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Nickel corner revisited

Posted by Chris Brown on July 11, 2010 – 9:32 am

With the nickel corner competition being addressed on the home page, I thought I’d toss in some observations from the spring camps.

Among those that made the most plays on passes through the course of the OTAs and minicamps of those listed in the nickel corner competition were Reggie Corner, Ellis Lankster and Ashton Youboty.

Now that’s not to say that Drayton Florence and Lydell Sargeant didn’t have their share of pass breakups too, they did. Florence’s game is clearly the most physical of the group and you need physical play inside.

The distance between the QB and the slot receiver is obviously shorter than with an outside WR, so getting a good jam or delaying the receiver from getting into his route is key inside. Florence excels in this area.

Youboty is the only other candidate in this group with a similar stature to Florence and he’s longer and lankier, which helps him knock passes away from receivers.

Corner, Lankster and Sargeant are all more compact type corners. They’re lightning quick, but if there’s a big WR in the slot channeling them to one side or another can be a task at times. Still their quickness affords them the ability to undercut receivers to make plays on the ball.

This nickel corner job is going to be one of the more competitive in camp, with a lot of capable candidates.

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Maybin and retired Bill teaming up

Posted by Chris Brown on July 2, 2010 – 9:41 am

Bills OLB Aaron Maybin and former Bills safety Keion Carpenter have merged their charitable endeavors to co-host the 2nd Annual Commitment for Change football camp in Baltimore, Maryland.

The six-day clinic teaches football and life lessons. The camp runs from July 5th to July 10th. Current Bills Lydell Sargeant and Lonnie Harvey will be joining Maybin and Carpenter as well as former Bills WR Peerless Price.

Here’s more information on the camp.

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Sargeant confirms injury

Posted by Chris Brown on September 4, 2009 – 1:27 pm

Lydell Sargeant who was placed on injured reserve earlier this week after clearing waivers confirmed his injury on his twitter account.

lsarge10 Update on this past week… Tore my ACL this past week.. Had surgery this past Monday and everything was a success… The Bills franchise..has decided to keep me and put me on IR.. Thnks for all the support fans, friends, and family.God has always blessed me and will continue 2

Sargeant showed some promise in camp and the preseason and I think he would have definitely made the team’s practice squad if healthy. Tough break.

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Sargeant and M. Smith on I-R

Posted by Chris Brown on September 3, 2009 – 10:15 pm

Both CB Lydell Sargeant and DL Marcus Smith both cleared waivers and have been placed on Buffalo’s injured reserve list.

Sargeant and Smith were both waived-injured earlier this week in the roster reduction to 75.

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Fan Friday 8-14

Posted by Chris Brown on August 14, 2009 – 1:25 pm

Training camp is winding down, with three days left at St. John Fisher after today. Still some time before the regular season however. Let’s see what you’ve got for me this week.

1. Hi Chris,
Do you think one of the reasons the Bills have been reluctant to deal with the strong outside linebacker spot is because they plan on using Maybin there (as well as DE)?
Mark (State College, PA)

CB: I don’t believe that’s the main reason why, but it could be a factor. The Bills defensive staff really likes what they’re getting out of Nic Harris so far in the preseason. I believe he’ll push Keith Ellison, but ultimately experience will win out there. But Maybin I believe will be used as a rush linebacker in addition to getting snaps at defensive end. I think where he lines up will depend a lot on down and distance.


2. Hey Chris,
I was lookin at your Q&A regarding safties.  You didn’t mention Ko Simpson.  So you think he will be cut this training camp?  I think
that would be a shocker, considering he is young and his experience.  But I guess I can see, with the addition of Byrd, they may not have
the room. Do you think the Bills may look at trading him?

Shawn Sieracki
Dallas, Texas

CB: I think Ko Simpson is a bubble guy in this camp due mainly to the presence of Byrd. Though he hasn’t set foot on the practice field yet, Byrd was taken in the second round for a reason, to get on the field sooner rather than later. Buffalo did not get a single INT from their safeties last season. That has to change. Byrd had 17 INTs in college in three seasons.

If he shows any kind of promise in the preseason games he plays in and doesn’t look lost, he could be a starter before this season is over. Either way he’s a lock to make the roster.

In all likelihood the team keeps five safeties. Right now here’s my list of who I think they keep. Whitner, Scott, Wilson, Byrd and Wendling. Wilson and Wendling make it because they’re more valuable special teams players than Simpson.


3. Chris,
Nice job on the site.  How do you see the O-line situation developing…the situation at guard has been often discussed, but a couple of situations I am interested in is (1) Demetrius Bell – probably not a starter this year, but from what I saw last year it seems like he might have the athletic ability to be a LT – do you see him starting in yr 3 or 4?  Also, what do you see happening at backup center, Brandon Rodd or have somebody like Seth McKinney cover backup at guard and center?

CB: With Bell I think they see him as the heir apparent to Langston Walker, who three years left on his deal counting this season. I believe Bell is left tackle caliber. He’s certainly athletic enough. I think he’ll be the team’s swing tackle this fall.
At center Brandon Rodd has done okay as the backup. You’re right Seth McKinney does have NFL experience there, but he has not seen reps in the pivot thus far. I think he would be an option though. I don’t anticipate them putting Eric Wood in there either, despite the fact that he played there in college.


4. Hey Chris, 
I’ve noticed in most of your articles dealing about the LB position, you always mention Ellison only having two players to battle with for the starting position, Bowen and Harris. Why isn’t Pat Thomas mentioned at all? Is Thomas battling for a back up position behind Kawika or Poz? If Thomas isn’t being considered to battle with Ellison, do you see him actually making the team?
Brian Craig (Walworth, NY)

CB: Pat Thomas is battling for the backup MLB role with Marcus Buggs. It’s been a heated competition with the two of them flip flopping back and forth in the backup role behind Poz. As for Ellison his greatest competition looks like it’s going to be Harris. Bowen has been largely on the weak side in camp.


5. Hi Chris,
The battle to land a spot on the roster at corner is one that I find most intriguting on the Bills this season. How many corners do you figure will make the roster? Which ones?

CB: I think the top four or five corners are easy to determine, but do they keep a sixth is the question. McGee, McKelvin, Florence, Youboty and Corner all make the roster as I see it. Then if they decide to keep a sixth I believe it’s Ellis Lankster. Cary Harris and Lydell Sargeant probably go to the practice squad.

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Bills players fired up for night practice

Posted by Chris Brown on July 28, 2009 – 10:43 pm

As you well know night practice gets the fans excited, but it’s also got the players jacked up for this evening.

Donte Whitner, Terrell Owens, Kawika Mitchell and undrafted rookie Lydell Sargeant all tweeted about tonight’s practice.

DonteWhitner: The guys on PTI know nothing about sports or the buffalo bills…time to go to work nite practice!


Ka_Mitchell55Anyone goin to b at practice tonite? Nite practice feels like high school games a lil. I like being under the lights. Let’s go Buffalo.

lsarge10Just ate and finished meetings..Getting ready for this practice under the lights! What else is better on a tuesday night? Exactly!!Lets Gooo!

I think it’s safe to say they’re looking forward to practice.

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Lankster and other rookies arrive

Posted by Chris Brown on July 24, 2009 – 5:01 pm

7th round pick Ellis Lankster along with a few of the undrafteds are on campus.

Undrafteds Ashlee Palmer, Jermaine McGhee and Lydell sargeant just arrived.

Vet Pat Thomas as well.

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