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Torbor to I-R

Posted by Chris Brown on August 25, 2011 – 3:18 pm

Bills head coach Chan Gailey announced that Reggie Torbor’s season is over.

Gailey said Torbor was placed on injured reserve with a shoulder injury. Torbor has shoulder surgery last year due to a torn labrum, which also landed him on injured reserve.

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Moats, Torbor sitting

Posted by Chris Brown on August 22, 2011 – 2:53 pm

A couple of Buffalo’s ILBs are spectators at practice.

Arthur Moats and Reggie Torbor are both not practicing. Moats suffered a bruised right leg Saturday against Denver.

Here’s the rundown of other non-participants.

Corey McIntyre
Scott Chandler
Craig Davis
Shawn Nelson
Chris Kelsay
Chris White
Naaman Roosevelt
Donald Jones
Terrence McGee
Johnny White
Kellen Heard

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Bills pumping iron

Posted by Chris Brown on August 5, 2011 – 10:17 am

Usually the day after night practices, the Bills have a walk through on the practice field. They also do weight room work. Here are a couple of photos from inside the weight room this morning of some defensive players pumping out the sets.

The first is of LB Reggie Torbor working the shoulders and trapezius muscles (I’ll try to get an explanation on the towel) and the second is of Chris Kelsay, who appears to be doing squats.








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Dareus doesn’t feel behind

Posted by Chris Brown on July 29, 2011 – 8:56 pm

Bills top pick Marcell Dareus and all the other rookies appear to be behind thanks to no spring workouts, but Dareus did everything he could to ensure that wouldn’t be the case for him when he walked into training camp.

“I don’t feel like I’m behind at all,” after his first conditioning workout. “I was able to get on top of it with George Wilson, who really kept me on top of my game.  We have the same agent, so we stayed in contact.  I don’t feel like I’m behind at all. I’m right there with them ready to go.”

Dareus met with Wilson in Atlanta for the player organized workouts and Wilson schooled him up. Dareus has also become tight with veteran ILB Reggie Torbor, who also lives in Alabama like Dareus.

“We kept in contact,” said Dareus. “We talked some and he’s a real good dude. He’s a laid back cat, but he wants to win and play and he’s happy to have me here to help him out. So we’ve been together that way.”

It’s clear the vets know the impact that Dareus is capable of making and Dareus seems to have a healthy respect for vets willing to give him a helping hand. But Dareus, who played in a strikingly similar system to Buffalo’s at Alabama said Friday that there are just a few words terminology-wise that he’s got to get down. After that he said it’s just getting adjusted to the speed of the game and he’ll be good to go.

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Torbor will be Poz’s replacement

Posted by Chris Brown on July 29, 2011 – 5:52 pm

Reggie Torbor will be the starting ILB taking Poz’s spot next to Andra Davis.

Chan Gailey believes with two veterans that know the defense and have plenty of experience inside.

“They are both experienced guys who have done it,” said Gailey of Davis and Torbor. “Those young guys will come in and compete and learn as much as they can as fast as they can. We’ll see where that takes us. Both of those guys have played in games and played as winners. There is no need to push the panic button. We have solid players there that can help us win. They are also great leaders. We are fine.”

Gailey didn’t address whether there would be any more additions at the position, but GM Buddy Nix would not rule it out.

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Fan Friday 5-27

Posted by Chris Brown on May 27, 2011 – 12:47 pm

Time to get rolling with another edition of Fan Friday with your questions from

1 – Chris, as Bills fans I think we are prone to believing that change is always for the better. Can you shed any light on the qualifications of the new scouting department that Buddy has brought in? I know Bills fans were eager to move on from Modrak however was his dismissal so Buddy could bring in an old friend’s son and guy he recruited when coaching in 1972? What are the qualifications of the new hires?  Do they have a track record and any talent they are specifically credited with finding? How do the new hires’ experience match up to Modrak’s? Am I off base by saying that the Buffalo Bills will now only go as far as Buddy Nix’s eye for talent takes us?
– Colorado Bills Backers

CB: I think you’re selling the new hires short. First, Pro Personnel Director Tom Gibbons was with the organization from the time he started in this business in 1992. He worked with Buddy Nix when he was with the organization the first time and then again when both followed John Butler and A.J. Smith to San Diego. Nix has worked with Gibbons for the better part of the last 18 years. He wouldn’t hire him if he didn’t think he could add to the operation. Granted Cook is a guy that has some close history with Nix as his father coached with Buddy at one time. But to his credit Cook has his own self made resume in scouting.

