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Ravens DC Pees sees Randy Moss in Watkins

Posted by Chris Brown on September 8, 2016 – 4:15 pm

Sammy Watkins is only entering his third NFL season, but the numbers he put up in the second half of last season have made opposing coordinators sit up and take notice. 

Baltimore defensive coordinator Dean Pees was asked if Watkins game reminds him of any other receiver who played in the league. Pees referenced one of the best deep ball receivers in the last 25 years. 

“He’s a little bit of Randy Moss in that he’s long and he’s fast,” said Pees. “Randy was always faster than what he looked like. He looked like he was loping, but he was running. 

“What he has is an innate ability to go get the ball. You just watch film, and there are just so many times he’s covered, and Tyrod puts it up, and [No.] 14 comes up with it. That was Randy Moss. He just had a way of never showing his hands running down the field. All of a sudden a DB is trying to play the hands, he doesn’t show them, then all of a sudden he shows them and they’re on the ball. To me, he is a little bit like him in that he is a deep threat every time he lines up, every time he lines up. Randy was that way for his whole career.”

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Randy Moss not on Bills radar

Posted by Chris Brown on February 24, 2012 – 3:08 pm

Knowing Bills GM Buddy Nix has stated this offseason that they’d like to add another big receiver to pair with Stevie Johnson (provided he’s re-signed) who is open even when he’s not open, some outside observers have raised the prospect of free agent veteran Randy Moss as a possibility. Nix effectively shut that door Friday.

Appearing on TSN Radio in Toronto Nix made it clear that Moss is not a player of interest for the Bills on the free agent market.

“It’s not an option for us. Not at all,” Nix said. “We’re not going in that direction. We’re into young guys and putting guys out there that are going to play for more than a year or two.”

Knowing the Bills moved a 30-year old receiver in Lee Evans just before the 2011 season, it’s not surprising to see there is no interest in a 35-year old Moss, who did not even suit up last season.

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Add another big name WR to FA mix

Posted by Chris Brown on February 13, 2012 – 10:50 am

With a free agent wide receiver list expected to be littered with veteran talent, one of the more prolific wideouts of this generation has announced his return to the game after sitting out the 2011 season.

Randy Moss announced online that he’s interested in playing football again. He’s 35-years old so he’s likely not going to be all that attractive to some clubs still building with an eye for the future. But a team that feels their close to getting over the hump will strongly consider Moss provided his workout proves he’s still got it. 

Wouldn’t be shocked if he winds up with the Patriots again. Don’t really think he’s what Bills are looking for at his age and stage of his game.

Other veteran FA receivers expected to hit the market include Vincent Jackson, Reggie Wayne and possibly Marques Colston.

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Fan Friday 11-5

Posted by Chris Brown on November 5, 2010 – 1:44 pm

I don’t know what it is, but there’s a good vibe going through this building this week. I’m not promising anything, but I feel good about the Bills getting off the schneid this week against the Bears. On to your questions from

1 – Hey Chris ,

With things at One Bills Dr looking as though a corner may have been turned as far as the offense & all of the other changes that have taken place this year as far as — GM , schemes , personnel , & coaching philosophy , how are the players reacting to it all ?? I’ve always heard that in order for a team to be successful they need to buy into what the coach & staff is selling . Although it looks as though Coach Gailey is definitely doing a lot of good things to change the culture of our beloved Bills , how does it look on the inside ??? Do the players seem to recognize that the changes that are being made are for the better & buying what the coach is selling in spite of the teams record to this point ??

As usual thanks for all you do !!
Mr. T from Ft. Myers via Nashville

CB: I’ll just say that this locker room believes in Coach Gailey and his staff. He’s done a good job of maximizing the talents of individual players and units as well. One example individually is Roscoe Parrish and what he’s done as a receiver. A unit example is the offensive line and what they’ve done the past seven weeks in the run game, going from 87 yards rushing per game to over 114 and improving the yards per carry average from 3.6 to 4.5 in that time.

The players can see Gailey and his staff are making this team a better one week by week. And despite all the losing Ryan Fitzpatrick explained it best concerning Gailey’s ability to lead.

“He’s a guy that with us he’s always positive,” said Fitzpatrick. “He’s trying to get us going. He always talks about the talent in the room and what we’ve done this year and what we’ve done successfully. He’s been good. He’s been a guy who keeps us going and I think he’s done a really nice job of that.”

2 –  Hi Chris,   
Last season when the Eagles signed Michael Vick they said that there was 2 teams that were in talks with his agent and him.  Also on the program The OT with Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison, Tony had said that he believed that Vick would sign with the Bills after the one year deal and the team option for a second yr at 5.2 million.

I guess my question to u is, do you believe that in this upcoming offseason that the Bills will try to sign Vick so that we have a proven QB that is only getting better as he is maturing at his position? I would also like to have a QB that is proven and only adds another threat for this team with his legs and he definitely has the arm to play in the conditions that Buffalo presents.
Jon in Tampa (former Lockportian)

CB: I don’t disagree that Vick would be an exciting addition, and you have a better idea of what you would be getting since he’s been playing the past two years, but I just don’t see it happening.

