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Poz respected Mitchell

Posted by Chris Brown on October 1, 2010 – 12:18 pm

Kawika Mitchell was not going to be able to help the Bills on the field in 2010. Once they put him on injured reserve his season for Buffalo was over. Still, seeing him released in an injury settlement and no longer part of the team was tough for Paul Posluszny.

Poz was just a second-year player when Mitchell was signed in free agency by the Bills and he was a very influential player for the young linebacker. Mitchell had a Super Bowl ring (Giants 2007) and instantly garnered respect among those in the linebacking corps.

“He came in and he was a great example for all of the young linebackers,” said Posluszny. “He’s a great player, a great person. When we found out that was going to be the situation I was disappointed because ever since he got here he’s been a very influential person for me. So to not have him with the team it’s tough.”

Poz understands that Mitchell desperately wants to get back on the field and knowing he can’t do that in Buffalo in 2010 an injury settlement was the only other option.

“If that’s what he wants to do I’m with him all the way,” Posluszny said. “I know he wants to be on the field all the way. I know he wants to be on the field more than anything. If he’s going to have the ability to do that and heal up fast and get on the field, then that’s the most important thing because I know he loves this game and wants to play.”

Mitchell however, likely has a couple of more months of rehabilitation before he’ll be fit to pass a physical should another NFL club show interest.

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Veek has respect for Buffalo

Posted by Chris Brown on October 1, 2010 – 11:10 am

For those fans that think Kawika Mitchell is parting ways with the Bills with a chip on his shoulder, they couldn’t be more wrong.

Just check out some of his more recent twitter posts after the announcement that he had reached an injury settlement with the Bills.

KawikaMitchell  Well… I hope my friends(fans) in Buffalo loved me as a player and continue to follow and support me as I move on to the next place in my life. I loved my teammates and fans in Buffalo. Wish I could’ve made a bigger difference but it’s true sh** definitely happens. I still support my brothers. Their fighting to build this thing.

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Mitchell a proud player

Posted by Chris Brown on October 1, 2010 – 11:06 am

Kawika Mitchell is a proud player that doesn’t like to sit idle very long.

That’s why it wouldn’t surprise me if he has plans to feverishly rehab his foot injury in an effort to latch on with another NFL club before the 2010 season is over, now that he’s been released from his contract with the Bills via an injury settlement.

It was killing Mitchell to be on injured reserve last season. To have to go through it a second straight year was probably more than he could take. Here’s an example from his twitter account.

KawikaMitchell My next goal is to get healthy and make things happen. This can’t and won’t hold me down. Believe it.

KawikaMitchell We came to a mutual agreement. It was time. I love this game and all i want to do is play and win

So now he’ll rehab and hope some NFL club needs a dependable veteran LB with playoff experience. Mitchell likely won’t sign right away due to the rehab and recovery he still has in front of him.

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Kawika already in position

Posted by Chris Brown on September 26, 2010 – 9:37 am

Bills LB Kawika Mitchell might not be playing for the rest of the 2010 campaign, but it doesn’t mean he’s not fired up for today’s game.

Mitchell is already in position in front of his television more than two hours before kickoff ready to root for his teammates.

KawikaMitchell    #BEATTHEPATRIOTS #LetsGoBuffalo

Mitchell is on injured reserve after suffering a foot injury the week before the season opener.

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Mitchell en route to specialist

Posted by Chris Brown on September 13, 2010 – 1:28 pm

Bills I-R’d LB Kawika Mitchell, who tweeted last week that he was seeing a specialist for his foot injury has followed up with an update.

KawikaMitchell    Just landed in NC on my way to see the doc. Hope everyones Monday is gr8 and focused.

Mitchell indicated in his tweet late last week that he’s seeing a specialist to see if surgery is necessary for his undisclosed injury.

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Mitchell seeing a specialist

Posted by Chris Brown on September 10, 2010 – 3:40 pm

Bills LB Kawika Mitchell, who was put on I-R Friday, is going to be seeing a specialist about his foot.

Mitchell tweeted as much Friday afternoon.

KawikaMitchell    Going 2 see a specialist on Monday 2 determine if I need surgery or not. Right now its uncertain. I’ll let you know. Again thnx for the love

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Kawika absent

Posted by Chris Brown on September 9, 2010 – 10:15 am

Kawika Mitchell is absent from practice here on Thursday.

