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Fan Friday 7-4

Posted by Chris Brown on July 4, 2014 – 11:42 am

Happy Independence Day everyone! A proud day to fly the flag. Here now are your latest questions from email at and on Twitter @ChrisBrownBills.

1 – Chris,

Given the new additions on offense do you see the Bills being run heavy or pass heavy? With Dixon and Brown there won’t be enough carries to go around. Getting 4 RB’s the ball seems like a tough task. Given the league is pass heavy and Watkins is in the fold how is the ball going to go around. Its a pass heavy league and EJ will need to throw 300 yards often. How do you see this shaking out?


CB: It’s my contention that the Bills want to be a run heavy team, but not to the point where they’re grossly imbalanced. Last year is a perfect example. With a rookie quarterback in 2013 the Bills ran the ball more than any other team in the league, but they still only ran the ball 49 percent of the time (546 times on 1,116 plays).

Every team in the league strives for balance as much as possible, but I believe Doug Marrone wants to be able to run the ball whenever he wants regardless of whether the defense knows it or not.

And as much as you want to call it a pass heavy league here’s a look at the 12 teams that ran the ball the most last season. Eight of them were playoff teams including the last two NFC teams standing last year. Yes, some of them also threw it ton (New England, Denver), but it wouldn’t surprise me if Marrone wanted his offense to be similar to that of San Francisco. The 49ers ran 52.5 percent of the time last year, and knowing the pace at which the Bills want to run their offense if they’re successful they’ll be more plays and thus more opportunities for more backs to carry the football.

Don’t kid yourself there will be a pecking order and some backs will see less of the field than others, but if their offense operates as they anticipate there will be more than enough carries to go around.

2013 Total rush leaders
1 – Buffalo – 546 rushes
2 – Seattle – 509
3 – San Francisco – 505
4 – Philadelphia – 500
5 – NY Jets – 493
6 – San Diego – 486
7 – Carolina – 483
8 – Cincinnati – 481
9 – New England – 470
10 – Tennessee – 462
11 – Denver – 461
12 – Green Bay – 459

2 – Hi Chris,
With all the talk around EJ Manuel and his progression, I have a question. I’ve listened to Coach Marrone and Coach Hackett say how good he is coming along, then I hear Marrone talk about the playoff drought. If EJ Manuel doesn’t pan out by the 3rd or 4th game, is he willing to pull EJ and replace him with either Lewis or Dixon? I am also curious as to why he has not been asked this by the reporters, because as fans we want a winning team as well. I’m curious as to why Marrone hasn’t been asked this and what his response would be. Just bought my season tickets this morning for the first time!! GO BILLS.


CB: First, thanks for supporting the team. We look forward to seeing you out there this fall. The reason coach Marrone hasn’t been asked this question is because coaches don’t like to deal in hypotheticals, especially those that deal with replacing players in the lineup. So if the question was asked it wouldn’t be answered.

Now to speculate on the situation you present is difficult. The organization has said from the day they drafted him that they’re all in on EJ Manuel. That plan is not going to be scrapped if he gets off to a slow start. That being said every plan has a breaking point. What that breaking point is for this coaching staff however, is hard to pin down now.

I think the staff is under more pressure to win in light of the ownership void. They know victories validates them as coaches, but only coach Marrone has to what lengths they’ll go to get wins and he’s not going to cross that bridge until he comes to it.
3 – Hey Chris,

I’m still trying to form a conclusion of whether or not the Sammy Watkins trade was a good one.

Don’t get me wrong, I was one of the people jumping off of my couch yelling “Sammy or Mack!” when the trade first scanned across the screen.  But after the dust has settled, and now that we are in OTAs and such, we tend to come back to reality and realize that afterall….Sammy is just one guy.  Yes Sammy is a playmaker, but statistics show that most rookie WRs do not produce heavily.  Plus you factor into the equation that Manuel was very inconsistent (to say the least) with his accuracy…along with a bunch of other variables working against Sammy.  So with all that being said, I guess I have 2 questions for ya.

1)  Would YOU have done the trade or would you have stood pat and taken say…Ebron or Beckham for much cheaper of a price in the 1st round?

2)  Since you were in the war-room, what was Buddy Nix’s reaction to the trade?  In the video and pictures of the warm room, everyone was clapping, cheering and celebrating the pick.  Buddy, however, was the ONLY one NOT celebrating.  I know it’s just Buddy, but he is still an advisor that has a wealth of knowledge and a history of not making trades on draft day.  So I’m just curious if you got the sense that he wasn’t thrilled about the value that was given up.

