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Fan Friday 5-27

Posted by Chris Brown on May 27, 2016 – 11:28 am

Week one of OTAs is in the books. Week 2 gets underway Tuesday. Let’s get to your questions from email at and on Twitter at @ChrisBrownBills.

1 – Hi Chris

Thanks for all you do to keep us Bills fans informed! My question is about extending Gilmore and Tyrod. With Gilmore being under contract under the fifth-year option on his rookie contract, if he and the Bills were able to strike a long term deal this offseason, does that work like the franchise tag where his new deal would replace his current contract, or is this year’s salary set in stone and they can only negotiate an extension for next year and beyond?

If it is an extension that doesn’t impact his present salary for this season, how would that work with his signing bonus? Would a prorated portion count against the cap this year? Same thing with Tyrod, if the team signed him to an extension so they could keep him at his low salary for this season, if the extension were signed this offseason, would there be any impact on this season’s salary cap from his signing bonus if his salary doesn’t change? Thanks!

CB: New long term deals typically replace the existing one. The club usually does this to more effectively spread out the amortized portions of the contract (e.g. signing bonus). On occasion teams will tack on an extension to the current year, but it’s uncommon.

2 – Chris

Can you give us more insight into UDFA Justin Zimmer. He was the fastest/quickest/strongest tackle in this year’s draft with something like 86 tackles, 13 sacks, 26 tfl, and 4 ff’s.  This kid should have been drafted just based on his measurables alone.  44 Reps/4.85 40 with outstanding short shuttle and 3 cone times- Are you kidding me?  Mo Boehringer got drafted on pure potential and this kid is way more experienced than him, even at Ferris St.  Can Coach Blake morph this kid into the next Aaron Donald or Geno Atkins?  With Adolphus Washington we really strengthened the interior D.


CB: One reason why Zimmer went undrafted is because he has short arms. While this might sound ridiculous these are parts of the player measurables that carry weight especially when it comes to line play. If you can’t keep offensive linemen from getting into your chest then you’ll have problems making plays.

Now Zimmer to his credit was ultra-productive at the FCS level. He’s quick and agile and obviously powerful and he’s a hustler. To say he could be the next Aaron Donald or Geno Atkins is a stretch. That being said he’ll be interesting to watch when the pads go on in camp.
3 – Chris,

Last year’s defense was a disappointment. Veteran players could not fully adapt to this complicated front seven scheme then play at a high level. Also, expectations turned out to be unrealistically high.

Is there any way 3 rookies can leap to the NFL, play in this same defensive front, simplified or not, and have success? Or do we need to start managing expectations now to avoid more disappointment?

CB: First, I’m going to tell you that in this first week of OTAs the players admitted they assumed with an accomplished defensive coach coming in the door that they just expected to be just as good as they were the year before and did not put the required time in to master the defense. Just about every place Rex Ryan has been his players have never had a problem absorbing and implementing the defensive system he employs. They’ve never had a problem playing fast.

Buffalo’s players pretty much acknowledged that a lot of their shortcomings last season were on them because they didn’t buy into the system. That’s changed now, so I’d be interested to see how well they can play in this defense with the talent they have on hand.

Now will it be an adjustment for the three top draft choices? Probably, but their talent will help to carry them until they do have it all down pat. Additionally all three draft choices are workers and committed to being great. Those are all encouraging signs. As we all know the proof will be in the results on the field.


4 – Hey Chris ,
Do you think the Bills have any interest in trading for Sam Bradford ? Personally I think he has had a pretty raw deal since entering the league, his first three seasons the Rams had nobody really legit to play with on offense except for Danny Amendola , he tore his acl twice and the Eagles were a mess to begin with before he got there, Buffalo has a lot of good players on offense right now I would be really curious to see who would win the starting job between Taylor and Bradford, thank you.

Alexander, Toronto

I’d be surprised if the Bills pursue something like this if in fact Bradford is offered up again. The biggest question facing this team is whether or not they have a franchise quarterback. That won’t be answered if you add another QB to the mix. They should stick with Tyrod Taylor this season and see what kind of step forward he can make.


5 – @ChrisBrownBills Didn’t the Bills defense want to be the ‘85 bears last year?

