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Fan Friday 4-13

Posted by Chris Brown on April 13, 2012 – 3:44 pm

Happy Friday the 13th everyone. More of your draft questions from Let’s get to them.

1 – Hey Chris,

First off, I’d like to say hello from England and thanks for keeping me up to date on the Bills! It’s wonderful having such great coverage!

Anyway, my question is this: I was browsing the nfl website as I do when I came across a video of Sporting News writer Matt Hayes saying the Bills should really look into trading up to take QB Ryan Tannehill, a view apparently shared by the guys on the panel, due partly to Tannehill’s incredible talent and athleticism, but also partly due to Fitz’ 23 interceptions last year.

I was just wondering whether the Bills would consider something like this, or are they set on Fitz as their starter for the duration of the contract, also: can we expect Fitzpatrick’ interception total to drop in 2012?

Cheers from across the pond, Matt.

CB: Appreciate the kind sentiments. I think the Bills consider anything and everything, but Tannehill only had 20 starts in his college career at quarterback. To me that means he’ll need time to develop at the NFL level because he simply hasn’t had the time on the job in college to progress to the point to be ready for the NFL game.

The Bills made a long-term commitment to Ryan Fitzpatrick for a reason. They believe he can get them to the playoffs. That doesn’t remove them from drafting a quarterback. I’d just be surprised if they took one with their first pick at 10 in round one, which is the only place they’d have a chance at Tannehill.


2 – Hi Chris,

Great Job with all of the Mario Williams coverage, those were a nerve racking couple days. My question is about the receiver spot opposite Stevie, I am holding out hope Easley plays as well as I saw him in the one home preseason game he played in last year. That being said it doesn’t seem like something that is for certain and we really could still use that speed guy opposite Stevie. I haven’t heard anything of it but Lee Evans was released by Baltimore, his one really good quality was getting deep and catching the bomb. Is there any chance this would be something that could be explored to open the underneath stuff open more? 

Thanks, Go Bills!

CB: I think the receiver position will certainly be addressed, but it won’t be in the form of Lee Evans. Buffalo parted with him because although they appreciated his professionalism, they also felt his game was on the decline. The Bills ideally want to have a roster with a majority of players whose games are still on the ascent or peaking.

I have no doubt the Bills will draft a receiver, the question is when? In round one at 10, their best option will likely be Michael Floyd, assuming Justin Blackmon is gone. In round two there should be a host of options. I was hoping LSU’s Rueben Randle would be there for them at that point, but indications now are that some team might scoop him up late in the first. Fortunately the receiver depth is pretty deep this year in the draft and I think a capable player could still be had in round three (e.g. – A.J. Jenkins, Brian Quick).


3 – Hi Chris, 

After reading the scouting reports on Stephen Hill it seems that he has everything the Bills are looking for in their number 2 receiver position. If available after the first round do you think the Bills may target a receiver like Hill, or pass on him because he is more of a potential rather than production prospect and lacks the of body of work which Buddy prefers?   

Love your Work


CB: I think Hill could be a possibility, but I believe Buffalo’s scouting department typically likes to see a bit more body of work. There’s no questioning Hill’s athletic ability and speed, but playing in that triple option offense at Georgia Tech hurt him.

He didn’t get a chance to really develop his game and that forces scouts to project more, something they don’t love doing.

Hill could be an option in round two for Buffalo at pick 41, but all it takes is one team to fall in love with Hill’s speed. Either way I’d prefer a player with a bit more of a resume like a Rueben Randle or Mohamed Sanu.


4 – Chris,

Now that the Bills have their pass rushing DE Mario Williams – do you think that they might be interested in the top linebacker in the draft, Luke Kuechly, for the no. 10 pick in round# 1?

I understand that Kuechly is considered more of an inside linebacker, but I also read that he played outside linebacker originally in college.

I hear rumors that the Bills are going to take an offensive tackle in round# 1 -or a wideout, but it seems to me that they still need more help on defense. They re-signed Derek Hagan @ WR, who played well for Buffalo at the end of last season. Not to mention Marcus Easley, who is supposed to be healthy now. There is more need on defense.

Lee D 

CB: I don’t disagree with you. In fact I like Kuechly a lot at 10 because I believe he’s very fitting of the value at that pick. In my estimation he’s a plug and play type player for your defense. I think he would be in direct competition with Kirk Morrison at strong side LB, a position he is more than capable of playing. I think his skill set is perfect for Dave Wannstedt’s defense, and there are no question marks on him, which seems to be the case with a lot of the offensive tackles projected in that range.

