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Bills founder’s medals on display in Buffalo

Posted by Chris Brown on July 10, 2015 – 11:34 am

Bills founder and Hall of Fame owner Ralph Wilson’s military medals for his service in the US Navy will be on display in downtown Buffalo beginning this weekend.

Wilson’s World War II medals will be unveiled to the public on Saturday at 10 am at the Buffalo & Erie County Naval and Military Park near Canalside. His medals are on loan for the next couple of months from the Pro Football Hall of Fame. His naval uniform will also be part of the exhibit.

Former Bill Bob Kalsu, who is the only NFL player to make the ultimate sacrifice in the Vietnam war will also have a display at the park. His display will include the Sports Illustrated cover story along with his helmet and playing card.

Wilson and Kalsu are being recognized as part of the Salute to Service events that will run through mid-August at the park.

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Some national perspective on Bills season

Posted by Chris Brown on December 30, 2014 – 1:31 pm

R Bills didn’t make the playoffs for a 15th straight season, and when you’ve seen every one of those years up close and personal it’sometimes difficult to see the forest for the trees. MMQB’s Don Banks paints a pretty good picture of all that was accomplished by a franchise that endured a tumultuous year.

Banks references everything from Mr. Wilson’s passing to Jim Kelly’s cancer fight to the Pegula ownership transfer to Snow-vember. Perhaps his close to his look at the Bills season read best.

For a franchise that has enjoyed just one other winning season amid the gloom and doom of eight last-place finishes these past 15 years, the 2014 Bills offered hope that a brighter day is finally on its way to the shores of Lake Erie. With a defense that made the likes of Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers look downright ordinary, the Bills put up a fight from start to finish, and Doug Marrone’s team proved it would do its part to usher in a new era of Buffalo football. These were not the same old Bills, and there was no mid-season swoon and descent into irrelevance. Buffalo didn’t go away, and the Bills signaled they’re here to stay, with the club’s annual Toronto series ending and the ticking clock that was the threat of relocation being unplugged for good. 

The 2014 NFL season won’t be remembered fondly by many people, what with its litany of depressing off-field developments and unwanted headlines. But in Buffalo, for a change, it was a very good year.

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One final tribute

Posted by Chris Brown on October 8, 2014 – 7:43 pm

The NFL owners approved Kim and Terry Pegula as the new owners of the Buffalo Bills on Wednesday, and after the applause died down, there was another round of applause given for the late Ralph Wilson and those who served under his leadership.

“I did mention that after the Pegulas were approved as owners how important Ralph Wilson was to the league,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “How important he was to me personally. How much respect I had for his leadership, his ownership of the Bills and what he’s meant to Western New York. I’m confident that Terry and Kim are going to build on that legacy. They will take the Bills to another level and I think Mr. Wilson would be very proud of the outcome.”

Bills President and CEO Russ Brandon, who worked closely with Jeff Littmann and Mary Owen, who were serving as Trustees for the Wilson ownership, knew that it was a day that brought closure for them as they handed off ownership to the Pegulas.

“Certainly Jeff (Littmann) and Mary (Owen) were in there during the vote and it was an emotional scene for them,” said Brandon. “Commissioner Goodell mentioned the Wilson family, Ralph and Mary and what they’ve meant. The 53 years that Mr. Wilson gave to the National Football League and everything he’s meant to this league and to the people in that room. No one loved being in that room more than Ralph Wilson, and a great respect for the league and for the game of football. The reason we’re all standing here is what he built with a lot of other owners over many years.

“Jeff and Mary have been tremendous stewards of the Wilson family and great members of NFL membership. It was a nice moment when the Pegulas came in and knowing that for years to come we have Buffalo Bills to be focused on and that’s it.”


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A special day from start to finish

Posted by Chris Brown on September 14, 2014 – 7:26 pm

With so much positive news packed into one week for Bills fans, the 73-thousand plus at Ralph Wilson Stadium Sunday were just hoping the team would cap the week with a win. Doug Marrone’s men obliged taking a day when the man who founded the franchise was honored, and two of the team’s most famous alumni presented the late Hall of Fame owner’s wife, Mary Wilson, with an honorary Wall of Fame ring. That combined with the Pegula agreement to purchase the franchise and keep it in Western New York brought the week to a fitting conclusion.