He was listed on the injury report Wednesday with a foot injury.

We’ll find out after practice if Mitchell was injured in Wednesday’s practice from head coach Chan Gailey.

LBs Antonio Coleman and Reggie Torbor are also not practicing.

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Players like Edwards’ approach

Posted by Chris Brown on August 8, 2010 – 3:22 pm

Bills defensive coordinator George Edwards has had a big challenge in front of him in taking a roster made up largely of players that have been accustomed to the 4-3 system and get them to adapt to a 3-4. Ten days into camp, his players are voicing their approval for his approach in getting that accomplished.

“I really like Coach Edwards and everything that he’s implemented in the defense, just as a person and as a coach,” said Jairus Byrd. “Just as he goes about it and his demeanor is really cool.”

Edwards can be heard raising his voice on the practice field, but of late there has been more praise than constructive criticism.

“Coach Edwards does a great job of teaching us, so he makes it real simple for us to pick up,” said Kawika Mitchell.

Early returns in camp have been promising as the defense has looked good fitting up the run and making plays in defending the pass including their fair share of takeaways.

“I think guys have really been working hard,” Edwards said. “We’ve installed a lot here at camp, technically and fundamentally. They’ve all been working hard. We’re just out here every day trying to improve, see what different guys bring to the table and see how we can adjust to situations.”

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Kawika thankful for staff approach

Posted by Chris Brown on August 8, 2010 – 9:40 am

Kawika Mitchell has done well in his return from a quadriceps tear suffered last season, and part of the reason why is because he hasn’t overdone it.

Mitchell has the athletic training and coaching staffs to thank for that.

“Yeah, I’m feeling great right now,” Mitchell said. “We’re just trying to be safe with it. We don’t want to try to over work it too soon. Thankfully, I’m fortunate enough that the coaches see me as a guy that can afford to take a day off and not lose a beat when I get back. That’s been nice having them take care of me like that.”

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Another LB watching

Posted by Chris Brown on July 31, 2010 – 2:13 pm

The linebacker position has been snake bit early here in camp. Poz, Keith Ellison and Chris Kelsay have been the most recent spectators at practice. Saturday afternoon one more was added to the list.

Kawika Mitchell is not participating in practice this afternoon. Mitchell was limited in the spring workouts, but has largely appeared full go in camp.

We’ll have an update after practice as to whether his sitting out is injury related.

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Fan Friday 7-2

Posted by Chris Brown on July 2, 2010 – 12:47 pm

Hey Bills fans, we’re into the dead period before training camp, but that doesn’t mean that your questions aren’t welcome ( Have a Happy 4th everybody.
1 – I was wondering with the changing of head coaches where last year there was a surplus of dbs, Do you see a surplus of wide receivers/tes this year with Gailey being offensive minded.
B. Joyce

CB: That’s an interesting question, though it should be mentioned that Chan Gailey’s predecessor, though he was a defensive-minded coach, two of his four years as head coach he kept six receivers. Most of the time he kept three tight ends.

I think under Gailey knowing his priority on running the ball will likely carry four tight ends with an emphasis on blocking ability. An extra tight end on the roster could mean one less receiver actually so there might be just five instead of six. Plus there are enough quality rookie wideouts on the roster right now that you could conceivably practice squad one or two and live with five on the active to start the season.

The roster decisions should be different this year though than years past.

2 – Hi Chris,

In light of injuries, don’t you think the Bills front office should think about more depth ? NT J’Vonne Parker is still available.   He played in Denver along with Andra Davis.  Mr. Davis is sure to have the skinny on him.    Although Ed Wang was not projected to be a starting LT, certainly there must be some concern by the staff considering this critical position.  Do you foresee any developments on the free agent front?

CB: The good news is Ed Wang will be fine for training camp though he did not make a return to the field before the end of mandatory minicamp. I think depth at nose tackle is not their greatest concern. I think where the depth could be an issue is at the interior offensive line positions.

Outside of veteran Kirk Chambers, who played mostly guard in the spring, there is a combined 3 games of NFL experience for the other seven candidates that play guard or center on the roster. To me that’s a scary thought. So if there are any additions made, I anticipate it to be made there.