I’d like to see them grab an offensive tackle in round 2. Of course the danger with that is on average five offensive tackles are taken in the first round because it’s such an important position. What you expect to be available in the second round often isn’t. So it’s a tough spot for Buffalo, but I can’t see how Kuechly isn’t in that 10-15th overall pick range on every team’s board. That’s why he makes sense to me.

5 – Hi Chris:

With the Mario Williams signing, and with Fred Jackson’s potential extension later this summer, will there be money to lock down next year’s free agents in advance?  I’m thinking about Byrd, Levitre, Urbik, and Rinehart in particular.  I’m wondering if the Bills are holding off on spending more now (for available free agent wide receivers, etc) in order to leave money for re-signing some or all of next year’s free agent crop prior to the end of next season. 

Best wishes,
Paul in Beijing

CB: Good to hear from Bills fans in China! Wow. Anyway, the Bills are always fiscally responsible when it comes to handing out contracts. Williams cap figure next year granted is almost $12M, but for players like Byrd and the three linemen you listed they don’t play at high-priced positions so their cap figures on long term deals should be manageable.

Fred Jackson’s extension I’m not expecting to be cost prohibitive concerning future contracts either.

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Fan Friday 9-9

Posted by Chris Brown on September 9, 2011 – 12:46 pm

Hey Bills fans, we’re finally here! The 2011 opener. Hard to believe after the wacky offseason we had. Let’s get to your questions from

1 – Chris, Coach Gailey admitted the Bills lack of depth on the offensive line. Bell isn’t even a top half of the league LT and if he gets injured, we are really sunk. Is there any chance Buddy picks up a veteran tackle like a Flozell Adams or Max Starks as insurance? I just don’t see us being very successful right now due to lack of experience on the depth chart.

Bryan Grosse Ile, MI

CB: Adding a veteran tackle does not appear to be in the cards. Max Starks is coming off neck surgery and is not on any roster. Adams is still out there, but on his last legs. Buffalo added Sam Young off waivers to back up right tackle with Hairston on the left. Not experienced depth mind you, but depth with potential for sure. I understand your concern because even coach Gailey said they don’t have any experienced depth and that it must be developed. Let’s just hope injury doesn’t require the Bills to call on that green depth any time soon.


2 – Hi Chris,
My question is about the Bills quarterbacks. I think that the Bills are in a great situation. I really like Fitz for now because we know he can play but also because he can be a mentor to the younger guys. I think Thigpen and become good, but I am really interested in Levi Brown. I think he has the skills and just needs more reps. Do you think the Bills see him as the potential quarterback of the future? Go bills!! Michael

CB: I think it’s hard to say that they see him as the Bills quarterback of the future. He’s on the practice squad here for 2011 and the Bills made long term investments in both Tyler Thigpen and Brad Smith. Now Brad Smith is not a full-time quarterback, but he and Thigpen are ahead of him in the pecking order. That makes it difficult to see Brown suddenly ascending and surpassing both of them come next season.


3 – Jim Leonhard has been a starter ever since he left the Bills. Could you please explain to me why he was ever released by the Bills. The decision to let him go made no sense. Please advise.
Go Bills

CB: Jim Leonhard was unfortunately in a bad spot when he was released by the Bills in 2008. He had been a contributor at free safety appearing in 38 games and making 7 starts at free safety in 2006 and 2007. He split time as the starter at free safety with George Wilson in 2007, a player he largely taught how to play the position after George flipped over from receiver.

Come 2008 however, the Bills had added Bryan Scott in free agency, still had Whitner and wanted to give Ko Simpson a chance to develop at free safety after he missed almost the entire 2007 season with a leg injury. Dick Jauron believed in Simpson’s abilities and chose to make him the starter in 2008. Wilson was his backup and Scott and Whitner were the strong safeties. It left Leonhard as the odd man out.

Of all the safeties Leonhard was the best return man with respect to special teams, but the team already had Roscoe Parrish for punt return duties and the other safeties could help more on coverage teams, so he became expendable in Jauron’s eyes.


