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Byrd back

Posted by Chris Brown on June 24, 2010 – 3:21 pm

After not participating this morning FS Jairus Byrd is back on the practice field this afternoon.

Byrd is one of a handful of players who is having their reps scaled back.

Kawika Mitchell, who participated in the morning practice is watching this afternoon. Marcus Stroud is also not on the field for the afternoon practice following his morning participation.

Derek Schouman however, has been a spectator for all of Thursday as has Jamon Meredith and Ashton Youboty.

New to the non-participant list this afternoon is LB Reggie Torbor.

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Veteran Bills on the air

Posted by Chris Brown on June 8, 2010 – 3:14 pm

A couple of Bills veterans will be on the radio airwaves Wednesday. Here’s the rundown.

Lee Evans – Morning Bull, 103.3 The Edge @ 8:40 AM (listen online)
Marcus Stroud – Shredd and Ragan, 103.3 The Edge – 4:10 PM (listen online)

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Bills that are still rehabbing

Posted by Chris Brown on May 25, 2010 – 10:57 am

There is a bunch of Bills players still unable to participate in voluntary OTAs, which begin today (Tues.) due to surgeries performed toward the end of last season for injuries or postseason surgeries. Here’s the rundown of players.

Will not participate because still rehabbing
OT Demetrius  Bell
LB Nic Harris
TE Derek Schouman 
OL Eric Wood

Limited because still rehabbing
FS Jairus Byrd
CB Terrence McGee 
LB Kawika Mitchell 
C Geoff Hangartner 
WR Roscoe Parrish 
DT Marcus Stroud

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Stroud looking fit

Posted by Chris Brown on May 19, 2010 – 9:20 am

Marcus Stroud said on locker clean out day at the end of the 2009 season that he intended to come into the 2010 campaign in the best shape of his life. By the looks of him, he appears to be making good on his promise.

After nagging knee, ankle and back ailments plagued him for most of last season and affected his performance, Stroud is feeling good just a few days away from the start of voluntary OTAs.

Stroud, who will be lined up at defensive end in Buffalo’s new 3-4 scheme, has dropped some weight knowing he’ll be playing out in space a bit more on the edge of the front.

“I’m down right around 300,” Stroud told

That’s about 10-12 pounds lighter than what he carried as a defensive tackle the past two seasons. Stroud looks trim and sounds eager to put together a solid season.

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DT Williams tops as playmaker

Posted by Chris Brown on May 11, 2010 – 8:00 am

Looks like Aaron Schobel isn’t the only Bills player with league best playmaking ability at his position.

On Monday we showed how AdvancedNFLStats determined playmaking ability through new statistical models that measure WPA or positive win probability added and EPA or positive expected points added.

“+WPA” and “+EPA” add up the value of every sack, interception, pass defense, forced fumble or recovery, and every tackle or assist that results in a setback for the offense.

What these stats measure ultimately is playmaking ability.

For 2009 Aaron Schobel ranked number one among defensive ends in this statistical model. Kyle Williams was also the top ranked performer at his position, defensive tackle.

Williams not only had the highest WPA, but he highest EPA as well. His WPA of 1.99 was far and away the top mark as was his EPA of 54.1. Atlanta’s Jordan Babineaux was second in both categories (1.67 and 46).

Williams was also number one in tackle factor (1.33), which goes far beyond measuring just the number of tackles accumulated by a player. Philadelphia’s Mike Patterson was second (1.27).

Here’s the top 15 list of DT playmaking ability and it should be noted that Bills DT Marcus Stroud ranked 10th, despite a season in which he played through three different nagging injuries.

95-K.Williams BUF
95-J.Babineaux ATL 
90-D.Dockett ARZ
94-J.Smith SF
93-K.Williams MIN
90-J.Ratliff DAL
92-A.Haynesworth WAS
96-T.Knighton JAX 
95-A.Adams CHI
99-M.Stroud BUF
75-V.Wilfork NE 
92-R.Ayodele NO
94-P.Williams MIN
90-D.Muir IND 
68-E.Foster IND

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Stroud charity event

Posted by Chris Brown on March 25, 2010 – 3:30 pm

Marcus Stroud will be getting some assistance from some of his current and former teammates as he hosts a charity event in Atlanata for the young patients at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Stroud is hosting a Le Moulin Rouge event with live entertainment, food along with fire-eaters, live statues and dance performances.

