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Kirk Cousins talks opportunity, landing spots

Posted by Chris Brown on February 2, 2018 – 3:53 pm

Washington QB Kirk Cousins believes he will be hitting the free agent market come mid-March after his team acquired QB Alex Smith from Kansas City via trade (trade won’t be official until March). Cousins was on Sirius XM NFL Radio at the Super Bowl in Minneapolis today and is intrigued by the opportunity to hit the free agent market.

“It was a surprise. I was working out in my hotel room in Minneapolis and after I finished my workout I had a ton of text messages and saw the news. It came as a surprise. I hadn’t heard anything,” said Cousins of the Alex Smith trade. “In this league and my story I’ve learned that curve balls come all the time.

“I expect to be a free agent come March 14th. We’ll see how that plays out, if it does it’s a unique opportunity I look forward to. I haven’t had a chance to choose where I play since 2007 when I chose to go to Michigan State so I’m looking forward to that opportunity.”

With respect to what he might be looking for in a new team, Cousins offered the following.

“I think it’s a pretty short checklist. At the end of the day I want to win. That’s the plan,” he said. “There are a lot of variables that decide do we think we can win, but that will ultimately what makes the decision.”

Cousins appeared to keep his options open as he referenced the sudden turnaround in Jacksonville as an example of how any team can suddenly become a winner. He seems to be indicating that he could join almost any team and help them become a winner like Jacksonville was this past season.

“In this league the winning thing comes and goes,” he said. “You look at what Jacksonville was able to do and no one expected them to do that back in July. But they put together a good team and went all the way to the AFC Championship game. So a lot can change year to year. I believe there are a lot of places you can win because it does change so much year to year.”

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Fan Friday 2-2

Posted by Chris Brown on February 2, 2018 – 3:45 pm

Happy groundhog day Bills fans! The offseason begins in earnest after Super Bowl weekend. Let’s get prepared with your questions on Twitter at @ChrisBrownBills.

1 – @ChrisBrownBills

Will the #Bills go after Kirk Cousins?


CB: I think it’s difficult to provide a straight answer to this question. The reason why is this is a very unique situation. I can’t remember the last time a quarterback of this caliber, without an injury issue (See: P. Manning, Brees) had a strong chance of hitting the free agent market.

While I think it would be only natural for the Bills to be interested in a player who over the last three seasons ranks third in completion percentage (67%) fourth in passing yards (13,176), eighth in touchdowns (81) and is tied for first in pass plays of 25 yards or more (113), the first question is does he make it to the free agent market?

There’s a good chance that one of the many teams interested in Cousins will blink and try to orchestrate a trade with Washington for Cousins to avoid competing with the other clubs for his services in free agency.

Having not seen the Beane-McDermott duo in action for a full offseason it will be interesting to see what they value more.

If they do in fact have a strong interest in Cousins, are they more willing to give up draft capital to land the QB via trade?

Or are they more willing to compromise cap space by outbidding competitors for Cousins should he hit the free agent market and hold onto their draft assets?

Knowing the Bills have a lot of holes to fill, their draft assets would appear to be a priority, but the chance to land a QB with franchise-caliber numbers (whether you believe in Cousins or not) could trump that.

That’s what makes the Cousins sweepstakes so compelling. What are teams that need a proven producer like Cousins at QB willing to give up to get him?


2 – @ChrisBrownBills

Chances they trade up w/#Broncos if Denver gets Cousins? Also, opinion on Lamar Jackson’s NFL projection?

Lars Lewis

CB: Again a major hypothetical. The price to move into the top 10 this year might require more than most years because of the demand to get into prime quarterback territory this year. The price is likely to be too steep to get into the top 10. I believe if a QB slips for whatever reason down to 10 or 11, then I believe a trade up is more likely,  but the Bills won’t be alone in that kind of pursuit.

As for Lamar Jackson, I’m in the Bill Polian camp on the Louisville QB. He’s a ridiculous and rare athlete with the ball in his hands. But I don’t think Jackson is a quarterback in the NFL. His accuracy still isn’t consistent enough to keep drives alive in the NFL.

I do think he can be a Pro Bowl caliber wide receiver.


3 – @ChrisBrownBills

A recent mock draft had the Bills drafting back-to-back DTs in the first round and addressing QB in the 2nd round. Do you think there’s any chance of that happening?


CB: The draft is so far off and so many things can happen between now and then that just about anything is possible. Right now the Bills have only Adolphus Washington and Ricky Hatley under contract at DT. If Kyle Williams chooses to continue playing then I think back-to-back DTs become unlikely. But if not, there is a gaping hole in the middle of the defensive interior. So it’s not outlandish to think that could happen.

QB in the second round is also possible if they can’t get up the board to prime QB territory. There are so many variables with trades and free agency that you can’t narrow down the possibilities at this point.


4 – @ChrisBrownBills

Do you see Ryan Groy taking over the starting Center position or do the Bills need to add one in the draft?


CB: As we addressed in our filling the void story on this week, I believe Groy is the odds on favorite to take over the starting center role. Drafting a center isn’t a common occurrence unless there’s a stud in round one or a good value on day two (See Minnesota’s: Pat Elflein).

I do expect the Bills to address the depth of their offensive line both at tackle and on the interior. A versatile player who can duplicate what Groy did as a backup center and swing guard would be a good add.


5 – @ChrisBrownBills.

What do u think will happen with Cordy Glenn? #GoBills

People Over Profit 🏽️@Jiillyy

CB: The first thing that has to happen is he has to get healthy after undergoing a procedure on his foot. All indications are he is doing well in his rehabilitation and will be ready for the start of the offseason conditioning program in April.

He has proven that he’s a solid starting left tackle in this league. If the Bills are committed to clearing more cap space, Cordy Glenn would be a logical option knowing his cap figure is the second-highest on the team for 2018 next to Tyrod Taylor.