4 – Hi Chris,
Now that Lee Evans is a Baltimore Raven, who will be the Buffalo Bills deep threat? Roscoe Parrish is a slot receiver, who has very good speed, but beyond him, who else is there? Stevie Johnson had a great year last year, but he is not a burner. What is your take on this?

Daytona Beach, FL

CB: I think for this season Stevie Johnson will be making the highest number of plays down the field. The offensive staff is hoping Jones develops into more of a downfield threat. Come 2012 I think Easley will emerge into more of the team’s downfield threat. It’s possible if he comes on strong that Easley could provide that for the offense as early as the second half of the season. But being that this is essentially his rookie year I’m not sure the staff or fans can count on that taking place.


5 – Chris thanks again for keeping us so well informed. My question is, could Michael Jasper not make a heck of an offensive tackle, similar to the way Jason Peters was converted after his first year as a tight end/defensive lineman ? Also as I seem to recall Howard Ballard was pretty much a project when he was a rookie. As you’ve reported Jasper has a lot of athletic talent for such a big guy.

Ron from Greensboro,NC

CB: You must’ve read the mind of Buddy Nix and the personnel staff. All along they felt that Jasper was a better offensive line prospect than defensive line prospect. According to Nix, Jasper felt the same way. So the question is why line him up at nose tackle all summer? My feeling is they wanted to develop him on the practice squad this year and groom him without the risk of having him catch the eye of another team. This past week he’s lined up at tackle and guard. He played guard his last two seasons at Bethel.

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Bills have some vacant roster spots

Posted by Chris Brown on August 15, 2011 – 7:01 pm

With the release today of Aaron Maybin and the weekend trade of Lee Evans, Buffalo suddenly has a few openings on their roster.

The Bills currently have 87 players leaving them with three vacancies. Teams can carry a max of 90 until AUG. 30th.

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Fan Friday 8-12

Posted by Chris Brown on August 12, 2011 – 5:10 pm

Well I know there will be questions about the trade, but there are some other issues on your mind too. Remember submit questions to and it could appear here.

1 – Hello Chris and thanks for the continued updates.  I’ve been a Bills season ticket holder from Rochester for years (and again this year) and have just moved to Charlotte NC so your updates are very welcomed.  A lot has been made of the Bills lack of TE.  David Nelson came on at the end of last season and most of his catches seemed to be out of the slot and up the middle of the field.  What are your thought on him possible putting on a few lbs as he ages and becoming a solid TE for the Bills in the future.

Thanks for you continued coverage.

Dave, newly transplanted to NC
CB: Ironically David Nelson has bulked up, to 221 pounds, which is about 13 pounds of lean muscle more than last season. That being said I don’t see him as a tight end in this offense. A lot of what he’s asked to do in the slot is similar to that of a tight end anyway and now with 13 more pounds on his frame he’ll be able to block more effectively. But he’s still 25 pounds shy of a typical NFL tight end, so I don’t see that as a true option for him. I feel like you take away from his game if you do that.


2 – I am sure you will get this question alot.  With the new CBA have the Bills free agency plans changed?  Will they be more active?

Atlanta, GA

CB: Buddy Nix said flat out that the new CBA and all of its rules have not changed their approach to building the team the way they see fit. So in essence no their free agency plan will stay the same, no quick fixes, no big splashes.


3 – Hey Chris-
I know that free agent signing cant be made offical till friday at 6 but what do you think about Tyler. I really like Thigpen, he did okay in K.C.  I was also wondering if he could push out Fitz, I fell that Buffalo needs to let all players fight for their jobs.  We saw it back in the 2009 preseason with Edwards and Fitz, Fitz outplayed Edwards in the preseason but they still started trent becuse they said that Fitz was never there to unseat Trent and then Trent goes out and drops to 2-5 before we end the season at 6-10

CB: The key to the signing of Tyler Thigpen was the fact that he had a foundation of knowledge in Buffalo’s system. With no spring workouts to get a new QB up to speed, getting one who knew the system coming in was a must. As for this season however, Fitz is the starter, end of story and Thigpen has been told as much.


4 – Chris, 

I understand that Lee Evans was not a big part of the offense last year.  I understand that we have a lot of depth at the receiver position.  How can we justify letting Lee Evans go for a 4th round pick?  I believe he’s worth at worst a 3rd round pick and I don’t see how we get better this year or in the future with this move.  Lee Evans is a consummate pro.  Please shed some light on this for all of us.



