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What Bills player matches Kobe’s loyalty?

Posted by Chris Brown on April 13, 2016 – 11:59 am

Kobe Bryant, who wraps up his NBA career tonight after 20 seasons, is the exception nowadays rather than the rule. With the free agency era alive and well in just about all of the major professional leagues, Bryant is a rarity having spent his entire 20-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers. We decided to take a look to see what Bills players played the most games and spent their entire NFL career with Buffalo. Here’s the top 10 list, which includes one active player.

1 – OT Joe Devlin (1976-89) 191 games
2 – LB Mark Pike (1986-98) 170 games
3 – C Kent Hull (1986-96) 170 games
4 – QB Jim Kelly (1986-96) 160 games
5 – DE Phil Hansen (1991-2001) 156 games
T6 – DE Chris Kelsay (2003-2012) 147 games
T6 – DE Ben Williams (1976-85) 147 games
8 – DT Kyle Williams (2005-current) 136 games
9 – DE Aaron Schobel (2001-2009) 133 games
10 – CB Tony Greene (1971-79) – 128 games

Bryant after tonight will have played in 1,346 career games for LA.

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Kelly discussing cancer fundraising

Posted by Chris Brown on June 3, 2013 – 4:48 pm

It’s only been a couple of weeks that Jim Kelly and his family has known definitively that he has cancer, but in making his diagnosis public Monday, Kelly is already considering a fundraising effort to fight the disease.

Already a champion for a countless number of children’s causes including his own Hunter’s Hope Foundation named after his late son, Kelly sounds prepared to explore organizing fundraising efforts for cancer awareness, prevention and most importantly a cure.

“We have done so many things to make a difference for so many people, whether it’s kids… I know I’ve already talked to (Bills VP of Communications) Scott (Berchtold) to see if we can set something up to help kids with cancer,” said Kelly. “I know with my son’s foundation I’ve got my hands full with what we’re doing there, but if what’s happened to me can help other kids down the road can bring more awareness to certain types of cancer then we’ll do that. Everybody understands that that’s something the whole country and around the world is trying to kick and that’s cancer.”

“I would say we’ll have maybe two benefits. One for the Kelly for Kids of Western New York and maybe have to come back twice a year, one for a golf tournament for the Cancer Society or whatever he chooses,” said Phil Hansen.

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Narrow defeat for former Bill Hansen

Posted by Chris Brown on November 7, 2012 – 9:57 pm

Bills Wall of Famer Phil Hansen was running for a Minnesota state Senate seat on Tuesday and the race was still too close to call Wednesday morning, but the results are now confirmed.

Hansen lost to Kent Eken, who earned 52 percent of the vote to Hansen’s 48 percent. Hansen was running as a Republican candidate.

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Former Bills Hansen in tight Senate race

Posted by Chris Brown on November 7, 2012 – 10:27 am

Former Bills DE Phil Hansen, who is running for a state Senate seat in Minnesota is in a race that’s still too close to call here on Wednesday morning.

According to the Detroit Lakes Tribune, Hansen is trailing his opponent Kent Eken, but by less than one percent of the vote. No word on when the race will be called at this point.

Here is Hansen’s campaign website.

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Hansen running for State Senate

Posted by Chris Brown on June 4, 2012 – 9:35 am

Bills Wall of Famer Phil Hansen spent a long time considering a run for public office. Now he’s officially thrown his hat in the ring.

Late last week Hansen filed papers to run for a vacant State Senate seat in Minnesota. According to the Detroit-Lakes Tribune report, Hansen is concerned about the condition of Minnesota and wants to do more than just vote.

Among Hansen’s aims if elected are more fiscal responsibility and a “family friendly” tax policy that allows them to keep more of what they earn. He’ll be up for election in November.

The former Bills defensive end isn’t the first to run for public office. Fellow Wall of Famer Jack Kemp made a career in politics after his playing career, most notably as a Vice Presidential candidate on the Republican ticket with Bob Dole in 1996 and a nine-term Congressman in New York State. Former TE Jay Riemersma recently ran for Congress a couple of years ago, but was narrowly beaten in a Republican primary.

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Hansen to run for office?

Posted by Chris Brown on March 15, 2012 – 8:33 am

Bills Wall of Famer is expected to announce today whether he’s going to throw his hat in the ring for a vacant state Senate seat in Minnesota.

That according to a North Dakota news site Inforum. Earlier in the week Hansen would not reveal his intentions, but did release a statement that indicated he would outline his plan today which read as follows.

“I will announce plans to start a new chapter in my career, and give back to (the) place I love and call home.”

Hansen, 43, currently lives in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. He officiates high school football and works as a color commentator for his alma mater, North Dakota State University.

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Hansen to sign autographs

Posted by Chris Brown on September 18, 2011 – 9:21 am

Bills newest Wall of Famer Phil Hansen, who will be honored in a halftime ceremony today, is going to be in the Bills Healthy Zone Fieldhouse signing autographs.

Hansen is scheduled to appear at 10:30 am.

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Phil Hansen conf. call

Posted by Chris Brown on May 5, 2011 – 1:39 pm

Here’s the audio from the Phil Hansen conference call that he had this afternoon with the media following the announcement that he’ll be the 27th member of the Bills Wall of Fame.

Phil Hansen conference call

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Hansen was johnny-on-the-spot

Posted by Chris Brown on May 5, 2011 – 9:59 am

Bills newest Wall of Fame inductee Phil Hansen never thought of himself as an all-star, but there was one thing he was particularly adept at doing on the football field.

