Browns won’t take Clausen

Posted by Chris Brown on March 22, 2010 – 9:19 am

Though a good number of so called draft experts don’t expect Sam Bradford or Jimmy Clausen to still be available when the Bills pick at nine, a team president from a club drafting ahead of Buffalo stated that they wouldn’t use their top 10 pick on the Notre Dame QB.

Browns team president Mike Holmgren told the Cleveland Plain Dealer he doubted that Clausen would be their pick at seven if he was available.

“I wish I liked him more,” Holmgren said of Clausen. “You know how you have a type of player that you like? It’s not scientific. People like him a lot. He’ll go high. But it would be hard for me [to take him].”

Holmgren stated that he does like Tim Tebow, but also mentioned that with so many other areas of his team with holes to fill that those other positional needs may be addressed before the QB spot, likely due to the relatively thin crop of QB talent in this year’s class.

He doubts he’ll use even a second-round pick on a quarterback, unless they acquire an additional second rounder in some form of trade. Cleveland does have 12 picks this spring.

With a lot of other top 10 clubs in need of help on their offensive and defensive lines, it seems at least possible that Clausen could slide. Whether Buffalo has a similar opinion of Clausen as Holmgren is the great unknown.

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Browns seem set on drafting QB

Posted by Chris Brown on March 16, 2010 – 8:25 am

After all their wheeling and dealing at the quarterback position over the past week, the Browns appear by no means done at addressing that position as team President Mike Holmgren admitted he likes Sam Bradford a lot.

“I like Sam a lot; yeah, I like him a lot,” said Holmgren. “He’s a fine player.”

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Holmgren said he will consider taking a QB at seven overall or trade up if necessary, knowing St. Louis and Washington at 1st and 4th overall also need QB help.

“I believe that’s what it would take,” Holmgren said. “We’ll have to analyze what our needs are — how to make the team better right away. We have some areas that we have to address that are as crucial now immediately as the quarterback thing. This is probably the only year we have all of these draft picks, so we have to be wise in how we do that.”

The Browns have 12 picks, which Holmgren admitted is enough to pull of a blockbuster trade. With Jake Delhomme signed for two years and 35-years old and Seneca Wallace a career backup even Holmgren didn’t try to hide the team’s direction at the position.

“You can kind of paint the picture yourself of what we’re going to try to do,” he said.

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