CB: The market value for receivers has been very depressed ever since Randy Moss with four good years left in him was acquired by New England from Oakland for a fourth-round pick. So increasing the value in return was not going to happen.

As for justifying the trade, all I can say is I have it on good authority that Evans wanted to move on. I don’t know that he asked for a trade, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

I don’t know that the offense will produce more right away without Evans, but I do think that in time this receiving corps will outproduce Evans over his last two seasons. My pick to ultimately replace Evans in the ‘X’ receiver role is Marcus Easley.

5 – Chris, a lot has been made of Maybin showing up to camp weighing only 228 lbs, but I want to know about Dareus.  I know he is a big man, but I read he weighed in around 340ish.  Did he show up to camp heavy and overweight?  I thought he played last year at least 20 lbs lighter than that.  Thanks for keeping us all in the loop,


CB: Yes, he did report to camp at 343 pounds, but by those I’ve spoken to he can carry it. It hasn’t affected his agility or stamina. I suppose we’ll know for sure by watching him in the preseason games, but I haven’t seen it affect his play at all. He was 319 at the combine though.

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Evans releases statement

Posted by Chris Brown on August 12, 2011 – 2:49 pm

Lee Evans released a statement in the wake of being traded to the Baltimore Ravens.

Posted on his personal website, Evans reflected on his time in Buffalo.

“I want to say thank you to Mr. Wilson and the Bills organization for everything over the last 7 years. To the great fans who make Buffalo special, thanks for always supporting me and my family. I’ll always have ties to the Buffalo community as I’ve met a lot of great people who will remain friends.

This is a very exciting time for me and my family and I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to play for the Baltimore Ravens. I’m excited about the Ravens organization, players, and coaching staff and can’t wait to get started.”

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Nix on the market for Lee

Posted by Chris Brown on August 12, 2011 – 2:47 pm

Bills GM Buddy Nix who spoke at the airport just before the team departed for Chicago for the preseason opener didn’t want to comment specifically on the market for Lee in the wake of trading Evans to Baltimore, but didn’t deny there was respectable interest.

“There was a lot of interest in Lee and you can understand why,” said Nix. “He’s been a good player and done a lot of good things here. He’ll add to Baltimore. I think it’s a good opportunity for him. They’ve got one receiver and he’ll probably move right in and they’ve got a good team. Ozzie Newsome and I go back years and Cam Cameron and I worked together so I think it’s a great opportunity for Lee also.”

Nix also said that with the depth at Buffalo’s receiver position, had they not made a move come roster cutdown time they’d have to cut a player without getting anything in return.

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Schefter reporting it

Posted by Chris Brown on August 12, 2011 – 12:11 pm

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that they are rumors no more.

Schefter tweeted the following.

AdamSchefter Filed to ESPN: Buffalo has traded WR Lee Evans traded to Baltimore.

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Panthers pull out on Evans

Posted by Chris Brown on August 12, 2011 – 9:16 am

According to the Gaston Gazette, the Panthers have pulled out of their pursuit for Lee Evans.

Gazette reporter Steve Reed, initially reported that the Panthers were interested after losing deep threat WR David Gettis to a torn ACL yesterday, but he reported that the Bills are asking for a 3rd round pick, something the Panthers don’t have next year. He claims the Panthers’ interest wasn’t intense.

He also said the Panthers have more pressing positional needs like CB and that the TE is going to be a big part of their offense anyway with Greg Olsen and Jeremy Shockey in the fold.

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Problem with Carolina interest

Posted by Chris Brown on August 12, 2011 – 9:10 am

There’s a minor problem with Carolina’s reported interest in Bills WR Lee Evans. What the Bills are reportedly asking for is something Carolina doesn’t have.

According to Gaston Gazette Panthers beat reporter Steve Reed, the Bills want a third-round pick in exchange for Evans. Problem is the Panthers don’t have a third-round pick next year.

Arizona, the other team reportedly interested in Evans.

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Carolina interested in Evans

Posted by Chris Brown on August 12, 2011 – 9:03 am

According to a report by the Gaston Gazette, the Carolina Panthers are another team interested in Bills WR Lee Evans.

Gazette beat reporter Steve Reed posted the following on his twitter account.

carolinagrowl A source from outside the Panthers organization tells me the team has inquired about for Buffalo WR Lee Evans. Interest level unclear.