Hansen always had a keen awareness of where the ball was at all times, which largely explains why he was able to get to so many loose balls in his Bills tenure.

The defensive end holds the team record for most fumble recoveries in the playoffs with three and stands fifth in Bills annals with 10 fumble recoveries in his career. Hansen also had eight forced fumbles in his career.

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Fan Friday 6-19

Posted by Chris Brown on June 19, 2009 – 7:25 pm

We’re in the doldrums before training camp, but there are still some issues to discuss concerning the team. You can always submit questions to
1. Hi Chris-
Any truth to the reports that the K-Gun is returning to the Buffalo offense?
If so…what are your thoughts.
-Jeremy Reiner
CB: I think it’s safe to assume that some elements of the K-Gun offense are being incorporated into Buffalo’s offensive scheme with their no huddle package. But the K-Gun in its entirety I think is unrealistic.

I like that the Bills are turning to the no huddle more to make it more difficult for defenses to substitute and get set pre-snap. Of course the Bills offense has to prove it can sustain drives with consistency as well because if they can’t it puts a lot more pressure on the defense to stop people.

Knowing coach Jauron comes from a defensive background, I’m not sure you should expect to see an overwhelming amount of no huddle. I believe it will be used more, but if you’re looking for more than half a game of no huddle week in and week out I think you’re getting your hopes up.


2. Would it be a bad idea if Mr. Nelson got reps as fullback, not only to improve his blocking skills, but to add a fullback weapon ala ‘that guy from Lewiston.’

CB: I’m assuming you’re talking about Shawn Nelson. At 6’5” putting Nelson at fullback even on the move is a bad idea as I see it. First, blocking as a fullback is different than as a tight end. Linebackers are often coming at you with a head of steam as opposed to a defensive end butting heads with you at the line.

Second, the coaching staff has already made a point of keeping the information flow to Nelson at a manageable level as they have him focused primarily on route running within the offensive scheme, knowing that’s where he can help them the most as a rookie. The blocking will come later since they have two other tight ends to handle it.

And that guy from Lewiston, Moose Johnston and Nelson are two completely different players.

3. Has there been any thought given to asking Bruce Smith in to some of the camps to work with Maybin???  Given his skill set, Bruce has a lot to tech a guy with Maybin’s raw physical talents

Steve Ward
Miamisburg, OH

CB: That’s not a bad idea, but I just don’t see Bruce interested in coaching. I know Steve Tasker has volunteered his time to help Bobby April on occasion with special teams skills, but Bruce was such a great player. As Phil Hansen once explained to me, Bruce could contort his body in a way that no one else could in terms of bending the corner. He’d run upfield straight, while his upper torso was turned 90 degrees and hand fighting the offensive tackle.

Marcellus Wiley once told me he tried to do what Bruce did and just kept falling down. So what Bruce knows how to do I’m not sure can be effectively applied to most players on Buffalo’s roster today.

4. Chris,
Why isn’t Tom Modrak given more credit for the outstanding job he does on day two of the draft (ex. McGee, Ellison, Williams and Butler)?  By the way, this year’s 4th (TE-Nelson) is a home-run.
Guy Devitt

CB: I think the reason is pretty simple. The team hasn’t been successful in terms of winning records and playoff appearances. So as a result those associated with the team aren’t recognized outside of the walls of One Bills Drive for the good work that they do.

I think Modrak’s record as a talent evaluator speaks for itself, well beyond just what he’s done with the Bills. Everyone forgets how much heat he took as GM in Philadelphia when he took Donovan McNabb instead of Ricky Williams with the fifth overall pick. I think that has to be one of his best calls and for it to come with a top five pick was big.

5. Chris,

Who from last year’s draft class will have an impact this season?  I know everyone is counting on McKelvin and Hardy but I’m very interested in how Alvin Bowen and Chris Ellis will do coming off of injuries.

CB: I think that Derek Fine has a chance to make an impact with the starting tight end job up for grabs after the release of Robert Royal. I anticipate he and Derek Schouman to battle it out for the top job. But Fine has looked good in the passing game and has a good chemistry with Trent Edwards. Not that Schouman doesn’t, but I think Fine’s got a shot.

Ellis is flying under the radar with all the hype surrounding top pick Aaron Maybin. I’m really interested to see what Ellis can bring to the table in camp when the pads go on. I think Bowen is also capable of pushing veteran Keith Ellison for the starting outside linebacker job. So you’re on the mark with some guys to keep an eye on.

Reggie Corner could land the nickel job as well and Demetrius Bell could be the swing tackle behind Butler and Walker. Not a bad draft class huh? (See Modrak question 4).

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Jim Kelly golf tourney underway

Posted by Chris Brown on June 1, 2009 – 3:10 pm

I’m out at the 23rd annual Jim Kelly golf tournament this morning. A lot of familiar faces out here.

Talked to Jim, Bruce, Andre, Tasker and Phil Hansen among others.

Among the current Bills taking part that I spotted were John Wendling, John McCargo, Derek Fine, Gibran Hamdan, Paul Posluszny, Jonathan Stupar, Trent Edwards and Matt Baker.

Among the coaches I saw were Tyke Tolbert, Turk Schonert and Alex Van Pelt.
We’ll have full coverage of the event later this afternoon in the media lounge on

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