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A week for Bills to gain ground

Posted by Chris Brown on November 17, 2008 – 3:57 pm

Not to automatically assume that the Bills are going to win tonight against Cleveland, but doing so would put them in a good position in overall standing in the division.

That’s because either Miami or New England (barring a tie) will lose this Sunday since they face each other at Dolphins Stadium. Both teams are 6-4 meaning one will fall to 6-5.

The Bills will obviously have to do their job, meaning win tonight and get another win on the road at Kansas City Sunday, which despite signs of life from the Chiefs’ offense of late, should happen. Then Buffalo would be 7-4, either New England or Miami would be 7-4, the other would be 6-5 and with the Jets at Tennessee you would hope they’d meet the same fate as the 10 other teams that have faced them making them 7-4.

I know probably a little ahead of myself, but what’s laid out there is not unrealistic. Just got to hope it happens.

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AFC East logjam

Posted by Chris Brown on November 3, 2008 – 5:11 am

With the Patriots falling to Indy on the road (18-15), the AFC East is a veritable logjam with New England, Buffalo and New York all at 5-3 and the Dolphins just a game back at 4-4.

Best division record right now belongs to the Jets at 2-1, followed by New England at 1-1 and Buffalo the last of the three top division teams at 0-2. Miami just a game back has a 2-1 division record.

The Bills have to that zero out of their division win column fast if they’re going to have a shot at any tiebreaker edge for a division title.

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