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Schottenheimer has coaching gig

Posted by Chris Brown on January 22, 2010 – 11:18 am

Marty Schottenheimer has maintained he’s retired from coaching, but he’ll be manning a sideline this weekend.

Schottenheimer is coaching the West roster in the East-West Shrine game this weekend, one of the pre-draft games to provide NFL scouting staffs with extra exposure of some of the draft pools better talent.

Schottenheimer has been up close and personal with the players and could serve as an extra opinion on some of the prospects should Bills GM Buddy Nix choose to ask his good friend about anybody he’s working with this week.

Among the local prospects participating in the game on Saturday are UB WR Namaan Roosevelt, Ohio State DE Doug Worthington and Donte Whitner’s brother UCONN DE Lindsay Witten.  But those three players are on the East roster being coached by Chiefs defensvie coordinator Romeo Crennel.

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Marty reiterates he’s retired

Posted by Chris Brown on January 14, 2010 – 12:56 pm

With his son Brian Schottenheimer now out of the running for the Bills head coaching job, speculation has again shifted to Marty Schottenheimer. But the 66-year old winner of 200 NFL games as a head coach says his time in the league is over.

Schottenheimer spoke to the Newark Star-Ledger and said the following concerning his likelihood of ever coaching again, much less coaching for the Bills.

‘‘Marty is finished,’’ Schottenheimer told the Star-Ledger using himself in the third person. ‘‘I had 30 years of it. I enjoyed it thoroughly. … What I’m working very hard to do right now is enjoy the fruits of my labor.’’

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Marty not a likely package with son

Posted by Chris Brown on January 13, 2010 – 9:45 am

The Bills reportedly have permission to interview Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, but if he winds up being the Bills next head coach, don’t look for his dad to be coming with him.

In an interview with New York Post columnist Steve Serby, Marty Schottenheimer stated that he would not be part of a package deal with his son.

“If he gets that opportunity, let him go on his own,” Schottenheimer said. “I think that’s a difficult situation, I really do.”

The elder Schottenheimer went on to say that he’s certain at this point in his career that Brian can stand on his own.

“He’s been around it his whole life,” Schottenheimer told the Post. “It’s not something foreign to him in any fashion. I think he’s been around — and I’m not referring to myself — some pretty good coaches. He’s always been very, very eager to learn and understand what it is that’s being done, why it’s being done, and probably most importantly, how it’s being done.”

Schottenheimer attended four Jets games this year as a show of support for his son, but has not gotten involved in any football related matters concerning the Jets. It’s obvious the elder Schottenheimer would take his son’s phone call and provide advice about anything related to football, but as far as being on his staff or an official consultant, it does not appear as though that will be the case, should Brian Schottenheimer be the choice of the Bills.

I think Marty Schottenheimer recognizes that he would cast an awfully large shadow over his son, should he be directly involved with a team that Brian Schottenheimer is heading up. And if his son experiences some early struggles in his first season as head coach and Marty is on staff or involved in some way, he’s smart enough to know that the public will be calling for Marty to take over.

No dad wants that for his son, so I tend to believe what the elder Schottenheimer is saying.

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Another candidate suggested

Posted by Chris Brown on January 11, 2010 – 1:33 pm

FOX Sports Jay Glazer in being asked on on his twitter account about Marty Schottenheimer’s chances of landing in Buffalo mentioned another possible name that could soon be in the Bills head coaching hopper.

Glazer was asked if Schottenheimer had recently spoken to Buddy Nix about the coaching job. Glazer said they had spoken, but not for Schottenheimer to coach. Here’s his tweet in response to the question.

Jay_Glazer: Marty & Nix talked last wk. 2 are tight, but it wasn’t so much to hire him but more to talk shop. Another name I’d look at is Nolan.

The Nolan being referred to is Mike Nolan, who is currently the defensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos. Nolan impressively turned the Denver defense into top 10 unit in the league a year after ranking 29th overall. The Broncos went from being 30th in points allowed in 2008 to 12th in 2009 under Nolan. And he did it switching from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defense in one offseason.

Nolan did have an unsuccessful tenure in his first stint as a head coach in San Francisco (2005-2008), though his defense was effective against the run in his time there.  And as defensive coordinator in Baltimore his unit was tied for the league lead in takeaways over the three-year span that he was there.

Whether he officially becomes a candidate remains to be seen.

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Son Schottenheimer on dad coaching

Posted by Chris Brown on January 7, 2010 – 3:39 pm

Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer was asked about the chances of his dad Marty Schottenheimer coaching again in the NFL.

“He’s told me for the last two years that he’s done,” said the Jets play caller. “I think he really enjoys being retired. He enjoys coming to our games. He’s got four grandchildren, my two and my sister has two in North Carolina where he lives. I think if it was the right job, he would listen, but I think at the end of the day it would take a lot to convince him to come off the golf course and come back to work.”