There are always teams looking for quality pass protectors, so if that proves to be the plan moving forward it would not be difficult to find interested parties.


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Fan Friday 12-29

Posted by Chris Brown on December 29, 2017 – 10:46 am

It’s come down to Week 17 Bills fans. Let’s hope for a win and some help. Here is this week’s edition of questions and answers from Twitter @ChrisBrownBills.

1 – @ChrisBrownBills

Who is our left tackle next year? Any chance they can trade Glenn in draft for higher/additional pick?

CB: I think with the second half of the season that Dion Dawkins has put together it would be hard to see them changing that next season. That means Cordy Glenn, who has one of the highest cap figures on the roster could be a potential candidate for a trade.

The issue there however, is proving that he’s got a clean bill of health after all his foot and ankle problems. If they can do that then he could be a viable trade option.

If in fact such a scenario comes to pass it would not be a poor reflection on Glenn at all. He’s been a solid left tackle for the Bills in his time here and earned the contract he got.

But as the players know it’s a business in the end and if a club can find a more affordable way to fill an important position like left tackle without much difference in performance they would be wise to do so. Dawkins is on his rookie contract.


2 – @ChrisBrownBills

Would you rather slip into the playoffs this year or miss out and have a toe to toe battle with NE for the divison (and likely wildcard) next year?

Jesse Parrish

CB: I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t have both. As coach McDermott said this week, every year is so different because the construct and development of your team changes so much from one year to the next.

So why not get into the playoffs this year and challenge the division champs next year? Bills fans don’t have to settle for one or the other.


3 – @ChrisBrownBills

Due to Baker Mayfield’s lack of measurables, do you feel Buffalo can stay where they are in regards to draft position and select him with their first 1st rd pick?

Michale McMasters

CB: Mayfield’s height will be the biggest bone of contention with Mayfield. There aren’t many six-footers who have excelled in the NFL. Drew Brees and Russell Wilson are the exceptions.

Mayfield has the bowl game coming up and the Senior Bowl in late January to impress the NFL scouting community one more time.

Many feel he will impress, make effective amends for some of his off the field issues and move up the board.

Unfortunately quarterbacks always rise up the board come draft night because they’re such a coveted commodity. So seeing Mayfield last into the late teens on draft night seems to be unlikely as I see it.


4 – @ChrisBrownBills

What purpose does Colt Anderson serve? He’s super injury prone and you cut a decent young safety for no reason

Randolph Pope Jr.

CB: Colt Anderson is a core special teamer, who was re-signed this past offseason to serve primarily in that role.

Special teams coordinator Danny Crossman likes having veteran players he can trust on his units. Anderson is one such player.

I too believe Trae Elston is a player who has some promise, but they released him in another roster move earlier this season and were able to bring him back. I wouldn’t be surprised if they re-signed him as a future free agent in January.



5 – @ChrisBrownBills

Draft a young quarterback in the first round or make a run at Kirk Cousins?

Andrew Madden

CB: if there is any chance that Kirk Cousins is realistically attainable you make the deal over drafting a QB. He’s a proven commodity. You don’t get that with whomever you might be able to draft.

Cousins is entering the prime of his career and has been in the top five in passing yards I believe each of the last three years, with his production this year perhaps his most impressive work with a severely reduced cast around him.

If you can get Cousins without paying through the nose you go get him.

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Bills ‘D’ knows Cousins success at home

Posted by Chris Brown on December 18, 2015 – 8:50 am

Washington QB Kirk Cousins has played considerably better at home than on the road this season. He and his teammates will be hosting the Bills on Sunday at FedEx Field where they’re 5-2 in 2015. Buffalo’s defense has respect for Cousins, who has 12 touchdowns and just two interceptions in Washington’s seven home games this season.

“He’s gotten better as the year has gone on,” said Jerry Hughes. “He’s learned from some of his mistakes early on and he’s just battling week in and week out. He’s going out there and he’s battling for those guys. So we’ve got to do a good job up front of just putting a lot more pressure (on him).”

Cousin’s passer rating in road games this season is 74.6, where he’s thrown six touchdowns and nine interceptions, while at home his passer rating is 111.5 with 12 TDs and two INTs.

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Fan Friday 7-3

Posted by Chris Brown on July 3, 2015 – 12:04 pm

Happy 4th of July weekend everybody. Get your grill on! Here’s your latest round of questions on email at and on Twitter at @ChrisBrownBills.

1 – @ChrisBrownBills
Any realistic chance that Buff can strike a deal for K. Cousins? I think he still has upside even though his value dropped.


CB: I’m not anticipating any moves at quarterback at this point. The Bills seem content to go into camp with the three quarterbacks they have battling for the job. Now if some QB of greater caliber than Cousins was available they’d get on the phone, but I don’t see the Bills giving something up for Cousins to add him to the fold.


2 – @ChrisBrownBills
Is Tyrod Taylor the next Bills QB?


CB: I think that’s a question that even the Bills coaches can’t answer at this point. Taylor clearly has the strongest arm of the three QBs in the competition. He’s got a pretty good head on his shoulders when it comes to processing information and reading things pre-snap. And we all know about his foot speed.

I think if he wants to be the Bills starting QB his ball location and overall accuracy will have to take a noticeable step forward. That’s not to say that Taylor hasn’t been accurate at times. I just think to separate himself from the other two it has to be more consistent than it was in the spring practices.


3 – @ChrisBrownBills

Since Greg Roman uses the Tight End so much.. Is there any chance that we carry 4?


CB: I think there’s a very good chance the team carries four tight ends. There are just too many multiple tight end sets in Greg Roman’s offense to think they can get through a season with just three, even with a fullback expected to be on the roster as well.