Bills safety George Wilson is to be on hand along with former Bills DE Marcellus Wiley. Pats RB Fred Taylor, Steelers WR Hines Ward and Atlanta LB Mike Peterson are also scheduled to be in attendance.

For more information or to purchase tickets to Marcus Stroud’s Le Moulin Rouge fundraiser, you can visit them online.

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Fan Friday 3-12

Posted by Chris Brown on March 12, 2010 – 1:55 pm

Time for another edition. You can always email your questions to me at I’m about a month behind, so your patience is appreciated. I should also mention that you can check the running scroll of my blog posts here, where very often a lot of your questions can already be answered. Let’s get to it.

1 – Hey Chris,
Just wondering what your thoughts are with the Roscoe Parrish situation? Whether he should be traded or released etc? Personally I think he should stay, one terrible year shouldn’t have to wreck his otherwise positive career. I also believe he should be implemented further into the offense, even as a true wideout. Back in 2007/2008 people were preaching about his receiving potential and now it seems to all be forgotten.

CB: For whatever reason Roscoe fell out of favor with the previous coaching staff. What you cannot deny is he is one of the most successful return men in league history. His punt return average is the only proof you need. Many observers for years have been of the belief that you could create a package of plays for Roscoe within the scope of an offense to take advantage of his separation abilities, and I’m in that group.

What encourages me is Chan Gailey knows how to maximize players’ strengths and I anticipate him doing this with Parrish on offense. So let’s hope for the best for Parrish.

2 – Dear Chris,
 I’m very excited about the 3-4 switch the Bills are going to use this season but I’m a little confused. I would like to think I know a little more than average about football styles and such but I have never figured out exactly what the different techniques are for d-linemen. I previously read that M. Stroud would be an ideal 5 technique player like R. Seymour, but I have no clue what that means. I’ve heard of 2 and 3 techniques, also. Can you help me out here? Also, I hear that people say the LBs we have are not good enough for the 3-4 but I think that Posluszny and Mitchell would be fine in it. What do they mean they wouldn’t and do you think they are good enough to play in it?

Thanks for the help,
 Jim (Niles, Ohio)

CB: Posluszny and Mitchell are two of the better fits on the roster with respect to the LB position in the 3-4. I see them lining up next to one another as the ILBs. With respect to the “technique” descriptions they’re all based on the alignment of the defensive lineman.
For example if a nose tackle is lined head up on a center he’s playing a zero technique (the technique is his alignment).

As a defensive lineman moves further away from center in his alignment the number of his technique goes up. So if a defensive lineman lines up on the outside shade of the center he’s playing a one technique, if he’s head up on a guard it’s a two technique, outside shade of the guard, three technique and so on. The numbers go all the way up to a nine technique, which is the outside shade of the tight end. Hope that helps.

3 – Hey Chris,

I was wondering what you think the Bills will be getting in the area of compensatory picks? I know that we did not get any last year but with this past year’s losses in free agency (Jabari Greer in particular who just won a Super Bowl), what type of picks will the Bills probably be looking at? How does the compensatory picks system work? What is the earliest round in which compensatory picks are available? With all of the holes on the roster and the switch to a 3-4 now making defense a bigger priority, I feel that we can use as many picks as possible for either players or trade bait.

Thanks a lot,


CB: I regret to inform you that it’s unlikely that the Bills will be getting any compensatory picks. The exact formula for determining compensatory picks is not known, but to even begin to qualify a team must have a net loss of free agents. Players that are cut (e.g. Langston Walker) do not count in that equation. Size of contract signed by a free agent with another team (e.g. Jabari Greer) is a part of the equation, along with playing time and postseason honors, but only if a net loss of free agents happened first. Also not every free agent lost or signed is covered by the formula.

The Bills did not have a net loss of free agents last offseason. They were even. On occasion if there is enough disparity between the value of the contracts of the players the Bills signed to the value of the contracts signed by the players they lost, a 7th round pick can be awarded, but it does not happen often.

A compensatory pick guru known only as AdamJT13 has his own site that very accurately predicts what teams will and will not get compensatory picks. Here is his assessment of what he foresees for Buffalo.