As always, Thanks for all you do.

And GREAT work on your draft coverage.


Tim in NJ
CB: I think if I believed that Sammy Watkins was the best player in the draft and I had an opportunity to get him I would certainly take a swing at it. Doug Whaley said himself he wasn’t their top receiver, he was their top player in the entire class.

Yes, there’s no doubt there are variables that can impact Watkins’ production. He is dependent on quarterback play and such, but I think A.J. Green is a good indicator as to what Sammy can be in his rookie season. Green was also the fourth pick in the draft and he played with a young quarterback at the time in Andy Dalton. Green had 65 catches for 1,057 yards and seven touchdowns as the number one receiver in the Cincinnati offense. I don’t think those are unrealistic numbers for Watkins.

As for Buddy’s reaction in the room, you have to remember the dynamics at work there. It was the first draft Buddy was attending since stepping down as GM. It was Doug Whaley’s first draft and he just completed a huge deal. I think Nix was being respectful of Whaley’s role now. It was Doug’s room, Doug’s draft and Nix was letting Whaley and the personnel staff enjoy the moment.

And so you know Whaley and Russ Brandon consulted Nix on about a dozen occasions through the course of the draft, most often when they were done having conversations with other clubs on the phone. So Nix is still a highly respected man in that personnel department.


4 – Hi Chris,

Thanks again for all you great coverage.  Makes it easy for us not living in Buffalo to get our daily fix of the Bills.

Two questions about the defense:  Is Marcell Dareus facing a suspension from either the team or the NFL for his drug charge and driving incident?  And are you concerned about Jim Schwartz’s defensive scheme looking a lot like Dave Wannstedt’s scheme from two years ago.  Both Jim and Dave said they rely on the front 4 to get pressure on the QB and our D from two years ago was not exciting, never blitzed, and seemed to never be aggressive or in control.  Mike Pettine’s D was exciting, aggressive, and confusing for offenses.  Which Defense do you expect to see more of this year?


CB: Thanks for the kind words. With Dareus the cases are just going to have to play out and based on their results the NFL will decide if disciplinary action is warranted. So they’ll have to reach their conclusions before the league steps in if at all.

As for Schwartz’s defense I’m not concerned about the Wannstedt comparison. Schwartz is a cutting edge coordinator in this league. He’ll blitz a whole lot more than Wannstedt ever did. And if I have to trade in 10 sacks in exchange for the best third down defense in football (Detroit was #1 last year) and a top 10 run defense (Detroit was 6th last year) then I’ll do it.


5 – Chris,

I’m interested in you thoughts on how Mike Caussin has been a Bill since 2010. He has almost no NFL production to his name and has an injury history, but continues to keep getting camp invites year after year. Does he have immense potential? Has he shown something in camp in previous years that keeps him around? I’m just used to seeing guys with his history off the roster after a max of 2-3 years. Thanks for all your work.

Nick in Baltimore
CB: I think what’s most appealing about Caussin’s game is his athleticism. He’s a pass catching tight end that has uncommon agility for a man his size. He’s also trying to develop as a backup long snapper to Garrison Sanborn. Yes, injuries have largely derailed his career. That’s why this is likely a make or break camp for him with tight end as deep as it’s been in a while in Buffalo.

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Fan Friday 9-20

Posted by Chris Brown on September 20, 2013 – 11:44 am

The second big division game in three weeks coming up on Sunday. Don’t forget the 4:25 pm start this week. Here are some of the more popular questions from you the fans this week. Keep the questions coming on email at and on Twitter @ChrisBrownBills.

1 –  Hi Chris,

I noticed that Jamaal Westerman made the roster, however I know very little about this athlete. Can you you provide a bit of information as to how he made the team.

thanks & regards
from Richard in Los Angeles

CB: Westerman was a late free agent signee during training camp. The advantage he had was he spent three seasons in Mike Pettine’s defensive scheme with the Jets as a reserve OLB from 2009-2011 after New York signed him as an undrafted rookie out of Rutgers.

He split last season between Indianapolis and Arizona, and through his first two weeks here it’s clear he’s got an important role on special teams (39 snaps in 2 games) with a rotational role on defense where to this point he’s been used sparingly.

2 –
Hi Chris.

