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Kyle’s approach unchanged

Posted by Chris Brown on March 13, 2018 – 3:28 pm

Not that it would surprise anyone who has followed even a part of Kyle Williams’ NFL career. Now on board for his 13th season with the Bills, the defensive tackle pledged to come in an even better version of himself for the 2018 season.

“I believe wholeheartedly that you don’t win games and championships by looking at paper and who you have or don’t have. That’s why you play the game,” said Williams. “That’s why you build a team and hold guys accountable to a standard that you have and you go out there and compete your tail off and try to make it happen. A lot will happen between now and when we kick the football off in September. So my job is to get ready to play. Work out and get bigger, faster and stronger and get ready to come in and lead these guys and bring this team as close together as possible so we can compete for a championship.”

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Williams TD celebration unrehearsed

Posted by Chris Brown on January 1, 2018 – 3:41 pm

There’s no question that Kyle Williams one-yard touchdown run was something special in the win over the Dolphins. His touchdown celebration may have been even better.

Williams pretended he had a bomb and tossed the football in the air and when it landed everyone fell down like they were in the blast zone. It looked very well rehearsed, but Williams said they did it on the fly.

“Believe it or not it was not (rehearsed),” he said. “So I did something different in practice this week, goofing around, then when we scored I said, ‘Hey here’s what we’re doing.’ And they were like, ‘Alright.’ It was kind of spur of the moment, which makes it even better.”

Richie Incognito confirmed that it was an unrehearsed celebration.

“I didn’t know until it went down,” said Incognito. “He just said this is what we’re doing and that was it.”

Apparently the one person who didn’t get the impromptu memo was Tyrod Taylor, who was not within earshot.

“I was a little surprised with the touchdown celebration,” he said. “I was the only one that wasn’t, I guess, aware of it because I didn’t fall down; but that was definitely big for him and big for our offense to punch it in and get a touchdown right there.”

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Benjamin, Gaines, O’Leary limited

Posted by Chris Brown on December 21, 2017 – 3:26 pm

Some pretty significant pieces to Buffalo’s lineup on offense and defense are trying to work their way back from injury. Kyle Williams did not practice for a second straight day due to a groin injury that he’s been playing with for the last three weeks. Kelvin Benjamin, E.J. Gaines and Nick O’Leary were all among the limited participants Thursday.

“He practiced and did some things,” said McDermott of E.J. Gaines. “We’ll have to see how he is (Friday).”

McDermott said Gaines did take some team reps. As for Benjamin.

“He did some work in there, he’s about the same as E.J.,” McDermott said. “We have a few guys in that same bucket.”

Here’s the full injury report from Thursday.

WR Andre Holmes (neck)
DT Kyle Williams (groin)

WR Kelvin Benjamin (knee)
TE Charles Clay (knee)
CB E.J. Gaines (knee)
G Richie Incognito (rest)
RB LeSean McCoy (knee)
G John Miller (ankle)
TE Nick O’Leary (back)

QB Nathan Peterman (concussion)
WR Deonte Thompson (back)

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Fan Friday 12-15

Posted by Chris Brown on December 15, 2017 – 11:55 am

Big division and conference game with the Dolphins this week. Here are your questions on Twitter @ChrisBrownBills and email at

1 – @ChrisBrownBills

If the #Bills make the playoffs do you see Kyle Williams sticking it out for one more year?

Adventures with Dan

CB: I don’t get the sense from Kyle that his decision on continuing his career is tied to the playoffs. Yes, he wants to play on a team that is successful, but I think it’s more about how his body feels. If he believes he can still perform at a level he is satisfied with and whether mentally he can get through the grind of another season.

I will tell you this. In talking to him about his physical health, he did tell me that having had both of his Achilles repaired after bone spurs were removed from his heels just a year apart from one another, he believes his “wheels” are a bit younger than that of most 34-year olds.

I believe he can still be a productive player going into next season, and if they can draft a bigger, sturdier defensive tackle who can command double team attention it should free Williams up more to make the plays we’re used to seeing from him. Fingers crossed.


2 – @ChrisBrownBills

What do you think Tyrod has to do for the rest of the season to be a bill next year? Or do you think his fate as a buffalo bill is over?

Craig Renaud

CB: I believe if the Bills as an organization believe they can do better than Tyrod Taylor that they will move on from him. While I would certainly feel bad for Tyrod if that were to happen, knowing what a dedicated professional he has been in his three seasons here, that is just how the league works.