4 – Hi Chris thanks for keeping us out of Staters informed.

My question is assuming our offense performs well and we make the playoffs, won’t we end up losing Greg Roman?

Then we go through establishing a new offense all over again. Is there an assistant who is an apprentice to him we can retain so we can keep some continuity, instead of constantly changing “the system”. That seems to be our biggest problem, we are constantly on a learning curve.

Ron from North Carolina

Your point is a very valid one. The Bills have had extraordinary turnover at the coordinator position on offense. There’s little question that if the Bills reach the postseason for the first time in 15 years that Greg Roman will be a hot name when the head coaching vacancies open up next offseason.

I think the Bills are more focused on winning first. Then if they do, they’ll deal with the problems that come with winning later. I don’t think there’s a true apprentice on the roster now who is learning at the elbow of Roman.

They have a veteran offensive assistant in Chris Palmer and QBs coach David Lee has run offenses himself as well, but neither had a prior working history with Roman.

Roman is a valuable play caller and perhaps one of the best offensive coordinators they’ve had since Ted Marchibroda, but I get the sense that it’s a ‘we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it’ approach.


5 – Hey Chris,
Thanks for everything Bills related.

From what I’ve read it seems as if Cassel has struggled to this point and EJ has actually taken a step in the right direction. It seems as if the coaching staff loves Taylor so my question is, do you think that if Cassel continues to struggle and is truly out played he could be cut?
Thanks again

CB: I think the quarterback competition is just getting started and there’s a long way to go before any roster decisions are made. That being said I’m pretty confident that with as loaded as this roster is spots on the 53-man squad are going to be at a premium. So keeping three QBs on the roster is probably far from a lock. More and more teams are only carrying two QBs, so if that proves to be the case one of the three competing for the starting role will be the odd man out. But to say it’ll likely be Cassel is very premature.

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Fan Friday 2-6

Posted by Chris Brown on February 6, 2015 – 12:04 pm

The NFL Combine is fast approaching and we’ll have full coverage on as always. In the meantime let’s get to your questions from email at and on Twitter @ChrisBrownBills.

1 – Chris,

Would the Bills trade for Kirk Cousins?

RC from D.C.

CB: I think a trade is the least likely avenue the Bills take to acquire a quarterback with NFL experience. Free agency will probably be the first course of action. If they come up empty there then I believe a trade becomes a bit more likely.

The problem is the Bills are already a bit limited in assets they’d be willing to move being down a first and a fourth-round pick in this year’s draft. That’s not to insinuate a trade couldn’t happen, but I think it’s near the bottom of the list in terms of the ways they plan to acquire a QB.

The only way it moves up the list is if some team unexpectedly offers a quarterback the Bills weren’t anticipating would be available.


2 – Chris,

With Marrone gone, I don’t buy him playing guard. He struggled so much at RT during preseason, I doubt he could move inside. I’d like to see him play tackle. He has an injury history and the Bills should look for free agents instead of moving inside. More upsetting is that the Bills thought he has 1st round potential when Henderson played every snap and looks to be the starter going forward. Where do you see his progression going forward?

CB: I anticipate the Bills will be hitting the reset button with Cyrus Kouandjio with a new offensive staff coming in. I believe the approach under OL coach Aaron Kromer will focus Kouandjio’s attention at tackle. As I’ve said many times, Kouandjio is young in football. He’s just 21-years old and has not been playing the game very long.

He’s one of those players that will need time to mature into a reliable and technique-sound offensive lineman at the NFL level. Kouandjio is learning on the job, but he has the physical tools to be a solid right tackle.

Henderson’s ascent to starter at right tackle was not undeserved. He is an elite athletic talent. He too learned on the job as any rookie does, but has been playing football his whole life. His game is closer to reaching its full potential than Kouandjio’s, but I do expect Kouandjio to be pushing Henderson in camp.



3 – @ChrisBrownBills

I think EJ has all the potential in the world. Do you know if he has met or talked to Roman/Rex yet?


CB: There are strict rules under the CBA that prohibits contact between coaches and players in the offseason, even in Buffalo’s situation with a new coaching staff. So EJ Manuel and the rest of the roster cannot interact with the staff by phone or in person in any capacity from the end of the regular season until the offseason conditioning program begins in early April. So the answer is no, he has not met or talked with members of the Bills coaching staff.



4 – @ChrisBrownBills

With CJ Spiller likely leaving the Bills, do you see the Bills drafting a RB? Or is it more likely they go after a FA?


CB: I think your assumption of C.J. Spiller leaving is not an unusual one, but let’s see how things play out first. Should Spiller choose to sign elsewhere however, I believe they draft a running back. They need an influx of youth at the position and the draft is deep with running back talent this year.



5 – @ChrisBrownBills

Between Gresham, Cameron and Thomas which TE would you be more in favor signing?


CB: I think just about anybody would love to have Julius Thomas. He’s the most dynamic receiving tight end of the three and that’s not just because he’s had Peyton Manning as his quarterback. I believe he’s the most savvy route runner of the three. What I like about him the most is he can use his speed to separate from defenders, and he’s physical enough to wall off defenders from the ball as well.

The rub is he’ll be the most expensive tight end on the market as well. As critical as the tight end is in Peyton Manning and Gary Kubiak offenses I think he’d be one of Denver’s top priorities this offseason.

Gresham is a physical talent that is comparable to Thomas, but he is a career underachiever. Coming out of college he had All-Pro physical talent, but it’s just never materialized the way I thought it would at the NFL level.

Cameron is a talented receiving tight end who creates mismatches, but I worry about his concussion history. Obviously NFL teams would be able to investigate that a lot better than I could, but at a position that’s susceptible to big hits I’d take a long, hard look at his injury history before making an offer.

