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How Bills & Giants stacked up

Posted by Chris Brown on January 30, 2014 – 12:33 pm

It’s still called the best Super Bowl every played. Everyone remembers that it was the number one scoring offense vs. the number one scoring defense back in January 1991 when Buffalo and the Giants squared off. But the defensive unit for the Bills and the offensive unit for the Giants were pretty respectable in their own right. Here’s how the two teams ranked in a host of offensive and defensive categories at the end of the 1990 regular season.

Regular Season Rankings 1990

Category                              Buffalo                 NY Giants
Points per game               1st (26.8)               15th (20.9)
Passer rating                     1st                               5th
3rd down pct.                    6th (44%)              18th (38.8%)
Rushing yds/gm              7th (130)                8th (128)
Completion pct.                2nd                          7th
Yards per attempt           2nd                          9th
Passing TDs                        3rd                          18th
Total rushes                       479                         541
Yards per carry                 7th                           24th
Rushing TDs                       2nd                          7th
Total net yards                  6th                           17th

Points allowed                  6th (16.4)              1st (13.2)
Run defense                      15th (113)             4th (91.2)
Pass defense                     7th (195.3)            4th (183.3)
Interceptions                    12th (18)                4th (23)
3rd down pct.                    20th (42.8%)        6th (36.2%)
Sacks                                    9th (43)                  24th (30)
Turnovers forced           5th (35)                  8th (34)
Total net yards                8th                           2nd

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Super Bowl XXV postgame Parcells-Levy

Posted by Chris Brown on January 30, 2014 – 9:53 am

As we profiled on today (Thursday) Super Bowl XLVIII between the Seahawks and Broncos will mark the first time the number one scoring offense (Denver) will face the number one scoring defense (Seattle) since the Bills and Giants squared off in Super Bowl XXV. Giants head coach Bill Parcells was naturally proud of his players, but gave credit to the Bills after the game that day.

“I realized a long time ago that God playing in some of these games and he was on our side today,” said Parcells. “Both teams were valiant. I thought we played as well as we could. I don’t think there’s too much to choose between the two teams. If we played tomorrow they’d probably win 20-19.

“Our whole plan was to shorten the game for Buffalo. We wanted the ball and we didn’t want them to have it. We accomplished that.”

Meanwhile Bills head coach Marv Levy lamented the missed opportunities.

“We knew we weren’t playing very sharp in the first half with the lead and we knew the second half was going to be the determining factor and it was,” he said. “The touchdown they scored just before halftime certainly had to give them a big lift, but we still had 30 minutes to play and we had our chances.

“Even though we did do better defensively in the second half, the Giants had a very good mix of the run and pass and they used it to good effect. Possession time it’s pretty tough to beat a team with a very good running game and a very good defense.

“We would like to have won. I’m proud of what our players accomplished this season. I don’t think any less of them.”

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Bills Rally at Niagara Square on this date

Posted by Chris Brown on January 28, 2014 – 1:00 pm

It was not the kind of rally Bills fans were hoping for, but they turned out in droves in Niagara Square downtown after a very humbling 20-19 loss in Super Bowl XXV on this date in 1991.

Estimates had the crowd at 10-thousand as the players spilled off buses after returning from their gut-wrenching loss. No one took it harder than kicker Scott Norwood, whose 47-yard attempt missed with two seconds remaining.

After a handful of dignitaries, coach Levy and a few players stepped to the microphone to address the crowd, the fans began chanting, ‘We want Scott! We want Scott! We want Scott!’

Eventually Norwood came to the lectern and expressed his gratitude for the support he got the day after his most humbling day in professional sports and perhaps his life. Here’s a look at Norwood stepping to the lectern amid the chants.

Buffalo Bills

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Tasker remembers Whitney’s anthem

Posted by Chris Brown on February 13, 2012 – 9:34 am

Whitney Houston
With the tragic passing of singer Whitney Houston at age 48, a lot of Bills fans called from memory the singer’s stirring national anthem prior to Super Bowl XXV between the Bills and Giants.

Amidst the start of the Gulf War and everyone at the stadium in Tampa decked out in red, white and blue partly due to patriotism and partly due to the fact that both teams wore those colors, Houston’s anthem was in a word magnificent. Bills Wall of Famer Steve Tasker  told Peter Kind for his Monday Morning QB column what he remembered.

“She hit it out of the park,” he said. “I’m an anthem enthusiast. I like to listen to them and judge them, and there’s never been one like that. I remember looking around when it was over. I looked in the stands and saw fans waving their little American flags with one hand and wiping tears away with the other. I looked over and saw Jim Kelly and Marv [Levy] wiping away tears. And I’m standing right near one of the officials that day, Larry Nemmers — and he’s wiping his eyes. Amazing.”

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Belichick to pull page from SB XXV?

Posted by Chris Brown on February 3, 2012 – 9:55 am

While the Giants pass rush will most certainly be a focus for Bill Belichick and his offensive staff, the very talented Giants receiving corps is also a concern. Cruz, Manningham and Nicks are one of the top trios in the league with all three capable of the big play. But I believe Belichick will employ a similar tactic to the one he utilized in Super Bowl XXV as defensive coordinator of the Giants when they squeaked past the Bills 20-19.

James Lofton had a huge playoff run that first Super Bowl year for the Bills, but Andre Reed was still Jim Kelly’s go-to guy that allowed for quick passing over the middle. Victor Cruz works similar routes in the middle of the field and has shown great run after the catch ability as well. In Super Bowl XXV Belichick at times would put a linebacker on Reed and they’d smash the heck out of him off the line of scrimmage.

Any chance they got to put a lick on him they’d bury him, even on run plays. Reed had eight catches in Super Bowl XXV, but they went for a pedestrian 62 yards, with a 20-yard catch on a 2nd-and-11 his longest in the game. Afterwards Reed said it was the hardest he had ever been hit in a game.

I think Victor Cruz, knowing how much Manning depends on him in the pass game, should expect a lot of linebacker attention off the line and better have his head on a swivel because the Patriots are going to try to intimidate him physically in this one.

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