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How Marrone first heard of Tebow signing

Posted by Chris Brown on June 11, 2013 – 8:04 pm

Bills head coach Doug Marrone is the type of coach that has his head down and is moving forward. So when he arrived home on Monday it was his young son who informed him that division rival New England had signed free agent QB Tim Tebow.

“I did hear that,” said Marrone when asked about the Tebow signing. “My son told me that because I was out last night. I don’t think anything fascinates me in this profession. I’m one of those guys that have been kicked around a lot so I’ve always appreciated the fact when someone has an opportunity to make a team and go play whether it’s Tim Tebow or Tarvaris Jackson.

“Whoever it is in this league, from a personal standpoint you want that opportunity. When the time comes when you have to walk away or things don’t work out well at least when you look back you’ve had an opportunity so it’s fortunate for anyone in this game to have an opportunity.”

Marrone played for a handful of NFL clubs before entering the coaching profession.

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Bills prefer switch to Sanchez

Posted by Chris Brown on December 27, 2012 – 12:34 pm

Talking to the Bills in the locker room just moments after it was learned that Mark Sanchez is starting at quarterback instead of Greg McElroy, who revealed he was having concussion-like symptoms, the defenders in Buffalo’s locker room seemed to prefer Sanchez over Tebow.

“It makes it a little easier because there’s a lot more film on Mark Sanchez than there is on McElroy,” said Bryan Scott. “I don’t think they’re going to change too much offensively than they would have with Tebow. We’re still going to prepare for Tebow in case we see him some with the option type stuff.

“We’ve played against Sanchez multiple time so we’re all a bit more knowlegeable about his game and what he’ll likely do out there in certain situations.”

Sanchez had one of his best games this season against the Bills in Week 1 when he went 19-27 passing for 266 yards with 3 touchdowns and an INT with a 123.4 passer rating.

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Jets switch to Sanchez as starter Sunday

Posted by Chris Brown on December 27, 2012 – 12:29 pm

After Rex Ryan announced on his conference call with the Buffalo media that he was going to start Greg McElroy at quarterback Sunday against the Bills, he had to reverse his course and announce he’s startin Mark Sanchez.

Ryan in his Thursday press conference said McElroy revealed to the medical staff that he was experiencing concussion-like symptoms after being sacked 11 times in last week’s loss to San Diego.

“Mark has had success earlier in the season against Buffalo,” Ryan said. “He’s very familiar with them. That’s the reason I’m going with Mark. I had the conversation with both Mark and Tim…. about what I was going to do. Obviously, Tim’s not happy with that. That’s what you expect.”

The New York Daily News is reporting that Ryan said the need to make a quick call on the change, prompted him to lean toward Sanchez, rather than Tebow with Ryan indicating with just Thursday and Friday practice before Sunday’s game that they might not be able to get Tebow up to speed in time rep-wise.

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Jets to turn to read option?

Posted by Chris Brown on December 26, 2012 – 3:04 pm

The Bills have had their share of trouble with the read option game the past two weeks with Seattle working that part of their offense very effectively and Miami getting some positive plays out of it as well against Buffalo in their victories. The Bills last opponent of the season, the Jets, arguably have one of the better read option quarterbacks in Tim Tebow, but will they make use of him Sunday?

Head coach Rex Ryan didn’t use Tebow in their Wildcat package last Sunday because Tebow asked not to be a part of that package. That according to ESPN New York. Slot receiver Jeremy Kerley was used instead in the Jets’ 27-17 loss to San Diego.

That same report indicates that Tebow and Ryan have since smoothed things over. On his conference call with Buffalo media, Ryan was asked in light of the recent success of the read option against Buffalo if he would make use of it, be it Tebow or Kerley.

“Obviously you’ll look at things that maybe have worked against an opponent or whatever,” said Ryan. “A lot of things go into it. We played that Seattle team and you can say the same thing: they had success running it against us running that so we’re certainly going to prepare for it as well. When you look at what Seattle has, they have a lot of things that are hard to defend. They’ve got the receivers, the quarterback — and he can do different things. Could we possibly do it? The answer is yes and we hope they spend the majority of their practice working on it.