3 – Hey Chris,

I know everyone has their questions about the new offense under Coach Gailey that is being implemented and I guess my question won’t be any different. However, mine is concerned with the WR position this fall.  With Lee Evans the obvious #1 and James Hardy emerging as the possible  #2, who do you see filling out the rest of the pecking order for this  position with all the talent we have at that position in guys like Parrish, Johnson, Easley, Roosevelt, Huggins, Jones and anyone else? 
Thanks for all the news as always.

Ashville, NY

CB: I don’t think Hardy has anything locked down by any means and even he would tell you that. He got off to a slow start in the spring coming off an injury and Steve Johnson had arguably the most consistent spring. Marcus Easley showed big play ability and the rookie free agents all showed they’re capable of playing on this level.

I think Roscoe is the top slot guy, but the #2 WR role is wide open going into camp. I personally would narrow it down to Hardy, Johnson and Easley, but Chan Gailey isn’t doing that.

4 – Chris
We have heard very little about Kyle Williams. Will he be our nose tackle? How is he doing? I know he is a great player but is he a fit at nose tackle and if not who is,and then where would Kyle play?

Ron from Greensboro , NC

CB: Kyle is the starting nose tackle. Defensive coordinator George Edwards realizes Williams does not have the prototypical size of a nose, so he’s going to adjust the scheme accordingly, though he won’t say what those adjustments will be. I believe that when all is said and done that Kyle will play about 75 percent of the snaps at the nose with Torell Troup playing 25 percent. Williams will be in for any and all passing down situations, with Troup giving him a break on some obvious run downs.

5 – Hey Chris
Just wanted to know what you think on the Torbor signing? Also do you think that he could start at OLB this year or will it be Kelsay and Maybin getting those posiitons? and if Kelsay and Maybin do take the OLBs will Mitchell get ILB with Poz or will Davis take that away?

CB: A lot of questions there. I like Torbor as veteran insurance. He’s a guy that knows the scheme and it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s used as a situational player on the outside, like on run downs with Maybin rotating in for passing situations. Kelsay, Ellis and Batten are the candidates for the strong side LB position.

Mitchell is facing stiff competition from Andra Davis. Mitchell is coming off a major injury and Davis has good working knowledge of the 3-4 system. It’ll be one of the best training camp battles this summer.

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Byrd back

Posted by Chris Brown on June 24, 2010 – 3:21 pm

After not participating this morning FS Jairus Byrd is back on the practice field this afternoon.

Byrd is one of a handful of players who is having their reps scaled back.

Kawika Mitchell, who participated in the morning practice is watching this afternoon. Marcus Stroud is also not on the field for the afternoon practice following his morning participation.

Derek Schouman however, has been a spectator for all of Thursday as has Jamon Meredith and Ashton Youboty.

New to the non-participant list this afternoon is LB Reggie Torbor.

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No timetable for Mitchell return

Posted by Chris Brown on May 26, 2010 – 4:05 pm

Bills LB Kawika Mitchell is participating on a limited basis in the team’s OTA practices. He was hopeful for a May return when spoke to him back in February, but at this point he says there’s no specific timetable, and this early in the offseason there’s no reason to rush things.

“It’s really just going to be based on how I feel, the stronger I can get, the more I can do,” Mitchell said. “We’re just trying to build up the endurance and stamina of my leg and every day we test it more and more so eventually I’ll be in there. No real time date.”

Knowing all that’s left with respect to his rehab is building up the stamina in his repaired leg, Mitchell’s return should be sooner rather than later.

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Bills that are still rehabbing

Posted by Chris Brown on May 25, 2010 – 10:57 am

There is a bunch of Bills players still unable to participate in voluntary OTAs, which begin today (Tues.) due to surgeries performed toward the end of last season for injuries or postseason surgeries. Here’s the rundown of players.

Will not participate because still rehabbing
OT Demetrius  Bell
LB Nic Harris
TE Derek Schouman 
OL Eric Wood

Limited because still rehabbing
FS Jairus Byrd
CB Terrence McGee 
LB Kawika Mitchell 
C Geoff Hangartner 
WR Roscoe Parrish 
DT Marcus Stroud

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Mitchell to line up at ILB

Posted by Chris Brown on April 28, 2010 – 3:16 pm

It was widely believed that in Buffalo’s new 3-4 system that veteran Kawika Mitchell would line up at inside backer and have free agent signee Andra Davis as his main competition. But with a knack for having good timing on blitzes some thought he could factor into some blitz packages off the edge.