It’s a cut-throat league. A team is always looking to upgrade at all positions, but quarterback perhaps more than any other.

Last offseason, Buffalo did not feel they could do any better than Tyrod and he was retained, albeit at a reduced price. It was clear this season that coach McDermott wanted to see what Nate Peterman could offer the offense.

What it all comes down to is the staff’s evaluation of Taylor’s performance at the end of the season, and whether they feel they can advance the offense further with another option that’s realistically available.


3 –  @ChrisBrownBills

Do you think this is Jordan Matthews surgery is good for another team and not us?

Bills MR. E

CB: I know what you’re getting at here. Jordan Matthews is going to be a free agent in March. Here’s the challenge in re-signing Matthews if the Bills are interested in doing so. Matthews’ value as a receiver has been hurt by two things. One, his injuries this season and two the lack of a productive passing game.

If I’m Jordan Matthews I need to know what a prospective team’s quarterback situation is before I sign. That’s obviously in the best interest of a receiver. There’s a good chance Buffalo’s quarterback situation may not have a definitive resolution by the time free agency opens in mid-March.

That could complicate the task of convincing Matthews to re-sign with the Bills.

Of course after an unproductive season and coming off knee and ankle surgery it’s hard to know if Matthews will have all that many suitors should he hit the market.


4 – @ChrisBrownBills

Are there significant injuries on the Dolphins?

Buffalo Fan

CB: Starting DE Andre Branch, C Mike Pouncey and CB Cordrea Tankersley look like the biggest question marks for Miami this week in terms of regular contributors. Whether any of them are declared out later today is tough to peg right now. I’d expect all of them to at least be questionable for Sunday.


5 – @ChrisBrownBills

As Gillislee has been a regular scratch for the Pats, do you see him being released in the offseason and if so, do the Bills try to resign him?

Troy Rossignol

CB: The Patriots are known as a cost-conscious club, but his cap figure actually goes down in 2018 to just $2.4M. Even for a backup running back that’s not a break-the-bank type contract at all. I suppose he could be a roster cut option since he would leave no dead money on New England’s cap next year, but he represents less than 1.5 percent of team’s cap.


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Benjamin, White practice fully; Kyle sits again

Posted by Chris Brown on December 7, 2017 – 3:13 pm

The news was good for Kelvin Benjamin and Tre’Davious White on Thursday. Benjamin was a full participant at practice as was White, who is not out of the concussion protocol and medically cleared for Sunday. For Benjamin it’s been difficult waiting to return to the lineup, but he’s encouraged he’ll be able to do so this week.

“I can’t wait, I just want to play ball, just finish out strong this season,” Benjamin said. “I can’t wait though, I’m anxious. I think me, the coaches, the training staff, we’re just going to come to a decision at the end of the week. We’re just taking it day by day, just taking it slow.”

Benjamin was limited on Wednesday.

Travaris Cadet was also back on the practice field and was limited as he remains in the concussion protocol.

“Still in the protocol,” said McDermott of Cadet. “He was out there going through it and he seemed like he came out okay at this point.”

Kyle Williams did not practice however, for a second straight day with a groin injury putting his status for Sunday in doubt a bit. Seantrel Henderson also had a setback with his back injury and did not practice Thursday.

Here’s the team’s Thursday injury report.



OT Seantrel Henderson – back
G John Miller – ankle
DT Kyle Williams – groin

RB Travaris Cadet – concussion
OT Cordy Glenn – foot/ankle
G Richie Incognito – rest
CB Leonard Johnson – knee
QB Tyrod Taylor – knee

WR Kelvin Benjamin – knee
TE Charles Clay – knee
DT DeAndre Coleman – knee
RB LeSean McCoy – knee
FB Mike Tolbert – hamstring
CB Tre’Davious White – concussion
DE Eddie Yarbrough – chest


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Fan Friday 11-17

Posted by Chris Brown on November 17, 2017 – 11:33 am

A two-game road swing coming up for the Bills. Buffalo has to stay ahead of the Wild Card pack. Here are your questions on Twitter @ChrisBrownBills and email at

1 – @ChrisBrownBills

Do you like the change at quarterback?

John Africano

CB: I think the lack of functionality on offense with Taylor prompted the need to see if Peterman can make the offense function more effectively. I think there’s a good chance it could happen with Peterman because his greatest asset is he’s a rhythm passer who gets the ball out on time. In a timing-based offense that’s crucial.