I don’t have any evidence to tell you why he wouldn’t be signed. I just can’t see the Bills bringing him in should be become a free agent. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if the Eagles locked him up long term.

3 – Chris,
I know the Titans were the ones that were awarded Randy Moss, but they were the only team to put in a claim. Why not sign Moss and trade him? Is this something that theoretically would work?  My understanding is based on the way teams get dibs on someone like Moss being cut would be worst record first, and then best record last.  So for example if Pittsburgh wanted him it would be to their benefit to work out a deal w/ Buffalo and give them a 3rd round pick (or whatever he’s worth) to get him.  Most likely any other scenario wouldn’t allow Pittsburgh to get him … theoretically.

CB: Claiming Moss only to trade him would not work because the trade deadline passed in mid-October. I suppose had it been before the league’s trade deadline something like that could potentially happen, but I’m going to have to check to see if that’s even permitted by the NFL.

4 – Chris – Since the Bills picked up Shawne Merriman off waivers do they hold all the rights the Chargers previously did?  If he produces as hoped could the Bills control his destiny next year by placing the franchise tag or even the transition tag on him?
Denver, CO

CB: Yes, they do hold all the rights to him. He’s Buffalo’s property now as long as he’s under contract. The Bills inherit his current contract which runs out after this season and pay the pro-rated portion of his salary ($1.7M).

I’m not sure about a franchise or transition tag however, because we don’t know what the rules will be concerning free agents until a new CBA is reached between the NFL and the Players Union. Under the old CBA, yes the franchise and transition tag would be options at Buffalo’s disposal, but that’s all up in the air now.

5 – Hey Chris,
I know Ralph has said QB is the top priority this offseason and that really worries me that we will desperately take whoever is the best QB available at our pick in the draft,whether or not he is necessarily deserving of the pick. Personally I think Andrew Luck is the real deal and would take him first overall no question, but if he stays in school like he’s said he will then we take a QB just to take one?

I think Mallett is a little inconsistent and have had character questions and that Locker is far too inaccurate and raw to cut it in the NFL.

I would say to take a tackle but it doesn’t seem as though there’s an elite tackle at this point. If we can’t take Luck, do you think it would make more sense to take a defensive impact player such as Bowers from Clemson or Fairley from Auburn, maybe even Peterson on LSU, a tackle in the second and try to get Luck or someone like a Matt Barkley whenever they declare? Thanks.

CB: I think you’re getting way ahead of yourself. I know a lot of Bills fans already have their eyes on the draft for obvious reasons, but until we know who declares early in mid-January I think we’re all just wasting our breath on what the Bills should, would, could do.
That being said I too prefer Luck.

I’m watching Christian Ponder at Florida State more closely of late. I think his shoulder still isn’t right after a severe separation last season, but in time that arm will heal up and there is no questioning this kid’s toughness and leadership. Need to see more of him though.

One other thing, I love the Fairley kid from Auburn. The guy is a beast on that Tigers D-line.

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Randy Moss interest?

Posted by Chris Brown on November 1, 2010 – 3:21 pm

The Minnesota Vikings waived Randy Moss Monday after his impromptu post game press conference in New England Sunday. The 31 other NFL teams now have the opportunity to put a waiver claim in on the veteran receiver, with the Bills getting the first opportunity to do so due to their winless record. The question is will they bother?

Head coach Chan Gailey was asked about whether they’d put a claim in on Moss. Here was his response.

“I heard about it,” said Gailey of Moss being waived. “We evaluate everything every day, but I don’t know if that would be a fit or not. I’m sure Buddy (Nix) and I will talk about it. We talk about them all.”

In all likelihood the Bills will take a pass. Getting quality production out of their receiving corps has not been a problem for the Bills with the emergence of Roscoe Parrish and Steve Johnson in expanded roles for the first time in their careers. Buffalo parted ways with Terrell Owens last offseason, choosing not to extend him a new contract offer after his one-year deal expired. So it’s not anticipated the Bills would sign an equally controversial figure and add him to the roster.

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Bills to see Moss again

Posted by Chris Brown on October 6, 2010 – 8:30 am

While Bills fans might be glad to see Randy Moss no longer in the AFC East with his trade Wednesday to Minnesota, Buffalo will still face him a second time this season.

Buffalo travels to Minnesota on Dec. 5th when they face Favre and Moss at the Metrodome. In fact the game is three weeks earlier than when the Bills were supposed to run into Moss again as a member of the Patriots (Dec. 26).

One other note, Moss’ last reception as a Patriot was a 35-yard touchdown pass against the Bills since Moss did not record a reception on Monday night against Miami.