The Panthers just lost their deep threat WR for the season in David Gettis, who tore an ACL yesterday in practice. Reed goes on the report that Arizona is still interested in acquiring Evans.

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Evans rumors persist

Posted by Chris Brown on August 11, 2011 – 6:38 pm

Even though Bills GM Buddy Nix maintains that all of the rumor and speculation about a possible trade involving Lee Evans is just that… rumor and speculation.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter took a swing with all of the others that have been speculating on Evans being moved.

AdamSchefter Buffalo is now open to trading WR Lee Evans and some believe the Bills former 1st-rd pick is expected to be dealt within the next 48 hours.
Truthfully this isn’t any new news on the subject because Thursday on Sirius NFL Radio Nix said no one on the roster is untouchable. Here is his direct quote.
“Nothing has changed with Lee (Evans).  He’s still a Bill,” said Nix. “We expect him to play and do well. We are counting on him.  I would think that something would be wrong if teams were not interested in Lee Evans.  Everybody can count and see that we have a lot of young receivers and I think they speculate a lot, but as far as I’m concerned and as far as I know a speculation is all it is.

“I will say this; we’re always looking to improve and upgrade our team, whatever it takes. Competition is what this is all about and I don’t think anybody is immune to discussions and certainly nobody is immune to being replaced, including me.  We’ll do the best we can to make our team better.”

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Nix not commenting on Evans

Posted by Chris Brown on August 11, 2011 – 9:38 am

Bills GM Buddy Nix appeared on Sirius NFL Radio Thursday morning and was asked if the team is open to trading Lee Evans. Here was his response.

“I won’t comment on Lee specifically,” said Nix. “As a whole, we’re always looking to upgrade and create competition on our roster. We’re all capable of being replaced, including me.”

Interpret that comment how you’d like, but basically everyone is replaceable as Nix sees it if it means he can improve the team on the field.

When asked for his thoughts on Evans, Nix offered the following.

“Nothing’s changed with Lee,” Nix said. “He’s a Bill. We’re counting on him. As far as I know, speculation is all it is.”

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Evans on trade rumors

Posted by Chris Brown on August 10, 2011 – 1:56 pm

They’re only rumors out there in cyberspace, but Bills WR Lee Evans addressed the reports about himself.

“Obviously that is something that is out of my control,” Evans said. “There are always rumors like that out there so we will have to just see what happens.”

Go to the home page of for more.

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Friday’s wildest play

Posted by Chris Brown on August 5, 2011 – 9:10 pm

It happened during 11-on-11 team work. It appeared that Drayton Florence made a successful break on the ball and Terrence McGee was also in the vicinity for the defense, but then the unusual unfolded.

Florence couldn’t control the Ryan Fitzpatrick pass that was intended for Lee Evans, it glanced off his hands but bounced right to an oncoming Terrence McGee. However, the ball was on McGee so quickly he couldn’t react quickly enough and the ball bounced off his arm…

Right into the waiting hands of Lee Evans, who promptly turned up field and scored a would be touchdown. Easily the craziest play of camp so far.

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Lee ready to prove he’s #1 WR

Posted by Chris Brown on August 2, 2011 – 5:07 pm

It was a down season last year for Lee Evans in terms of production, but the Bills wideout is ready to prove he’s still capable of being the team’s number one passing threat.

“That’s why you go out and play,” said Evans. “You don’t come out here to think about last year. You come out to play. Whenever you get an opportunity, you have to make a play. That’s always been my mentality.”

Bills head coach Chan Gailey said they’re working to make him a more effective underneath receiver so his game is more difficult to defend against.

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Players lovin’ new uniforms

Posted by Chris Brown on July 29, 2011 – 12:43 pm

With the lockout preventing the players from getting an up close look at the team’s new uniforms, the Bills are getting a better look now that they’ve reported for training camp and on the whole they’re loving them.

Bryan Scott was one of the first to react to the new white helmets and royal blue jerseys.

teambryanscott Great to be back at camp with the fellas! And the new uniforms are FRESH!

Only Lee Evans and Fred Jackson were given sneak previews of the new uniforms as they were chosen for uniform fittings during the planning stages.

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Final Top 10 edition

Posted by Chris Brown on July 21, 2011 – 11:04 am

Our final installment of the Top 10 Performances of 2010 is up in the media center at and features veteran receiver Lee Evans.