“It helps obviously if you can mix something like that in to keep a team honest or whatever. I can assure you that Buffalo has those plays in and we have those plays in as well. I think preparation goes into it as well, how much time you actually prepare for it. I remember when we played Buffalo we were going to try and surprise them and they came out and smoked our Wildcat so apparently they did some preparing for it, that’s for sure.”

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Rex unsure Wildcat will slow Bills pass rush

Posted by Chris Brown on September 5, 2012 – 2:47 pm

Jets head coach Rex Ryan has insisted that they will use their version of the Wildcat package with Tim Tebow this Sunday against the Jets, despite not revealing any of it in the preseason. While Ryan is confident in the package with Tebow, he’s not sure it’s going to neutralize Buffalo’s pass rush.

“I don’t know about that,” Ryan said on a Wednesday conference call. “With Super Mario over there, that’s gonna be tough. There’s no question. Clearly this team can really rush the passer. They added Mark Anderson as well, and the other guy too that I always think is underrated is Kyle Williams. We voted him to the Pro Bowl when he was healthy. I’m happy for him to see him back out there, but I wish he could have waited a week because he is a tremendous player. So that pass rush is definitely going to be tough.

“How the wildcat comes in? David Lee, I have so much respect for David Lee, I think he’s a tremendous quarterback coach and a football coach in general. He was with Tony (Sparano) and they put in the wildcat and brought the wildcat to the league. Clearly we know that Buffalo is going to see it and practice against it with Brad (Smith) there. But of course we’re gonna run some. We like Tim running that Wildcat, so we’ll see.”

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Bills know what they’re in for with Jets

Posted by Chris Brown on September 3, 2012 – 8:30 am

As we move into Week 1 the Jets become the focus, but they’ve been the focus of the Bills in practice since last week. A familiar division opponent the Bills know what they’re in for facing New York on the road Sunday.

“They create a lot of problems defensively because of their multiple blitz packages,” said head coach Chan Gailey. “Their offense, they have added the (Tim) Tebow package so you have to spend time doing that. You do not know exactly what it is, you have an idea, but you do not know exactly what it is. So there are a lot of unknowns going into our first ball game. I think probably the things that we know the most about are their defense and their kicking game because they have the same people there.”

Buffalo is practicing later today (2 pm) to get a head start on the practice week. We’ll have full coverage on

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Nix’s take on Tebow

Posted by Chris Brown on March 26, 2012 – 4:19 pm

In the wake of the Jets’ acquisition of Tim Tebow, Bills GM Buddy Nix during an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio Monday was asked what he thought about Tebow now being in Buffalo’s division to face twice a season. Here was Buddy’s response.

“We’ve got respect for Tim and I worked hard on (studying) Tim and probably spent more time with him than my wife when he was coming out because he’s a guy you like and you want him to do well,” said Nix. “We’re going to have good players in that division all the time and Tim is just another one of them so we’ll just approach it like everybody else.”

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Bills already have a win on Tebow

Posted by Chris Brown on March 22, 2012 – 10:30 am

With Tim Tebow now in the AFC East, he’s unlikely to be the starting quarterback when the Bills face the Jets, but even if for some reason he is Buffalo has last year’s success against him to go on.

Appearing on the radio in Austin earlier this week after taking in Texas pro day, Bills CB Aaron Williams was asked about his rookie season and specifically about the interception he had in Buffalo’s 40-14 win over Denver with Tebow at quarterback in Week 16 last season.

“A lot of the guys got tired of hearing the Tim Tebow effect that was on ESPN every day,” said Williams. “We had lost a handful of games in a row and a lot of game before the Denver we had worked and prepared hard and lost on last minute plays. We felt we just weren’t finishing games. But against Denver we just came out hot. Our fans came with a lot of energy. I thought we put too much pressure on ourselves after the first five games. We felt like we had to make plays instead of letting plays come to us. We just had fun and did what we do best. It was fun, especially against Tim Tebow. How many people can say they intercepted Tim Tebow? So I had a lot of fun that game.”

Tebow was 13-30 passing for 185 yards and ran for a touchdown. He also had four interceptions and was sacked three times including one sack that led to an interception return for a touchdown.