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Brady practicing Thursday

Posted by Chris Brown on December 17, 2009 – 3:44 pm

Patriots QB Tom Brady was practicing with his teammates today after missing practice Wednesday. That according to’s Mike Reiss.

Brady has been battling both throwing shoulder, ring finger and rib injuries of late, but was participating Thursday. Later today the team will release the extent to which Brady practiced, which will either be fully or on a limited basis.

Randy Moss was also practicing per the Boston Globe.

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Brady, Moss don’t practice

Posted by Chris Brown on December 16, 2009 – 4:24 pm

Patriots QB Tom Brady did not practice on Wednesday and neither did Randy Moss. Moss’ absence from practice however, was not injury related.

Brady didn’t practice because of his right ring finger ailment and his right shoulder according to the Patriots injury report. Moss’ absence however, appears to be a veteran rest day.

There’s no way to confirm it, but there is speculation that Moss might be getting coddled after he reacted so negatively with his performance on the field last week.

Both Brady and Bill Belichick have come to Moss’ defense this week after the widespread report of Moss and three of his teammates being sent home last week after being late for a team meeting. Belichick reiterated his stance on Moss in a conference call with Buffalo media Wednesday.

“I think Randy Moss’s situation pretty much speaks for itself. I mean, over the last three years with the New England Patriots and throughout his career, he’s produced probably more than most every other player in the league at his position, or even in the history of the game for that matter. His teammates elected him captain the last two years, so I think that speaks to his leadership and the respect that he has off the field.”

Other starters not practicing Wednesday for the Patriots were DE Ty Warren (ankle) and DT Vince Wilfork (foot).

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Bills-Pats Monday nighter a WR headliner

Posted by Chris Brown on March 23, 2009 – 8:23 pm

It’ll be hard to ignore two of the most prolific receivers of this generation when Terrell Owens and Randy Moss square off in the Monday Night opener on Sept. 14. Talk about giving T.O. a jumpstart to his Bills career.

If facing Randy Moss doesn’t bring the best out of T.O. in Week 1, I don’t know what will.

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Moss thinks Bills could be dangerous with T.O.

Posted by Chris Brown on March 20, 2009 – 1:30 pm

So I crossed paths with Bills Hall of Famer Jim Kelly Thursday as he was shooting his newest ad for his football camp that runs in the summer and he said that last week he just played golf with Randy Moss. And he asked Moss what he thought of the Bills signing T.O.

Kelly said Moss thought it was a good pickup.

“He told me, ‘Lee was a big enough weapon all by himself, but now with T.O. they’re going to be tough to stop,'” said Kelly.

Nice to know that the Bills have the Patriots thinking about them for once instead of the other way around.

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Another impressive Owens stat

Posted by Chris Brown on March 13, 2009 – 4:55 pm

In addition to the impressive Owens numbers on display on the home page in his first season with a new team and the improvement offensively enjoyed by those teams, there’s another number that might stand out even more.

Some critics believe that Owens is slowing down and has lost a step of late. The truth is no other player in the NFL has more touchdowns than Owens over the last three seasons. That includes Randy Moss who had a ridiculous 23 two seasons ago in New England’s undefeated season.

That’s why I maintain that where Owens will help the Bills the most is in the scoring column.

Here’s the rundown.

1. Terrell Owens 38 TDs
2. Randy Moss  37 TDs
3. Larry Fitzgerald 28 TDs
4. Plaxico Burress 26 TDs
5. Antonio Gates 26 TDs
6. Braylon Edwards 25 TDs
7. T.J. Houshmanzadeh 25 TDs
8. Reggie Wayne 25 TDs
9. Anquan Boldin 24 TDs
10. Marques Colston 24 TDs
11. Greg Jennings 24 TDs

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McGee on Moss, Greer on Welker

Posted by Chris Brown on November 9, 2008 – 6:10 pm

The Bills defensively have assigned McGee to Randy Moss and Jabari Greer to Wes Welker. They are following them all over the field. We’ll see if it continues, but I like this idea of matching up your two best against their two best.

Hopefully it works well for Buffalo defensively.

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Patriots injury update

Posted by Chris Brown on November 6, 2008 – 9:19 pm

It’s not looking good for Patriots RB LaMont Jordan (calf) to play this week. After participating on a limited basis Wednesday, he did not practice Thursday. RB Sammy Morris (knee) also has not practiced this week. BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Kevin Faulk are expected to shoulder the load in the running game for the Pats Sunday.

CB Lewis Sanders (hamstring) also did not practice for a second straight day and is not expected to be available. Neither is CB Terrence Wheatley (wrist) who did not practice again on Thursday.

Veteran CB Deltha O’Neal, who has not performed well, is expected to play LCB for the Pats Sunday.

Limited in practice for a second day in a row were DT Vince Wilfork (toe), CB Ellis Hobbs (shoulder), WR Matthew Slater (ankle) and LB Eric Alexander (hamstring).

After practicing on a limited basis Wednesday Randy Moss (foot) practiced fully on Thursday.

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