His Week 7 three touchdown performance against Baltimore is broken down by Bills receivers coach Stan Hixon, who returns for a third time after doing previous installments on Stevie Johnson and Roscoe Parrish.

We hope you enjoyed this series and the unprecedented insight from the Buffalo coaching staff. Special thanks to Bills head coach Chan Gailey for making his staff available to us and to our crack staff behind the scenes, Mike Adamek, Bryan Matthews and Jeff Matthews who put it all together.

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Players had input

Posted by Chris Brown on June 27, 2011 – 8:25 am

With the unveiling of Buffalo’s new uniforms over the weekend and today’s introspective look at how the final design came together in the media center at, it should also be noted that the Bills players had more than their share of input in the uniform design as well.

“Lee (Evans) was part of the TV testing of the uniform and weighed in during the very early stages of the process,” said Bills senior vice president of Marketing and Broadcasting Marc Honan. “Fred (Jackson) was a help in terms of some of the fittings. Buddy (Nix) was also on hand when we went through some of the fittings.”

TV testing was an important component of the jersey design because sometimes the color of the jersey doesn’t always come through properly on television, particularly HD. The Bills wanted to make sure that wasn’t an issue with their royal blue look.

“There have been some teams that have found that their team color does not come across very well in HD,” said Honan. “Colors sometimes do not translate. So in our TV testing we wanted our royal blue to look royal blue in HD, and we were able to accomplish that.”

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Players’ original numbers

Posted by Chris Brown on June 17, 2011 – 8:32 am

As we cover the Untouchable Bills numbers on the home page of today, we thought we’d also take a look at some of the jersey numbers that some notable Bills wore prior to getting the number by which they’re most recognized.

We’ll start big with the team’s first Hall of Famer, O.J. Simpson, who wore another number prior to 32.

“O.J. was 33 initially,” said Bills equipment manager Dave Hojnowski. “I think he may have also worn 36 as well for a brief time. He almost got a completely different number because the head coach John Rauch wanted to make him a wide receiver instead of a running back.”

James Lofton, who joined the Bills in 1989 was another interesting case. He had worn 80 his entire career, but that wasn’t the case when he first arrived in Buffalo.

“He was 86 at first,” Hojnowski said. “He eventually got 80 from Flip Johnson.”

Bills all-time leading receiver Andre Reed was issued a horrible number for a wide receiver when he first reported to One Bills Drive.

“Andre was 46,” said Hojnowski. “When he first came in that’s what he got. He was a fourth-round pick and it was one of those minicamp numbers.”

Here is a rundown of some other Bills who wore another number prior to the one they are most identified with.

Cornelius Bennett was 97 before going to 55
Ryan Denney was 90 before becoming 92
Lee Evans was briefly 84 but got 83 eventually
Jabari Greer was 37 before he went to 33
Tony Hunter was 49 before he was 87
Harry Jacobs was 56 and 54 before becoming 64
Sammy Morris was 45, then 33 and finally 31
Jamie Mueller was 39 before going to 41
Mark Pike was 57 and then 94
Jay Riemersma was 49 before he was 85
Aaron Schobel was initially 95 before getting 94
John Tracey was 85 before taking 51
David White was 50 before becoming 51
Shaud Williams was 36 before going to 40
George Wilson was 15 and now is 37
Wil Wolford was 69 before going to 73
Kenyatta Wright was 57 before taking 98

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Lee & Stevie on WR list

Posted by Chris Brown on June 8, 2011 – 4:09 pm analyst Pat Kirwan put out his top wide receiver rankings and both Lee Evans and Stevie Johnson make appearances.

Kirwan had Evans in Group G just ahead of rookies A.J. Green and Julio Jones (have they played an NFL down yet?) and wrote the following on Lee.

Lee Evans: Still the vertical threat for the Bills. He has seen more quarterbacks come and go than almost any other receiver but now has stability with Ryan Fitzpatrick. If Evans stays healthy, he could be back for a solid season and average close to 16 yards a catch. If not, he falls right off this list next year.

He then had Johnson in Group H and had this to say.

Stevie Johnson: Exploded with 82 receptions and 10 touchdowns last year. He is a hungry guy who had to fight his way into the NFL. Expect another very solid year. Duplicating his 2010 numbers would keep him on the rise.

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