Buffalo — The Bills signed two qualifying players and lost two qualifying players, so they will not receive a true comp pick. There is an outside chance that the Bills will receive a “net value” comp pick at the end of the seventh round if the players they lost have a combined value that is sufficiently more than the combined value of the players they signed. Whether that is the case will be determined by the final values of the players involved.

Compensatory picks should be announced on day two of the league meetings, which is March 22nd.

4 – Hi Chris,
             I’m curious what do you think the chances are that the Bills trade the 9Th pick and move back in the draft to get more picks? Specifically the Seahawks at 14, Cardinals at 26, and the Vikings at 30 all have questions at QB, what are the chances that any of these teams want to trade up and get one of the first round QB’s, or any other teams that you could see want to trade up and what could we get in return.

CB: I think trading down is a much greater possibility than trading up. If the Seahawks still haven’t addressed their QB position long term behind Hasselback via free agency (Derek Anderson visiting), then they’re likely to address it with their pick at 6, so trading up from 14 is kind of a moot point. In fact they’ll probably go OT at 14 if they go QB at 6.

Yes, the Cards are looking for a QB alternative to Leinart, who lacks the quick release to run the offense the same way they did with Warner. He just doesn’t process stuff as quickly as Warner did. I think they too however, look the veteran QB route (had Derek Anderson visit as well).

The Vikings are simply holding out hope that Favre returns. Otherwise they may push hard for McNabb since they run the same offense and Childress used to coach McNabb in Philly on offense.

So that being said, I don’t see any of those teams looking to make a big move up the board to get a QB, and it’s unlikely that Bradford or Clausen are there at 9 anyway. I think Bradford is the first pick, which increases the likelihood that Clausen is gone by pick 6 to Seattle as Pete Carroll has had a close relationship with Clausen since he was in high school (in the state of California).

5 – Hey Chris, I’m a grad student down at Penn State and have seen a lot of Jared Odrick, and he seems to be a really good player.  I think that he would be worth a late 1st round, early second round pick.  Do you think he would be a good NT?  What do you think the odds are of the Bills being able to pick him up, whether they take him at rd 2, pick 9 or trade up/down for him?

CB: I like Odrick a lot. I was hopeful that somehow, some way he’d slip to the Bills at 41 in round two, but that is unlikely to happen. He can play both the nose and end in the 3-4. He’s a versatile kid and he plays 100 mph. If they trade down from 9 into the 20’s I think it’s possible, otherwise he’ll be playing for some other 3-4 team. A really solid player as I see it.

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Fan Friday 2-5

Posted by Chris Brown on February 5, 2010 – 1:56 pm

Plenty of speculation out there about how the roster will be re-shaped this offseason at some key positions like QB and OT. Remember you can email me at Let’s get to this week’s edition.

1. Hey Chris,
Who are some players you think the bills should look at in free agency and the draft that you yourself are pretty high on?  Also are there any trade possibilites you can think of ?  And any chance some of the current bills players under contract get traded this offseason?  I think we need more picks in the draft do you?
Thank you.
Showtime 1239

CB: First, I don’t think the Bills are hurting for draft picks. They have nine total with an extra six and seven. I would not be surprised however, if they trade out of the ninth pick to move down in round one and scoop up an extra three.

I do think free agency in this uncapped year is going to restrict player movement to a certain degree, but there are still some big names out there like Karlos Dansby, Julius Peppers and Vince Wilfork, though I do see Wilfork getting franchised. Players I wouldn’t mind the Bills targeting would be New England DE Jarvis Green, San Fran NT Aubrayo Franklin or Baltimore DE Dwan Edwards.

Signing restricted free agents away from other teams will prove difficult. Poison pill offer sheets really won’t exist anymore for restricted free agents because there’s no cap.

I think trading for a QB might prove to be the best means of getting someone in here to either take hold of the starting job or compete for it. It’s going to depend a lot on who is made available by what teams and what they’re looking for in return.

As for players on this roster that could be traded, I believe with a new defensive system and a new coaching staff that almost any player is fair game.

2. Hi Chris,
Can you please give us an update on Keith Ellison’s recovery?  Do you think he will be back with the team next year?  Even with missing 1/2 the season he is 8th in tackles on the team? 