I’m curious about how our offense is called and I’m hoping you can shed some light. Does the Marrone/Hackett offense use simplified terms as part of the fast-paced attack? I would assume so, given the emphasis on fast execution and the fact that it’s an established trend made clearly successful by the likes of Peyton manning, New England and others…but I’ve read that our offense is based on the west coast system, which of course uses long, complex terminology…I’ve always believed that this simplicity is key to why manning and Brady-led offenses make fewer self-defeating mistakes than most other teams. Thanks…

CB: I know there was a detailed piece in the Boston Globe last year by Greg Bedard on the short-worded plays in New England’s offense. Sometimes just one word said it all. The Bills do similarly keep their play calls short for the purpose of moving faster as well. Oftentimes the plays are just three to five words. So your suspicions are correct.

3 –

I read in two different articles that the new CBA says that if Carpenter is on our active roster on opening day and then we cut him after the Pats game we have to pay him the entire season veteran minimum of $630,000.00. Is that the way the CBA works now?

Long time Buffalo Fan

CB: Yes, that’s right, but that’s always been the case even prior to the new CBA in 2011. When a vested veteran player (4 accrued season in the league) is signed prior to the first regular season game so long as he is still on the roster the Saturday before the opener his salary for that season is guaranteed.

The Bills were really in a difficult spot due to Hopkins injury. They needed someone to kick and have to bite the bullet on Carpenter’s salary even though he’s unlikely to be here for the whole season.

This is why you often see NFL clubs wait until the Tuesday after the season opener to sign veteran free agents they might need to fill a hole on the roster. By signing a veteran player in Week 2 a  team is free to release said player without owing him his full season salary.

The Bills in this case didn’t have that option.

4 – Chris,

Don’t you think the Bills may get more from the WR position going with Easley and Hogan over Graham and Goodwin ?

I think Easley is ready to take the next step and Hogan has a knack for getting open.  Goodwin is now injured and Graham has yet to show he can gain separation and make plays.  Easley has good speed as well to try and stretch the field.

Randy C

CB: While I don’t disagree with your assessments of Easley and Hogan, I do disagree with your assessment of T.J. Graham.

Graham has been open, he just hasn’t been targeted much by E.J. Manuel. In fact on the final drive in the Carolina game alone he was wide open on three plays. What you have to understand is if Graham is not the primary or secondary read, it’s less likely that he’ll be targeted in the passing game.

Through two games he’s been targeted a total of four times.

We also need to consider the possibility that in an effort to not put too much on Manuel’s plate the offensive staff might only be having him read half the field on certain pass plays so he has only two reads instead of three or four in an effort to avoid sacks by getting the ball out faster.

But in watching the game film I can tell you Graham is getting separation and is getting open a good amount of the time.

5 –
Hi Chris,

Thank you for the great Bills coverage you provide day in and day out.

Question,  is tight end Mike Caussin on the Bills Injured Reserve list?  I know he was initially waived injured.  I don’t see his name listed in the injured reserve section of the Bills Roster on  I read he had season ending hip surgery on August 21.  Any word on how he is doing?


CB: Yes, Mike Caussin is on the Bills injured reserve list. He was waived-injured on Aug. 14th and when he was not claimed by another NFL club, he reverts back to Buffalo’s injured reserve list. And that’s where he is at this time.

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Tight end play time with Chandler absent

Posted by Chris Brown on August 12, 2013 – 12:09 pm

The Bills did not have Scott Chandler make the trip to Indianapolis in the preseason opener as a precaution with the top tight end coming off ACL surgery in the offseason. Mike Caussin was also out with a hip injury. Here’s how the playing time for those behind him on the depth chart played out Sunday against the Colts.

Chris Gragg – 57 plays
Nick Provo – 32 plays
Lee Smith – 16 plays
Dorin Dickerson – 15 plays

Seeing the rookie Gragg get the most time is not very surprising. He had a pair of receptions for 14 yards in the game, which might not seem like much until you realize that he was asked to run block on 27 plays. Clearly the coaches wanted to get a gauge on his run blocking.


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Mike Caussin update

Posted by Chris Brown on August 3, 2013 – 3:50 pm

Bills TE Mike Caussin has missed the last two days of practice with a hip injury suffered early in Friday’s practice. Head coach Doug Marrone provided an update on the tight end.

“We’re going to look at Mike here in a couple of days and re-evaluate him and see where he’s at and if he’s able to get back out here,” said Marrone. “Or it might be a little bit longer. In five to six days we’ll re-evaluate the situation. He took a shot on the hip and we’ll probably go from there. I’ll have more information on that (at a later time).”