“Sunday was a very emotional time,” said Bills President and CEO Russ Brandon. “Not only the tribute to Ralph and to honor Mary Wilson who has been a rock for all of us, and to see Jim (Kelly) and Thurman (Thomas) and all the guys out there. To be out there when Jim (Kelly) got up to the podium was pretty cool. I’ve seen this stadium rock a lot of times, but I’ve never felt it like that, it was awesome.”

When asked what Mr. Wilson might’ve thought of the performance Sunday, Brandon believed his former boss would’ve loved it.

“That’s Ralph’s kind of football,” Brandon said. “He would’ve loved it. He absolutely would’ve loved it. It’s been a tremendous week; it’s a great, great time to be a Buffalonian. Great credit to so many people, governor Cuomo and his staff, and our group and were working together. Football is the ultimate team game. The teamwork that went into making this all culminate to the sale this week, then to cap it off (with a win). It’s going to be a big party in this town (Sunday night) for sure.”

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Mrs. Wilson honored with game ball

Posted by Chris Brown on September 7, 2014 – 9:24 pm

There was a lot for the players to concern themselves with heading into their season opener. On a larger level than just the game was the fact that it was first game for the team without their founder and owner Ralph Wilson, who passed away this past March. After their overtime victory however, Bills President and CEO Russ Brandon made sure Mr. Wilson’s widow Mary was properly honored.

Brandon presented Mrs. Wilson with a game ball in the locker room after the victory.

“Yeah that was huge to come here first and win against another team who has been in the NFL since the origin of the NFL,” said EJ Manuel. “I know Russ Brandon gave a game ball to Mrs. Wilson today and I know that was a very momentous time for her and Russ. So we’re very happy to get this ‘W’ for Mr. Wilson today.”

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Timberlake’s toast to Mr. Wilson

Posted by Chris Brown on July 9, 2014 – 10:33 pm

Justin Timberlake had apologies to Buffalo for the postponement of his show back in February. He also toasted the city and the Bills late Hall of Fame owner. Here’s what he said.

“Here’s to better late than never,” said Timberlake as he raised a glass. “I’m also a big sports fan. Here’s to Ralph Wilson.”

The Buffalo crowd roared as Timberlake downed his shot.

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Fan Friday 5-2

Posted by Chris Brown on May 2, 2014 – 11:45 am

The draft is next Thursday (finally). Here are some of your latest questions from email at about the draft and other topics concerning the Bills. Be sure to follow our wall to wall draft coverage on and live on the @johnmurphyshow, which can be found on the Bills app or locally on WGR Sportsradio 550.

1 – Hey Chris,

In my opinion, Coach Marrone’s biggest mistake in year one was not having an experienced NFL quarterback on the roster to fill in for EJ. Boy, did the Bills ever pay for that oversight. How, then, is it possible that Doug Whaley has NO PLANS to sign a veteran QB for 2014? Can you shed some light on the thinking at One Bills Drive? Because it sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.

Also, something I thought to be a no-brainer now looks as though it’s not going to happen……Why haven’t the Bills signed Jim Leonhard?!?

Thanks for everything,

Kenny in Indiana
CB: I would argue that it was not an oversight. They had Kevin Kolb on the roster. He was supposed to be EJ’s backup, but a preseason concussion landed him on injured reserve two weeks before the season started. The free agent market was a barren landscape of quarterback talent. Fortunately they swung a trade to land Thad Lewis, who is a player the front office and coaching staff is very high on as a backup.

He is the reason why they chose not to pursue a veteran free agent option. He’s had a year in the system and he and EJ now have a full time quarterback coach, who by the way worked previously with both of them (EJ at the Senior Bowl, Thad in Detroit).

As for Leonhard my only guess is he was seen as an ideal fit in a new defensive system last year that he was wholeheartedly familiar with and could teach to the younger players. Now with the scheme change he may not be seen as quite the same fit.