CB: To my knowledge Keith’s injury wasn’t one that was going to require a major offseason of rehabilitation. As to whether he’ll be back with the team next season, I believe it’s more in doubt now with the 3-4 defensive scheme being implemented by defensive coordinator George Edwards. I don’t see him as a fit in that scheme.
3. Hey Chris, 

Do you actually think that the Bills will take McClain at 9? I think it would be the best option for them, but as of right now they are projected to be taking a tackle in that spot.

I know we are in desperate need of a tackle, but is it worth taking the 4th best tackle at 9, when you can get the top LB, or one of them at that spot to help improve our run defense.

CB: I think a lot of fans believe it makes more sense now that the Bills are moving to a 3-4 defensive scheme. There’s no question that certain positions like RB or LB are spots where talented college prospects can make an instant impact for an NFL team as a rookie.

But I still stick to the philosophy of getting your big people early in the draft. The left tackle spot needs to be addressed with a player that is NFL ready. The players at the top of the draft have the best skill set and in many cases the greatest chance to succeed sooner rather than later (see: Michael Oher).

With the 3-4 being implemented NT is a bigger need now as well. I do like McClain, but I’m having a hard time overlooking the OT need of the Bills after last season’s struggles up front for Buffalo’s offense.

4. Hey Chris
 Who do you think the bills would draft if they moved up 1 or 2 or more picks in the draft?  Also do you think that they could trade aaron schobel to another team for maybe another draft pick and have two 1st round picks or two 2nd round picks?

CB: I don’t see the Bills moving up in round one. If anything I see them moving back a bit into the mid-teens. If they could find a willing trade partner close to Schobel’s Texas home like New Orleans or Houston I don’t see a 32-year old defensive end fetching a 1st or 2nd round pick. Believe a 3rd is more like it.
5. Hi Chris,

George Edwards seems like a good hire, but I’m curious about the 3-4 scheme. By my count, we don’t have a true nose tackle for a 3-4 defence and we’re already short on linebackers before adding another to the field.

Moving Maybin to LB means we have to get two new DEs to replace Schobel and Kelsay in a year or two, plus a true nose tackle, plus we still need another linebacker like we would have in a 4-3 — meanwhile it turns Stroud and Williams from playmakers into role players since neither of them really fits the nose tackle position.

That means instead of needing one DE and one LB to shore up the front seven in a 4-3 scheme, now we need two DEs, a NT and a LB for a 3-4 scheme.

Seems like we’re making life tough on ourselves from a personnel standpoint in the rebuilding process (I’m scared to think how we can rebuild the offence with all this to focus on already). Am I off base?
Thanks a lot,

CB: I’d agree that there will be more of a personnel focus on defense now with the new 3-4 alignment as I had suspected. I agree that Stroud is not a true nose, but could play it in a pinch. He’s better suited as a five-technique DE like a Richard Seymour.

I believe Chris Kelsay could bulk up to play end and I think Spencer Johnson is a perfect end in a 3-4 as well. Kyle Williams is athletic enough to play end in a 3-4 and on passing downs he can kick inside to the nose.

At LB I’d see Mitchell going inside alongside Poz, with Maybin at one OLB and depending on what they think of Nic Harris, maybe draft a 3-4 LB.

The biggest need though as you point out is a true NT, and they’re not easy to find. Fortunately it is a deep class of DTs this year. How many are capable of playing two gap in the NFL remains to be seen. OT and NT are the two biggest positional needs right now. Without an elite QB prospect I think OT and NT must be addressed early in the draft.

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What defensive change means

Posted by Chris Brown on February 4, 2010 – 2:04 pm

With Bills defensive coordinator George Edwards initially planning to change Buffalo’s defensive scheme to more of a 3-4 front, it means some roles on Buffalo’s defense will be changing also.

First and foremost it likely turns Aaron Maybin from a pass rushing defensive end to a pass rushing linebacker. Aaron Schobel, who is still contemplating retirement may also be a linebacker. Schobel went on record last month saying he might be a better fit for a 3-4 than a 4-3.

It also means Buffalo now has a greater need for a two-gap nose tackle. Marcus Stroud, who was coached as a freshman at Georgia by Edwards, believes he’d be able to handle the nose if called upon.

“I feel like as long as I can be healthy, I feel like I can do well in either system,” said Stroud. “If that’s the case and I have to move to nosetackle, then I’ll do it.”