The Bills cornerback also said he was excited to see free agent Mario Williams was visiting Buffalo and took to twitter to encourage Bills fans to show Williams how welcoming Buffalo can be.

“I was appealing to fans on twitter to give him some hospitality and not let him leave without signing with us,” Williams said. “To help him realize we have the best fans in the NFL. It really is like a college atmosphere. And when we signed him I was excited I called Jairus (Byrd), Da’Norris (Searcy) and George (Wilson) and we were all really excited, but we’ve also got to realize that one person can’t win all the games. We’ve got to come together to finish our goal. It helps the team a lot, especially the secondary to have pressure, but we all still have jobs to do.”

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Tebow now in AFC East

Posted by Chris Brown on March 21, 2012 – 12:10 pm

The New York Jets have pulled the trigger on a trade for Tim Tebow putting him in the AFC East.

New York parted with a fourth and sixth round pick for Tebow and a seventh from Denver. It’s widely speculated that Tebow will be utilized in much the same way the Jets used Brad Smith, who is now Buffalo’s multi-dimensional threat.

Should make Jets week interesting twice a season.

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Why are they forgetting Brad Smith?

Posted by Chris Brown on March 20, 2012 – 1:32 pm

As speculation begins about where Tim Tebow might be traded, just about every national writer has Buffalo listed as a team that should consider acquiring him. The problem is they’re forgetting about a guy on Buffalo’s roster that already does what Tebow does and more.’s Peter King is one of many national writers to list Buffalo along with Miami and Green Bay as landing spots that make sense for Tebow. Here’s what he wrote.

I would also go after Tebow if I were Buffalo. Not to take Ryan Fitzpatrick’s job, but to create the kind of offensive choices in a gameplan Chan Gailey has shown over the years he does so well. Gailey was the idea man for much of what Kordell Stewart became in Pittsburgh early on, the versatile “Slash” that, if the Steelers had been smart, they’d have stuck with longer than they did.

I respect Peter King’s work a whole lot, but Buffalo signed Brad Smith in free agency last year to run some Wildcat, convert short yardage situations, play some receiver and return kicks. He also throws a better ball than Tebow. Here’s what Chan Gailey had to say about Smith earlier this offseason in terms of his outlook for him in 2012, with the benefit of a full offseason to properly incorporate the multi-dimensional threat into his offensive playbook.

“I think the best thing that Brad does for us right now is create indecision on the defense’s part,” said Gailey. “Is he coming in as a wideout? Is he coming in as a Wildcat quarterback. We lost that a little bit with the kickoff return because of the new rule and we lost some because he was playing so much wide receiver late in the season (due to injuries) that he couldn’t play special teams as much. We hope to let him to be a three-headed monster as some receiver, some Wildcat quarterback, some special teams threat.”  

I spoke to Smith last week, who is just about done with rehab from an offseason surgery. He said he’ll be ready to go in about another week.

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2 spies for Tebow?

Posted by Chris Brown on December 23, 2011 – 2:10 pm

We’ve seen the running quarterbacks in this league mandate a spy defender with the great potential of them taking off for big time yardage. But with Denver’s Tim Tebow, Bills head coach Chan Gailey says the traditional spy doesn’t apply.

“I think there’s always a form of a spy,” said Gailey in reference to Tebow. “It’s not your typical spy that people see when a defense is playing against a Vince Young or a Michael Vick. Kordell Stewart when I had him in Pittsburgh opponents would have a spy. The spies (with Tebow) are really the two linebackers on either side because you always have to be aware of him keeping the ball after faking the hand-off coming out the back side, so there’s always that spy on him, but you can’t have just one. You’ve got to have them on each side.”

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Bills set for RB at QB for Broncos

Posted by Chris Brown on December 23, 2011 – 6:45 am

Tim Tebow (610) leads the NFL in rushing among quarterbacks as he has a one-yard on Cam Newton (609). At 6’3″ and 235 pounds Tebow also is built like a running back and Buffalo’s defenders know he’s not afraid to deliver a hit or take one when he’s off and running.

“He can run the ball and he can put his head down,” said Nick Barnett. “We put our head down too and try to tackle him and hit him hard. So it’s one of those guys you’ve got to bring your load and make sure you wrap him up and bring him down.”