Getting the ball out in rhythm should take the pressure off the offensive line, which has struggled at times to provide a clean pocket for Taylor, who has a propensity to hold the ball longer. It should also at least keep a defense a bit more honest so they can’t completely gang up on the run game, which has been suffering without a consistent passing attack.

Buffalo’s offense had declined every single week in third down conversion percentage and last Sunday was the bottom at 18 percent. They simply needed better on that side of the ball.


2 – Chris,

Do you see the bills trying to add a tight end? I believe that Gary Barnidge is still available. Why haven’t we taken a look at him again, considering the interest we had during the offseason?!

CB: You’re right he is still available. I’m not sure what would stand in the way of him signing with a team if they reached out to him. That being said, with Peterman entering the lineup, I think Charles Clay stands to see an even greater uptick in production knowing that Peterman’s greatest strength is getting the ball out on time.

3 –
I know Coach McDermott has been mentored by such head coaches as Andy Reid  and Ron Rivera. Can you tell me if Coach McDermott calls plays on either offense or defense? If so is it all plays, some plays, few plays? Or does he leave that work to his coordinators? Thanks for the great job you do.
Eric in Port Kent

CB: Coach McDermott leaves play calling up to his coordinators. He’s on the head set and like any head coach, weighs in when he needs to, but for the most part trusts his staff. As a first-year head coach he felt it was important for him to focus on all the decisions that a head coach has to make during a game and let his assistants handle calling plays.

I’m sure there have been instances where he might tell OC Rick Dennison when the offense is driving that he’s got two plays before a third down comes up, meaning they’ll go for it on fourth down if they don’t convert on third down. Or whether they’ll go for it on fourth and goal.

It’s also likely that he may offer a suggestion or two at halftime regarding adjustments. But beyond that his assistants run their respective sides of the ball.


4 – Chris,
Almost every time Zay Jones gets passed to it always an incomplete pass. What’s wrong with him, is he just off, or not confident. Like the touchdown he missed in Denver that Holmes caught… or the pass vs the Panthers that he could have caught. What’s up with him? He should be reliable.


CB: I think Jones was struggling earlier in the season, but he’s made some strides with his game since then. Rookies battle everything from the NFL learning curve, to their own self-doubt. I think a lot of his issues earlier in the season were in his own head.

This guy caught almost 400 passes in his college career. He’ll be a contributor for this team for years to come. I think you’ll be much happier with the second half


5 – Chris,

Do you think we will see Kyle Williams, Lorenzo Alexander and Richie Incognito back in 2018? I know they are all old (for NFL players) but they are also consistently making big plays. If not, how do you think Brandon Beane will prioritize replacing them vs. drafting skill position players like WR, DB for next year’s draft?

Braden Lipman

CB: I think the future of all three are very much up in the air. Kyle has already once contemplated retirement. Alexander and Incognito will still be under contract, but I do expect the club to address the linebacker position in a big way in the offseason via the draft and possibly free agency as well.

Offensive line is an area that could use an influx of young talent, which began this season with Dion Dawkins, but there are a lot of position groups that need to be addressed this coming offseason.

This will be the first full offseason for Beane and McDermott as a tandem, so it’s a bit difficult to discern how they rank position importance.

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Hyde doesn’t practice, rest for Alexander & Williams

Posted by Chris Brown on October 4, 2017 – 3:21 pm

Bills S Micah Hyde participated in warm-ups at Wednesday’s practice, but didn’t do anything else and was listed as a non-participant. TE Charles Clay was excused Wednesday for a death in his family. Lorenzo Alexander and Kyle Williams got veteran rest days.

There were several players who were limited in practice including CB EJ Gaines, DE Shaq Lawson and OT Cordy Glenn, who returned to practice after missing all of last week.




Here’s Buffalo’s full injury report

LB Lorenzo Alexander – rest
TE Charles Clay – not injury related
DT Kyle Williams – rest
WR Jordan Matthews – thumb
S Micah Hyde – knee
LB Ramon Humber – thumb

WR Kaelin Clay – back
DT Marcell Dareus – ankle
CB EJ Gaines – groin
OT Cordy Glenn – foot/ankle
RB Taiwan Jones – knee
DE Shaq Lawson – groin

RB LeSean McCoy – wrist
RB Mike Tolbert – thumb
DT Jerel Worthy – thumb


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Dareus values his relationship with Kyle

Posted by Chris Brown on August 1, 2017 – 4:00 pm

As we covered on in our Top 3 things to know about day 5 at Bills camp, Marcell Dareus is determined to have a big bounce back season in 2017. The new scheme has him believing he can have a major impact on the game. But the first thing Dareus mentions when he talks about why he’s pumped up for the 2017 season is that he knows Kyle Williams will be lining up next to him for a seventh season.

