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Poz not focused on return to Buffalo

Posted by Chris Brown on November 29, 2012 – 10:10 am

Jaguars MLB Paul Posluszny is making his first return to Buffalo in a regular season game Sunday. But he’s determined to focus on the game rather than the venue or memories of his first four years in the league.

“I have to approach it just like any other high-powered offense, just like any other opponent. the only difference is, I’ll have a lot of guys after the game that i want to say “Hi,” to, a lot of guys to see after the game,” said Posluszny. “As far as the approach during the week, it’s got to be just like any other opponent, because I can’t be nostalgic, say, ‘Man, great group of guys over there.’ Iknow so many of them, but I have to concentrate on the job at hand.”

Posluszny, whose first two seasons in Buffalo were cut short by injury, has not missed a single game since signing with Jacksonville.

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Poz’s contract to thank

Posted by Chris Brown on March 26, 2012 – 3:16 pm

The Bills were awarded a compensatory pick in this spring’s draft on Monday, and though we know most of the criteria that’s weighed in the league’s awarding of compensatories, the exact formula is a bit of a mystery even to NFL front office executives. In the case of the Bills this time around, however, the odds are good they have the Paul Posluszny contract to thank for the seventh-round pick.

Last offseason Posluszny signed a whopping six-year $45M contract handed to him by the Jacksonville Jaguars. It was considerably more money than any contract Buffalo handed out to any of their free agents last year. Contract size for free agents lost or signed does factor into the league’s compensatory equation.

We’re hearing that Buffalo’s compensatory pick (#251) was the last of those awarded for actual free agent losses. The last two awarded after Buffalo’s (#252, #253) were extras handed to the clubs with the worst 2011 won-loss records to fulfill the requirement of awarding 32 total compensatory picks.

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Poz on getting booed

Posted by Chris Brown on August 28, 2011 – 12:49 am

Former Bills LB Paul Posluszny was asked about how it felt to get booed upon his return to Ralph Wilson Stadium as a Jacksonville Jaguar.

“You know what, that’s why the fans here are so great, if you’re one of them, they cheer for you, if you’re not, they don’t,” he said. “That’s why in my four years here they were great fans, but it was different being on the opposite end of that.  I was surprised I thought it was going to come faster, when I was coming out of the tunnel everyone was cheering and saying hello.   I thought I was going to get booed more quickly than that, so it worked out OK.”

Posluszny explained what led him to sign with the Jaguars was the chance to be a middle linebacker in a 4-3 defensive scheme.

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Report: Poz to Jags

Posted by Chris Brown on July 26, 2011 – 10:28 pm

It’s being reported by more than one NFL news outlet that free agent LB Paul Posluszny has agreed to terms with the Jacksonville Jaguars.’s Jason LaCanfora is reporting it to be a six-year deal. Posluszny cannot sign the deal until Friday at 6 pm, but apparently playing in a 4-3 defense was a priority for him.

Bills GM Buddy Nix said earlier in the day that the club wanted to re-sign him and according to LaCanfora the Bills made a strong push to do so.

Posluszny was the last member of the Bills’ 2007 draft class on the roster. If in fact this deal goes through, Posluszny will return to Ralph Wilson Stadium in the preseason on Aug. 27th.

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Nix on Poz

Posted by Chris Brown on July 26, 2011 – 4:22 pm

Bills GM Buddy Nix addressed the team’s approach to re-signing free agents Drayton Florence and Paul Posluszny Tuesday, which we’ve covered on the home page of When asked specifically about Poz and why they want him back, Nix offered the following.

“He’s a leader for us,” said Nix. “He’s our kind of guy. He’s a tough guy, he’s smart. We want him back. He’s a good locker room guy and he’s a good player.”

Clubs could begin negotiating with veteran free agents at 10 am Tuesday, but no veteran free agents can sign until Friday at 6 pm.

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Plans with Poz and Florence

Posted by Chris Brown on July 26, 2011 – 8:23 am

Bills GM Buddy Nix shared the club’s plan with respect to two of their top free agents in Drayton Florence and Paul Posluszny.

“We’d like to try to sign them both. We hope they want to be here,” said Nix. “They’ll have other offers I’m sure, but our goal is to keep both of those guys.”

