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McDermott & leadership council talk frequently

Posted by Chris Brown on November 21, 2017 – 2:45 pm

Much has been made this week of the player leadership council that meets with head coach Sean McDermott to discuss issues affecting the team and provide feedback on how things are in the locker room in terms of morale, approach etc. With the quarterback issue front and center this week, McDermott know it will be brought up.

“I always try and communicate with the leaders of this football team,” McDermott said. “I put a lot of stock into that. They carry a lot of weight. Obviously, I have the final say and they respect that. They’ve done a phenomenal job with that to this point. They’re the guys. They’re on that council for a reason. They’re my sounding board on some things. I give them a lot of ownership into this team and they’ve done a phenomenal job with that to this point.”

“We meet with the coach,” said Tyrod Taylor, a member of the leadership council. “It’s an open forum. People don’t take offense in there. Things are said that have to be said and we talk about things.”

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