“I just really want to be prepared for what we’re going for and what we got planned for this year. Kyle Williams coming back was a good thing for me, so I just want to do the best I can for him and my teammates,” Dareus said. “I just want to come in, in shape and ready to go. From there, it’s just falling into that role and being the best person and teammate I can be for my teammates.”

As a young player Dareus relied on Kyle for on field direction if there was an adjustment pre-snap. Now they are so accustomed to lining up together they just use a lot of non-verbal communication to create havoc.

“This is our seventh year playing together. I haven’t been in too many situations without him. I mean, we’ve been doing pretty well together and having fun out there,” said Dareus. “He would be my ‘work wife.’ And we have good communication, so we don’t fight and we don’t argue. We just kind of go with the flow.”

Of course if Kyle Williams finds out that Dareus called him his ‘work wife,’ we just might have the first throw down in this seven-year relationship.

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Fan Friday 4-7

Posted by Chris Brown on April 7, 2017 – 11:30 am

Draft day is closing in. Let’s get to your questions from email at and on Twitter at @ChrisBrownBills.

1 – @ChrisBrownBills Could the Bills be legitimately in the hunt for Sherman?


CB: I don’t see Buffalo as a realistic trade partner with the Seahawks. Here’s why.

Seattle is looking to cut their payroll and get younger. Draft picks are what they are after in exchange for Sherman. With the Bills possessing just six picks in this year’s draft, which is known as a deep class with great value in rounds two through four, I can’t see the Bills parting with picks to inherit a 30-year old corner making the kind of money Buffalo themselves chose to avoid when they let Stephon Gilmore walk.

2 –

What do you think the bills biggest need is heading into the draft? #fanfriday #gobills

I Just Want To

I’m not trying to hedge here, but I believe it’s linebacker and cornerback. They need premium athletes at both positions, which is why I think if the value is right that’s what they look to address early in the draft.
3 – @ChrisBrownBills

Is there anything at this (admittedly very early) point to differentiate Sean McDermott from his lengthy list of unsuccessful predecessors?

Paul Lane
CB: While I think it’s easy to differentiate coach McDermott from his immediate predecessor knowing their approach to coaching is diametrically opposed, we all know that his abilities on game day as a coach are complete unknowns. No one has seen him operate as a head coach on the sideline on game day.

So while there have already been several encouraging signs (assembling a proven staff, connecting with players, clear vision for the team, adding a specific kind of player talent) all people care about in the NFL are the results. And until everyone sees how he arrives at those results there’s no way to differentiate coach McDermott from those who came before him.


4 – @ChrisBrownBills

Kyle Williams will need to be replaced soon and has been injured more often the last few years. Which draft 17 or 18 do they replace him in?

Michael Cybulski
CB: First, I would like to point out that with the exception of the 2015 season when he played in six games, Kyle Williams has played in 15 games or more in four of the last five seasons.

That being said I do believe that depth on the interior of the defensive line is an underrated positional need for Buffalo in this draft. Unfortunately the depth on the defensive line is better on the edge than on the interior in this class.

I could see them looking for a good mid-to-late round value at defensive tackle. I like UCLA’s Eddie Vanderdoes. He performed well at the Senior Bowl and could still be there in round five. That’s right where Buffalo landed Kyle Williams back in the 2006 draft.
5 – @ChrisBrownBills

If Joe Mixon is still available late, do you think the Bills would draft him? What round would be good enough value to offset PR headache?


CB: Mixon is going to be in different places on a lot of teams’ draft boards, and there will be some boards where he doesn’t appear at all. Knowing the talent that Mixon possesses I believe round four is where a lot of teams will feel comfortable selecting him. As you know Buffalo doesn’t have a fourth-round pick, so I don’t know if the Bills will ever have the opportunity to match the risk with the value.

And as we’ve seen in the past there is usually one team that is willing to roll the dice and takes such a prospect a lot earlier than most anticipate.