Mitchell however, confirmed that for now he’s an inside backer in response to a question from a fellow tweeter.

Ka_Mitchell55    Inside bra–RT @Shaunta53 @Ka_Mitchell55 u playing strictly inside in the 34 or r they moving you to OLB?

Mitchell also said he expects to see Chris Kelsay and Aaron Maybin lining up at outside linebacker with the first unit at the beginning of OTAs.

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Mitchell welcomes Spiller

Posted by Chris Brown on April 26, 2010 – 11:29 am

Social networking has allowed NFL players to welcome their new teammates to the squad and Bills LB Kawika Mitchell is one of the first to do so.

Mitchell welcomed top pick C.J. Spiller to Buffalo with the following.

Ka_Mitchell55    @Lightning28 welcome to B’lo bra. Let’s get it

By the way C.J.’s nickname is “Lightning” in case anyone did not know.

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Fan Friday 4-9

Posted by Chris Brown on April 9, 2010 – 12:25 pm

The draft is closing in so let’s answer those questions this week. Here we go. (Remember send questions to

1 – Hey chris
I was looking at some mock drafts and some people seem to be predicting a possible run on OT in the top ten. If 3 tackles went before the bills pick do you think the bills would consider trading their first for Jared Gaither from the ravens? He has a 1st round tender on him but he’s only 23 , has experience playing tackle, and he only missed 5 games out of the 33 he played in ( which is preety good considering how often our offensive lineman are hurt). I wondered what your opinion on Terrence Cody in the second round. He seems to be working on his weight and I think would be a good value in the second. Keep up the good work man thanks.
Lockport , NY

CB: With respect to Gaither, I’m concerned about the work ethic issues I’m hearing with him. The Ravens are not the kind of team that puts a 23-year old tackle with Pro Bowl potential on the market for no reason. They claim their trade talk was to light a fire under him. I’m thinking they’re tired of trying to motivate him and with Michael Oher on the roster they have a replacement for him for left tackle.
We saw what an unmotivated Jason Peters did for the Bills, so I would not part with the ninth pick for him, even if there was a run on tackles. In fact I don’t know that I’d use the 41st pick either. Yes, he’s talented, but if you’ve got a talented player with a poor work ethic or lacking in motivation you’re going to have problems. Why inherit Baltimore’s?

As for Terrence Cody, there’s no debating he’s a run stuffer, but his weight issues are not just going to disappear. It’s going to be a constant struggle. It’s clear to me that it affects his endurance in games. There were times that Nick Saban had him on the field for only 25 plays. I think he’s going to be just a two down player in the NFL and I don’t know if you take a guy that’s only going to give you two downs a series in the first or second round.

2 – Chris,
You really got me thinking ever since you blogged about the Bills’ site visit with C.J. Spiller.  I know you mentioned they could just be doing their due diligence in scouting but for some reason I feel there might be more to it.
Now that Spiller’s pro day is over, and he apparently impressed those who attended, how does this affect his draft stock with the Bills?  The reason I ask is because of the old “best player available” logic when drafting.
There is a chance, in my opinion, that Spiller just might just be the “best available player” on the board at pick 9.  This kind of scares me but also intrigues my interest a bit too. Scares me because the Bills have other pressing needs to be addressed but intrigues me because Jackson and Spiller can/would be a dynamic RB tandem.
If nothing else it will be interesting to see who goes before pick 9, but I wouldn’t put it past the Bills to take a flyer on this Spiller kid. It’s really hard to pass up talent and play-makers if your not sold on other guys available at that spot.
Any similar thoughts from you or am I wasting my efforts?
Thanks for your time.

CB: Spiller is a difficult talent to pass on, no question, and teams that passed on Adrian Peterson a few years back because they felt they were set at RB already are still smarting from their decisions. Buffalo’s needs are many, but if the top three tackles are off the board (Okung, Williams, Bulaga) and Clausen is gone, I could see Spiller as a distinct possibility. If the above scenario unfolded I think Buffalo would take Spiller or the best pass rusher on the board, which could be Derrick Morgan.