Joe gnozzo @joegnozzo51

CB: I don’t think the bar was ever set that high. From a scheme perspective that wasn’t the plan either. Rex’s defense does have some 46 principles to it, but the biggest issue in terms of scheme in 2015 was Ryan’s attempt to blend some of the successful concepts of the team’s 2014 system that helped them finish fourth in the NFL with his own scheme.

The blend did not work by Ryan’s own admission by midseason and the unit never recovered when they tried to eliminate that in season.

This year they’re going to be more of a traditional 3-4 and play strictly Ryan’s defensiv

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How Bradford’s deal could impact Taylor

Posted by Chris Brown on March 2, 2016 – 8:42 am

With the Philadelphia Eagles signing QB Sam Bradford to a new two-year contract to keep him off the free agent market, has the NFC East club helped to set parameters for a potential extension for Bills QB Tyrod Taylor?

An extension for Taylor does not appear imminent with all the contract negotiations that sit on the front burner, chiefly with guard Richie Incognito. Still, agents and NFL front offices take a long look at the most recent contracts to help ascertain true market value.

Bradford agreed to a two-year $35M deal of which $22M is guaranteed. There was a reported $11M signing bonus and the contract averages $17.5M per season. Bradford’s cap hit this year however, is just $12.5M in 2016 and then balloons to $22.5M in 2017, a figure that will likely be addressed either with another extension or a release depending on how he performs in 2016.

An extension for Taylor is something GM Doug Whaley has not ruled out, but the Bills with their current cap situation likely aren’t itching to get something done anytime soon.

At age 28, Bradford has two years on Taylor, who won’t turn 27 until August. If Taylor excels in 2016 and a long term commitment is the play then the deal will presumably be longer in length than Bradford’s. But if Taylor’s play doesn’t take another step forward this fall and there is no other QB on the roster qualified or ready to take over, then Bradford’s short term deal might not be a bad blueprint.

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Rams GM on plan for QB Bradford

Posted by Chris Brown on February 19, 2015 – 9:40 am

Sam Bradford
There has been much speculation that St. Louis Rams QB Sam Bradford could be on the trading block. That speculation was only fueled by the CBS Sports report that Bradford’s agent was given permission to seek a trade. St. Louis GM Les Snead however, refuted those reports here at the NFL combine.

“Deleting him is not our answer. I don’t know that that solves our riddle,” said Snead of Bradford. “He’s a good player. If some team was interested I certainly don’t blame them. But I’ll stick to what I said earlier, deleting him is not the answer. I think the answer is providing insurance in case we do go through more bad luck. Let’s rehab (Bradford). Let’s see if he can reach his potential. But let’s do insure the position.”

Snead confirmed that he intends to add to the position so there’s capable talent to compete and if necessary replace Bradford in the lineup for the Rams should he succumb to injury a third year in a row.

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Rams want to restructure QB Bradford contract

Posted by Chris Brown on February 9, 2015 – 8:56 am

There are some that speculate the St. Louis Rams may release QB Sam Bradford in light of a $13M cap hit from the last year of his deal coming up in 2015. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch however, is hearing differently.

According to veteran Post-Dispatch reporter Jim Thomas, the Rams are interested in restructuring the final year of Bradford’s contract. Though they’re not looking to extend the contract they do want to make a significant portion of Bradford’s salary incentive-based. Here’s Thomas’ report in a nutshell.

The Rams want to restructure the final year of the injury-plagued Bradford’s contract. They could do so by lopping off some of the $12.985 million base salary he is due in 2015, the last year of his contract, while potentially putting in incentives that could allow Bradford to recoup much of that money. An outright release would save the team that $12.985 million out of an overall cap count of $16.58 million.

Bradford, despite his history of injuries, is a player that is seen in league circles as one who would draw attention from teams in need of veteran QB help.

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Fan Friday 1-9

Posted by Chris Brown on January 9, 2015 – 11:44 am

The season is over and the head coaching search is underway. Now for your questions from email at and on Twitter @ChrisBrownBills.

1 – Chris,

Can you give Bills fans an update on the picks we get for the Stevie Johnson and Bryce Brown trades and where the picks could be for both players based on their playing time? Is it a 3rd for both players if they have a certain amount of games?


CB: Both trades were in exchange for conditional fourth-round picks. What most are not aware of is Buffalo was using one trade to facilitate the other.