2 – Hi Chris,

The transition from Buddy Nix to Doug Whaley has seemed to go very smoothly.

My question is about Doug Whaley’s basic draft philosophy. Buddy Nix was on record saying he didn’t like to move in the draft, whether it was up or down.

I would love to see the Bills move down in the 1st round this year, pending a dance partner, to get more pick(s).  There appears to be a lot of talent in the 2nd & 3rd rounds. Do you think Doug Whaley will be more proactive to move down in the draft than Buddy?

P.S.  I hope 2014 is the year you get to report about more wins than losses!
Trade Down Tim

CB: I do think that Whaley is more aggressive by nature to make a deal. He was very honest about keeping all options open with their pick at nine. That includes trading up, which I think is a distinct possibility. We’ll see what happens, but at the pre-draft press conference I was encouraged by this comment from Buffalo’s GM.

“If you have a calculated system, and you use that approach, and the deal makes sense, and you see hey, we can move down to this point and still get a guy that we’re excited about, pick up another pick, then don’t be afraid to make the deal,” Whaley said.
3 – Chris,

I saw a rumor going around on saying that Houston is “trying very hard to move down to acquire draft selections” and that Buffalo is a potential trade partner.  I would like this move and I hope Buffalo goes for the #1 pick.  I would love to see them pick up Greg Robinson or Sammy Watkins.  Do you think this is a good possibility?  Who do you think they would be chasing after to give up picks to make sure they land?


Alec……..Adams, NY

CB: I tend to doubt the Bills will move up to the top spot. Even the Bills at nine would have to give up an awful lot to make that happen. That being said I do think that moving up to a spot between 4 and 6 is a possibility if the right player is still on the board for them. There’s no way to gauge the likelihood of that happening because there’s no way to tell whether the compensation offered will be accepted for such a move to occur. I do think if the right talent is sitting there on the board Buffalo will at least make an attempt to make something happen.


4 – Hi Chris,

With the passing of Mr. Wilson how will this affect spending for the organization in the coming months? Certainly, the staff had a license to spend when he was alive but given that his estate needing to be settled, was a plan put into place so the day to day and free agent spending would not have cash limits. I  just wonder when a player needs to be paid millions of dollars to sign who writes that check now?

Chris Z.


CB: As team President and CEO Russ Brandon and GM Doug Whaley said at the pre-draft press conference their operations as a football club are unaffected moving forward. Here are their direct quotes.

Doug Whaley – “The ownership situation has no bearing on us trying to win football games.”

Russ Brandon – “In regards to the ownership transition, it’s business as usual in every facet of our operation.”


5 – Chris,

Does Austin Seferian-Jenkins fit what the Bills are looking for in an athletic tight end? Does he have the speed to be a juke type of tight end? I think he’s the second best tight end beside Ebron. Is he a viable candidate in round 2?
CB: He is a round two prospect so I suppose he is an option if Ebron isn’t the pick in round one, but I just don’t see him as a fit for Buffalo. He is a giant man, but he does not have the athleticism of Ebron. Apparently no one else does in the class at the position either. Seferian-Jenkins has above average athleticism for a tight end his size (6’5 ½” 262), but there are work ethic questions about him and some off the field issues. There’s not a lot of wiggle to him after the catch as he generally tries to run through defenders. He’s still a work in progress when it comes to blocking.

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Mrs. Wilson thanks fans for paying respects

Posted by Chris Brown on April 5, 2014 – 3:02 pm

Mary Wilson, the widow of Bills founder and Hall of Fame owner Ralph Wilson spent almost an hour thanking fans as they made their way through the Memorial Celebration set up in the Bills Fieldhouse Saturday. The first two fans she thanked were Dennis Brown and Regina Moultrie.

“That’s was a big shock. She came up and said, ‘I like your outfit’ and I wasn’t really paying attention because I’m waiting to sign the (registry) book and I’m like, ‘Oh thank you.’ And then I’m looking at Regina and she’s making this face and I turn around and say ‘Oh God,’” said Brown. “But she was really, really nice. That was really, really nice.”