3 – Hi Chris,
Do you foresee Buffalo moving up in the second round to draft a QB?  Suppose we traded next year’s second and fourth round picks so that we can get the Detroit lions 33rd pick to draft QB Tim Tebow?  I do not know if Tim Tebow would still be on the board when it comes to Buffalo’s pick at 42.

CB: I think if you’re a team that wants to ensure you get Tim Tebow you better trade into the bottom of the first round. There are too many teams at the top of round two that could take a shot at him, so I would expect a team that coveted him to move into the bottom of the first. Quarterbacks values always get overinflated on draft day because of the position’s importance. So I think you’d have to be somewhere in the mid-20’s to have a shot at him come draft day.

With Buffalo’s situation I would not make such a move. There are too many positional holes to fill to take a player late in round one or early in round two that is not going to be a starting player for you as a rookie. The Bills need players they draft that high on the field in year one. Tebow will need time on the job to develop his game.

4 – Hey Chris,
Seems like the newly signed Andra Davis will be competing with Mitchell for an inside backer spot. I’d hate to see either of those guys on the bench. Any chance one of those inside backers gets moved to outside? I think a lineup of Davis, Mitchell, Poz, Maybin could be pretty fierce…
Eric from Alaska

CB: I think there’s a chance that defensive coordinator George Edwards will want a linebacker that’s very familiar with the 3-4 scheme in the middle of that defense and that to me gives Andra Davis the edge to start next to Paul Posluszny. That means that Kawika Mitchell is likely the strong side linebacker on the outside opposite Maybin, which to me isn’t a bad thing. Mitchell is a good blitzer and certainly strong enough to grind with the tight end. I think he could be a good fit there.

5 – Hi Chris,
Do you think the bills will trade back at all in the draft?  Do you think trading back with San Fran to 13 or 17 is realistic to pick up some extra picks especially if the LTs are off the board by 9?  If we’re going to build through the draft i think trading back would be a good move to add an earlier pick to the mix. 
                                   Thanks – Showtime.

CB: Trading back is always a possibility because what a team might be expecting to see available when they’re on the clock could be gone. Typically the Bills have up to three players in mind that they feel are worthy of their top selection and fit their team’s needs the best. Picking as high as nine it’s unlikely that all three of the choices they come up with will be off the board, but if they are then there is a good chance they move back if there is a taker.

With nine picks the Bills have the ability to move up and down the board a bit.

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Bills players eager to get started

Posted by Chris Brown on March 27, 2010 – 8:34 pm

With the Bills offseason conditioning program getting underway Monday, players are already buzzing about getting back to football, especially with a new coaching staff in place.

Here are some twitter posts from Aaron Maybin and Kawika Mitchell.

AaronMaybin58    On the road headed back to Buffalo. Ready to get started monday

Ka_Mitchell55    Headin back to B’lo tomorrow. Tryin to get n as much QT w/ the fam as possible. Ready to b back around football tho. Been 2 long. will have full coverage as the players return will a full roundup report on Tuesday.

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Mitchell loves Davis signing

Posted by Chris Brown on March 16, 2010 – 5:28 pm

Bills LB Kawika Mitchell is pumped about the Bills signing of free agent Andra Davis.

Here was Mitchell’s initial response to the signing on his twitter account.

Ka_Mitchell55    We got another Florida boy. Andra Davis is 1 of the better LBs n the league. Its a gr8 move. More people to dominate offenses.

Mitchell and the other linebackers on the roster clearly realize after being short on numbers last year that a team can never have enough quality linebackers especially now that they’re moving to a 3-4 system and will need about eight of them for the 2010 campaign.

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Davis to contact Mitchell & Poz

Posted by Chris Brown on March 16, 2010 – 5:23 pm

Buffalo’s newest linebacker, Andra Davis, is excited to get started with his new team and get acquainted with his new teammates. He told there are two players in particular that he intends to get in touch with in the very near future.

“I’m going to reach out to some of them,” Davis told “I’ll get with George (Edwards) and get a few of their numbers and reach out to Poz and Veek Mitchell. I’m going to reach out to a few of the guys and come here when offseason training starts.”

Davis will also likely be competing with the likes of Mitchell and Poz for one of two starting roles at inside linebacker in Buffalo’s new 3-4 system. Knowing Davis has a firm grasp of the 3-4 scheme it’s likely that Poz and Mitchell will be leaning on Davis for pointers.

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