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Value of a QB trade

Posted by Chris Brown on January 29, 2015 – 2:26 pm

With the 2015 draft class widely considered to be a down year for quarterbacks, the trade market this offseason could be a route taken by some teams looking for bona fide quarterback competition.

That could be what the Bills decide to do. ESPN’s Adam Caplan assessed the QB trade market knowing that Mike Glennon and Kirk Cousins are two likely trade pieces for Tampa Bay and Washington this offseason. Here’s what he thought both players would command in a trade.

Multiple execs mentioned to me during Senior Bowl week that Kirk Cousins and Mike Glennon could be at least a one-year solution as a starter for teams struggling to find competition at the position.

Cousins enters the final season of his contract in Washington and Glennon enters his third season in Tampa Bay. One NFC team exec said he thought both players would yield a fourth- or fifth-round pick in a swap.

Buffalo has a pair of fifth-round draft choices in the 2015 draft.


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Fan Friday 12-12

Posted by Chris Brown on December 12, 2014 – 1:25 pm

Time for another edition of Fan Friday. On to your questions now from email at and on Twitter @ChrisBrownBills.

1 – Hi Chris,

What are the illuminated numbers for when the Bills are on Defense? We sit on the visitors side of the Bills Stadium and often wonder if it signals to the defense.

Tony Pariso
CB: The fluorescent number cards held up by a Bills sideline assistant when the Bills defense is on the field is a cue card. The number on it identifies the personnel grouping of the opposing offense on that particular play. For example, a card that has an 11 on it means 11-personnel, which is one back, one tight end and three receivers. If it’s a 22 that means two backs and two tight ends. The number in the tens column identifies the number of backs in the grouping. The number in the ones column identifies the number of tight ends in the grouping.

Knowing you’ve got five lineman and a quarterback, you can do the math to figure out how many receivers you need to get to 11 total players based on the number of backs and tight ends.

It’s just a simple identifier tool for the defense so everyone is on the same page and can focus on the defensive play call and any pre-snap checks.


2 – Chris:
In the week that the Bills had to play the Jets in Detroit it was stated by Coach Marrone that it was a tough week because he prefers a set routine in preparing the team and he feels the players like a set routine. The way the team performed and had energy against the NY Jets after all the upheaval with the weather, do you think coaches should re-think the need to have a set routine?  Do you think by following the same routine a team could get stale and cause players to lack energy and concentration.  I feel it may be best to change practice routines and schedules during the season which may keep players sharp and fresh.


CB: I think the coaching staff makes an effort to tweak certain aspects of the practice week to keep players on their toes, but largely football players and coaches are creatures of habit. I don’t know that it’s fair to take one isolated performance in a neutral site situation with a lot of upheaval to the normal schedule and let that convince you that the schedule should be altered every week.


3 – Hi Chris,

Is it possible that the Bills will give a free agent a chance at being the franchise QB? I am actually targeting Kirk Cousins from the Redskins. He has one year left on his contract, but I really don’t see him as a fit for the Buffalo Bills. Obviously, EJ Manuel will be given another chance, but Cousins is a bomber, and I think it would be exciting to watch Cousins with our current wide receivers. I would most definitely keep Kyle Orton as insurance, he has more than proven himself.

Your thoughts,
Tony, Ormond Beach, Fl

CB: I think the quarterback position could be a very fluid situation this offseason. You have EJ Manuel under contract and I still believe you have to work with him and develop him further. Giving up on him after just 14 starts seems foolhardy. Ryan Tannehill didn’t look like much in his first two seasons, but now in year three he’s demonstrated bona fide progress and has grown into the role for Miami. The Dolphins stuck with him and he’s rewarding them for that despite a change in offensive system this year.

Whether the Bills choose to stick with Orton as the veteran or bring in another is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to offseason decisions that must be made.


4 – Chris,

Can you give fans an update on the RT position. How has Henderson been doing? Fans are probably upset at Cyrus’ development since he got beat out by a 7th round pick. What is the future for Cyrus. I really don’t see him playing guard in the future. The Bills thought he had first round talent. I know Henderson may have been a steal. With no first round pick next year, it looks bad their 2nd round pick can’t be active on game day.

CB: Henderson has had his share of ups and downs this season. He has had some steady games and some unsteady games, but that inconsistency is to be expected with a rookie who is starting at this level for the first time. His athleticism and physical gifts are unquestioned and his work ethic has been pretty solid all year.

Cyrus Kouandjio is much younger in football than Henderson. Henderson played four years of college ball and all through high school. Kouandjio played two years of high school ball and declared early for the draft. Kouandjio is also just 21-years old.

He’s still growing into his body frame. Kouandjio needs to get stronger and needs reps. I think the team has to be patient with him and let him grow and learn for a couple of years. In time he could very well justify being a second-round pick, and the Bills knew when they picked that they’d have to wait on him a bit.

Kouandjio will never have the athleticism or feet that Henderson does. That’s God-given. Had Henderson not had all the off the field red flags, he’d have likely been a first-round pick for what it’s worth. I believe Kouandjio will be a contributor in time, but that’s what it’s going to take before he maximizes his potential. Time.


5 – Hi Chris,

Now that TV networks hire former referee’s for insight during the broadcast, would the Bills be able to hire a former ref to be on the staff and be on the sideline to assist the Head coach with challenge calls for example?

Thanks Travis

CB: That’s a pretty clever idea. Knowing how there seems to be an expert for every part of the football operation, why not a former official on your staff? I’ll have to check to see if there are rules against doing that. The only thing that I could see preventing that is a coach being concerned that it would indicate that he doesn’t know the challenge system well enough.