Brown, who made his way to Canton back in 2009 to watch Ralph Wilson’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony was touched by Mrs. Wilson’s presence as was fellow fan Regina Moultrie, who also felt the display in the Bills Fieldhouse was a fitting tribute.

“I think they did him well. There’s a lot of history here that I didn’t know,” Moultrie said. “For all I knew he was just the owner of the Bills. I found out a lot of things in the past week and a half from the news reports. It’s just amazing to see so many people come out and then Mary Wilson gave me a hug, so that was pretty amazing.”

“It feels real good to be a Bills fans today,” said Brown.

For those fans that Mrs. Wilson could not personally thank Mrs. Wilson issued the following statement.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank Bills fans and people everywhere for their tremendous outpouring of love for Ralph. Their heartfelt condolences and warm wishes have truly been a comfort for me, Ralph’s daughters Christy and Dee Dee, Mary Owen and the entire Wilson family during this difficult time.

“Ralph loved his life and he had a great full life that touched so many people in a variety of ways. He loved his family and his many friends. He loved his Buffalo Bills and he loved the fans. Before he passed, he told me that he wanted people to celebrate his life after he was gone. He wasn’t big on tears. And so that’s why we are referring to events such as the one today as “celebrating” the life of Ralph Wilson.

“This man accomplished so many things during his time and most of them have been well documented in the past couple of weeks. But the one thing that everyone has mentioned in their kind words was his sense of humor and that certainly was one of his most endearing qualities. Ralph most likely would have offered a funny quip about today’s event. But at the same time, he would have been profoundly touched by the fans outpouring of emotion.”

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Packers Pres. & CEO on Wilson’s vision

Posted by Chris Brown on March 26, 2014 – 3:44 pm

Green Bay Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy extended his sympathies to the Wilson family on their loss. Born and raised in Western New York, Murphy was able to relate a bit more to the legacy left by the Bills founder and owner.

“The Green Bay Packers extend our deepest sympathies to the family of Ralph Wilson and the Buffalo Bills organization,” said Murphy in a statement. “Ralph was a key leader in the success of professional football and its growth as America’s favorite game. We owe him a tremendous amount of gratitude for his work. He also was a friend of the Packers, a fellow small-market team, as the league evolved its business operations to ensure all teams had firm financial footing to achieve competitive balance on the field. The success of the league is a lasting testament to Ralph’s vision.

“On a personal note, as a life-long Bills fan, I have a great appreciation for all he did for the Bills and the Western New York community over the years.”

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Eagles Chairman on loss of Wilson

Posted by Chris Brown on March 26, 2014 – 1:38 pm

Eagles Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie was one of the many who expressed his condolences hearing of the passing of Bills founder and owner Ralph Wilson. What Lurie said he valued most was Wilson’s willingness to think outside the box when it came to league matters.

“I admired his independent thinking on every issue that arose and will always remember his welcoming support when I came in to the league,” Lurie said in a statement. “He was a great example of ownership based on his love of the sport and especially his Buffalo Bills. On behalf of the Philadelphia Eagles, I would like to pass along my condolences to the Wilson family and to the entire Buffalo Bills organization.

“Ralph Wilson was not only a founding father of the American Football League, but an iconic leader of what is so special about the NFL. He was a man who loved his football team and his Buffalo fans and always wanted what was best for the NFL.”

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Goodell on Mr. Wilson’s legacy

Posted by Chris Brown on March 26, 2014 – 11:40 am

In his scheduled press conference at the NFL’s annual meeting in Orlando Wednesday morning, Commissioner Roger Goodell was asked to comment on the loss of Mr. Wilson, who passed away Tuesday at age 95.

“Yesterday was a sad day for the NFL and for a lot of us in the NFL he was a special man,” said Goodell. “Coming from Western New York, I know how much he did for the Western New York region and I also know what he’s done for the NFL, just seeing it first hand as a commissioner. He’s a great owner and he was the kind of guy that was principled, he was strong, he understood when to compromise.