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Kyle full go with offseason training

Posted by Chris Brown on March 1, 2017 – 3:34 pm

He had a bad case of back spasms that forced him to miss Buffalo’s Week 14 game against the Steelers. His strained back wasn’t right the rest of the season, which lingered into the early stages of the offseason. Now committed to a 12th season with the Bills in 2017, the five-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle is healthy and has begun his offseason training.

“I feel good. I finally got over my back strain,” said Williams in an appearance on the John Murphy Show. “I’m back working out and running. I have incorporated some new things that I’m doing that I think are going to help my body and get me prepared for the year. I’ve been going the last two or three weeks and I’m going to ramp it up from here.”

Williams finished tied for the team lead in tackles for loss and was third on the team in sacks last season.

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Fan Friday 2-10

Posted by Chris Brown on February 10, 2017 – 11:32 am

Into the offseason we go. Franchise and transition tag window opens next week with the NFL Combine and free agency on the horizon. Let’s get to your questions from email at and on Twitter at @ChrisBrownBills.

1 – @ChrisBrownBills rank the following in likelihood from high to low. Romo, tyrod, rookie qb, someone else not mentioned starting.

Jonathan Yedin

CB: I’m going to put Tyrod first on this list only because he’s on the roster and under contract. Right now he’s the path of least resistance. He’s an asset that’s already here. A lot of national reporters are operating under the assumption that he’s as good as gone. I don’t subscribe to that contention. I believe it could go either way.

A rookie quarterback is a distinct possibility because regardless of what happens with Tyrod Taylor the team will have to add at the position. Obviously if the team moves on from Tyrod it would only increase the likelihood of that happening, and then this would move to the top of the list in terms of likelihood. But even if Taylor remains a Bill, EJ Manuel is a free agent. They’ll probably need another arm.

Romo is probably more likely to end up in Chicago, Houston or even Kansas City. At age 37 and with a long injury history it’s not an investment that looks all that attractive. There’s no denying his talent and his won-loss record, but at this point in his career the risk seems higher than the reward.

2 –
@ChrisBrownBills Tyrod unwilling to take a pay cut (don’t blame him), does that cement his dismissal?

Lyndsey D’Arcangelo

CB: The reports that Tyrod is unwilling to restructure his deal with the Bills makes sense. First, despite the popular opinion that his contract is cost prohibitive, Taylor would be tied for 16th among starting quarterbacks in terms of average salary if the Bills pick up his option.

The past two seasons Taylor has finished seventh and ninth in Total QBR (ESPN metric).

Business-wise Taylor knows in a thin free agent quarterback market that he would be at the top of the free agent list if he was released by Buffalo, where he could potentially sign an even larger contract than the one he has with Buffalo.

Does it cement his dismissal?

I think that’s a strong way to paint the situation. While a lot of NFL business decisions are made because of money, I think the bigger factor in this particular decision is the collective opinion of the Bills front office in terms of whether they believe they can do better at the position than Taylor.

The front office has understandably been tight lipped on that subject.

That doesn’t mean money won’t be a factor. It’s probably 1A. But you have to be convinced that your product on the field can be more consistent and productive with someone besides Taylor. Then the next step is determining if that someone you have in mind is an asset you can realistically acquire.

3 –
@ChrisBrownBills You’re in charge on Draft Day. Do you take QB Trubisky or WR Williams?


CB: This is a pretty easy decision to make based on what I think will happen in the draft. Of course as I’ve mentioned in this column before we’ve yet to see what’s acquired by the Bills in free agency. That could change their approach in the draft.

But in an effort to provide an answer I will say that this quarterback class does not appear to possess more than one prospect who is going to help a team on the field this year.

Trubisky is probably the closest thing and he’s a quarterback who couldn’t get on the field before this past season. All that being said I don’t think Trubisky falls out of the top three picks. Cleveland, San Francisco or Chicago all need quarterbacks, so one of them will take him off the board long before Buffalo is on the clock.

Going under the likely scenario that he’s off the board my preference in this particular draft is to wait on drafting a quarterback. None of the other QB prospects are NFL ready and that will continue to be a trend with the college game separating further and further from the NFL game (no huddling, no audibles, no calling plays). So that would leave me taking Mike Williams at 10 under your parameters.

4 –
@ChrisBrownBills Which RFA’s do you think the #bills will tender and at which comp. level?


CB: I think it’s a lock that they tender Mike Gillislee and Ryan Groy. Both had exceptional individual seasons for the Bills last year. In fact I think it wouldn’t be surprising if they tried to sign both players to long term deals to keep their cap figures more manageable.