But set to turn 32 in June, Stroud is going to need some reinforcements behind him. Right now there are no other capable two-gap nose tackles players on the roster. Kyle Williams and Spencer Johnson appear to be better fits as five-technique defensive ends in a 3-4.

Fortunately for the Bills the 2010 draft class is extremely deep at DT, so Buffalo should have an opportunity in round one or two to get a quality prospect that could help right away.

Another likely move is Kawika Mitchell moving inside to line up alongside Paul Posluszny as ILBs.

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Fan Friday 1-8

Posted by Chris Brown on January 8, 2010 – 2:30 pm

Fan Friday 1-8
First offseason Fan Friday as the coaching search is in full swing. If you have any questions for me you can email me at Here we go.

1. Hey Chris, just a couple Bills-related things on my mind…

First, as you mentioned in your blog post Fitz QB Status, Fitzpatrick is clearly not the starting QB… so has the organization just given up completely on Edwards?  Can (will) we trade him?  Do you know (and can you say) if this is a decision straight from the top? 

I just don’t understand it, really… even though I don’t think Trent will be the long term answer that I hoped he’d be… he seems better than the other options.  (Unless we just admit we’re playing for next year and give Brohm a shot, which you already said they won’t do…)  Craziness!

CB: I think Trent’s fate will be determined by the new head coach. GM Buddy Nix has said he will not make any personnel moves without the new head coach getting an opportunity to evaluate the roster and see who might fit his vision and who does not.

So the possibility exists that he will be back in 2010 and the possibility exists that he will be gone. It rests in the hands of the new head coach.

2. Obviously, the Bills have a lot of holes to fill after the season.  However, the position that seems to be of most importance is the interior of the defensive line.  Marcus Stroud is not anywhere close to the player he use to be.  Kyle Williams and Spencer Johnson make plays but are smaller and are better at penetrating with their quickness, they wont be able to eat up blockers. 

How much of the Bills porous run defense can be attributed to the fact that Stroud is getting pushed around fairly easily every play? 

People are always knocking Posluszny, but when blockers are able to get on him, he isn’t free to roam around and make tackles.  I think the biggest priority in the off-season is to find a clog in the middle of that line. 

I know people say we need a QB, but if you can’t stop the opponents run game your not going to win too many games.  What are your thoughts?
Nick in Albany

CB: I’ve always been a big believer in getting your big men first on both sides of the ball. In defense of Marcus Stroud he played most of the season hurt (ankle, knee, neck), so if he didn’t look as explosive as he did last season, there’s your answer. The guy gutted it out in a lost season so I give him a lot of credit for that.

That being said I do believe a DT prospect would be a good add especially this year with such a strong DT class. However, offensive tackle and quarterback are ahead of that on my priority list. The offense is much further behind the defense. It takes priority even though I agree that bolstering the DT position is necessary.

I’m just not convinced the Bills are going to spend big in free agency to land a proven left tackle like a Marcus McNeill, especially in an uncapped year where there could be even more bidding wars between teams.

I think because the DT class is deeper than the OT class that you get your OT first and hope you can get at DT that can play right away in round 2. The DT class just got deeper this week with UCLA’s Brian Price declaring.
3. Hey Chris,
I think the bills should really consider going hard after Tarvaris Jackson in the off-season. I really think since coming back from injury late last season that he really has turned a corner. In the last four games of last season he was 3-1 and threw for 8td’s-1int. This year as a backup he’s 10-15, 159yards, 1td as a backup. I think he could be the answer for the bills at quarterback not Micheal Vick like some people are speculating and not Brian Brohm.

I think they should also go really hard after an elite young wide reciever like Brandon Marshall if the broncos don’t franchise him. I think the bills should then draft two big offensive tackles.

Maybe Trade Lee Evans to San Fran to get one of their first rounders so they can draft an OT and a DT in the first round. Since we have James Hardy and Steve Johnson at wide reciever. If we sign Brandon Marshall, we can play Hardy as the number two receiver and Johnson in the slot. What do you think?

CB: Well that’s a lot you’ve put on the table there. First, the quarterback situation. To me it’s looking more and more like an answer at quarterback might more likely come via trade, and not the draft. There are some respectable prospects, but I don’t know that there’s one you could put on the field right away and give the keys to the offense. So I think trading for a QB is a realistic possibility.