So he enjoys being retired and spending time with his family, but Brian Schottenheimer thought his dad would listen if it was the right opportunity. Now Marty Schottenheimer when asked by the Associated Press whether he would coach again earlier this week said, “Not likely.”

That doesn’t mean no. Knowing the close relationship that Bills GM Buddy Nix has with Schottenheimer, he’s unlikely to be completely out of the picture until a new coach is officially named. Nix said he wanted an experienced head coach that was a disciplinarian and a leader. Marty is all of those things and has 200 career wins on his resume in 326 games.

I’m not saying he’s officially a candidate, but you have to wonder if Schottenheimer is that extra ace sitting in Nix’s back pocket.

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Schottenheimer getting more play

Posted by Chris Brown on January 4, 2010 – 5:16 pm

Former San Diego head coach Marty Schottenheimer continues to get more and more play concerning the Bills head coaching vacancy.

Most of it is rooted in the fact that Schottenheimer and Bills GM Buddy Nix share a close relationship. They spend leisure time together golfing and there’s an inherent trust there. I’ve been a proponent that Schottenheimer would be just what the Bills need, a disciplinarian that preaches the kind of football that would be successful in a climate like Buffalo.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter appears to be on board as well.

I think Schottenheimer would be a great fit in Buffalo, and the fact that the Bills hired Buddy Nix as GM increases the chances that Schottenheimer would get a long look there. Schottenheimer and Nix worked together in San Diego and are close. Nix also worked with Cam Cameron in San Diego, and he’s another name that should not be dismissed. No one knows exactly what direction Buffalo is going to go, but there aren’t many coaches that would fare any better for the Bills than Marty Schottenheimer.

Schottenheimer however, told the Associated Press late Monday afternoon that he has not had any contact with anyone from the Bills organization, though he did admit he left a congratulatory voice mail for Nix on his phone. When asked by the AP if he could see himself as the next head coach of the Bills his answer was “not likely.”

That doesn’t mean no, but with Schottenheimer not tied to a team where the Bills would have to ask permission to speak with him you would think he would’ve been contacted already and possibly even interviewed knowing the Bills have to use the next two weeks to interview any candidates on their list that are currently coaching for playoff teams.

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Schottenheimer has itch to coach?

Posted by Chris Brown on January 3, 2010 – 5:14 pm

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen had a lot to say about the Bills coaching search on NFL Countdown Sunday. And as much as he said about Bill Cowher, he also had an interesting comment concerning Marty Schottenheimer’s coaching aspirations.

Mortensen indicated that Schottenheimer could be used as a reference for Buddy Nix, as they share a good relationship from their days together in San Diego. Cowher coached under Schottenheimer as an assistant and Mortensen thought Schottenheimer might be asked by Nix to paint a healthy picture of the Bills for Cowher. But he also said the following about Schottenheimer.

“Nix has a healthy relationship with Marty Schottenheimer from their days together in San Diego, so Marty certainly would give Cowher a favorable endorsement on the new Bills GM – if Marty himself isn’t a candidate,” said Mortensen. “And, yes, Marty has the hunger to coach again, no matter what he’s stated publicly, sources said.”

Schottenheimer is a coach that I felt would be a perfect fit for the Bills. He’s a disciplinarian and would be able to assemble an impressive staff of assistants. He also has one of the best winning percentages in football at .613 of coaches in the modern era that have coached more than 100 games. Only Cowher has a better mark at .623.

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Schottie addresses Bills coaching rumors

Posted by Chris Brown on November 24, 2009 – 2:55 pm

Former NFL head coach Marty Schottenheimer addressed the recent ESPN report that has him on a list of candidates for the Bills head coaching position.

Appearing on his radio show on the Sirius NFL Radio, Schottenheimer said the following.

“I think [the report] may have had something to do with a reunion of that 1965 Buffalo Bills team that we had,” said Schottenheimer.  “That’s probably a lot closer to the reality of it.  I was a bit taken back.  My wife looked at me kinda like, ‘Hello?’  And I said, ‘I’m home!’  It’s flattering but there’s nothing there.”

Schottenheimer went on to say he also doesn’t see himself as a GM anywhere in the league in the future either.

“I’ve never really considered the general manager thing other than some dialogue that I had with Clark Hunt (Chairman of the Board of the KC Chiefs) and it was more of a discussion about the various roles and can a guy do both or can a guy go from the coaching side of it to the administrative or executive side of it, if you will.  And certainly [Bill] Parcells has indicated that you could.  But to be very candid with you I don’t really think that I’m a candidate for any “GM” role first of all because I think it’s a totally different animal.  It’s not something that I would have an interest in. 

