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Report: Grimm a Bills HC candidate

Posted by Chris Brown on December 31, 2012 – 3:32 pm

It’s a preliminary report, but the FAN 1060 AM in Phoenix is reporting that Cardinals Assistant HC/Offensive line coach Russ Grimm is on Buffalo’s list of coaching candidates.

Grimm, a Hall of Fame offensive lineman, was a consideration the last time GM Buddy Nix conducted the team’s coaching search back in 2010. Grimm was just fired today by the Arizona Cardinals along with their head coach Ken Whisenhunt and GM Rod Graves.

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Report: Pursuit of Grimm ongoing

Posted by Chris Brown on January 17, 2010 – 10:03 pm

According to FOX Sports Jay Glazer, the Bills are still pursuing Arizona assistant head coach Russ Grimm as a candidate for their vacant head coaching post.

Grimm never publicly refused to interview, but did indicate he wanted to focus on the playoffs instead of interview. Now that the Cardinals season is over according to Glazer the Bills are hoping he changes his mind.

The Bills are free to interview Grimm with the Cardinals season over, as they did receive permission to do so from Arizona. The ball is now in Grimm’s court.

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Opportunity there for Grimm

Posted by Chris Brown on January 16, 2010 – 8:58 pm

With the Cardinals now eliminated from the playoffs with their loss to New Orleans in the Divisional playoff round, we’re likely to find out once and for all if Russ Grimm is interested in the Bills job.

The Bills do have the ability to speak with Grimm now that the Cardinals’ season is over.

Grimm at one point (while Arizona was still a part of the postseason) mentioned that addressing head coaching jobs would happen “down the line” and that he had more important things to deal with, meaning preparing for the Cards playoff game against the Saints.

Now that the game has been played and the Cardinals season is over, it stands to reason that Grimm, one way or the other will let the Bills know whether he’s interested in interviewing or not in the next couple of days.

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Why you should root for the Saints

Posted by Chris Brown on January 16, 2010 – 1:29 pm

If you’re a Bills fan eager for a new head coach to be named you should be rooting for the Saints today.

Any chance of the Bills interviewing Russ Grimm will only happen if the Cardinals season comes to a close.

Grimm indicated he wanted to habdle his playoff business with the Cardinals first and foremost.
If the Cards lose to the Saints and Kurt Warner decides to hang it up it could further convince Grimm that its time to explore other opportunities.

So if you like Grimm as a possible coaching candidate for Buffalo its best that you root for Brees and the boys.

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Whisenhunt on Grimm

Posted by Chris Brown on January 13, 2010 – 5:47 pm

Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt was asked about Russ Grimm’s opportunity to interview for the Bills head coaching post.
Here was his comment.

“I don’t really have many thoughts on that,” said Whisenhunt. “Obviously, I feel very strongly about Russ and what a special coach he is, and he’s obviously deserving of those types of opportunities.”

Whisenhunt is obviously playing things very close to the vest as both teams are not saying much about Grimm’s candidacy on purpose.

But Whisenhunt has a lot of respect for Grimm, who came to work for him in Arizona despite the fact that Whisenhunt was handed the Cardinals head coaching job for which both were finalists.

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Will Grimm interview?

Posted by Chris Brown on January 12, 2010 – 6:51 pm

The Arizona Cardinals have granted the Bills permission to speak with their assistant head coach Russ Grimm. The question now is will an interview take place?

Grimm told the Associated Press on Tuesday that no interview has been scheduled with the Bills.

“I don’t know what the time schedule is on that,” Grimm said. “I’m not really worried about it right now. I’ve got a few important things to take care of first.”

While it’s certainly understandable that Grimm is focused on his team’s playoff game at New Orleans this weekend, it doesn’t sound as if Grimm is eager to leap at the latest opportunity to land a head coaching job, which could very well go by the board if he does not interview this week.

“It’s always flattering when you’re considered for it,” Grimm told the AP of the Bills’ interest, “but you’ve got to wait and see what it all contains and pertains to and how it’s run – but that’s all down the road.”

How much further down the road Grimm is thinking is hard to figure. This is the last week that assistants working for teams still in the playoffs can be interviewed for head coaching jobs. Seeing that the interview has yet to even be scheduled, which is decided by the team he currently works for in the Cardinals, so as not to inconvenience their preparations, one wonders when or if it will even happen.

The team’s game is on Saturday in New Orleans and Friday is a travel day for the team. The window of opportunity to interview for Grimm is not big and is closing more and more with each passing day.

If the Cardinals keep winning his chance to interview for the Bills job could simply go to another candidate on their list as Buffalo does have other coaches to interview, with Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer among them.

Should Grimm not interview with the Bills this week, the only way he’d be able to interview with Buffalo prior to the Super Bowl would be if the Cardinals lost before then in the playoffs. If Arizona loses at New Orleans this weekend it’s believed there would still be time to interview with Buffalo for their head coaching job.