While I don’t have the exact terms that would have bumped both picks to third-round selections I do know that both the pick acquired in the Johnson trade remained a fourth-round pick, as did the pick Philadelphia is owed by Buffalo.

Since the Bills original fourth-round pick in 2015 was traded to Cleveland in the Sammy Watkins deal, the fourth-round pick acquired from San Francisco for Stevie Johnson must be sent to Philadelphia for Bryce Brown.

So this spring the Bills do not have a first or fourth round selection. They have a second, third, two fifths, sixth and seventh.


2 – Hey Chris,

Thanks for the great coverage and all that you do.  A lot has been made around the NFL about the NFC South and one of those teams making the playoffs with a record less than .500.  My question is that with the Bills finishing with a better record than the NFC South champion (Carolina 7-8-1) will they pick after them in the draft?  The draft normally goes by record but do things change once a team makes the playoffs?  Thanks for the response.

J-P from Corning, NY but now in Frederick, MD
CB: Yes, by rule playoff teams pick after non-playoff teams. So the Bills first-round pick at 19, which is owned by Cleveland comes before Carolina. In fact even the playoff teams with better records who were eliminated Wild Card weekend will pick ahead of the Panthers. The best Carolina can do if they lose to Seattle this weekend is the 25th pick in round one.


3 – Chris,

Watching the Bills this season always leaves me thinking how many games would they have won if we had a top QB. Despite some games that Orton played well, he is surely not the guy to lead the Bills to the playoffs. I was wondering if picking up Sam Bradford would be a possibility and keeping EJ as a backup. I was also thinking that even though our offensive line has struggled this year, would we take a QB with our 2nd round pick this year?


CB: Sam Bradford is an interesting consideration. He has more than three times the experience of EJ Manuel in terms NFL starts with 49 on his NFL resume, but what is of concern to me is his completion percentage. It’s 58.6 percent, which is exactly the same as EJ Manuel.

I think the Bills need better than that if they decide acquiring a veteran quarterback is the route to take again this offseason. Now I’ll admit it is slim pickings in terms of the free agent market, and Bradford might be seen as one of the better options available.

Buffalo has limited capital to offer in a trade for a QB knowing they’re without a first and fourth-round pick this year.

The plan going forward concerning the quarterback position is certainly going to be one of the more intriguing developments for the Bills this offseason. And as for taking a QB in round two of the draft I don’t think anything can be ruled out at this point, but I do believe quarterback might be addressed before the draft rolls around.


4 – Chris,

How do you assess the prospects of OGs Kouandjio and Richardson? Do they have a chance to start on the Bills’ O-line  or will the Bills be shopping for guards in free agency and the draft next year.


CB: I think Cyrus Kouandjio and Cyril Richardson are still seen as long term investments by the organization. As I’ve written here before Kouandjio is still very young in football. He turned 21 during training camp last summer and has not played football his entire life. There is talent there. I just think what he needs is time on the job. Richardson has the physical tools, but they need to be refined more.

With that in mind I think it would be prudent for the Bills to seek NFL ready help at the guard position, especially with Erik Pears a free agent this offseason. The draft is another possibility, but it would have to be addressed early (2nd, 3rd round).


5 – Hi Chris,

My question pertains to re-signing several key players. I’ve read that there is some questions about whether or not we can sign Jerry Hughes, and renegotiate CJ and Marcel’s deals to keep them here long term, while also finding some key free agents and solid draft picks. Don’t we have a considerable amount of dead money coming off the books at the end of this year (Fitz, Stevie, Anderson, Lindell)? says that it is about $21.6 million. With that money freed up, and the expansion of the salary cap don’t we have enough room to work with to bring back Jerry and give Marcel and CJ a raise?

(If this doesn’t make the list of questions on the blog post I would still love to hear your thoughts about where we stand financially going forward and how we can keep our defensive and offensive playmakers in Buffalo.)


CB: You’re right there is a good amount of dead money coming off the books. I have seen the dead cap number closer to $24M. Per GM Doug Whaley – they will make every effort to bring Jerry Hughes and C.J. Spiller back into the fold.

There are reports that NFL clubs are expecting the cap to go up about $10M this year, which helps as well. It’s certainly possible that Dareus’ contract will be addressed to reduce his $8M cap figure this year and extend it.