Caussin is a tight end candidate that needs to be on the field. With Chandler back from injury and rookie Chris Gragg performing well, Caussin has to show the ways in which he can contribute to the offense as well. This hip injury unfortunately doesn’t help his cause.

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TE Caussin retained by Bills

Posted by Chris Brown on March 7, 2013 – 10:30 am

Bills TE Mike Caussin didn’t play a down for the team last year as he was slow to recover from a torn ACL at the end of the previous season, but his contract has been tolled by the club meaning he’ll be back on the roster for 2013.

Caussin spent the 2012 season on Reserve PUP so the final year of his contract was effectively put on hold or “tolled.” He was to be an exclusive rights free agent this offseason, but because the final year of his contract was never exercised with him on Reserve PUP, the Bills simply had to agree to toll the contract thereby re-enacting the final year of his deal in 2013.

In essence Reserve/PUP put his contract on hold for a year. So now Caussin will enter the final year of his current deal in 2013 and if he makes the team and gets credit for an accrued season he’ll be a restricted free agent at this time next year.

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Time runs out on TE Caussin

Posted by Chris Brown on November 19, 2012 – 4:33 pm

Bills TE Mike Caussin had been on Reserve PUP since training camp, but had been practicing with the team the past three weeks. Unfortunately he just couldn’t get back to 100 percent in the allotted time and now will be placed on season-ending injured reserve.

That according to head coach Chan Gailey.

“He practiced for three weeks and he never got appreciably better,” said Gailey. “He told me in his own words that he was 75-80 percent and that’s not good enough. We weren’t going to release him so we’re just going to put him on I-R.”

Buffalo’s head coach was disappointed for the young pass catching tight end.

“He played for us last year and had showed a little promise,” Gailey said. “It’s a shame all that happened for him the way it did. Hopefully he’ll get better and be able to play again.”

Under the Reserve PUP rules a player can begin practicing with the team again any time from the end of Week 6 to the end of Week 9. Once they start practicing it begins a 21-day period in which the player can practice without counting toward a roster spot. After the 21-day period though the team has to decide whether to add them to the active roster or place them on season-ending I-R. In this case I-R was the choice.

Caussin was coming off a season-ending ACL tear late last season.

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Caussin practicing

Posted by Chris Brown on October 29, 2012 – 2:28 pm

As we reported on the home page of Monday morning, Reserve PUP TE Mike Caussin is practicing with his teammates for the first time this season.

Caussin now starts a 21-day period where the team can decided whether to add him to the active roster, put him on their practice squad or season-ending injured reserve.

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TE Caussin changes number

Posted by Chris Brown on October 29, 2012 – 10:09 am

Bills TE Mike Caussin, who has been on the reserved PUP list since training camp, is expected to practice with the team for the first time today. He’s also changed his jersey number.

Caussin will now wear jersey number 80. He was last number 83.

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TE Caussin update

Posted by Chris Brown on July 25, 2012 – 3:07 pm

Here’s an update on TE Mike Caussin’s situation concerning his PUP list status.

Caussin was placed on Active PUP by the Bills, meaning that he can come off that list and begin practicing as soon as he can pass a team physical. If he was put on Reserve PUP to start the season he would not be eligible to begin practicing with the team until Week 6 at the earliest.

Caussin tore his ACL late last season, so we’ll have to wait and see how quickly the pass-catching tight end can get back into the practice setting.  The team still has the ability to move him from Active to Reserve PUP before the start of the regular season if he doesn’t progress enough to pass a physical.

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TE Caussin to go on PUP

Posted by Chris Brown on July 24, 2012 – 4:08 pm

As expected Bills TE Mike Caussin will be going on the physically unable to perform list to start training camp.

That according to Bills GM Buddy Nix, though he did not indicate whether it would be active PUP or reserve PUP.

“Caussin will start the year on PUP, and we’ve known that all along and that was our mindset,” said Nix. “We think it’ll be a big plus in six to nine weeks if we need an H-back or another tight end then we’ve got one right there. That part will be a plus.”

Based on Nix’s comment it sounds as if Caussin, who tore his ACL late last season, would be on Reserve PUP. That means Caussin cannot practice until between Weeks 6 and 9 of the regular season. At that time if the club deems him fit to practice he can begin practicing for a period of three weeks before the team decides whether to put him on the active roster or injured reserve effectively ending his season.

If he’s on active PUP, then he can begin participating in training camp as soon as his surgically repaired knee passes a physical. Caussin did not participate in any of the spring practices.

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Injury updates

Posted by Chris Brown on December 24, 2011 – 6:16 pm

Even though the win over the Broncos was a resounding one for Buffalo it did not come without a price.