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Report: Grimm permission requested

Posted by Chris Brown on January 11, 2010 – 2:11 pm

According to a report from Jay Glazer the Bills have formally asked for permission to interview Cardinals asst. head coach Russ Grimm.

Of course with this week’s playoff game against the Saints, it’s up in the air as to when an interview might take place. Here is Glazer’s latest twitter post reporting the Grimm request.

 Jay_Glazer:   bills have requested permission to interview russ grimm. but bc of short wk prepping for saints, unclear if and when he can interview

What is also unclear is whether or not Grimm will actually interview. There have been reports from national media outlets that Grimm is not overly interested in interviewing for the Bills job, but we’ll no doubt see how accurate those reports are very soon.

This is the last week assistant coaches working for playoff teams can be interviewed.

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Grimm chances slim?

Posted by Chris Brown on January 11, 2010 – 10:30 am

ESPN’s John Clayton is reporting that the Bills will seek permission to speak with Arizona assistant head coach Russ Grimm. Whether Grimm is interested is another story.

Clayton wrote the following in his ‘Last Call’ column.

According to a source, the Buffalo Bills will request a head-coaching interview with Cardinals assistant head coach Russ Grimm, but according to another source, Grimm is expected to decline the request and stay with the Cardinals. Though Grimm wants to be a head coach, he’s not particularly intrigued by the Bills opportunity.

Grimm is currently in a good position with the Cardinals. The defending NFC Champions have advanced to the Divisional round after their wild victory over the Packers Sunday. Perhaps he’s not interested in the challenge the Bills rebuilding effort entails if in fact the report is accurate. We’ll find out soon. This is the last week coaches working for playoff teams can be interviewed.

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Other interviews to come

Posted by Chris Brown on January 10, 2010 – 1:26 pm

Bills owner Ralph Wilson told the Associated Press that the Bills would take the necessary time to find their head coach and not rush to judgment. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter there are more candidates to be interviewed this week.

Here is Schefter’s latest take on the coaching search situation, in which he mentioned that Bill Cowher will not coach the Bills in his opinion. Personally, I think if Cowher was interested he would already have been named head coach. Brian Billick is also not a candidate per Schefter.

“While questions continue to swirl about the Buffalo Bills head-coaching job, certain candidates’ names can being to be crossed off. Bill Cowher is not going to be the Bills next head coach, no matter how much money the franchise has offered him, according to league sources. Brian Billick never was considered once Buffalo hired new general manager Buddy Nix, sources said. But Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier is said to have had a highly impressive interview.

Buffalo still is planning on conducting more interviews with more coaches involved in the playoffs, and their outlook always could change, but heading into the start of the postseason, Frazier is the temporary leader in the clubhouse.

Also, Buffalo’s interim head coach Perry Fewell is said to have had a more impressive interview than many realize. Buffalo has other assistant coaches it still wants to interview, but those coaches are involved in the playoffs and the Bills have not had access to them yet.”

Among those candidates currently working for other clubs that have been mentioned include Arizona assistant head coach Russ Grimm, Jets OC Brian Schottenheimer, San Diego DC Ron Rivera and Eagles DC Sean McDermott.

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Fan Friday 12-11

Posted by Chris Brown on December 11, 2009 – 1:26 pm

The snow has been flying late this week in Buffalo. Crazy wind and at least a foot of snow in most places. But we still bring you Fan Friday as always here on the Inside the Bills blog. As always you can email your questions to

1. Hi, Chris,
With the talent level the Bills have at running back, why don’t they have Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson in the backfield at the same time? They could pound opposing defenses continually, and keep our defense off the field. This would take pressure off of the QB, and maybe put the Bills in position to win more games. The offensive line as it stands right now, is having issues pass blocking. Just a thought…
Tony Falzone, Daytona Beach, Fl

CB: There has been more of this in recent weeks, but not a ton more. I think that set presents a lot more options for the Bills offensively and also affords better pass protection with both Lynch and Jackson back there. We’ll see if there are more snaps with that look over the final four games, but I agree it has a lot of potential for an offense that has struggled all season.

2. Chris,

I know it’s very early in the process, and I keep hearing the Mr. Wilson wants to hire a GM to hire a coach (you could probably say how true that is better than me,) but I had a couple of names I was hoping to get your feedback about for a potential new coach.

1. Brian Billick: While I don’t know how well he actually knows quarterbacks like he claims– I do know he won the Super Bowl with the Ravens, and even when they struggled before he was fired, they played great defense. He seems like he wants to get back to coaching, and I wouldn’t mind seeing him in Buffalo.

2. Russ Grimm: He was a finalist for the Pittsburgh and I think Arizona job as well, before Whisenhunt was hired– so I get the impression the guy has something management likes. He’s a firey presence that helped change the culture of the team in Arizona in a VERY short time period…exactly the kind of change Buffalo needs. Also, the guy has an o-line background, and ours desperately needs work.