However, I don’t think Dareus’ contract has to be extended in order for the club to formulate competitive offers for Hughes, Spiller and possibly Da’Norris Searcy.

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Early reports positive on Bradford

Posted by Chris Brown on March 29, 2010 – 12:16 pm

Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford had his pro day Monday and early indiciations are it went very well for the player many think could be the top overall pick.’s Gil Brandt offered the following.

It was near flawless. I’m not saying he solidified his spot at the top of the draft, but he sure didn’t hurt himself. It was one of the best individual workouts I’ve seen in a long time. A real Picasso.

TFY Draft Insider, had the following synopsis.

Bradford was accurate from start to finish, nicely placing the ball in receiver’s hands. He threw several beautiful strikes downfield, hitting receivers in stride some forty yards from the line of scrimmage.  His deep outs, the money throw for any quarterback in these workouts, were also on the mark.

TFY did report that receivers did have to wait on some throws early in the workout, but Bradford was accurate with his passes on the move and though he did not show a “rifle arm” he did prove that he can make all the throws.

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Clausen to Bills in new mock

Posted by Chris Brown on March 22, 2010 – 12:00 pm’s Pat Kirwan has previously had Tennessee DT Dan Williams going to the Bills at nine, but that’s all changed in his mock 4.0 version.

Kirwan has Jimmy Clausen slipping to ninth overall and the Bills taking him. Here is his comment on why he has the Notre Dame QB going to Buffalo.

The Bills have lots of needs and QB is one of them. Clausen threw 28 touchdowns to just four picks last year and has escape skills that he will need in Buffalo. Chan Gailey is an excellent QB guy and will get him ready fairly quickly. Lots of fans don’t want to see another California QB in Buffalo, where the weather is a factor. (Previous pick: Dan Williams)

Though Kirwan makes a point about weather and the fact that Clausen is a California native, he proved he can play in poor weather by playing for three years in South Bend, Indiana, where a handful of his games saw snow.

There are California quarterbacks that have proven they can do play in poor weather in college before. One that comes to mind rather quickly is Tom Brady, who showed he could play in poor weather at Michigan in college before being drafted by New England.

Whether Buffalo would pull the trigger there is tough to gauge, but it’s clear the Bills believe it’s Bradford and Clausen and then everybody else. Here was Bills VP of College Scouting Tom Modrak’s assessment of the QB class this year in his interview with at the NFL combine late last month.

“There are a couple of people at the top that will get under the magnifying glass as much as they always do or more,” said Modrak. “Unfortunately there’s been some injuries that have slowed the process down for these players and for us, but that still has to play out. But there’s a couple at the top, but after that it’s not quite as deep as it had been.”

Modrak is obviously talking about Bradford and Clausen, who have both been set back by the pre-draft process due to injury (Bradford-shoulder, Clausen-toe).

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McShay has no 2nd rd QBs

Posted by Chris Brown on March 18, 2010 – 3:59 pm

The quarterback class in the 2010 has been described as “thin” by many so called draft experts. ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay took that characterization a step further when asked what could be available in round two after Sam Bradford and Jimmy Clausen are off the board.

“First of all I have Bradford rated fifth overall and I have Clausen rated 36th on my board, which I understand is lower than most,” said McShay. “Even if you consider him a first rounder I don’t have another quarterback with a second round grade in this class. They’re the only two players, Bradford and Clausen, that I have with grades in the first two rounds.”

“I think Colt McCoy, as much as I love him and his competitiveness, I think he’s overrated. I think he’s going to have a big, big shock to the system when he gets to the next level. I don’t think Tebow is worth a second-round pick. I don’t think (Tony) Pike or anyone else in this class is worth a second-round pick.”

Now that’s only one analyst’s opinion, but “thin” has been used by more than one draft analyst when describing the QB class. That doesn’t mean there isn’t good value in rounds 3 or 4, but when it comes to what the Bills might do in rounds one and two, quarterback is looking less and less like it will be in the cards, unless Clausen is still on the board at nine.  

McShay went on to say that in rounds one and two you’re aim is to draft players that can start for you right away or at some point in their rookie season. That’s primarily why he doesn’t have Tebow as a worthwhile choice in the first two rounds. He believes he needs time to develop and would be a better value in rounds 3 or 4.

