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Other encouraging McKelvin numbers

Posted by Chris Brown on September 20, 2013 – 12:22 pm

As we profiled today on Leodis McKelvin is off to a solid start as one of Buffalo’s starting cornerbacks this season. Here are some other promising figures connected to his play.

Through two NFL games, no other cornerback has played as many snaps as McKelvin according to ProFootballFocus and despite being on the field for more plays than any other cover man, McKelvin ranks in the top 15 in passer rating allowed.

McKelvin is holding opposing quarterbacks to a passer rating of 51.9. That’s good for 14th best in the league.

Also encouraging is nickel corner Nickell Robey’s passer rating against is just 64.1, good for 19th, but he’s only been targeted nine times in two games. McKelvin has been targeted more than any other cornerback in the league with 26, yet he’s allowed just 10 completions.

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More on Fitz’s numbers

Posted by Chris Brown on October 27, 2010 – 10:18 am

By now most Bills fans are aware that Ryan Fitzpatrick is the second highest rated passer in the NFL next to Peyton Manning. But there are some other numbers that are intriguing concerning Fitz’s performance thus far too.

Pro Football Focus’ fantasy department breaks down several of Fitzpatrick’s numbers, the most interesting of which is his touchdowns per attempt percentage. He currently has a touchdown rate of 8.6%. That touchdown per attempt rate is insanely high, especially when you consider that Tom Brady’s TD/attempt percentage was 8.7% in the Patriots’ undefeated season of 2007.

As such ProFootballFocus does not believe Fitz will keep up the pace he’s currently set for himself. I’m inclined to wait and see just what else Fitz has in store for us before blindly agreeing with PFF, but they are interesting figures to look at nonetheless.

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Jackson no gainers are low

Posted by Chris Brown on May 24, 2010 – 10:42 am

ProFootballFocus was at it again crunching numbers, this time to determine which NFL rushers were the best as avoiding carries for no gain, by scratching out any kind of positive yardage possible whether their lines up front were good, bad or somewhere in the middle. As has been the case in many of these studies, Buffalo’s Fred Jackson has been on the league’s best.

With a minimum of 75 carries needed to qualify from 2009, Jackson ranked 5th in the league in lowest percentage of carries for no gain. Of his 238 carries in 2009 only 34 went for no gain or 14.3%.

The only NFL ball carriers that had a lower figure were Oakland’s Michael Bush, the Jets’ Shonn Greene, Dallas’ Tashard Choice and New Orleans’ Pierre Thomas.

Making Jackson’s low no gain percentage even more impressive is he is the only back in the top 5 with more than 200 carries. So despite having significantly more carries than most of the top 10 on the list, he still had one of the lowest percentages of rushes for no gain.

Only Miami’s Ricky Williams (244) and Baltimore’s Ray Rice (289) had more carries than Jackson (238) that made the top 10. Here’s the top 10 list from ProFootballFocus.

1 – Michael Bush – Oakland – 11.4%
2 – Shonn Greene – NY Jets – 13.5%
3 – Tashard Choice – Dallas – 13.9%
4 – Pierre Thomas – New Orleans – 14.2%
5 – Fred Jackson – Buffalo – 14.3%
6 – Laurence Maroney – New England – 14.4%
7 – Kevin Faulk – New England – 14.5%
8 – Ricky Williams – Miami – 14.5%
9 – Jason Snelling – Atlanta – 14.8%
10 – Ray Rice – Baltimore – 15.2%

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