Cook oversaw the pre-draft process for the Kansas City Chiefs for a dozen years, so he’s most definitely qualified for his current assignment with Buffalo. Buddy Nix made it plain. He only hires people he knows first hand. He’s not hiring people off recommendations.

Now comparing the experience of these two men up against Tom Modrak might not be fair since Modrak has been in the game since the late 60’s. But I believe Nix is confident these guys have an eye for talent that will only deepen the pool of quality players on Buffalo’s roster.

2 – Chris:
We have some defensive linemen who should be real run stoppers – Kyle Williams, Torrell Troup, Alex Carringon and Marcell Dareus. Kellen Heard and Mike Jasper both seem to have some huge upside (no pun intended); any chance we’ll see them this year, or will they be more likely relegated to the Practice Squad? It would neat to see us play the Ravens or Browns with Heard and Jasper on the inside, and Williams and Dareus on the outside.
Mike Allen, Pittsford

CB: I think Jasper has to come a long way in a short period of time (getting shorter with each day of the lockout) to convince the coaching staff he’s NFL ready as a rookie. Both he and Kellen Heard have a much bigger hill to climb with the depth of the defensive front now with Dareus in the fold and Torell Troup and Alex Carrington now second-year players. Buffalo’s staff is unlikely to keep more than six or seven defensive linemen on the active roster. Last year they kept seven, so if it’s seven that last spot could be between Jasper and Heard.

3 – Chris, 

Can you break down what you presume to be the starters for the defensive backfield? Listening to Buddy, it seems McGee, McKelvin, and Williams will be in competition for starting. In terms of SS how deep on the depth chart is Searcy? Buddy wants to bring back Drayton, how would that affect Reggie Corner and Rogers? How does the coaching staff plan to better defend the TE, in almost every game a linebacker or safety was burned in pass coverage. 

CB: A lot of questions there. Basically if McGee stays healthy and McKelvin is more consistent and no other additions are made or return I anticipate that McGee and McKelvin will be the starters outside. Those are a lot of ifs however. McGee has had trouble staying healthy the past two seasons and McKelvin has not been consistent.

That could open the door for Williams if he has a solid training camp, provided there is one. I don’t believe Williams will do any worse than being the third corner. McGee has been the team’s best run support corner. If staying healthy is still an issue for him they need a good run support corner on the strong side and Williams is the next best option for that.

Corner and Rogers would be corners four and five with other additions likely leading up to the season before final roster cuts are made.

As for Searcy I believe he will push both Bryan Scott and George Wilson for a starting role. He’s bigger than both of them physically and being stouter in the run front is critical for this team. Provided he shows and ability to cover he could be in the mix for that starting SS job, especially if he can muscle up with tight ends.

4 – Why didnt the Bills address o-line or tight end in draft as much in your opinion? And the 7th rounder Mike Jasper the monster d-linemen, will he play some nose tackle or does Williams stay at nose? And finally what happens with Fitz if the Bills miss playoffs again?


CB: I think people are expecting a lot from Jasper because of his athleticism and measurables. I’m not here to sell him short, but rather to keep expectations realistic. He’s got a lot to learn with respect to technique having not played nose tackle the past two seasons. He’s got to make the 53-man roster first. Kyle Williams will start at the nose and his backup will be Torell Troup. Jasper has to convince the staff that he deserves one of the last D-line spots.

As for not addressing offensive line, the Bills drafted a tackle in round four, Chris Hairston who is seen as a right tackle prospect. Tight end Nix said was a position they looked at, but that the board did not fall right with the prospects they had an eye on.