Buffalo lost OL Kraig Urbik, TE Mike Caussin and LT Demetrius Bell to injuries. Head coach Chan Gailey provided updates.

“Bell doesn’t look good,” said Gailey. “Urbik doesn’t look good. Caussin doesn’t look good. All of those were knees or ankles.”

Gailey said that Kamar Aiken, who suffered a shoulder injury, did return to the game and believes he should be okay. All four players will be re-evaluated on Monday.

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Chandler unlikely to play

Posted by Chris Brown on December 8, 2011 – 4:00 pm

Bills TE Scott Chandler might miss his first game of the season this week.

Chandler did not practice for a second straight day along with CB Aaron Williams.

“Scott didn’t practice,” said head coach Chan Gailey. “Aaron probably has a better chance than Scott right now.”

If Chandler can’t go the offensive staff is expected to make use of both Lee Smith and Mike Caussin to spell Chandler.

“What you would do is you would use Lee (Smith) and Mike Caussin to do some of the things that you would do with Scott,” said Gailey. “Lee is more of a blocker and Mike is more of a pass catcher so you would try to keep that combination doing what they do best. I know that can’t always take place. Mike has got to block some and Lee has got to go out some we know that, but you try to be smart about how you do that.”

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No practice for Chandler

Posted by Chris Brown on December 7, 2011 – 12:57 pm

Bills head coach Chan Gailey confirmed that TE Scott Chandler will not practice with the team here today (Wednesday).

“He will not practice today,” said Gailey. “He’s going to try to continue to get treatment and maybe be on the field for a little bit (Thursday). It was a lot more encouraging than it was two days ago.”

Chandler, who suffered an ankle injury last Sunday, is undoubtedly eager to play this week against the team that drafted him in the Chargers back in 2007. If he can’t go rookies Lee Smith and Mike Caussin would team up to spell Chandler in the lineup.

“What you would do is you would use Lee (Smith) and Mike Caussin to do some of the things that you would do with Scott,” said Gailey. “Lee is more of a blocker and Mike is more of a pass catcher so you would try to keep that combination doing what they do best. I know that can’t always take place. Mike has got to block some and Lee has got to go out some we know that, but you try to be smart about how you do that.”

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Fan Friday 9-2

Posted by Chris Brown on September 2, 2011 – 10:30 am

I can smell the season opener!  Can’t wait for the Bills to try to exact some revenge on the Chiefs after that horrible overtime game last year. Final cuts are coming on Saturday. Let’s get to your questions from

1 – I was wondering how you see the defensive rotation going forward.  I think both Dareus and Kyle Williams are going to get heavy exposure, but who will be manning the other side? Will that spot still be open comeptition? Where do you see Alex Carington fitting in, and do the coaches think he is ready for a more full-time role?

Thanks again,
Ryan V, Rochester
CB: Carrington will have a bigger role this year, but it will be as more of a pass rushing linebacker in their nickel package, where he’s made some plays this preseason. He will also factor in on some subpackage duty at his more traditional defensive end role.

As far as that starting DE position on the right side, it’s Dwan Edwards’ spot to lose and fellow veteran Spencer Johnson has been pushing him with a strong preseason in his own right. I think Edwards and Johnson both did well this summer and it’ll be up to the coaches to decide who they feel should be the starter.


2 – Chris,
How are we in terms of offensive line depth? I’ve read that after the starters it’s a bit thin & even at least one of our tackles might be average at best. What’s your take?
John H.

CB: I can tell you that even Chan Gailey has said they have no depth, and that they need to develop it in the youth they have on their roster. I think the odds on favorite to be Buffalo’s swing tackle is fourth-round pick Chris Hairston.

He played both left and right tackle in the last preseason game against Jacksonville and did okay for his first game action, having missed the first two preseason games. He’s still got some work to do with his technique, but he’s got experience at left tackle having played there a couple of years in college and is a smart, heady player. The coaching staff clearly likes his potential, so it’ll be down to guys like him, Ed Wang and Cordaro Howard to represent the tackle depth on this roster.


3 – Assuming Byrd is starting at one safety spot, who is the front runner for the other spot? George Wilson? Also, what was the main reason the Bills did not re-sign Whitner? It seems that Searcy is a similar player to Whitner, does that explain his drafting and the letting go of Whit?

Seems as if Naaman is playing well in camp so far, does he have any chance of sneaking into a top 4 receiver spot? 

