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Fan Friday 4-15

Posted by Chris Brown on April 15, 2011 – 12:30 pm

Less than two weeks until the draft. Let’s get to your questions from

1 – Ok I realize this is all new so we may not know, but hopefully you do.  Typically the draft picks are flown to the team that drafted them (or at least the high picks) and given a tour, meet the media, etc.  I know the draft will happen as scheduled but will the lock out stop the post draft trips by selected players?  I love watching interviews with the guys we pick and if ALL Players are locked out, does that include the once we just drafted?

Steven J. Huber

CB: From what I have been told, top draft choices can be brought to a team facility for publicity purposes, so we do anticipate having the opportunity to interview them when they arrive and have it for you on So we hope to bring you the kind of draft coverage you’ve come to expect from However, if the current labor situation still exists post-draft they will fall into the same category as the veteran players.

2 – Chris ,
Looking at QB’s this year you don’t hear much conversation about  TCU’s QB Dalton . The kid has done nothing but win every place he’s  played . A article on says he is a great anticipator & that he  was a 60 percent pass completion stat . If the Bills are looking for a QB of the future why wouldn’t someone with this type of background be more involved in these conversations? There has been some great talent come out of TCU , Schobel & LT both came from there didn’t they ? Given if he falls to the second round or later do you think he might be on Buddies radar any where ? He could be a great late round pick up!! Just seeing what you might think .

As always thanks & props for all you do
Mr. T from Ft. Myers Via Nashville
CB: Hopefully you’re referring to the story I wrote for earlier this month on Dalton. The guy is a winner. The reason he doesn’t get a ton of credit is because he played with the number one defense in the nation three years running. That and the fact that he doesn’t have an elite physical skill set. But he can play, he’s sharp as a tack, and he’s a winner. And he’s no late round pick. Most are figuring early second round. And thanks for the kind words.

3 – Hey Chris,
Kyle Williams is a consummate pro just not prototype 3-4 NT/space eater tying up 2 OL, anyway chance he could flex to 5 tech DE and draft a Phil Taylor/Kendrick Ellis type. Torell Troup isn’t that type either

Then get Martez Wilson or Kelvin Sheppard or what do u think of Nick Bellore from C.Mich later on? This would stop them from running on us

Ray in Kenmore.

CB: To answer your question about Kyle Williams I’m going to use a comment Buddy Nix made about him at the NFL combine when he was asked a question about whether the line is getting blurred with 3-4 defensive ends and if they don’t necessarily have to have measurables like being 6’5” or taller.

“A guy that’s 6’5” and can run a little bit, he can play out there for us,” said Nix. “You need range. There are always exceptions. I think you could take Kyle Williams and put him out there and he’d make plays for you. He would never be the pass rusher out there because of the huge tackles, but he’d make plays for you.”

I’ve asked Coach Gailey about possibly moving Williams outside to end as well and he made it clear that he feels that Williams is too much of a force inside that it outweighs the potential experimental value of putting him at end. Not saying you’ll never see it in small doses, but overall I’m not anticipating it.

I am a big fan of Phil Taylor after what I saw from him at the Senior Bowl. He was dominant. Kenrick Ellis has some off the field issues that teams will need to clear up having been kicked off the team at South Carolina. Taylor also had an off the field issue as a fraternity fight forced him from the Penn State program, but having put two solid seasons together since that incident while staying on the straight and narrow he’s been cleared by most NFL clubs.

I disagree with your assessment that Troup could not be a two gap nose tackle. He’s been busting his tail this offseason in the weight room and is up to a chiseled 325 pounds (up from 314 as a rookie). I believe he can play that role effectively for the Bills.

Martez Wilson is a versatile option at linebacker having played both inside and outside, while Kelvin Sheppard is a born leader type with tremendous instincts. Bellore is a better football player than he is an athlete. He doesn’t wow with measurables, but he does with his production.

Still he’s seen as a late round pick, so if the Bills take a flyer on him in the sixth or seventh I’m good with that.

4 – Chris

Thank you for the great job you do keeping us informed.

Question – Why would we take a QB in 1st 2 rounds when all analysts think there are no franchise QB’s this year and we have such a need for run defense? Why not take a big stud DL in first round and a big run stopper inside LB in the 2nd. Fitzpatrick is at least a good solid QB and the O line should be solid for the first time in years. Let’s build up the D

Ron from Greensboro  

CB: Once again I’ll turn to head coach Chan Gailey’s comment to explain why quarterback is a consideration both at 3 and at 34th overall.

“The advantage that we have in this is a rookie quarterback does not have to play. We have a good quarterback,” said Gailey. “That’s the best thing about our situation. You hope that you don’t pick three again for a very long time. So if there’s a guy that is sitting there that you believe is a so called franchise quarterback if you pass it up at this point for the long term best interest of the franchise, that might not be the best decision to pass that guy up. The quick fix is to try to go fix the defense and we understand that and we need to try to get some more impact players on defense if we possibly can. That would help us in the more immediate future, but if you’re looking at the long term and you believe the guy is a franchise quarterback, you bring him in, you let him learn and sit behind Fitz.”

5 – Do you see the Bills trading down?  With the Bengals suddenly in need of a QB, there are now at least 5 teams in the top 12 looking for a savior.  I would think the third overall pick, ahead of the Bengals & Cards, would look inviting to teams like Washington, Minnesota and Tennessee.  Even if the Bills drop to 12, Cam Jordan would still be there.  Of course this is a mute point if they draft Newton or Gabbert.  What do you think?

Pete Howell
CB: You’re right the Bills could move down and still get a top flight defensive end with the depth at that position in this draft. In listening to Buddy Nix about this he said it’s not something they would close the door on, but if they did move down they’d like to stay in the top 10.

I think it is a possibility, but I think the Bills would have to be bowled over. Remember teams can only trade picks for picks unless there is a new CBA in place prior to the draft.

I will say that Nix is not a fan of hopping up and down the draft board. He generally likes to stay where he is and make his picks. I did a whole story on the merits of trading down with some very good insight from Nix on this subject.

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Top DTs visiting Jets

Posted by Chris Brown on April 11, 2011 – 10:22 am

A couple of the top defensive tackle prospects in this year’s draft are making pre-draft visits to the Jets today (Monday).

According to the Jets official team site, Baylor DT Phil Taylor and Temple DT/DE Muhammad Wilkerson are visiting with the club in Florham Park, N.J..

Wilkerson and Taylor figure to be late first-round picks and the Jets draft pick 30th overall. With NT Kris Jenkins not expected back and DE Shaun Ellis soon to be 33-years old, New York needs an influx of youth up front, so seeing them pull the trigger on either one of these players would come as no surprise on draft day.

Watching Taylor work at the Senior Bowl all week, he was downright dominant. Wilkerson offers the versatility of playing a 3-4 end or a 3-4 nose if needed.

Other Jets visitors include Tempe S Jaiqwan Jarrett, Rutgers CB Joe Lefeged, Arkansas OL Ray Dominguez, Slippery Rock C Brandon Fusco, Central Florida OT Jah Reid.

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Phil Taylor 1st round lock?

Posted by Chris Brown on March 4, 2011 – 4:05 pm

Baylor’s pro day proved to only raise the stock of two of their top prospects in OL Danny Watkins and DT Phil Taylor.

That according to’s Gil Brandt who was on hand for the workout. He feels Taylor may have locked up his stock as a first-round pick.

I can say that Taylor was one of the three most impressive players at the Senior Bowl in late January and did not disappoint with his combine workout. I was hoping he’d be an option for the Bills at the top of round 2, but that does not appear to be looking like a probable scenario.

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