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Fan Friday 1-11

Posted by Chris Brown on January 11, 2013 – 12:47 pm

Hey Bills fans, an exciting week here at One Bills Drive with the hiring of Coach Marrone and the coordinators Coach Hackett and Coach Pettine. I’ve met all three and I’m encouraged about what they’ll bring to the team in terms of their expertise. Let’s get to your questions from and on Twitter @ChrisBrownBills.

1 – Hi Chris,

Just looking ahead at the possibilities of the Bills filling in some holes with Free Agency and how active they might be this coming off-season. I would love for them to make upgrades at corner, wide receiver, and linebacker (quarterback too, but that would likely be addressed in the draft). How much cap space do the Bills currently have to work with in the off-season? I know that re-signing Byrd and Levitre will be top priorities for them, but once they’re taken care of, how much room will they likely have to work with, if any at all? Would love to see Dwayne Bowe in a Bills uniform!

As always, love the coverage you provide for us … please keep up the great work!

CB: NFL clubs do not get the established salary cap for the new league year until March, but it’s projected to be around $121M. The Bills do not provide their cap figures as a team policy. Reports indicate they’ll be around $15M under. That number obviously is subject to change between now and the opening of free agency.

Bills GM Buddy Nix has already said a quarterback may be acquired in free agency. He also mentioned the need to add a “big receiver.” I don’t know if Dwayne Bowe is realistic even though he does want to go elsewhere. His price tag will be high. And you’re right Byrd and Levitre are quality players that would appear to be priorities.


2 – Hey Chris,
There has been a lot of talk about the QB position this year & the year before that & the …well you get what i’m saying . Fitz is a Bills kind of guy, hard working, hard nosed kind of QB. I was hoping & still do that he can be that guy. Going forward though in the draft this year a guy is coming out that fits all of the Parcells requirements to drafting a QB of the future . He is a SEC guy (best college conference) A senior , Has been in the program his full time in college , & is prototypical size for the NFL , good arm & college career but not a lot of people are talking about him & i was wondering your thoughts on him . The guy that i have been talking about is Arkansas QB Tyler Wilson, I think he could be a really good QB yet no one is really talking about him . What would your thoughts be on him & his future & the possibility of his & the Bills path crossing down the road ?? Then there is the Alex Smith situation, would you think there would b any for site in that direction as time ticks on ??

Once again Thank you !!
Mr.T from Fort Myers via Nashville
CB: I’m going to be honest and tell you I’m only now getting around to looking at the college players, so I can’t give you an assessment on Wilson. What I can tell you is Alex Smith will not be on San Francisco’s roster later this offseason. I’ve found that if Smith is on the 49ers roster April 1st, his entire 2013 salary will be guaranteed. The price tag? $7.5M. Now that he’s effectively San Francisco’s backup, I can’t see any way that he stays at that price in his current role.

The rub there is if the 49ers wait until the end of March to release him, it puts teams looking for a free agent QB in a bit of a bind. Free agency opens March 12th. Do you sit and wait on the 49ers clipping Smith and bypass other QB talent you might have your eye on? Or do you take what you can get at the opening bell of free agency and address the Smith availability when he’s available? Tough call.


3 – Hi Chris,

I applaud the decision to retain Mr. Nix for continuity. I am keeping my fingers cross for the next few years. My question is as follows.

When reporting injuries, the league uses terms like doubtful and probable, etc. What are all these terms exactly means?

Please keep up with the good work.
C. J. Wong, Ph.D.

CB: The league allows for four possible listings for an injured player. They are Out, Doubtful, Questionable and Probable. There’s no need to explain out, but the league classifies the likelihood of the injured player playing with these designations as follows.

Doubtful – player has up to 25% chance of playing on Sunday
Questionable – player has up to 50% chance of playing on Sunday
Probable – player has up to 75% chance of playing on Sunday


4 – Chris, 

Can you break down the Bills new coaches’ philosophy and scheme? Run heavy or pass heavy? Since the roster was built for spread how does it affect CJ, Fred, and David Nelson? I know it’s very early to speculate with not all pieces in place or other coaches. What type of offense do you think they have run? Great job on the coverage this week. By far best team website and updates by you! 


Our web staff appreciate the kind words. From what I understand from coach Marrone and coach Hackett, they ran a pro-style offense with up tempo capabilities at Syracuse. I’ve been told to think of New Orleans offense, but with a heavier run game component by those that have observed the Syracuse offense the last few years.

Coach Hackett told me that he and Coach Marrone locked themselves in a room and culled together the best of what several offenses have to offer and came up with their current system. They intend to make use of that in Buffalo.


5 – Hi Chris:
First of all, I don’t miss a blog. Keep it up! Where do you think QB Nassib will fall in the draft, and would it be too risky or too much of a reach to go get him? Or what of the possibilities of a trade with Washington for K. Cousins- I thought we should have nabbed him in the draft last year and just missed by a couple of draft selections.

Mike from Orlando, FL

CB: I think at this point it’s hard to judge where Nassib will land, and even after the Senior Bowl, Combine and pro days it’ll be tough to predict where he goes because all it takes is one team to really like him and take him sooner than the so called experts project. That being said most draftniks see him as a second-round prospect. I know Coach Marrone and Coach Hackett have a lot of respect for his game and how he’s developed. However, I don’t think that guarantees they take him in the draft.

As for Kirk Cousins, I think the knee injury suffered by Robert Griffin almost rules out any chance of the Redskins parting ways with Cousins via trade this offseason.

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Fan Friday 12-28

Posted by Chris Brown on December 28, 2012 – 3:28 pm

Well Bills fans, it wasn’t the season we all were hoping for, but let’s hope for bigger and better in 2013. Know that’s not what you want to hear, but from where I sit that’s the best I can do for you. Remember Fan Friday runs year round, so keep those questions coming this offseason and on Twitter @ChrisBrownBills.