With Poz specifically, Nix said the following.

“He’s a leader for us. He’s a tough guy. He’s smart. We want him back. He’s a good locker room guy and a good player.”

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Free agents to keep eye on

Posted by Chris Brown on July 26, 2011 – 6:00 am

In addition to Buffalo’s own key free agents like Paul Posluszny and Drayton Florence, here are some other free agent players to keep an eye on as a very wild veteran free agent period gets underway.

Positions Buffalo is expected to be targeting in free agency include cornerback, inside linebacker and quarterback. Bills GM Buddy Nix has said that big ticket free agents are not the way he likes to build a football team. He prefers dependable free agents of high character. With that in mind here are some names that could make sense for the Bills.

Tyler Thigpen – Miami – played for Chan Gailey in Kansas City in 2008.
Billy Volek – San Diego – signed by Buddy Nix as Pro Personnel Director in San Diego in 2006.
Marc Bulger – Baltimore – committed to being a backup, so he would know his role in Buffalo.

Kevin Burnett – San Diego – 28-years old, started 16 games last season and had 95 tackles, 6 sacks, 2 INTs, 2 FF, 1 TD

Richard Marshall – Carolina – 26-years old, back-to-back 88 tackles seasons, full time starter last two seasons in which he had combined 7 INTs.
Paul Oliver – San Diego – a 27-year old reserve corner that’s a four-year vet and would represent good depth in challenging for a subpackage role. Started eight games last year.

Buffalo appears pretty set at OLB with seven players under contract already, but if they want to add another vet Cleveland free agent Matt Roth is a possibility knowing he played under George Edwards in Miami. He started all 16 games last year for the Browns in a 3-4 system making 86 tackles with 3.5 sacks, and probably wouldn’t break the bank. 

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Bills free agent list

Posted by Chris Brown on July 25, 2011 – 6:15 pm

Here is the list of Bills free agents including unrestricted and restricted.

Unrestricted free agents
ILB Akin Ayodele
OLB Keith Ellison              
CB Drayton Florence
DL John McCargo
ILB Paul Posluszny
SS Donte Whitner
CB Ashton Youboty

Restricted free agents
QB Brian Brohm                not tendered
TE Scott Chandler            tendered
RB Quinton Ganther       not tendered

Exclusive rights free agents
LS Garrison Sanborn       tendered
TE Jonathan Stupar         not tendered

Restricted free agent TE Scott Chandler was tendered a qualifying offer by the Bills as was exclusive rights free agent LS Garrison Sanborn prior to the lockout.

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Poz: Bills “top priority”

Posted by Chris Brown on July 25, 2011 – 5:27 pm

Free agent LB Paul Posluszny told the Associated Press that the Bills are his “top priority,” but with the free agent market opening Tuesday where all 32 teams can bid on any unrestricted free agents, Poz is expected to be contacted by other NFL clubs. 

Poz is reportedly willing to listen to other offers. The linebacker told the AP it would be irresponsible of him not to listen to what else is out there.

Veteran free agents cannot sign any contracts until Friday evening at 6 pm under the new labor deal.

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Dwan, Poz, Byrd all rank

Posted by Chris Brown on July 21, 2011 – 11:19 am

The film geeks and stat crunchers at Pro Football Focus are at it again and three Bills players make an appearance among their top reliable tacklers.

Dwan Edwards ranked an impressive seventh in the league among defensive linemen with one of the lowest missed tackle/per attempt ratios in the league over the past three seasons. He missed just one tackle for every 48 attempts between 2008-2010.

Poz fared even better placing fifth in the league among linebackers, though his ratio wasn’t quite as good as Edwards. His ratio over the past three seasons had him missing a tackle once every 24.64 attempts.

Finally Jairus Byrd, who worked very hard in his second NFL season to improve his angles to make more secure tackles, ranked 11th among NFL defensive backs. His missed tackle to tackle attempt ratio was one miss in every 17 attempts.

Knowing how much the Bills defense was on the field last season, it’s a good showing for some of the members of that starting unit.