“And from the coaching standpoint of it, you know, I’ll be very candid with you and say it’s nice to think that people would consider you but the reality of it is is that after 30 great years I’m really not going to go back down that road again.”

I was kind of hoping Schottenheimer would feel differently because I think he’d be the perfect fit for the Bills in terms of what this team needs. He’s only 66 and the guy’s winning percentage (.613) is superior to that of all the Super Bowl winning coaches out there except for Cowher (.623).

And having previous ties to the Bills having been a former player only makes it better. People can knock Schottenheimer all they want for not winning the big one, or heck not even winning in the playoffs, but in a few instances his teams lost in the playoffs because they had no business being in the postseason in the first place. The guy gets the most out of players.

Just ask the Chargers, who are still wondering what happened to that 14-2 team from 2007, Schottenheimer’s last season as coach, though to their credit the Chargers have won five straight.

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Fan Friday 10-30

Posted by Chris Brown on October 30, 2009 – 3:01 pm

We’ll see if the Bills can make it three in a row against a high-powered offense in the Texans this weekend. Here are some answers to your questions. (

1. Hey Chris.
The loss of linebackers to injury this season has me wondering what has become of John Digorgio this season. I know the Bills cut him in the pre-season because of health issues. He filled in well for Poz in 2007 and I wondered if he was a possibility to come back since he knows the defense and the players well. 
Concerned Bills fan- Rochester
CB: This past offseason John DiGiorgio was signed to a two-year extension, but he was coming off ACL knee surgery. As training camp approached DiGiorgio had to undergo another surgery as there were bone fragments that had to be taken care of. It set back his rehab. He was eventually put on injured reserve.

Later the team waived him in an injury settlement so he is no longer with the team. In light of a second surgery you wonder if DiGiorgio’s football career is in jeopardy. Not all ACL knee repairs are successful, at least to the point where a player can play at the NFL level again. Each case is different. It’s unfortunate.


2. Chris ,
On some of the promos for the 50th season team I saw a Buffalo Bill with the name Schottenheimer on his back in one of the shots. I was
wondering if that was Marty by any chance and if not who it might be ???

Thanks Mr. T from Ft. Myers Fl.

CB: Yes, it was Marty Schottenheimer. He played for the Bills from 1965 to 1968 as a reserve linebacker and wore jersey numbers 56 and 57. He was the team’s seventh-round draft pick in 1965.


3. Chris,
How does Braylon Edwards get traded and comes in and makes game changing plays for the Jets right away? And how is it that Trent can’t do the same for T.O.? And  T.O. has been playing  5 games w/bflo.. Bad QB or bad coaching? 

CB: I can definitely answer your first question. Braylon Edwards’ smooth on field transition to the Jets was aided by an offense that was identical to the one that was installed by Browns head coach Eric Mangini in Cleveland. Edwards essentially learned the same offense in Cleveland that the Jets were using in New York, because Rex Ryan kept offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer.

As for T.O. and Edwards, there are issues preventing deep ball plays. Pass protection consistently holding up long enough and decision making by a QB that has been reluctant to throw deep.


4. Chris,
Jamon Meredith was a player I thought the Bills might draft and play at Guard.  I’d like to know your assessment of his play against the Jets. Also, what is the long term plan for Eric Wood.  Do you see him eventually moving to center?
Pete Howell

CB: I’ve talked to coach Kugler about Meredith and he said they had high grades on him and did see him as a guard/tackle. But he’s 6’5” and 305 pounds with good feet so he can play on the edge. In fact most of his college career was on the outside before moving to guard as a senior. With Levitre and Wood entrenched at the guard spots, tackle is probably where Meredith will stay.

As for Wood I think perhaps in time he could serve as the team’s backup center, but his primary position will be guard moving forward.



5. Hi Chris,

I have to ask, why aren’t the Bills giving Steve Johnson any playing time other than on Special Teams?

The thought of having a TE in Nelson (6’5″), Hardy (6’6″) returning soon, T.O. (6’3″) and Johnson (6’2″), seems like they would like to get the height advantage that would cause opposing defenses fits.
Especially in the Red Zone!!!

Thanks . . . Bob
CB: Head coach Dick Jauron actually has made Steve Johnson active on game day the last two games because he does want to get him more involved in the offense, and I expect that to continue Sunday. That’s why Roscoe Parrish has been inactive or the emergency 3rd QB.

However, those opportunities on the field have yet to present themselves. I do believe Johnson has potential and liked what I saw from him toward the end of last season, but when Terrell Owens and Lee Evans are having trouble producing I don’t know how much the offensive staff can concern themselves with how often they can get opportunities for their fourth receiver.

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