1 – Hey Chris,
Here’s my question of the week. We have a very large investment in a player at the WR position being Marcus Easley. He came to us via the draft & there was very high expectations on him from the time he was drafted. Illness put his career on hold for the last few years, now he has been deemed healthy. The guy has been in meetings learning the offense.

So by now he should know the offense really well. The Bills have invested all this time in him why won’t they give him much if any playing time?

I have heard that they were concerned about how many ft it takes for him to get to full speed & that he was working on that. I know that you have seen guys that play faster than their times show. Is Easley’s game so far off that he can’t unseat someone like R. Martin or even B. Smith, he hasn’t really showed a lot for the paycheck? Easley can run kick returns, is much younger than Martin, put that with the fact of the investment I don’t see why the guy has been in the recent past inactive & then when he is active he’s not on the field with the offense to prove his usefulness.

Thanks for your insight on all of my questions as always !
Mr. T from Fort Myers Via Nashville

CB: All I can tell you is it seems that Easley’s inability to get quick separation in his routes hurts him in this offense. The offense is a quick passing game so early separation is key. Easley has good speed, but it’s build-up speed, not explosive off the line speed.

That being said I understand your position, that the team made an investment in him as a draft choice, but has lined up other receivers before him on offense. What I gave you is really all I have to go on.


2 – Chris, 
  Hi my name is John I’ve been a bills fan for the longest time. I wanted to know if the bills plan on drafting a quarterback do you have any idea towards who they will consider drafting? Also I think we need a tall receiver that can jump up for those deep balls. What do you think of them drafting a qb and wr combo
like cincy did two years ago? Thank you again.

CB: I have no idea who they would consider drafting at the quarterback position. I will say that GM Buddy Nix specifically referenced what the drafting of Andy Dalton and A.J. Green did for the Bengals, who have now qualified for the playoffs in back-to-back seasons. Here’s his comment from an interview on the radio. 

“Wide receiver is certainly on our radar,” said Nix. “Last night I’m watching Cincinnati and there’s Marvin Lewis and he’s been there 10 years. I don’t remember their record the first six or seven years then they take A.J. Green and Andy Dalton and that duo has really turned them around and made them a playoff contender. I think you’ve got to have a guy that’s like Andre Reed was when he was here and Jim Kelly and Andre Reed and Thurman produced a lot. You need those three guys and we’re aware of that and we’re certainly looking at wide receiver.”


3 – Hey Chris,

I just wanted to ask a question about our QB situation. Kirk Cousins performed admirably in the Ravens comeback game for the Redskins, and then followed up with a very impressive performance in his first game as a starter. My question for you is: Is there any way the Bills trade a 2nd rounder for Kirk Cousins? I’m not one to jump on the backup QB bandwagons (Kolb, Flynn, etc.), but Cousins just seems like a guy who can be great one day. I know he was a fifth rounder, so it seems silly to trade a 2nd rounder the next year for him, but with our need at linebacker, Wide Receiver, and possibly safety opposite Byrd, do you see this as a possibility for the Buffalo Bills this offseason, while addressing the previous needs in the first round instead?

Thanks for all your work.
Derek, Williamsville

CB: I do know the Bills liked Cousins going into last year’s draft and if memory serves he did make a pre-draft visit. It was recently reported that Washington would be open to entertaining trade offers for Cousins. What the cost would be remains to be seen and I’m not sure that just a single second-round pick would get it done.

I will say this. I think the Bills being interested in acquiring Cousins, could, and I stress could, materialize if the scouting department deems him far and away better than any quarterback prospect in the draft.



4 – Hey Chris,

Also, you definitely see Fred Jackson returning with the Bills next year right?  I know he signed a contract extension last year or maybe it was earlier this year.  I just remember hearing rumors that he wouldn’t be back next year due to injury and what not.  However, no one can deny his leadership and mentoring to Spiller.  Thanks for all you do!  You make many Bills fans happy and keep them sane with your daily updates.  I know because I’m one of them!

Tim West (Displaced Bills fan in Maryland)

CB: I’m pretty confident Fred Jackson will be in the fold next year. The guy is one of the unquestioned leaders in the locker room. I think he also was the victim of never being fully healthy this season and it led to the lowest yards per carry average for a season in his career (3.8). His legs are young for a 31-year old back.

A fully healthy Fred Jackson is still a valuable back and I expect him to recapture his game breaking ability in 2013.


5 – Chris,
I saw that new scoreboards were part of the new lease agreement. Being that the new board was just installed a few years ago, is it safe to say that this means a long awaited second board will be installed in the tunnel end zone? If so, any idea of the specs or where exactly it will be put? Thanks for all you do to cover the team.


CB: Yes, it would be the tunnel end zone for the second video board. I don’t have any details on the size of the board or its exact location, but from what I understand it wouldn’t be installed until about the end of 2014. Appreciate the kind words.


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Fan Friday 5-4

Posted by Chris Brown on May 4, 2012 – 11:56 am

In the wake of the NFL draft here is the latest edition of your questions from  Let’s get to it.

1 – Hi Chris

I enjoy reading your articles and blog -thanks for the insight into 1 Bills Drive. 

After listening to Buddy & the guys discuss the draft, I had a question on how the Bills categorize players and stack their board.  Typically, most draft websites or mock drafters grade and rack players based on their position – for example, CB or WR. 

But NFL teams really use players in specialist roles – X,Y, and Z receiver; slot DB vs boundary CB; dime OLB vs rush OLB; etc.

I’m wondering if Buffalo categorizes and stacks their draft board based on these specialist roles or if they stack them based on the position? How does this impact how they run their draft – I assume if they need a dime DB, they are going to look at the highest rated one left on their board, as opposed to a higher rated boundary CB to fill that need? 