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Fan Friday 2-11

Posted by Chris Brown on February 11, 2011 – 12:25 pm

Into the offseason we go. Let’s hope things get resolved in short order with regard to a new deal and the 2011 season. In the meantime to your questions from

1 – With Nick Fairley saying that he doesn’t want a cold weather team do you see the Bills staying away from him even if he is available. Also do you see DaQuan Bowers or Marcell Dareus fitting our scheme better. I also understand that Fitz is our starter next year, but if Locker is there in the second could we really pass him up?
Russell from Idaho

CB: I think in all fairness to Fairley, being from Mobile and playing his entire career in the south cold weather is just something he doesn’t know about. Besides he doesn’t get to choose where he goes anyway. The Bills won’t ever shy away from drafting someone just because they might not be a fan of the cold. As much as Fairley might not like cold, I think in the grand scheme of things it’s a minor issue.

As for Bowers, there’s a question as to where he fits in a 3-4 scheme, which the Bills play. His ideal fit is as a 4-3 end. To his credit he does play the run well and at 6’4” 275 pounds he has a freakishly strong upper body. It’ll be interesting to see if the Bills or any other 3-4 team believes he could handle end in a 3-4 scheme. I don’t know if playing OLB in a 3-4 is in the cards for him.

Dareus would be a fit in any system. He could be a DT in a 4-3 or a 3-4 and he could be an end in a 3-4 as I see it.

With respect to Jake Locker, I just don’t see it. Great physical tools, but consistency in his game is an issue.

2 – Do you think the Bills can get two quality ILB’s through the draft and free agency…then move Paul Posluszny to an OLB role? Were that to happen…how do you think he stacks up against someone like Clay Matthews..or Bryce Paup? At least capable of a 10 sack season..playing opposite Merriman?
CB: The draft unfortunately is a bit thin at inside linebacker, but Buddy Nix told me that they need to add two this offseason either via draft, free agency or some combination therein. Even if they do add two I still believe Posluszny stays inside. I don’t see them moving Poz, whose best fit in my opinion is at ILB. He’s good at rushing through the gaps inside. I don’t see him as a 10 sack guy at OLB and as you mentioned they don’t need to make Poz that with Merriman out there.

3 – All the talk about drafting a DT/DE with the 3rd pick makes me wonder, did Torell Troup and Alex Carrington not pan out as the staff had hoped? I haven’t heard much about them heading into the offseason. Any updates from 1 Bills Dr. regarding those two?
Buffalo, NY

CB: I’ll let GM Buddy Nix explain the Bills position on this in his own words.

“Obviously you’ve got to have a big nose tackle,” said Nix in reference to the 3-4 scheme. “We drafted one last year. We’re happy with Troup. We’re happy with Carrington, we just need a couple of more now.”

Buffalo does have enough of a veteran presence on the defensive line with Dwan Edwards and Spencer Johnson. Marcus Stroud is going into his 11th season and John McCargo is unlikely to be back as I see it. So there will need to be new blood on that defensive line this year.

4 – Hey Chris,
How come we never see any Bills head coach on ESPN or NFL Network with a post game speech.  It seems like we see every team but Buffalo.  Do the Bills not allow NFL Films or any other media sources in the locker room immediately after the game? 

D Fischer
Rochester, NY

CB: First, I believe NFL Films has the right to be in any postgame locker room by authority of the league. Second, the Bills haven’t had too many landmark wins that ESPN or NFL Network has felt are worthy to air. Once Gailey and his staff get this thing turned around there will hopefully be more notable victories that are worth publicizing on the major networks.

5 – Chris

The offensive line seems to have gained depth this year with much of it in the middle.  Any chance of one of the starters moving out to right tackle?  Also, Brad Butler has had a year to recover and rest.  Any signs that he may want to return to football?  Thanks.  

Mark in Prospect, KY

CB: The Bills have assembled some depth on the interior thanks in large part to Asst. GM Doug Whaley and his pro scouting staff. That’s why I think there’s a real chance that Eric Wood and Geoff Hangartner compete for the starting center role with Kraig Urbik the likely starter at right guard. At right tackle I believe the odds on favorite to start there is Erik Pears.

I haven’t spoken to Brad, but I did see him recently and all indications I’ve gotten from those close to him is that he’s happy with his decision to retire. I think he’s just got other irons in the fire so to speak.