Buffalo, NY

CB: Lot of questions there. Yes, George Wilson is the starting SS and I don’t see that changing between now and the opener at KC. With Whitner it was a case of him asking for the moon in terms of money and secondly burning some bridges here with the organization. Cleaning out everything from his locker right after exit meetings did not go over well. He wasn’t even on hand for reporters for locker clean out day. I think the Bills already made their decision on him, which in part likely prompted the drafting of Da’Norris Searcy. Searcy however, is a much stouter player than Whitner as he goes about 223 pounds. Whitner was 206.

Roosevelt did have a solid camp before his ankle injury in the Denver game. I’m pretty confident he makes the roster.


4 – Hey Chris,

I am curious about Brad Smith and where he is lining up when he’s not at QB. Is he going to push for the 3rd or 4th Reciever role? or is he mainly a kick returner/ wildcat QB? 

Frank from Jupiter, Florida

CB: I don’t believe that Brad Smith will be full time in any one position. I think he’ll be a slash role player just like Kordell Stewart was. He’ll line up at QB in short yardage situations and Wildcat formations and he’ll split out at WR on occasion and also take part in kickoffs, though this new kickoff rule might render that moot with all the touchbacks we’ve seen. Where do I see him lining up the most? At QB this season.


5 – Chris, 

Thanks for the updates in camp. Who do you think will make the roster of the TE’s in camp? Chandler seems to be the favorite and has caught a lot of balls with the 1st team. Nelson is hurt again. The player that has looked good is Mike Caussin. He seems to maybe be a downfield TE. How many TE’s will make the roster? Will they keep a practice squad player or maybe have 4 TE on the roster. 


CB: Glad you enjoyed our camp coverage. I see the Bills keeping three tight ends. Scott Chandler and veteran David Martin I think are safe bets, but after that it’s the coach’s call in terms of who they like better. Shawn Nelson’s injury hasn’t helped him and yes, Mike Caussin has performed well. Rookie Zack Pianalto has also turned in some nice play at times. Caussin and Pianalto are both practice squad eligible, but I think it’s going to be very close for that third spot.

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Shawn Nelson still not ready

Posted by Chris Brown on August 7, 2011 – 4:58 pm

TE Shawn Nelson has been a spectator for most of the week after sustaining an injury Monday at the tail end of a run play, and head coach Chan Gailey doesn’t expect him back before mid-week at best.

“He pulled a muscle and he’s probably going to be a couple or three more days at least,” said Gailey.

Nelson will have missed a week of camp by the time he comes back, possibly more, and Scott Chandler and Mike Caussin are turning in plays in the passing game each day. With veteran David Martin also in the fold, Nelson is going to have some ground to make up when he returns.

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Chandler ready to learn quick

Posted by Chris Brown on December 4, 2010 – 7:58 am

Having bounced from team to team the past couple of seasons, Bills TE Scott Chandler sees the last five weeks of the 2010 regular season with the Bills as a lot of time to make an impression.

Chandler has been promoted to active rosters from practice squads before and has been asked to get things down pat quickly.

“I got to Dallas and my second week active they wanted me to play fullback,” Chandler told “I kind of learned that a little bit. It’s kind of the nature of the business. If you’re not one of the star guys you have to be able to pick stuff up quick.”

Chandler (6’7″ 272) is seen as a good receiver that runs crisp routes and can be a weapon down the seam in the passing game. He’s also a capable wall off type blocker. And he didn’t mind seeing Buffalo claim him, knowing the guy responsible for drafting him in 2007 was running the show for the Bills.

“When I heard Buffalo claimed me I remember that right away saying to myself, ‘Hey Buddy is the GM there,'” said Chandler. “He knows what I can do so it was good to get to talk to him. He just told me to be ready to go and learn as much as I can as quick as I can.”

As he looks to make a good impression on the offensive staff and Chan Gailey, it’s clear that the coaches are interested in seeing what both he and fellow TE Mike Caussin can offer.

“You try to evaluate anybody that you think might eventually be able to help your football team,” said Gailey. “That’s one thing Buddy and I are on the same page about. We brought in two tight ends and we’ve got five on the roster now, and to some people that might not make a lot of sense. But if those are the best people available out there, go take a chance and look at those guys and evaluate them.

“Even if you watch them for three or four weeks in practice you’ll get a better feel for them than if you evaluate them on tape from somewhere else. These are guys that we think have a chance to help us, maybe not as much short term as long term, but we have an opportunity to evaluate them ourselves, and not based on what somebody else does with them.”

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