Tim from Syracuse

CB: No, the Bills rank players with an overall board regardless of position by round. They also have a board that ranks all the players by position, but where they might fit within that position, ‘X’ receiver for example or slot CB is taking into account with their evaluation.
I think it’s fair to assume that a cornerback that can play on the boundary is going to have a higher grade than a CB that can only play in the slot. So the player evaluation of strengths, weaknesses and versatility and limitations properly rank the players and remove the need to further categorize rankings into specialty roles.


2 – Hi Chris,

I was wondering why the Bills have not kicked the tires on Marcus McNeill. He has the size that Buddy Nix covets, he was at one point considered an elite LT in this league, there is that San Diego connection, he is only 28, and I wouldn’t think the price would be too high at this point in the free agency game. So why not? Injuries? I know he had a neck issue but we could at least give him a physical. Was there a drop-off in his skill set that I am not aware of? I would think it would be worth it to bring him in for a visit/workout and see what he could bring to the table, and it would allow us to look at other positions early in the draft if he is healthy.

Thanks for your time!

CB: It is an injury issue with the neck problem as you point out. I believe knowing that Nix was directly responsible in drafting McNeill for the Chargers, that if there’s a chance for McNeill to be medically cleared for football again that Nix will be one of the first to know. In fact it wouldn’t shock me if Nix checks in with McNeill’s agent periodically for updates on the OT’s status. That’s not to say that they want to sign him, but you always monitor potential options that you believe can be a fit for your team.


3 – Hey Chris,

Last year you guys had cameras in the draft room during the first several rounds and posted a video chronicling the thought process of Buddy and the scouts as the pics/rounds developed. I thought this was incredibly insightful and interesting to watch so is there any chance of this happening again this year?

Andrew in Tonawanda.

CB: I’m happy to tell you that we will again have a video presentation of how Buffalo came to make their first three picks. It will air next week on We’ll be sure to give you a heads up as to when it’s posted in the media center. I’m looking forward to it because I believe you fans will really enjoy it. Good behind the scenes material.


4 – Chris,

GM Nix & Company did a great job in free Agency landing two (2) pass rushing DE in Mario & Mark

Like the draft adding +2 Corners, +2 OTs and +2 LBs

Had on my draft wish list

CB- Stephon Gilmore
OT – Cordy Glenn
LB – Nigel Bradham
LB – Tank Carder
I know TJ Graham is a speed burner, but is he going to be durable to play an O/S WR for 16 games ?  If you’re on IR doesn’t matter how fast you are.

In the 6th round I would have loved to have seen the Bills draft QB BJ Coleman as a developmental QB, perhaps challenging Thigpen for # 2, Bills waited to long on that move and the Packers took him in the 7th.  Not sold on Thigpen to come in and move this team if needed.
CB: I think that is something we’re just going to have to wait and see. We all know that cornerbacks in the NFL are far more physical than in college. The Bills believe in Graham’s ability to handle an outside role, so I think everyone needs to wait and see what he can do when we get to training camp and the bodies start banging. 

As for a developmental QB, you’re not alone. There are a lot of Bills fans that wanted a project QB to be drafted. But they’ve got Aaron Corp coming in and they’re pursuing free agent options, though there doesn’t appear to be anything imminent coming down the pike on Vince Young.

But I think the Bills will live up to what they always say they do, which is they’ll always look to make an upgrade at any position and if they can they do it.


5 – Hey Chris , I’m happy with the draft this year, we filled the needs that we needed at LT,LB , DB,  LT was a big need for us and we did get Huge LT that are going to improve by working with Mario  and Mark Anderson,,,,One question for you round four if the Redskins didn’t take Kurt Cousins do you think the Bills had him in their sights,,?                                                                   

Thanks Chris   

CB: I know they did like Kirk Cousins, but when you consider what they landed in the fourth and fifth rounds it’s hard to argue with the talent they accumulated. Cousins I think can be a nice player, but they need players that are going to help their depth on the field early. Cousins would not be that, so I think that’s why they grabbed players like Bradham, Brooks and Sanders and Carder. Players that will line up on special teams, possible subpackage roles on defense (Brooks) and challenge for a swing tackle role (Sanders).

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Fan Friday 3-9

Posted by Chris Brown on March 9, 2012 – 11:36 am

Here we go with another week of your most pressing questions from Let’s get to it.

1 – Chris,

I wanted to offer another take for the Bills draft this year. Perhaps in the first round the Bills could draft a wide receiver since they need a deep threat. In the second round what are the chances of waiting for a top defensive end prospect like Chandler Jones out of Syracuse.
Thanks for all of your ongoing coverage and time. 

CB: I think the only receiver worthy of going in the top 10 is Oklahoma State’s Justin Blackmon. Some might argue Notre Dame’s Michael Floyd, but with rare exceptions like A.J. Green last year wideouts have been coming off the board later and later.

In the 2008 draft there wasn’t a single receiver taken in round one. Knowing there’s good receiver depth in rounds two through four I think teams will be even less inclined to fill a need early at receiver. I suppose if the Bills don’t land a wideout in free agency it’s possible, but I say if they do address wideout in the draft it’ll be between rounds two and four.

As for Chandler Jones I think he’s a pretty good prospect. Not a pure speed pass rusher by any means, but comes from good stock with a brother in the league and another brother being a UFC fighter. Due to the fact that he’s not a ‘bend the corner’ defensive end I think he will be there in the second round. I think he could be a consideration for Buffalo among some of the other DE prospects that are in that second to third-round range.


2 – Hello Chris,

I’m a longtime fan of your work with the Bills, thank you so much for keeping us informed on all of the comings and goings with the team.  My question for you is simple, do you expect to see Alex Carrington trimming down to around 280-285lbs. (His college weight) to become more of pashing rushing DE, rather a 5-technigue 3-4 DE likes he has been the last two seasons?  I like he could excel in that position at the right weight. 