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PFF rates Bills players

Posted by Chris Brown on February 9, 2011 – 3:48 pm

Pro Football Focus, which does a lot of film review and number crunching released it’s ‘Changing of the Guard’ review for the AFC East teams.

In it they pick out three players from each of the teams in the division. One player that’s on the rise. One that they feel slipped and a third that they feel should get more playing time based on their independent film study of the 16 games from 2010.

Here were their findings for the Bills, though we don’t agree with all of their assessments.

Moving On Up: QB Ryan Fitzpatrick (+10.4 to +18.5)

Fitzpatrick took some time to get going, but had the kind of stretch of play from Week 11 to Week 15 that made you think he could do a job for the Bills going forward. He’ll always have the odd bad game because he walks a fine line between making a good throw or a bad decision, but he gave Buffalo more of an opportunity to win than you figured he would. He’s probably not the future, but he might be the near-future.

Had a Bad Year: LB Paul Posluszny (+16.6 to -2.7)

Our top-rated Bills defender in 2009 didn’t find life easy as the Bills defense struggled to find a schematic identity. He actually made more tackles and missed fewer in 2010, but he was too easily handled in the run game and looked a little out of place in coverage.

Give This Guy More Snaps: DE Alex Carrington (+1.6 in 214 snaps)

The rookie defensive end only got on the field for nine games, but in that time he did enough to suggest he could contribute (and upgrade) the Bills defensive line rotation. In Week 12 against Pittsburgh, where he saw his most extensive action, he picked up a sack and quarterback pressure while constantly getting inside Jonathan Scott to disrupt the Steeler running game. For the rest of the season his time was limited, but he graded positively when being used as a more conventional 4-3 end.

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Poz would like to stay a Bill

Posted by Chris Brown on January 2, 2011 – 8:47 pm

As the 2010 season came to a close on Sunday the focus shifted to the impending offseason and some of the Bills more notable free agents, namely Paul Psoluszny.

Poz was asked about his thoughts as he enters an offseason minus a new contract.

“That’s a good question,” Posluszny said. “I don’t know. I would like to stay in Buffalo and see this thing through, but that’s up to Buddy Nix and Coach Gailey and I’ll see if they want me to be a part of this thing or not.”

Players have their exit physicals Monday morning and in all likelihood their exit interviews with the coaching staff. It’s then that Poz may get a better handle on his future.

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Poz wants to stay

Posted by Chris Brown on November 26, 2010 – 9:28 am

In a conference call with the Pittsburgh media this week, Paul Posluszny was asked if he wants to stay in Buffalo knowing this is the last year of his contract. Here was his response.

“That sounds like a great plan to me,” Posluszny said. “As long as they want me around, I want to be here.”

Posluszny has played some of his best football the past month, with double-digit tackles in each of the last four games. He’s among a handful of starters whose contracts will be up at the close of the NFL year March 1st.

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Fan Friday 11-19

Posted by Chris Brown on November 19, 2010 – 1:33 pm

Win No. 1 is in the books and the Bills have a very winnable game Sunday against a reeling Cincinnati squad. Getting mixed feedback from fans on winning right now as some want to lock up the top pick with the worst NFL record. I don’t see that happening because Carolina is a far worse team and Buffalo has made strides the last month. They’re playing better football. Now to your questions from the file.

1 – Hey Chris,
I know Ralph has said QB is the top priority this offseason and that really worries me that we will desperately take whoever is the best QB available at our pick in the draft,whether or not he is necessarily deserving of the pick. Personally I think Andrew Luck is the real deal and would take him first overall no question, but if he stays in school like he’s said he will then we take a QB just to take one? I think Mallett is a little inconsistent and have had character questions and that Locker is far too inaccurate and raw to cut it in the NFL. I would say to take a tackle but it doesn’t seem as though there’s an elite tackle at this point. If we can’t take Luck, do you think it would make more sense to take a defensive impact player such as Bowers from Clemson or Fairley from Auburn, maybe even Peterson on LSU, a tackle in the second and try to get Luck or someone like a Matt Barkley whenever they declare? Thanks.

