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Comments on Fewell

Posted by Chris Brown on December 2, 2009 – 9:21 am

A couple of NFL Network analysts and former head coaches themselves had a couple of comments concerning Perry Fewell’s interim head coaching job during their NFL Network ‘The Coaches Show.’

Steve Mariucci and Mike Martz both offered their take on how Fewell has to approach things from here on out.

“He’s got to be himself. He can’t be Dick Jauron, he can’t be Marv Levy… he just has to win some games and let the chips fall where they may,” said Mariucci.

“He’s very sharp – this is a terrific pick for a head coach,” said Mike Martz. “He did a great job as coordinator and he has the respect of the players. I love the guy.”

Now Martz had Fewell on his staff as an assistant in St. Louis, so his comments should be taken with a grain of salt. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if Martz was angling for a possible offensive coordinator position under his former assistant if in fact Fewell becomes a finalist for the permanent head coaching job for the Bills.

The NFL Network will carry Thursday night’s Bills game with an 8:20 pm kickoff. Locally in Buffalo the game will be aired on WKBW-TV Channel 7.

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Martz wants to throw hat in ring

Posted by Chris Brown on November 25, 2009 – 11:09 pm

While all the big name Super Bowl winning coaches are being contacted by the Bills, one that hasn’t won the big one is indirectly expressing interest in the job.

Former St. Louis head coach Mike Martz is apparently interested. That according to ESPN blogger Tim Graham, who reports via a source that Martz finds the job attractive.

Graham also mentions that Martz does have a familiarity with Perry Fewell, Bobby April and Matt Sheldon having coached with all of them in St. Louis. The only problem is I wouldn’t expect Bobby April to stick around in that scenario. Martz completely ignored special teams and treated it like an afterthought. So much so that April was rarely allowed to use starters on offense or defense on special teams.

It made for some of the worst rankings April’s units have ever seen in his career and he never forgot it. That’s why when the Martz-led Rams in 2004 came to Buffalo, April pulled out all the tricks in his bag, including a pop up kickoff that the Bills recovered after a bobbled return attempt by up man Erik Flowers.

I just don’t see Martz as a fit in Buffalo. Yes, he drafted Fitzpatrick and perhaps liked Trent Edwards coming out in the draft, but I’m not sure he’s the kind of head coach this offense needs. His passing style doesn’t fit the climate that Buffalo offers.


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