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Whaley confirms team’s dinner with QB Lynch

Posted by Chris Brown on April 7, 2016 – 9:22 am

Bills GM Doug Whaley made an appearance on NFL Network Thursday morning and was asked about the team’s reported dinner with Memphis QB prospect Paxton Lynch. It was first reported by’s Ian Rapoport that Buffalo had dinner with Lynch the night before his pro day Wednesday.

Whaley confirmed the report.

“Yes, we sent two coaches there, our offensive coordinator Greg Roman and our offensive assistant Chris Palmer,” said Whaley. “They did spend some time at dinner with Paxton Lynch. At this time of year we’re turning over every rock. You have to do your work. You never know what’s going to happen in the draft. Maybe even after the draft. Maybe we get information on Paxton for a possible trade in subsequent years or when free agency hits four or five years from now. So you always want to get as much information as you can on all these college guys this time of year.”

Whaley was also asked if Tyrod Taylor is the long term answer at quarterback. Here was his response.

“We want him to be and he wants to be,” said Whaley of Taylor. “Time will tell, but we’re excited about what he did last year. He went 8-6 as a starter. There’s a lot of excitement around our football. We were the number one rushing team in the league and we went 4-2 in our division so we’re excited. And I’ll tell you this about Tyrod, he’s a big time competitor and he’s going to want to raise the level of his game next year and we’re going to give him as much ammunition around him as we can so he can succeed.”

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Whaley on hand for Cal pro day

Posted by Chris Brown on March 18, 2016 – 6:57 pm

The pro day circuit is in full swing and Bills GM Doug Whaley is making the rounds. On Friday he was out on the west coast for Cal’s pro day and QB Jared Goff.’s Gil Brandt confirmed Whaley’s attendance.


It’s not surprising at all to see the Browns had their GM and head coach on site. With the second pick in the draft they’ll be looking at a quarterback.

Among the other top prospects at Cal are WRs Kenny Lawler and Trevor Davis and RB Daniel Lasco. SS Stefan McClure figures to be a late round pick.

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Northern Iowa WR runs 4.19 at pro day

Posted by Chris Brown on March 4, 2013 – 4:47 pm

Northern Iowa had their pro day Monday and WR Terrell Sinkfield burned up stopwatches with an unimaginable time in the 40.

Sinkfield after running a 4.27 was clocked on his second attempt at 4.19 according to FOX Sports North. With a time that fast he was actually asked to run a third 40. Sinkfield (6’1″ 199) stumbled on his third attempt and still ran a 4.41.

“I knew it was good when I finished,” Sinkfield told FOXSportsNorth of his 4.19. “I was pretty happy, so I came back. I thought I messed up when they said go again. I’m like, ‘Dang, why do I have to run again?'”

A former track star and running back in high school, Sinkfield was barely recruited by Division I schools. Even his hometown Minnesota Golden Gophers didn’t give him an offer. That’s what made him running at Minnesota’s pro day so ironic.

Sinkfield had 43 catches for 499 yards and four touchdowns last season. Here’s a highlight reel of his from Northern Iowa. I thought he’d just be a guy running a lot of nine routes, but he’s good at fighting for the ball and adjusting to the ball in the air seeing that his quarterback was not consistent with his accuracy.

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Early reports on Locker

Posted by Chris Brown on March 30, 2011 – 3:48 pm

Jake Locker’s pro day was solid if not spectacular according to early reports coming in.

Locker’s passing efficiency against air might not be considered all that impressive, but knowing that accuracy is one of the knocks on his game that’s out there, having a solid day in terms of completion percentage was important. Here’s NFL Network reporter Albert Breer’s initial report.

AlbertBreer Jake Locker finishes up completing all but two of 45-or-so throws. Nothing to go crazy over — it IS against air — but a good day for him.

There was another report from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune as well.

JuddZulgad Jake Locker started 36-for-36 at his Pro Day and had two incompletions in 40 some passes.

UPDATE: Here’s a full report from the Star-Tribune

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Pro day for DL Heyward

Posted by Chris Brown on March 30, 2011 – 11:20 am

Ohio State DL Cameron Heyward has his much anticipated pro day today. Coming off of elbow surgery for an injury sustained in his last college game (Sugar Bowl) Heyward could not perform at the NFL combine or at Ohio State’s pro day.

There’s a good chance that Heyward (6’5″ 294) will not bench today (Wednesday), but he’s expected to do just about everything else. Heyward, the son of the late Craig “Ironhead” Heyward, is seen as a versatile defensive line option. He played mostly end for the Buckeyes, but could also play inside in a 4-3 system and is capable of playing end in a 3-4.

“It doesn’t matter because going to Ohio State I’ve been in a 4-3 system where I’ve played end and tackle,” he said. “And then we also went to a 3-4 on third downs and I played the end so it’s only benefited me.”

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