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Browns seem set on drafting QB

Posted by Chris Brown on March 16, 2010 – 8:25 am

After all their wheeling and dealing at the quarterback position over the past week, the Browns appear by no means done at addressing that position as team President Mike Holmgren admitted he likes Sam Bradford a lot.

“I like Sam a lot; yeah, I like him a lot,” said Holmgren. “He’s a fine player.”

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Holmgren said he will consider taking a QB at seven overall or trade up if necessary, knowing St. Louis and Washington at 1st and 4th overall also need QB help.

“I believe that’s what it would take,” Holmgren said. “We’ll have to analyze what our needs are — how to make the team better right away. We have some areas that we have to address that are as crucial now immediately as the quarterback thing. This is probably the only year we have all of these draft picks, so we have to be wise in how we do that.”

The Browns have 12 picks, which Holmgren admitted is enough to pull of a blockbuster trade. With Jake Delhomme signed for two years and 35-years old and Seneca Wallace a career backup even Holmgren didn’t try to hide the team’s direction at the position.

“You can kind of paint the picture yourself of what we’re going to try to do,” he said.

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Bradford pro day pushed back

Posted by Chris Brown on March 13, 2010 – 10:59 am

Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford was to have his individual pro day to perform a full passing workout in front of NFL scouts and talent evaluators on March 25th, but that date has been pushed back.

Bradford will now throw on March 29th according to, but his agent explained that it has nothing to do with Bradford’s throwing shoulder.

The date of Bradford’s workout was very close to the end of the owner’s meetings, which made travel plans complicated for NFL GMs among others. So Bradford elected to move the workout date back to accommodate league executives. The only other schools with pro days are Texas A&M Kingsville and Northwestern.

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QB Wonderlic scores

Posted by Chris Brown on March 10, 2010 – 1:18 pm

A few of the QB prospects scores on the Wonderlic test from the combine have leaked out.

Per Edgar Thompson of, Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford did the best among the more notable signal callers.

Bradford scored a 36 out of 50.
Colt McCoy had a 25
Jimmy Clausen had a 23
Tim Tebow had a 22

None of those scores are considered to be in a range that would raise a red flag among NFL clubs.

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Bradford won’t be at OU pro day

Posted by Chris Brown on March 8, 2010 – 12:54 pm

Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford will not be in attendance at Oklahoma’s pro day on Tuesday.

That according to’s Gil Brandt. Bradford has his own pro day scheduled for March 25th when he will throw for NFL talent evaluators, but it was uncertain as to whether he would at least be on hand to watch his fellow Sooners.

Bradford is working out in Pensacola, FL at API, which is right next door to the rehab facility of famed orthopedist Dr. James Andrews.

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Browns might trade up for QB

Posted by Chris Brown on March 1, 2010 – 11:39 am

In a time where very few NFL teams have an interest in trading into the top 10 due to the enormous money handed out to NFL prospects taken that high, the Cleveland Browns, a team already in the top 10 at seventh overall, have not ruled out the possibility of trading up if it means landing Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford.

That according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, which quoted Browns GM Tom Heckert as saying the following.

“My job is to get good football players,” said Heckert. “If I think we can get a really good football player by moving up and if we have a chance to do that, we’ll do it.”

The Browns, much like the Bills, are likely to consider adding to their quarterback stable as they too have no clear cut proven starter currently on their roster. Cleveland reporters believe the Browns would trade up if it meant landing Sam Bradford.

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Bradford mum on team interviews

Posted by Chris Brown on February 27, 2010 – 1:34 pm

Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford just addressed the media here at the NFL Combine and when asked which teams he interviewed with, the quarterback elected to go mum.

“I don’t think that needs to be out there,” said Bradford.

So although it was clear he had met with teams Friday night in personal interviews he wasn’t about to reveal the identity of those teams. A host of top 10 clubs, including the Rams with the first pick overall, are expected to sit down with Bradford here at the combine.

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Clausen’s toe not ready

Posted by Chris Brown on February 17, 2010 – 10:58 am

Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen had toe surgery at the close of his junior season shortly after declaring himself eligible for the 2010 NFL Draft. But that toe won’t allow him to work out at the Combine next week.

Clausen told Sirius NFL Radio the following.

“I’m planning on doing all the interviews and, obviously, being seen by the doctors so they can see my toe, but my toe isn’t ready to go right now.