3. Pete Metzelaars: I know Pete is relatively green… but he was a blink of Tom Moore’s eye from being the OC in Indy this year before he and Mudd decided not to retire. Also, I get the impression that just the timing of some of the early 90’s Bills going into the HOF these past years, that the Bills and its fanbase are reconnecting with those teams. What better way to do it than to bring in one of the pieces that got us there? At the very least in an OC capacity.

I could be wrong, but I can’t imagine any of these guys commanding the kind of money the Cowhers or Shanahans of the world do… so maybe they’d be a fit here?

I’m curious to know your thoughts

Farmington, NY

CB: I think Billick and Grimm are worthwhile candidates. Grimm would certainly put attention where it’s needed on the offensive line. Heck with Grimm at the helm they may draft a tackle before a QB, which I’m not opposed to. The Dolphins showed that could work drafting Jake Long and then Chad Henne. Cleveland had the right idea too with Joe Thomas and Brady Quinn. Quinn is actually playing a bit better of late.

As for Metzelaars I think he is too green for a head job. Wouldn’t mind making him an assistant on this staff, Frank Reich as well for that matter. I think Cowher and Shanahan are unfortunately long shots at best.

3. Hey Chris,
Are the bills done with Trent? Why go back to Fitz again? I think you go with trent, for better or worse, to see if he’s your franchise guy, your thoughts?
CB: I’m afraid that ship appears to have sailed. Players have made no secret even to the media that they prefer having Fitzpatrick in there. No doubt they made those preferences known to the coaching staff as well. So my feeling is Trent will remain the backup for the rest of the season barring injury.

I don’t think there’s any question that Edwards is physically superior to Fitzpatrick, but Fitzpatrick is more willing to take chances in the passing game and he has seen the whole field better when he’s been in there. As to whether Trent is still considered franchise material, I think that’s a determination that may also have been made already, but under a new regime that’s always subject to change. Time will tell.

4. They had a crowd of 51,000 people. We could have sold 70,000 in Ralph Wilson stadium, w/ the large majority cheering loudly for our (undermanned) Bills.

I’m no marketing guru, but how is this putting more money in the franchise’s pocket? Simply because it’s guaranteed money? We haven’t made the playoffs in 10 years and we still get near sellout crowds for most games in Buffalo. The players have repeatedly said the fans support gets them pumped up.
Given the 3 tepid performances so far in Toronto, including the preseason game, it’s hard to see that we are expanding our fan base playing there. The Canadian fans may enjoy seeing the NFL, but they are hardly there to cheer on our home team.

I was pretty skeptical of the idea in the first place. I don’t think it has helped the Bills as a team, or the franchise, or even (cynically) Ralph Wilson himself.  Help me out, Chris. What am I missing?
Gilbert, AZ

CB: The Bills sold the Toronto Series to the Rogers group for $78 million. It equates to $9.75M per game, which is almost double what the franchise pulls in for a regular home game, and far more than that for a preseason game. So that’s a major revenue benefit, which is important in the league’s big market/small market climate right now.

If 2010 goes off without a salary cap, which is looking more and more like reality, this regionalization effort will be more important than most fans realize. It will continue to help to keep the team financially competitive.

Though it may be hard to see how the games in Toronto are helping the fan base, 15% of the season ticket base is from southern Ontario. And figures show that number is now increasing thanks to the team’s annual presence in Toronto.

Believe me when I tell you the decision makers for this franchise understand that it’s a bitter pill to swallow for Bills fans that respect the franchise’s tradition and home field advantage with respect to the 12th Man. But this is a necessary step to keep the team financially viable and competitive in a league where the ‘haves’ are continually trying to make life more difficult for the ‘have nots.’
The Toronto Series helps to keep the team financially viable, while staying in Buffalo.

5. Chris,
Do you see the Bills keeping Perry Fewell around after the season is over?  I like a lot of Bills Fans, like his attitude and think he will be a great loss on the Defensive side, and the same goes for Bobby April. What do you think?
Frederick, MD

CB: I do think both Fewell and April have a lot to offer, but a new head coach generally likes to bring in his own people. I think April has the resume to be offered a job on the staff, no matter what head coach comes in, but I doubt he will take it. It wouldn’t surprise me if April felt passed over for the interim head coaching job, especially with Assistant Head Coach as part of his title under Dick Jauron.
It’s my belief April will be moving on after this season is over, and make no mistake it would be a great loss.

As for Fewell, unless a new coach coming in is a big believer in the Tampa-2 scheme he too is likely to be looking for work elsewhere. It sounds cruel, but these men know its part of the business. I like what Fewell has done in his stint as interim head coach, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the organization determines that they have to wipe the slate clean and turn the page on all that is associated with the Dick Jauron era.

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