I think the staff believes they can work with Scott Chandler, who was picked up late last season, and Shawn Nelson is still an athletic talent they’d like to find out more about.

Fitzpatrick is the starter in 2011. Beyond that is anybody’s guess because he’s entering the last year of his contract, barring an extension.

5 – Chan wanted to upgrade the pass rush and taking Dareus and Kelvin will help the run game. Are there favorites going forward for the starting edge rushers? Without seeing Merriman on the field yet it’s hard to gauge how good he can be again. Kelsay looked better with his hand on the ground. Moats looked the best in pass/run coverage. Maybin still needs work but Torbor might be a good back up option to. Who do you think Chan likes?

Jack S.

CB: I think the whole pass rush hinges on Merriman. I know, that’s a lot of eggs to put in one basket, but if he’s right the Bills could really make a giant leap forward with their defense instead of steady improvement. If he’s on they could have a top 12 defense. But as you said it’s a wait and see type deal.

I believe Moats will only improve in year two, I’m interested to see what Danny Batten has to offer. Torbor I’m anticipating might move inside where he played for most of the two seasons prior to his arrival in Buffalo.

Who Chan likes is really anybody’s guess.

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Bills take sides in title gm

Posted by Chris Brown on January 10, 2011 – 2:12 pm

Certain players in Buffalo’s locker room will be taking sides in tonight’s National Championship game between Auburn and Oregon.

Jairus Byrd is the only Oregon alum on Buffalo’s roster, so he’s outnumbered 3 to 1 by the likes of Antonio Coleman, Spencer Johnson and Reggie Torbor, who all played their college ball at Auburn.

Before all the players went their separate ways in the offseason, Torbor decided to leave Byrd with a parting gift. As he left the locker room, Torbor left a bright orange Auburn T-shirt behind in Byrd’s locker.

“He knows the deal,” said Torbor with a smile before walking out.

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Torbor on the mend

Posted by Chris Brown on December 16, 2010 – 12:33 pm

Bills LB Reggie Torbor, who went on I-R two weeks ago is on the mend after shoulder surgery.

Torbor, who had surgery a week ago to repair a torn labrum, said surgery was successful.

“It went well,” he said. “This kind of injury happens every time your arm gets fully extended and a player runs through you pulling your arm back behind your body.”

Linebackers seem to be the most frequent victim of torn labrums, since they often make the most tackles on defense. Andra Davis also wound up on injured reserve with a torn labrum that required surgery.

Rehabilitation time is typically four months, and Torbor would know having been through this rehab before.

“Back when I did my other shoulder it was a four month recovery,” said Torbor. “That’s why I’m glad I got it done now because this means I’ll be ready for the start of the offseason program at the end of March.”

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Def. game plan “simpler”

Posted by Chris Brown on December 5, 2010 – 10:31 am

With jack-of-all-trades LB  Reggie Torbor and DE Dwan Edwards now on I-R and the likes of rookies Antonio Coleman and Alex Carrington helping to fill those voids, Buffalo’s defensive scheme will not have as many wrinkles as it usually does this week. Head coach Chan Gailey explains why.

“You have to monitor how you set things up,” said Gailey. “They have to handle every call, but what you do is you set the game plan up to be a little simpler, a little easier to understand. You don’t do all the subtle things you were doing earlier in the year with all those veterans in there. So really you have to scale it back for the whole defense in case you have to play one of those guys.”

Coleman is expected to handle most of those OLB duties previously manned by Torbor. At ILB Akin Ayodele and Bryan Scott are expected to divvy up Torbor’s ILB duties. And at DE, Spencer Johnson is expected to start in Edwards spot with Alex Carrington rotating in a good deal.

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Surgery for Torbor

Posted by Chris Brown on December 3, 2010 – 12:52 pm

Bills head coach Chan Gailey said LB Reggie Torbor, who was placed on I-R Friday, will need to go under the knife.

“His shoulder injury is going to require surgery,” said Gailey. “It’ll be hard to replace him completely. You just try to piece meal that together.”