That means the two quarterbacks widely considered the best in the 2010 class will not participate in workouts in Indianapolis. Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford is not recovered from shoulder surgery to work out, though he is hoping to work out for scouts in April prior to the draft.

It’s presumed that Clausen will do the same.

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Another mock OT pick for Bills

Posted by Chris Brown on February 10, 2010 – 3:33 pm

The National Football Post is the latest to release an initial mock draft, and the results aren’t much different than a lot of other mock drafts we’ve seen lately as it pertains to the Bills.

NFP’s Wes Bunting has Buffalo taking Rutgers OT Anthony Davis. Davis as most of you know is said to be long on upside being a junior eligible.

Another note is in this NFP mock they have Bradford going first overall to the Rams, who do need a QB with Bulger on the way out and they have Clausen going fourth overall to Washington. If Bradford checks out medically look for this line of thinking to gain some major steam. Some are already speculating that Bradford to the Rams at one will happen.

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Report: Shanahan leaning toward QB

Posted by Chris Brown on February 9, 2010 – 1:45 pm

According to the Washington Post, Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan is “eager to draft and develop a young quarterback.”

The Post cites a league source familiar with Shanahan’s line of thinking, which in my mind doesn’t hold a ton of water since it’s second hand. Obviously with Shanahan’s history, which includes drafting Jay Cutler, and his propensity for offense it’s not surprising that this speculative report exists.

What I find interesting is ESPN’s Todd McShay isn’t convinced that QB will be the pick at 4 for the Redskins, which obviously could have a big impact on how the top 10 picks play out, and affect the Bills who sit at ninth overall.

“Bradford is fighting to get in the top 10 and Washington seems like the best fit, but something tells me they’re going to wind up going with a different position,”  said McShay on a national conference call. “They can’t afford with the first pick of the new regime to make a mistake and Bradford has just enough red flags that they may pass.” 

McShay goes on to point out that he could see Shanahan taking an offensive tackle at four knowing veteran LT Chris Samuels is expected to retire after a neck injury.

“Shanahan might like (OT) Anthony Davis,” McShay said. “Each one of the elite first rounders has something you point to that you’re not wild about. I don’t think (Okla. OT) Trent Williams played real well this year. He was dinged up and moved from right to left tackle.  (Okla. St. OT) Okung is physical at times, but not always. Then with Davis there are some questions about his maturity and injuries. But I do think that Davis would fit what they would be looking to do in terms of athleticism and getting out and moving. I think we’re going to see Anthony Davis move up the board. There’s a really good chance he’s a top 10 pick.”

Number four overall however, seems high for Davis, as there isn’t a consensus among talent evaluators as to whether he’ll be NFL ready on day one. Perhaps Washington trades down to grab their tackle for better value. Either way just hearing the divergence of speculative reporting on the direction Washington will take confirms that probably no one knows what they’re going to do.

If Washington does pass on a QB, the only other teams that are likely to take one before the Bills pick at 9 would be Seattle (#6) and Cleveland (#7).

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Rams sound interested in Vick

Posted by Chris Brown on February 7, 2010 – 8:25 am

Though the Rams can’t come out and say they’d like to trade for Vick or acquire him because he’s still under contract to the Eagles, it’s clear that Vick is in their thinking after head coach Steve Spagnuolo and GM Billy Devaney spoke to select St. Louis media this weekend.

With the Rams’ QB situation about as undetermined as that of the Bills, and with Spagnuolo’s prior coaching ties to Philadelphia, it’s been widely speculated that St. Louis would be prime players for Vick’s services via trade. Spagnuolo however, would only address Vick in generalities, but did make it clear he thinks a lot of him as a player.

“I’ve got a lot of respect for Michael as a player,” Spagnuolo told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “Everything I’ve heard out of Philadelphia is kind of good. We haven’t gone down that road in our process yet. I think he’s a terrific player.”

Spagnuolo told the Post-Dispatch that he really didn’t have a timetable for addressing the quarterback situation, but added, “That may direct itself depending on things that happen. And we know what we’re all talking about.”

He’s talking about trades or the draft, which apparently the Rams haven’t ruled out either when it comes to addressing their QB position even though they have the first pick in the draft. But GM Billy Devaney told the Post-Dispatch he believes there are a pair of first-round worthy QBs.