“He’s going to be missed by the NFL and by me personally. I spoke to Mary (Wilson) last night and I’ll be at the funeral. He’s someone that deserves to be in the Hall of Fame and he’s really done incredible things for the league, for pro football in general, and that’s something that will be a great legacy for him.”

Goodell was also asked if anything can be said about the franchise as it moves forward now absent an owner.  “Well I haven’t focused on that,” he said. “Obviously my thoughts and my heart are with the Wilson family. That’s not something I’ve spent any time on in recent days. We all know they have a lease, we know the terms of that lease and we all know we have to find a long-term solution to keep the Bills there and that’s what we’ll continue to work to do. That’s not our priority right now in the next few days.”

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Jets owner first consulted with Wilson

Posted by Chris Brown on March 26, 2014 – 11:05 am

Woody Johnson did not become owner of the New York Jets until 200o, but the first person he consulted upon deciding to become an NFL owner was Ralph Wilson.

In an interview with the media at the NFL annual meeting in Orlando, Johnson explained how Wilson helped prepare him for NFL ownership.

“He was one of the first guys I met when I decided to pursue this line of work,” said Johnson. “He just described the satisfaction he got out of working with the players and the fans and building this league. It sounded like something that was very interesting. We’re going to miss him. … We’re lucky to have had a guy like that because you had a guy like that in the right place at the right time to form this league. We’re lucky. We’ve lost quite a few of them in the last few years. We’ve lost Lamar Hunt, we’ve lost Al [Davis]. It’s sad to see these guys go.”

The Jets owner also spoke of the presence Wilson had when he attended the owners’ meetings and how revered he was by the other owners.

“He wanted to be in the room,” said Johnson. “He was always a presence in the room. And he always spoke very fluently about the past — what football meant to him and why we were getting away from it. If we were going off course, he would let us know.”

Johnson also fittingly called the passing of Mr. Wilson as the close to a special time in the history of football.

“It’s the end of a real important era. Ralph was so important in developing football into what it is today,” said Johnson. “He was the NFL. He was the AFL. He was always a guy that was up to the task. He had a great sense of humor. He was a great speaker. I heard his Hall of Fame speech he gave  at age 91. It was better than most people could give at the age of 31. He was really just an incredible leader with great vision and so it’s an end of really a major, major part of American football to lose a guy like Ralph Wilson.”


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Gregg Williams statement on Ralph Wilson

Posted by Chris Brown on March 26, 2014 – 10:12 am

Former Bills head coach and current St. Louis Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams issued the following statement on his former boss Ralph Wilson following his passing Tuesday.

“I join the entire football community in mourning the loss of a truly great man in Ralph Wilson. I’m forever grateful to Mr. Wilson for giving me the opportunity to be a head coach in the National Football League. As a coach, Mr. Wilson was everything you could ask for in an owner. He was a very passionate football fan. He was progressive in his thoughts, he loved his players and he provided every resource you could ask for. It’s hard to imagine where our game and our league might be today were it not for his role in creating and more importantly sustaining the American Football League. My thoughts and prayers are with the entire Wilson family at this difficult time.”

Williams’ first head coaching job in the NFL was under Wilson with the Bills in 2001.


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Tasker: He cared deeply about this team

Posted by Chris Brown on March 25, 2014 – 9:13 pm

Bills Wall of Famer Steve Tasker took time to reflect on Mr. Wilson’s legacy in the game Tuesday after news of his passing. Loyal to Mr. Wilson for all he did for him, his career and his family, Tasker explained how much the Bills meant to the Hall of Fame owner.

Tasker even got choked up when he thought back to how much Mr. Wilson enjoyed the big victories.

“Back in those days when we were winning games… uhhh, occasionally… occasionally when we’d win a big one… it was great… to see what it meant to him,” said Tasker. “He didn’t fake his joy. He didn’t put on a front for how happy it made him. He didn’t make up any emotions to make it look good for any media or any fans.

“When the Bills won a big game, it was as if he was the only fan, and sometimes in the dark days maybe he was, but this team mattered to him deeply. For all the criticism and all the bad years and the dark times, the back to back 2-14 teams, it wasn’t because he didn’t care. He cared deeply.”