You’d have to pay a king’s ransom to get Kevin Kolb out of Philly so Tarvaris Jackson would come at a lesser price and if your new staff is installing a West Coast offense then Jackson would be a respectable option. I’m not convinced he’s turned a corner, but a consideration nonetheless.

As for a marquee young receiver, the Bills have that in Lee Evans. No one thinks so because he hasn’t put up monster numbers, but if you pair him with a quarterback that’s just above average the production will be there trust me.

Then as you suggested James Hardy can be the number two with Steve Johnson in the slot. It’s time for the young guys to step up at wideout. But there’s no need to go out and make a splash at receiver when you have a guy waiting to produce Pro Bowl numbers with a better line and better QB.


CB: First Chad Pennington has to prove himself healthy and capable of throwing a 12-yard out before he’s even a consideration. I do believe though that the Bills have to strongly consider the possibility of signing a veteran signal caller to serve as a stopgap at QB while a younger QB is groomed for the future, whether it’s Brian Brohm or a draft pick.

I’ve got a lot more draft prep work to do, but I’m not seeing a guy that will be there at 9 that the Bills can put on the field and succeed with right away. And if you draft a QB later, history shows it’s best to let them watch and learn early in their careers.

So I think there’s a lot of merit to the approach you’re suggesting, I just don’t know if Chad Pennington is the mark.
5. Hi Chris!!

My questions are:

1. How is L. McKelvin doing with his injury? I haven’t heard much 
about him during the season.
2. What do see the Bills addressing first during the offseason / draft? QB or OL?
3. Due to our O-line problems. Do you think the Bills should go after M. Vick? He is certainly a good scrambler…

Thanks & take care…

Luis A. Estrada (Puerto Rico)

CB: McKelvin is close to 100 percent. He began running again on the turf field a couple of weeks ago, but told me he’s not 100 percent just yet. We’ll have a story on him this coming week on

I believe the Bills will survey the landscape for a QB they believe can be a stopgap answer for a year or two while they groom a young QB be it Brohm or a draftee, unless Brohm outperforms said veteran.

I don’t see the Bills getting in a bidding war for premium free agents OTs so that might have to be the top priority in the draft.

Finally I understand your reasoning with Michael Vick, but I believe you fix the line and your QB play will improve. Also I think Vick is a running QB in a passing league. So I’m not big on acquiring Vick.

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Other Pro Bowl candidates besides Byrd

Posted by Chris Brown on December 22, 2009 – 9:30 am

While Jairus Byrd is absolutely a prime candidate for AFC Pro Bowl honors, there are a few other Bills players with some statistics that put them in the Pro Bowl conversation as well.

Here’s a rundown of players that will be in the hunt when player and coach voting end on Wednesday.

P Brian Moorman – 2nd in AFC in net punting avg. (41), 2nd in gross avg. (46.6) and 6th in punts inside the 20 (23). He also has the longest punt of the season in the AFC (73 yards).

DE Aaron Schobel – Tied for 5th in AFC in sacks with 7, 5th in tackles and has an interception return for a TD.

DT Marcus Stroud – Leads all AFC DTs in pass breakups (8), third among DTs with 52 tackles,

DT Kyle Williams – Leads all AFC DTs with 58 tackles, tied for 4th in sacks (3).

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Time to Ask Marcus

Posted by Chris Brown on December 18, 2009 – 9:39 am

Time for fans to submit their questions about the Bills to Marcus Stroud. You can do so by emailing him directly at

See if your question appears on Marcus’ Mailbag which airs weekly on

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Mace jersey number

Posted by Chris Brown on November 28, 2009 – 1:17 pm

Corey Mace, who the Bills just promoted to the active roster, will be wearing jersey number 75.

My concern is this promotion could in response to the anticipated availability of Marcus Stroud. He’s listed as questionable and practiced for the first time on Friday.

But this roster move to add a DT for Sunday’s game might mean how much he’ll be able to play could be limited. We’ll find out on game day.

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McGee, Stroud updates

Posted by Chris Brown on November 27, 2009 – 12:50 pm

Terrence McGee and Marcus Stroud both practiced on a limited basis Friday. Interim head coach Perry Fewell updated their status for Sunday’s game after practice.