“Oh yeah, absolutely there are first-round guys,” Devaney said. “I think there’s a couple of them.”

Presumably those are Sam Bradford and Jimmy Clausen, but most would be shocked if one of them were taken first overall.

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Fan Friday 12-25

Posted by Chris Brown on December 25, 2009 – 12:00 pm

Merry Christmas Bills fans. Wish the team had more to put under your tree this year. We can only hope the New Year brings positive change. I have faith that it will. Let’s get to it.

1. Hey Chris,
Any chance Owens stays next year?
Daniel Diaz

CB: I think the chances of Terrell Owens re-signing with the Bills is pretty remote. Owens has said he wants to play two more years, and he no doubt wants to be a bigger part of the offense than he has been this season in Buffalo. With a rebuilding project set to begin in Buffalo this offseason and a lot unknowns with respect to the offensive system, quarterback, head coach, general manager, I believe Owens will look to land with a more stable situation elsewhere in the league.

Of course there has to be demand for his services too, which wasn’t the case this past offseason. We’ll see what the market looks like for him, but with his career winding down I think he’d like to still be productive. So he’s going to go to a team where he has the highest probability of doing that.

2. What’s the latest on the Bills search for a GM?  Is there a search going on or are they going to wait until the season ends and try to fill the GM/Coach with one person?


CB: I think Russ Brandon is playing things very close to the vest on purpose. After all the reports about the Shanahan meeting, I think he’d prefer to keep the process out of the public eye.

I believe the Bills will try to hire a proven coach with a recognizable name. If that happens then I believe the director of Football Operations will be a young football man on his way up from a proven NFL front office.
If they cannot land a big name head coach then I believe the Dir. of Football Ops would be a recognizable name and he will hire a promising coach.
I think the big name will be in one of those positions or the other, but not both. Just my opinion.

3. Hello Chris,
Well, I have already moved into the next draft.  If T.O. does not re-up and a top veteran QB is not signed, I have a hypothetical question for you.  If both of these players were available to the Bills, would they select Dez Bryant or Sam Bradford?

CB: I don’t see them taking a receiver. Even though it’s not likely that Terrell Owens and possibly Josh Reed are not back with the team next season, I think receiver is not a top priority. The top position needs are quarterback, offensive tackle, linebacker and defensive tackle. I admire Bradford’s accuracy and command of an offense. He was super productive at Oklahoma his junior year.

But that throwing shoulder is going to have a lot of questions to answer coming off surgery and they might not be answered until right before the draft based on his prognosis. That’s a major, major concern when you’re investing a high draft pick. As great as that positional need is for Buffalo I just don’t know.

4. Chris,

After bringing back Buddy Nix earlier this year, do the Bills have any chance of landing a guy like Indy’s personnel director, Tom Telesco as GM? How about any other Bill Polian or John Butler/AJ Smith disciples? Have the bridges between the organization and those guys been completely burned?

Thanks for taking the time
Rome, NY

CB: No, I don’t think there are any burned bridges there. Bill Polian and Ralph Wilson are on much better terms than when Polian left the Bills organization. With respect to Tom Telesco I think he’d be a very good candidate. He’s been running the Colts pro and college scouting departments for years and he’s a Hamburg native.

I believe working for his hometown team is something he’d probably be interested in if offered a Director of Football Operations type role. Whether he’s on the Bills short list or not I do not know.

5. Hello Chris,
Have you heard anything concrete and/or rumoresque on the Bills search for a new coach?  Seems like that story went silent in a hurry. 
Thanks, Jim

CB: I think the situation now is the Bills cannot talk to any other coaching candidates they might be interested in because they are still working for other teams. By rule another team can’t speak to a coaching candidate currently working for another team until that team’s season is over and with permission from that team of course.

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QB Clausen in 2010 draft pool

Posted by Chris Brown on December 7, 2009 – 2:32 pm

Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen has made it official. The junior is entering the 2010 draft pool.

Clausen made the announcement at a 2:30pm press conference at the school. ESPN is reporting that Notre Dame WR Golden Tate is also declaring himself eligible for the draft.

Clausen is considered one of the top 3 QB prospects in this year’s draft class joining Washington’s Jake Locker and Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford. Bradford however, is more of a question mark as he will be rehabbing from shoulder surgery.

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