Colton Schmidt had a bit of an up and down season last year. With a new coaching staff there’s always the chance that they could prefer someone else to Schmidt. Special teams coordinator Danny Crossman is still on the staff so that may help Schmidt’s cause.

The other thing to remember here is tendering Schmidt at the low level does nothing in the way of compensation protection. Schmidt was undrafted, so tendering him at the low level only gives you right of first refusal.

I’d be surprised if IK Enemkpali is tendered a qualifying offer.

5 –
@ChrisBrownBills any time frame on Kyle Williams’ decision on retirement?

Ian Campbell

CB: When we spoke to Williams at the Pro Bowl it was clear he was still decompressing from the season. He did say he was encouraged by his initial conversations with new head coach Sean McDermott, and it’s clear his teammates are trying to get him to return.

I would anticipate that the club would ask that he make a definitive decision before free agency opens in March.


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No leanings for Kyle regarding retirement

Posted by Chris Brown on January 1, 2017 – 6:45 pm

Bills DT Kyle Williams has been a stalwart in every sense of the word for Buffalo for 11 seasons. Another coaching change is in the offing, the fifth of his Bills career, and the veteran defensive lineman understandably wants that to be the first domino that falls before reaching a decision on his own future. At the same time he’s going to listen to his body after he heals up for a bit.

“I have a lot of things to process as far as the season and trying to figure those things out,” Williams said. “As far as moving forward, we’ll see. There’s a whole lot of guys in here who aren’t going to be here, whether it’s retirement or they’re moving in a different direction. It could be a whole number of things. I just worry about the things I can control. Heal up a little bit. Spend some time with the family and really evaluate the year and always look to get better.”

Williams said he’ll be keeping a close eye on the team’s coaching search. He did call Anthony Lynn deserving of the job.

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Glenn, Gilmore, Kyle unable to practice

Posted by Chris Brown on December 29, 2016 – 3:32 pm

Three of Buffalo’s starters weren’t able to go in practice Thursday.

OT Cordy Glenn, CB Stephon Gilmore and DT Kyle Williams all were unable to practice. Glenn and Kyle both have back injuries. Glenn missed last week’s game and hasn’t practiced yet this week. Williams has cut back his practice workload to play last week and might be doing the same this week.

Gilmore is still in the concussion protocol so Kevon Seymour might get the start if Gilmore can’t play Sunday.

QB Tyrod Taylor was given a veteran’s rest day according to head coach Anthony Lynn.

“He got a veteran’s day off,” said Lynn. “It’s a lot easier to be off your feet and staying inside rather than being out here on a turf field for two or three hours doing nothing. So I gave him a veteran’s day off.”

OT Cordy Glenn – back
CB Stephon Gilmore – concussion
DT Kyle Williams – back
QB Tyrod Taylor – rest day

G John Miller – hip
WR Sammy Watkins – foot

LB Lerentee McCray – concussion
LB Jerry Hughes – hamstring


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Incognito says he’s a 1st alternate for Pro Bowl

Posted by Chris Brown on December 21, 2016 – 2:24 pm

Richie Incognito made the Pro Bowl outright last season. This year he came close again.

Incognito confirmed Thursday that he’s a first alternate for this year’s NFL all-star game.

Other Bills who confirmed their Pro Bowl alternate status were Kyle Williams (1st alternate), Jerome Felton (2nd alternate), Stephon Gilmore (2nd alternate), Brandon Tate (2nd alternate), Zach Brown (3rd alternate) and Tyrod Taylor (3rd alternate).

As a Pro Bowl alternate you can still play in the game if a Pro Bowl starter is unable to play due to injury or pulls out of participating in the game.

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Kyle Williams active; Kouandjio to spell Glenn

Posted by Chris Brown on December 18, 2016 – 11:30 am

He was considered a game time decision, but Kyle Williams will dress and play today for Buffalo. The defensive tackle practiced for the first time this week on Friday on a limited basis, and his back held up well enough in warm-ups this morning to be active for today’s game against the Browns.

Meanwhile Cyrus Kouandjio will start for the third time this season in place of starting LT Cordy Glenn, who is out with a back injury. Glenn failed to practice all week and was listed as doubtful for today’s game.

Here are the inactives for the Bills today.

