they just don’t see them in time and the window closes or their view is obstructed by a lineman or an umpire (which I saw happen on one play).

But I don’t think you can pin the offensive struggles on the wideouts in this game of all games this season. There appeared to be consistent separation for a good amount of that game.  

Does that mean they’ll make more plays this week? I don’t know. But Miami has a suspect secondary so I’m hoping that’s the case.

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Reed thankful he could turn career around

Posted by Chris Brown on November 27, 2008 – 2:02 pm

Perhaps one of the better stories we could bring you on Thanksgiving was how Josh Reed has effectively turned his career around.

Most Bills fans remember the struggles Reed dealt with in his early years and he was widely unpopular with fans and he admits for good reason. But fans have come to respect his game and his turnaround.

Here’s an exclusive look at what Reed went through at the low point when he strongly considered stepping away from football.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody

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Bryant Johnson or James Hardy?

Posted by Chris Brown on November 25, 2008 – 6:27 pm

Bills fans will be able to get an up close look at a player a lot of them felt could answer Buffalo’s need for size at the wide receiver position when Bryant Johnson comes to town with his 49er teammates Sunday.

Through 11 games he’s been a bit disappointing for San Francisco. The 49ers offense has its share of problems. Johnson was starting, but now rookie Josh Morgan does opposite ageless veteran Isaac Bruce. He’s the third leading receiver in terms of catches (27) and the second leading receiver in terms of yards (337). He also has 2 touchdowns.

It stands to reason that Bills rookie James Hardy, who is still grasping the NFL game and Buffalo’s playbook (9 catches, 87 yards, 2 TDs), would have comparable, if not better numbers than Johnson if he were given the same amount of playing time. He has just as many TDs now despite being used sparingly.

It may take a little longer, but Hardy should wind up being better than the free agent so many Bills fans wanted this past offseason.  

I also find it a little funny that many felt that a big outside receiver was needed because Josh Reed is ideally suited for the slot. While that may be true, Reed’s numbers are better than Johnson’s despite running significantly shorter routes and missing three and a half games to injury (31-338, 1 TD).

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