Torbor is the third Bills linebacker to undergo shoulder surgery this season joining rookie Danny Batten and Andra Davis.

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Torbor out “long time”

Posted by Chris Brown on December 1, 2010 – 12:39 pm

The Bills will already be without starting DE Dwan Edwards for the foreseeable future with a severe hamstring injury suffered last week. It looks as though another valuable veteran will also be out for a spell.

Head coach Chan Gailey indicated that LB Reggie Torbor is not expected to play this week or any time soon.

“It’ll be a long time,” Gailey said when referencing both Torbor and Edwards.

Torbor has played an important jack-of-all-trades role lining up at both inside and outside linebacker in the Bills base defense and subpackages.

“It’s a big loss for us,” said Gailey. “There are going to have to be some people that step up and play a lot of snaps for us.”

Bryan Scott and Akin Ayodele are expected to step in for Torbor in nickel and base for his ILB duties. Then Aaron Maybin and two rookies in Antonio Coleman and Arthur Moats could be spelling Torbor on the outside.

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Torbor M&T Bank appearance

Posted by Chris Brown on November 30, 2010 – 8:16 am

M&T Bank and the Buffalo Bills will be hosting the Gift of Warmth Signing at the M&T Bank Southgate Plaza Branch at 1024 Union Road in West Seneca today (Tuesday) from 3:30 – 4:30 pm. Bills LB Reggie Torbor will be on hand signing autographs. 

The Bills already had their Gift of Warmth collection at their Nov. 14th home game against the Lions, but the kickoff of the M&T Bank Campaign begins Tuesday. Any and all donations of new warm clothing benefits the Salvation Army.

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Reggie Torbor at M&T Bank

Posted by Chris Brown on November 26, 2010 – 9:14 am

M&T Bank and the Buffalo Bills will be hosting the Gift of Warmth Signing at the M&T Bank Southgate Plaza Branch at 1024 Union Road in West Seneca on Tuesday, Nov. 30th from 3:30 – 4:30 pm. Bills LB Reggie Torbor will be on hand signing autographs. 

The Bills already had their Gift of Warmth collection at their Nov. 14th home game against the Lions, but the kickoff of the M&T Bank Campaign begins Tuesday. Any and all donations of new warm clothing benefits the Salvation Army.

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Four Bills on Wk 9 All-PFF team

Posted by Chris Brown on November 12, 2010 – 9:52 am

ProFootballFocus, which does a nice job of evaluating game tape and giving credit to weekly game performances by individual players named four Bills to their All-PFF Week 9 team.

Reggie Torbor, Paul Posluszny, Eric Wood and Kyle Williams, who they trumpet as a potential Defensive Player of the Year candidate (in their rankings) all made their squad this week.

As they accurately note, Wood is playing a lot better the past few weeks. Now almost a year removed from his major injury, though he still deals with pain, perhaps the foot speed is coming more naturally to him. Poz has had two very good weeks as noted by Chan Gailey earlier this week and Torbor has been a jack of all trades working both inside and outside for the Bills in certain defensive packages.

Williams though has been terrific throughout the season and at this point would be my defensive MVP for Buffalo. I know he got my vote for the Pro Bowl.

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Bills have holes to fill

Posted by Chris Brown on November 8, 2010 – 5:46 pm

With Andra Davis and Roscoe Parrish going on injured reserve, the Bills have some holes to fill.

Parrish was the team’s second leading receiver and a mismatch nightmare out of the slot. He was tied for fifth in the AFC in third down catches and second only to Stevie Johnson. Seeing this offense run as smoothly as it has of late, it’s hard not to think it’s going to take some time to adjust.

Buffalo’s receiving corps is all rookies behind Evans and Johnson, though David Nelson has shown a lot of promise and has been a consistent part of the offense. Donald Jones was the next man in, but with a full week to prepare for the slot role, Nelson is a possibility moving forward.

Of course a veteran will also be considered, but unless there’s some prior knowledge of Chan’s offense I don’t see how someone from the outside would work.