QB Cardale Jones
WR Dezmin Lewis
RB Reggie Bush
LB Lerentee McCray
OT Cordy Glenn
TE Logan Thomas
TE Gerald Christian

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Kyle using the floor for back relief

Posted by Chris Brown on December 16, 2016 – 12:23 pm

Kyle Williams is listed as questionable and will probably be a game time decision for Sunday according to head coach Rex Ryan. The defensive tackle did manage to practice on a limited basis Friday. He’s been making heavy use of the floor this week when he’s off his feet instead of a couch or bed.

“It went alright (Friday),” said Williams. “I’m not going to be entering any weight lifting competitions, but it went okay.”

Williams said he’ll test his back Sunday morning to see how it feels. Between now and Sunday, he said he’ll be laying low, quite literally.

“I’ll be laying on my floor at my house,” said Williams. “I can’t lie on too soft a surface or the muscle issues will come on. I’ve been laying on the floor a lot.”

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Kyle heads up Bills inactives

Posted by Chris Brown on December 11, 2016 – 11:37 am

As reported on, DT Kyle Williams will not play today due to back spasms. He tops Buffalo’s list of inactives against the Steelers today. Here’s the full list of players who will not dress for the Bills.

QB Cardale Jones
WR Dez Lewis
RB Jonathan Williams
LB Lerentee McCray
TE Logan Thomas
TE Gerald Christian
DT Kyle Williams

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If needed, where Douzable will take up for Kyle

Posted by Chris Brown on December 11, 2016 – 10:33 am

DT Kyle Williams is a question mark for today’s game with a back problem that surfaced Friday morning and kept him from practicing. Williams is the on the field orchestrator of the defensive line’s stunt and end games on the pass rush up front. He studies tape all week and knows the opponent inside and out in terms of formations so he can make split second calls pre-snap to keep the opposing pass protection guessing. If he’s out of the lineup there’s another veteran defensive lineman who will take on those responsibilities.

Leger Douzable will be the one making the calls on the stunt-end games on the pass rush.

“Yeah I sit in there all week with Kyle and we go over all their formations, protections, down and distance, tells. We go through it all,” said Douzable. “Then we come up with the calls we think will work best. So I can handle it.”

It’s uncommon for a defensive staff to give free license to defensive linemen to call their own pass rush games, but Kyle Williams and his understudy Douzable are given that freedom.

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Rex concerned about Kyle’s availability

Posted by Chris Brown on December 9, 2016 – 12:45 pm

DT Kyle Williams did not practice Friday due to back problems and is questionable for Sunday’s game. Head coach Rex Ryan admits the defense may not have their veteran leader this weekend.

“I’m concerned. I think it was last night it locked up on him,” said Ryan. “We’ll have to see how that goes, but that’s obviously a big concern.”

If Williams cannot go it’s likely that Jerel Worthy steps in for him on run downs and Leger Douzable on pass downs.

“Luckily we have Marcell back. We have Douzable. We’ll be fine with that group,” said Ryan. “Worthy will have to step up in a role. We activated Coleman last week, so he’ll be up too. We’re fortunate that we’re pretty healthy in that spot. It’s hard to replace Kyle, but we’ll do the best we can if we have to.”

Kyle Williams is currently fourth on the team in tackles and tied for second in tackles for loss.

Brandon Spikes did not practice on Friday due to illness and is also questionable.

LB Lerentee McCray – concussion

DT Kyle Williams – back
WR Robert Woods – knee
WR Sammy Watkins – foot
TE Charles Clay – knee
OT Cordy Glenn – back
LB Brandon Spikes – illness

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Bills don’t care about style points

Posted by Chris Brown on November 27, 2016 – 9:26 pm

One could make a very easy argument that each of Buffalo’s last two wins were anything but pretty, but if you ask the Bills themselves they could care less.

The coaching staff and the players are just interested in stacking wins however they can, good, bad, pretty, ugly. They don’t care. They’ve adopted the late Al Davis’ philosophy, ‘Just win baby.’

“Happy to get a win,” said Richie Incognito. “Right now at this part of the season a win is a win. It could be ugly, it could be by 30 points, but you need to collect as many wins as possible and keep the approach with this thing one week at a time, one game at a time, one win at a time.”

“Every game is kind of survive and advance,” said Kyle Williams. “You’re just trying to scratch and claw and win a football game. The NFL is so tough. There are great players everywhere. (Jacksonville) is a talented football team. We did a lot of self-inflicted damage, but at the end of it, when it came down to it offensively and defensively, we made a few plays and they were enough to win the game.”

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