Warm Regards,


CB: Ryan, this is going to be one of the more interesting questions as spring OTAs unfold in May. I’m not sure there’s a definitive answer as to just what is the best fit for Alex Carrington in Wannstedt’s new 4-3 front. His body frame screams 3-4 defensive end, but if he can trim down he could play defensive end in a 4-3 like he did at Arkansas State. His size however, might project him to a left defensive end role. He’s never been a pass rusher that has relied on speed (4.92 40-time). His game is power.

But I’m just as curious as you as to whether or not he comes in slimmed down for the new scheme.


3 – Hello Chris,
Thanks for all the coverage of the team, you do a terrific job of covering the team and I enjoy reading what you have to say. I understand that a big part of the offseason plan is to continue building the defense because it is needed, but my question is the QB situation. I strongly believe that if this team has a chance to win in the future the team needs a QB because although I believe in Fitzpatrick, he’ll be 30 years old and I’m not sure he can win the team a Super Bowl.

I understand the team won’t be in position to draft Luck or Griffin this year. I was wondering if the team might chase after a guy like Kirk Cousins out of Michigan St.? He is young, played 4 seasons in school, is a very intelligent and accurate QB. Cousins could be had later in the draft and isn’t looked at among the top QB’s in this draft even though he has the size and ability to play. He didnt’ put up the biggest numbers because of the ability to run the ball at Michigan St. I think he could be a value pick in the 3rd or 4th round and could learn the offense quickly and be the future QB.

Are Nix and Gailey set in their ways that they will only take a QB if they can get one of the top guys? Or could the team look at Cousins or another QB that can be had later in the draft? Thanks again for your coverage
Sean Riley

CB: I wouldn’t rule anything out when it comes to the draft and Buddy Nix. I think the C.J. Spiller pick caught a lot of people off guard, but it’s proof positive that Nix and the Bills stay true to their board. That being said I’ll point to a comment made by Buddy back in January concerning the potential of drafting a quarterback.

“Maybe so, yeah,” said Nix. “If there’s one there at the right time, I don’t mean that to be that vague an answer but yeah, we’d take one.”

Basically Buddy is saying if the board falls a certain way and they have a quarterback rated as the best prospect at the time they would take one. Could that be Cousins? Certainly possible.


4 – Hi Chris,

To me, draft season is the best time of year to be a bills fan, and this year I’m snoop dogg high on South Carolina’s Alshon Jeffery. Many of the mock drafts I’ve seen have him dropping into the 2nd or even 3rd round, but to my eye he’s by far the best receiver in this class. Respect to Blackmon and the kid from ND, but if he’s sitting there at pick 10 do you think the bills would pull the trigger? Although a pass rusher may be more of a need, that position seems to be one of relative depth in this class; and while they are all impressive prospects, I don’t see a huge difference on tape between Upshaw, Ingram, Perry, Mercilus, Coples,  or Branch. It stands to reason that one of those guys would be there in the 2nd, and Jeffery will open eyes at the combine. He has what Buddy Nix has referred to as the ability to be open even when hes covered. You can see the competitiveness in his game bursting through the low resolution on youtube. Do you get the sense around one bill’s that another option for Fitz may be at least as coveted as a pass rusher? Do you think Jeffery is worth a top 10 pick?

Warm regards from LA,

Owen Beck


CB: I think Alshon Jeffery made some amazing plays at South Carolina and used his body well in shielding defenders to make plays on the ball. The problem with Jeffery is it’s hard to think his game as it is currently constituted is going to immediately translate to the NFL level. The reason why is he is a giant target, but he had trouble getting off press coverage in the SEC. And he doesn’t get consistent separation.

That’s going to be even harder in the NFL. Could he develop that part of his game? Sure, but he’s going to struggle coming out of the gate knowing how much more physical corners are at the NFL level. I think he’s a second-round pick. Another big receiver that I prefer over Jeffery is LSU’s Rueben Randle. He didn’t run well at the Combine, but I’m hoping for better things at his pro day.

Randle got better every year at LSU, most notably improving as a route runner, has extremely strong hands and welcomed blocking in LSU’s run first scheme during the 2010 campaign. He’s got rock solid intangibles as well with a strong work ethic. So he’s my guy if the Bills want to get a receiver early. Only thing is they may have to trade back into the bottom of round one to get him.


5 – Hey Chris,

After seeing Brad Smith pick up more than a handful of 3rd and short conversions early in the season last year, it seems as though the offense scrapped that formation because of the lack of depth at the WR position and need for smith to line up there (and reducing  wins dramatically).  Are the Bills planning on using the “wild bill” formation again for short yardage for the upcoming season.  Also after showing lots of potential at the outside receiver last preseason, is Marcus Easley healed and ready for this season? 


CB:  Your point is well taken. I too noted those 3rd and short conversions by Smith early in the year. It certainly helped to keep the offense on the field. I asked Chan Gailey your very question at the NFL Combine a couple of weeks ago. Here was his response.

“I think the best thing that Brad does for us right now is create indecision on the defense’s part,” said Gailey. “Is he coming in as a wideout? Is he coming in as a Wildcat quarterback? We lost that a little bit with the kickoff return because of the new rule and we lost some because he was playing so much wide receiver late in the season that he couldn’t play special teams as much. We hope to let him to be a three-headed monster as some receiver, some Wildcat quarterback, some special teams threat. Yes to all of the above.”

That’s kind of an open-ended answer, but I think it’s safe to say with a full offseason to better incorporate Smith into the offensive playbook that Gailey will find more use for him in the offense in 2012.

As for Easley he told me himself his medical condition has been rectified and he can resume his career. Let’s hope for the best because I think this kid can really help the passing game.

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