For Tasker even though it was a day he knew would eventually come, it didn’t make the news of Mr. Wilson’s passing any easier Tuesday.

“I’m like all of us. A lot of Bills fans have been standing on this cliff for a long time, but for those of us that played for him and knew him we were hoping it didn’t ever come,” he said. “I was pretty sad. I’m sad. I’m broken hearted over it. He’s a guy that I not only had a great deal of affection for personally, but I had a lot of respect for and I owed a lot of my success professionally and personally to him and this organization and I never forgot that and I never will. So I’m going to miss him greatly.”

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Levy: He wasn’t my boss, he was my friend

Posted by Chris Brown on March 25, 2014 – 9:07 pm

The passing of Bills founder and owner Ralph Wilson Tuesday led to an awful lot of sadness throughout the Bills family. One of the men that helped to bring him the most success in team history was also one of his closest friends in Hall of Fame head coach Marv Levy. Levy shared his thoughts on the man he worked for 12 years as a head coach and a few more as a general manager.

“He wasn’t my boss. He was my friend,” said Levy. “He was a magnificent guy to work with. I’m deeply saddened to hear of his passing. He meant so much to the game that both of us revered and to the community of Buffalo and beyond.”

Levy and Wilson had a unique relationship that was far different from most of the coach-owner relationship in the league then and now.

“I truly enjoyed getting together with him. If we went to the league meetings we would go out to dinner together or have breakfast together. He was fun to be with,” Levy said. “We shared interest in many things and certainly the game of football. He was a unique man to work for in that he would strongly express his opinions and he would really listen even if you had a contrary opinion.

“I could remember once he wanted me to replace an assistant coach on the staff and I thought it was so wrong to do in that case and I persisted and I wondered if I was putting myself under the gun and finally at the end he said, ‘Ah I still don’t agree with you, but you’re the coach.’ And a few years later he liked the guy.”

“He was fun to be with and players would tell you that. Almost every time he’d come to practice he would exchange jibes with the players, particularly Thurman, but certainly others too who weren’t reticent about doing that with the owner.”

Levy said since the day he retired from football he made a point to call Mr. Wilson every month to check in, but he sensed the Bills owner might be struggling with his health of late.

“I’d call him and on occasion he’d call me just to see how you were doing. I did this for all the years since I retired,” he said. “But about four or five months ago I began to detect that maybe he was struggling a bit to communicate and I spoke maybe a time or two more with Mary Wilson to see how he was doing, but it was about once a month we’d have a telephone conversation about nothing just to talk to each other.

“It’s quite a loss and he’s going to be remembered so fondly by everyone who knew him.”

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Polian’s last memorable talk with Mr. Wilson

Posted by Chris Brown on March 25, 2014 – 8:39 pm

Bill Polian would talk with Mr. Wilson regularly, even over the last few years when he was no longer an NFL GM, and there was one conversation that he will cherish in the wake of his former boss’ passing Tuesday.

“A little less than two years ago I was traveling and got a message from (Bills Vice President of Communications) Scott (Berchtold) and he told me to call Mr. Wilson immediately,” recalled Polian. “I thought,’Oh my heavens something is wrong here.’ Of course I called and he got on the line and he said I just want to be the first to tell you that you’ve been elected to the Bills Wall of Fame. And ahh…(emotional) that’s kind of a cherished memory and it’s one I’ll remember.”

Polian expressed his feelings in a conference call with the Western New York media Tuesday, emotions that most in the region were also feeling.

“Obviously I’m saddened. It’s a really rough week for the Bills family because of Mr. Wilson’s passing and Jimmy’s (Kelly) illness. That Bills family includes virtually everyone in Western New York,” he said. “I’m eternally grateful to Mr. Wilson for giving me the opportunity to become a general manager and giving Marv and I the opportunity to build a great football team. I know for a fact during the course of my tenure with the Bills that he had opportunities to entertain offers to move the franchise to places that would be more lucrative. But he gave his word and like everything else he did in his life he kept his word and he said the Bills would never leave Western New York in his lifetime and he was as good as his word.