CB: I think you can rest assured knowing that GM Buddy Nix is not going to desperately do anything. As I mentioned last week, we have to see which underclassmen declare in mid-January before we can really assess the landscape of what will be available to the Bills. At that point we’ll also know where Buffalo will be picking in the draft order.

Know this, Buddy Nix worked primarily under John Butler during his first stint with the Bills. Butler worked under Bill Polian, who openly stated that the top two positions on a football team in terms of importance were QB and a pass rushing DE or OLB depending on your defensive system.

I’ve seen a lot of Fairley and that kid is impressive. He jumps off the TV screen. I haven’t seen as much of Bowers, but of the tape I’ve watched it’s evident he’s a special talent. In fact, there’s one part of his game that resembles Bruce Smith. Bowers can drop his inside shoulder and his inside hip and flatten himself out at almost a 45 degree angle and still maintain his pass rush speed to get to the quarterback.

There are very few pass rushers that can do that. Marcellus Wiley told me when he tried to do some of the things that Bruce could do he would fall down. I’m not saying Bowers is Bruce Smith, but I am saying that on the surface it appears he has some similar athletic traits in his game to that of the Hall of Famer.

Just know that Nix is not going to have his hand forced with their top pick. I think he proved that last spring when he took Spiller despite glaring needs at other positions. If the individual talent at a position of need doesn’t fit their spot on the board he won’t reach to fill it.

2 – Hey Chris ,
I’ll make this quick – What do you think about Kellen Moore ?? All the kid does is win !!

Mr. T from Ft. Myers via Nashville

CB: Moore has shown the ability to perform in the clutch and you’re right he is no question a winner. His greatest strength is his knowledge of the game. A son of a football coach, Moore is a football nerd. As a kid he used allowance money to buy college game tape off the internet.

Since he was a sophomore his college staff was so impressed with his knowledge and scouting of opponents that they would often incorporate plays he liked into the game plan. To my knowledge they still do this.

What’s going to steer NFL GMs away from Moore are his physical limitations. He’s a 6’0” 187-pound pocket passer. He’s not all that mobile and his arm is adequate at best.

His football intelligence will get him drafted, but it will be hard for talent evaluators to overlook his physical deficiencies. I think he’ll be a mid to late round pick (4th to 6th), but I wouldn’t mind having him on my team as a backup. It should be noted that he is a junior, so he still has a year of college eligibility left.

He gets knocked for being a system quarterback, but I think he’s more than that personally.

3 – Chris:
It starting to look like Alex Carrington is falling into the potential bust category. How is it that a young Defensive Lineman can’t get on the field for this team that has major Defensive issues stopping the run and rushing the passer?
Joe Badaszewski

CB: I think you’re way off the mark here on Carrington. First of all Carrington is playing a position where there are experienced veterans in front of him (Johnson, Stroud, Edwards). That combined with the fact that in a 3-4 you really only need five defensive linemen active for a game and you see the numbers game where Carrington gets caught.

So I think to even attribute bust in the same sentence as Carrington is misguided at best. When you have proven veterans in front of you on the depth chart, that’s what is going to keep you off the field more than anything. It has less to do with his ability and more to do with the ability of the vets.
4 – Hi Chris,
Couple of questions for you. First, regarding free Agency this off-season, what notable players on the Bills roster have contracts that are expiring? Specifically, where do players like Whitner and Poz stand (I think theirs may be up soon) and do you foresee them being offered new contracts, or do you think Nix/Gailey may be looking to move in a different direction once the season is over?

Paul in Toronto

CB: Here are the names according to my records. I believe I have most of them. Paul Posluszny, Donte Whitner, George Wilson, Ashton Youboty, Keith Ellison, Brian Brohm, Drayton Florence, Jonathan Stupar and Garrison Sanborn.

I would think that Poz is a top priority with Whitner and Florence other notable considerations. I think keeping a quality long snapper is also important so I anticipate Sanborn will be back.