Both McGee and Stroud are listed as questionable for Sunday’s game against Miami.

Fewell believes Stroud is on the more probable side of questionable.

“He moved good today,” said Fewell after Friday’s practice. “So we’re very hopeful about him.”

McGee will be a game time decision.

“We’ll work him out at game time, but we’re going to just do what’s best for Terrence,” said Fewell.

If McGee cannot start Reggie Corner would step in for him at LCB. McGee might still be well enough to dress and could serve in a situational role if he’s not well enough to start. That will be up to the coaches and trainers just before the game on Sunday.

Also questionable for Sunday are Jairus Byrd (groin) and LB Nic Harris (personal). Harris missed practice on both Thursday and Friday.


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Stroud practicing

Posted by Chris Brown on November 27, 2009 – 11:06 am

Marcus Stroud is participating in practice for the first time this week.

It’s difficult to tell to what extent he’ll be practicing at this point. We’ll get an official update on Stroud and the other players in question for Sunday’s game like Terrence McGee and Jairus Byrd, who were also participating, but appear to be limited in some fashion, after practice from interim head coach Perry Fewell.

John McCargo was also participating in practice for the first time this week.

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Stroud planning to test knee Thursday

Posted by Chris Brown on November 25, 2009 – 5:42 pm

Bills DT Marcus Stroud is hoping he can be thankful for effective rehab on Thanksgiving Thursday.

Stroud wants to try and participate in practice Thursday after missing Wednesday’s workout. 

“I’m trying to get out there (Thursday),” said Stroud. “So hopefully everything we’ll be going well and I can get out there and give it a whirl.”

When asked if he’ll be able to play on Sunday Stroud indicated that he would.

“It’s definitely looking that way,” he said. “I’m looking to get out there on Sunday.”

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Stroud out for Sunday’s game

Posted by Chris Brown on November 20, 2009 – 12:39 pm

Bills DT Marcus Stroud (knee) could not go for a third straight day of practice and as a result has been declared out for Sunday’s game at Jacksonville.

Interim head coach Perry Fewell thought Stroud’s knee would improve as the week went on and allow the 3-time Pro Bowl DT to play Sunday, but it did not respond.

Keith Ellison, Ashton Youboty and Demetrius Bell were also declared out for Sunday.

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Practice update

Posted by Chris Brown on November 20, 2009 – 11:03 am

Here’s the list of players not practicing Friday.

Not practicing
OT Demetrius Bell (knee)
CB Ashton Youboty (ankle)
LB Keith Ellison (thigh)
DT Marcus Stroud (knee)

Interim head coach Perry Fewell was optimistic earlier in the week that Stroud would be able to play on Sunday despite his injury, but we’ll have to see if Fewell’s assessment changes with Stroud not practicing at all this week.

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Bills starting DTs hobbling

Posted by Chris Brown on November 18, 2009 – 5:09 pm

Both of Buffalo’s starting defensive tackles are hobbling with knee injuries, but the chances of them playing might not be as dire as it looks.

Both Kyle Williams and Marcus Stroud did not practice due to knee injuries. Williams is three weeks removed from suffering a grade two plus MCL sprain. It’s not all the way, but it’s close. Williams did some light work on the side.

“I thought they went pretty good,” said Williams. “Better than it was on Monday. It’s not fully there yet, but it felt pretty good. I feel encouraged over it. There are still some positions that I get in that are pretty vulnerable for the ligament, but all in all it felt pretty good. Hopefully it’ll continue to progress and heal as quickly as it has.”

Stroud sustained his knee injury in the Tennessee game according to interim head coach Perry Fewell. But Fewell is optimistic Stroud will be ready to play on Sunday.

“With Marcus just I think (it happened) last Sunday in the ball game,” said Fewell. “It’s nothing that we were shocked by. He’s played a lot of snaps. So it’s just day to day with him. I feel strongly that Marcus will be ready, but it’s day to day.”

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Ask Marcus

Posted by Chris Brown on November 18, 2009 – 4:54 pm

This week is probably the best week of them all to submit a question for Marcus’ Mailbag this week.

With Dick Jauron getting fired, his defensive coordinator Perry Fewell now named the head coach, it’s a rare opportunity for Bills fans to get direct insight from the inside at One Bills Drive.

As always you can email Stroud a question at

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