“He was a very kind man, a person that on a personal level, while he was a fierce competitor and a tough boss, on a personal level he cared about you and he cared about your family. There never was a time that I talked to him including recently when he didn’t inquire about the family. He would send us a Christmas card every year always with a note and a kind thought. I’ve often said that if anything ever happened to me, the first call my wife would get would be from Ralph Wilson.

“It’s a sad day for all of us, but particularly for me because he did so much for me personally and professionally.”

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Bills game will be on TV

Posted by Chris Brown on November 15, 2013 – 7:38 am

The Bills Week 11 game against the Jets this Sunday will be seen on local television. Bills owner Ralph Wilson for the second time this season has purchased the remaining outstanding tickets in time to beat the blackout deadline.

Bills C Eric Wood announced the game as a sellout in his weekly radio appearance on Kiss 98.5 with Janet and Nick in the morning.

Buffalo was given a 24-hour extension until Friday at 1 pm to lift the blackout. Wilson did the same thing in the last Bills home game against the Chiefs to make sure the game aired on television.

Fans can go to select NOCO locations and purchase two tickets for $25 to the game. All ticket proceeds will go to the Wounded Warriors Project during this Salute to Service month.

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Ralph Wilson part of Hall of Fame Reunion

Posted by johnmurphyshow on August 2, 2013 – 12:57 pm

It’s Hall of Fame weekend in Canton, and it’s a special one. The Pro Football Hall of Fame has assembled as many living members as possible for a Golden Anniversary Reunion to mark the 50th anniversary of the shrine.

Bills Owner Ralph Wilson took his place among the game’s greats Friday morning, when the Hall of Famers staged a “Red Carpet” arrival on the steps of the Hall in Canton. They then assembled for a group photo, with Mr. Wilson seated among the legendary players and contributors to the game, including former Bills Coach Marv Levy and Quarterback Jim Kelly.

Mr. Wilson was enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2009. He returned to Canton last August, to help dedicate the new Ralph Wilson, Jr. Pro Football Research and Preservation Center. And he made a sizable donation this past year to support the Hall in its 50th Anniversary Enshrinement Festival and Golden Anniversary Reunion.

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Brandon: Mr. Wilson excited for 2013

Posted by Chris Brown on July 29, 2013 – 10:14 am

Bills President and CEO Russ Brandon made an appearance on the Howard Simon show Monday morning on Bills’ flagship station WGR Sportsradio 550. He was asked for an update on how Mr. Wilson is doing.

Brandon said the Bills Hall of Fame owner is glad the doldrums of early July are over and football is up and running again.

“I talk to him every day. He’s doing fantastic,” said Brandon. “He’s excited for the start of camp. He’s really doing outstanding.”




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2 safety picks proactive move for Bills

Posted by Chris Brown on April 28, 2013 – 12:58 am

On day three of the NFL draft, the Bills made back-to-back safety picks in rounds four and five taking S Duke Williams from Nevada and S Jonathan Meeks from Clemson. The choices appeared to be proactive to protect themselves against the possibility of Jairus Byrd not being back with the club for the long haul.

Bills GM Buddy Nix indicated that their choices in those two rounds were based on board value more than anything else.

“They were the two best guys up there at the time we were picking,” said Nix. “Obviously we want to be prepared for whatever happens.”

To this point Byrd has not signed his franchise tender. Bills President and CEO Russ Brandon is hoping Byrd and the club can reach an agreement on a long term agreement.

“He has the opportunity to wait until he’s comfortable,” said Brandon of Byrd signing his one-year franchise tender. “We’ll continue that dialogue. You always want to always have all your guys here, but we understand the situation and we’ll just keep working through it.”

Brandon also confirmed that the club would like to have Byrd back in the fold.

“Organizationally of course we’d love to have him back,” said of Byrd. “We utilized the asset that was available to us with the franchise tag as you all know. It’s a priority for the organization and we hope to continue to work through the process with him and more importantly his agent, and we’ll keep conversations in a fluid process.”


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