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McGee on his veteran influences

Posted by Chris Brown on May 23, 2012 – 9:43 am

As the elder statesman of the cornerback group, Terrence McGee knows the younger corners will be asking him questions from time to time seeking knowledge about the game. McGee never did that himself as a rookie back in 2003. He just watched the veterans practice and play, and the one he watched most was Antoine Winfield.

“He’s one of the best cornerbacks I’ve ever seen so I would watch him and wanted to be like him,” said McGee, who was a rookie during Winfield’s last season in Buffalo. “If you watched him the way he tackled, even the way he did drills. He would do the drills perfect and it would make you sick because you would have to follow him in front of the coach. The way he broke on the ball, he just did everything you would want a corner to do. He was cat quick and just a real good corner.”

Nate Clements was also on the roster at the time and was a bigger playmaker than Winfield in terms of interceptions, but Winfield was rarely beaten for big plays, while Clements was more of a risk taker and would get beat deep from time to time. McGee knew who was better to pattern his game after, even though initially he was a bit conflicted.

“When I was here you would see Nate make all the plays and interceptions, but watching Antoine that was the guy you wanted to be like,” McGee said. “Of course you also wanted to make the type of plays that Nate made.”

A couple of years later Troy Vincent was on the roster and he was quick to mentor young players like McGee.

“A person who was really vocal and would tell you things on his own was Troy Vincent,” said McGee. “He’d give me advice. You’re going to listen to Troy. He was a great corner and a veteran guy. You’re going to listen to whatever he says. He could’ve told me to eat at McDonald’s every day and I probably would’ve done it. You definitely listen to a guy like that.”

McGee doesn’t feel like things are different now that he’s one of those vets, but he’s willing to provide answers to the younger corners that are looking for them.

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Bills could have traded Clements in 2006?

Posted by Chris Brown on November 28, 2008 – 1:36 pm

According to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, the 49ers inquired about a trade for Nate Clements before the trade deadline in 2006.

That was the year in which Clements was playing under the one-year franchise player contract, with the promise that he would not be franchised again and was likely to depart via free agency the following offseason, which he did to the 49ers.

According to the story, the Bills denied the 49ers permission to speak with Clements’ agent about a contract extension, as San Francisco wanted him locked up long term prior to agreeing to a trade. And so the deal was never close to happening.

It is interesting though that the Bills reportedly had an opportunity to get something in return for Clements instead of just losing him to the high-priced free agent market.

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Evans on matchup with Clements

Posted by Chris Brown on November 26, 2008 – 9:09 pm

One individual matchup that most Bills fans will be glued to on Sunday will be the one-on-one battle between Lee Evans and former Bills CB Nate Clements. Evans is looking forward to it, but dismisses it as some kind of rivalry.

“I wouldn’t say a rivalry,” said Evans. “Obviously we practiced against each other all the time. He certainly made me a lot better working against him. I would just come out here and try to challenge him and be as good as I could be. I think we certainly helped each other having worked against each other as much as we did.”

Despite what some might think, Evans maintains that Nate isn’t much of a yapper on the field.

“Nate wasn’t a real big talker,” Evans said. “He plays the ball very well and he’s very active in the run game. He plays 60 minutes.”

After Terrell Owens dropped 213 receiving yards and a touchdown on Clements last week, Evans is expecting a charged up version of Nate come Sunday.

“No doubt. Any time you come off of a bad game you want to come back next week and make a statement,” said Evans. “So certainly that will definitely be his mindset coming in and that’s what good football players do. They come back and try to respond.”

The most interesting thing to watch for is to see whether or not San Francisco’s coaching staff elects to have Clements follow Evans all over the field on Sunday. They don’t exactly have a slouch on the other side in Walt Harris. But when Buffalo asked Clements to shadow top receivers during his time with the Bills, he had great success.

Then again after getting torched for 213 after shadowing Owens, they might alter the plan a bit.

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