Fortunately on the defensive side of the ball Buffalo has a veteran in Akin Ayodele that can fill Davis’ run down role. He earned some praise from Chan Gailey for his play Sunday.

“I thought Akin went in there and did some good things in there against the run,” said Gailey. “And we’ve had the luxury of flipping Reggie Torbor in there as well, so we’re kind of taking two guys to replace one in there.”

Buffalo currently has 51 players on their 53-man roster. More moves to come for sure.

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Moorman questionable

Posted by Chris Brown on September 17, 2010 – 2:00 pm

Bills punter Brian Moorman was added to the injury report on Friday.

He’s listed as questionable after being unable to practice on Friday. Head coach Chan Gailey downplayed Moorman’s ailment which is listed as a back.

“Brian had a little issue this morning and missed practice,” said Gailey. “But it shouldn’t be anything.”

It was clear that Gailey did not anticipate it being anything that would keep Moorman from playing on Sunday. If he were unable to go however, it’s presumed that Rian Lindell would assume punting duties.

The news is better for starting C Geoff Hangartner (ankle) and starting LB Reggie Torbor (chest). Both are listed as probable for Sunday. Torbor practiced fully all week.

FS Cary Harris was declared out for Sunday with a hamstring injury as was Paul Posluszny (knee).  Rookie LB Antonio Coleman is probable after practicing all week.

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Bills healing up

Posted by Chris Brown on September 16, 2010 – 2:55 pm

Things are looking up for everyone on Buffalo’s injury report with the exception of Paul Posluszny.

Starting C Geoff Hangartner, after missing practice Wednesday, practiced fully on Thursday and is expected to be good to start Sunday.

LB Reggie Torbor practiced fully for a second straight day and looks ready to return to the lineup.

Even special teamer Cary Harris, who suffered a hamstring injury in last week’s game could be up for Sunday though he did not practice Thursday.

“With the exception of Paul we’ve got a chance to get everybody fine for Sunday,” said head coach Chan Gailey.

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Torbor to practice

Posted by Chris Brown on September 15, 2010 – 11:46 am

Bills LB Reggie Torbor, who missed the home opener with a chest injury is going to be out on the practice field today (Wednesday).

“I have a chance (for Sunday),” said Torbor. “Of course I want to go out there and play, but sometimes the body doesn’t follow the mind. So I’ll be out there for a test run and see how it goes out there today.”

Head coach Chan Gailey said how Torbor gets through the week will determine his availability for Sunday’s game at Green Bay.

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Coleman, Torbor out for Sunday

Posted by Chris Brown on September 10, 2010 – 2:12 pm

LBs Antonio Coleman and Reggie Torbor were both declared out for Sunday’s home opener.

With Kawika Mitchell on I-R and newly signed Akin Ayodele to be inactive (per Chan Gailey) Buffalo will be down three linebackers Sunday (not counting Mitchell at this point).

Defensive coordinator George Edwards commented on the loss of Mitchell.

“It’s a tough loss for us,” he said. “Any time you’ve had a productive player, and as productive as he’s been here at our program, you lose a guy like that in the locker room. You lose him as far as consistency in his play – just calls and communication – those kinds of things.”

Edwards was glad to get a familiar face in the fold to fill the void left by Mitchell in Ayodele.

“We’re glad to get Akin in here. We got him up to speed this morning,” said Edwards. “It was great to get him in here and hopefully we look forward to progressing down the road with him.”

Chris Ellis is expected to spell Torbor in the starting lineup as he’ll handle base defense responsibilities with Aaron Maybin expected to play on that side in the nickel package.


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Coleman, Torbor update

Posted by Chris Brown on September 10, 2010 – 10:41 am

Linebackers Antonio Coleman and Reggie Torbor are not participating in practice again here on Friday.

Coleman (hamstring) has not practiced at all this week leading up to the game, Torbor (chest) has not practiced this week with the exception of Monday.

We’ll get their official status for Sunday’s game later today (Friday), but Chan Gailey hinted that Torbor could be doubtful for the opener.

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