All that being said, with the labor uncertainty there’s no definition as to who is restricted or unrestricted based on accrued seasons before there is no CBA to go off of. A couple of these players are likely to be re-signed prior to a new CBA regardless of what the new rules become because the organization deems them important pieces for their future. But the absence of a CBA won’t make the process any easier.
5 – Chris,

One question about the Bills has really been bugging me: a couple of years ago Leodis McKelvin was a fantastic kickoff returner for Buffalo. C J Spiller seems awful tentative on kick returns. Why does McKelvin not return kickoffs? Does Coach Gailey not know that McKelvin is an electric return man? Maybe you could ask him that the next time you interview him.

Lee D.

CB: It looks like you’re going to get your wish Lee due to injury. Spiller is out Sunday against Cincinnati and McKelvin is slated to handle both kick and punt return. Personally I thought he was robbed last week on his 78-yard return on a very questionable holding call against Jon Corto. I thought Corto had him locked up legally and was driving his man down the field.

I do like that McKelvin is getting this opportunity. I think the Bills staff was so eager to get Spiller on the field, and knowing he’d be worked in slowly on the offensive side, returns were a way to get him extra touches. They also wanted McKelvin to focus more on defense because his consistency series to series had been an issue. In my opinion he played his best game of the season against Detroit last week.

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Four Bills on Wk 9 All-PFF team

Posted by Chris Brown on November 12, 2010 – 9:52 am

ProFootballFocus, which does a nice job of evaluating game tape and giving credit to weekly game performances by individual players named four Bills to their All-PFF Week 9 team.

Reggie Torbor, Paul Posluszny, Eric Wood and Kyle Williams, who they trumpet as a potential Defensive Player of the Year candidate (in their rankings) all made their squad this week.

As they accurately note, Wood is playing a lot better the past few weeks. Now almost a year removed from his major injury, though he still deals with pain, perhaps the foot speed is coming more naturally to him. Poz has had two very good weeks as noted by Chan Gailey earlier this week and Torbor has been a jack of all trades working both inside and outside for the Bills in certain defensive packages.

Williams though has been terrific throughout the season and at this point would be my defensive MVP for Buffalo. I know he got my vote for the Pro Bowl.

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Poz chat is up

Posted by Chris Brown on November 5, 2010 – 8:25 am

For those that didn’t have the chance to participate in the live chat with Paul Posluszny, you can watch it now.

Poz appeared on earlier this week to answer fan questions.

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Chat with Poz

Posted by Chris Brown on November 3, 2010 – 7:43 pm

Bills LB Paul Posluszny will answer fan questions on a live video chat on on Thursday at 12 noon.  Posluszny posted a career-high 18 tackles in last week’s game against Kansas City.

So have your questions for Poz ready and watch the chat on Thursday.

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Self scouting this week

Posted by Chris Brown on October 14, 2010 – 11:50 am

Along with making corrections to some of their own deficiencies thus far this season, the Bills are also making use of the bye week to self-scout and see what areas opponents are attacking the most.

“We’re looking at what’s caused us the most problems,” said Paul Posluszny. “It’s great for us because we can see how teams are attacking us and what has been most successful for them. So we’re taking a close look at that this week and fix those problems.”

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Poz on draft classmates

Posted by Chris Brown on October 7, 2010 – 8:02 am

Paul Posluszny was a member of the Bills’ 2007 draft class, and seeing two members of that draft class depart over the past two weeks has made things feel a bit different in the locker room for him personally.

Poz and top pick Marshawn Lynch developed a friendship when they both trained at the same pre-draft training facility in Arizona. After they were drafted they joked about meeting in the hole for the first time in practice. Entering their second NFL seasons Lynch, Poz and Trent Edwards, the team’s top three picks in 2007 were all starters in key positions.

But Poz saw a different part of the business the past two weeks with Edwards’ released due in large part to performance and Lynch moved via trade to help strengthen the franchise with respect to the future. 

“It’s a tough situation,” said Posluszny. “I don’t know how to take it. It’s personal because those are the guys I came in with, we got drafted together, that class in 2007. It goes to show there’s a lot of turnover in the NFL and things can change in a hurry. We’ve got to concentrate on the day-to-day and concentrate on our work each day and go from there.

“We’ve all said this before. You’ve got to perform at a high level at all times because there’s a lot of turnover.”

With Lynch and Edwards gone, Posluszny is the last remaining member of the 2007 draft class on the roster.

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