“He’s a guy that can spin and shake out of tackles. he’ll lower his head, he’ll try to run over you,” said Chris Kelsay. “He’s a running back at the quarterback position. In their empty sets, they will get all the running backs out of the backfield and run typical running plays with him as running back. Linebacker traps with the quarterback running the football. He’s a guy you have to swarm and get a lot of hats on.

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Dareus relishes facing Tebow

Posted by Chris Brown on December 22, 2011 – 10:06 am

Bills DL Marcell Dareus has been on the winning side of the ledger when facing Tim Tebow in his past, most notably in the 2009 SEC Championship game en route to Alabama’s most recent national title. As we profiled on the home page at, Dareus has other motives against Denver this week, but facing Tebow again is a bonus.

“I enjoy beating Tim Tebow,” he said smiling. “He’s a good dude and everything, but it’s always good to knock somebody off the throne.”

Dareus was almost disappointed that New England beat the Broncos last week. He sounded as if he wanted to face Tebow on a seven-game win streak to try to break the run.

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Tebow spoof on SNL

Posted by Chris Brown on December 18, 2011 – 10:44 am

It was the last sketch on Saturday Night Live last night, so perhaps you missed it, but Denver QB Tim Tebow, who along with his Broncos teammates will be in Buffalo next Saturday, was spoofed on SNL as he had an encounter with Jesus Christ after his most recent victory over Chicago.

The best part was perhaps the crack about Tom Brady and Bill Belichick knowing they play the Broncos today.

Tebow spoof on SNL

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Fan Friday 6-24

Posted by Chris Brown on June 24, 2011 – 12:34 pm

Big uniform unveiling tonight. Should be a lot of fun. For now let’s answer your questions to pass the time before the big show. Remember you can submit your questions at

1 – Hey Chris, 

I know I asked you about the Bills trading for Tebow, but with all the talk about Pryor, do you think that the Bills will do something with him? I think if we get either one of them they can sit behind Fitz and learn. Chan likes mobile QBs so this could be a good opportunity to get one and let him learn. What do you think?


CB: First as I’ve stated in the past I don’t think Tebow is the one on the trading block in Denver. All indications are it will be Kyle Orton if anyone is moved. With respect to Pryor the only reason he’s getting so much attention is because of the Ohio State NCAA investigation and his subsequent separation from the program. Most experts believe his game is still lacking in several areas.

That’s not to say he’s not capable of playing in the NFL, but most have said an NFL club would spend a 5th to 6th round pick on him in the Supplemental draft at the most.

My belief is that teams looking at their quarterback position will compare Pryor to the class of quarterbacks due out next spring in the 2012 draft and determine whether he’s someone worth investing in now or if they’re better off waiting for what’s available in the draft pool next year.


2 – Chris, 

Can you break down the strength and weakness of the Bills O-Line? Are they a better run blocking or pass protecting team? I think the unit was underrated in passing and Ryan didn’t appear to be sacked as much as previous QB’s. In some games the injured O-line was often stuffed at the line. Bell and Wood both had a somewhat healthy season too. Will Wang and Hairston push and compete for a starting job as well. 


CB: I think individually some of them are stronger in run blocking than pass blocking and vice versa, but the unit as a whole is still working on their identity in terms of what they do best. Part of the problem, as you pointed out, was the unit was beset with injuries and began the season with two tackles that could play despite not being 100 percent healthy. The run game got better as the season wore on, and most of the linemen would agree that while they did improve their pass protection they’d be the first to credit Fitz for getting the ball out quickly and making them look good at times.

Hairston and Wang will compete with the incumbent starters, but I think in the end Erik Pears and Demetrius Bell will start at tackle in 2011.


3 – Dear Chris,

As always good job on keeping all of us fans up to date on all the
news from 1 Bills Drive. Thank you very much and keep up the good work!
Now to my deep concerns .
Throughout all of the labor talks there have been a few owners and managers whose names have always come up in the negotiations process. The likes of Jerry Jones, Robert Kraft, Scott Pioli, and Bruce Allen come to mind first. Now I know at times a representative from every club had to be present for meetings, but it just seems that the bigger market reps are the ones we always hear about. Is this because they are the only ones really doing the negotiating for the owners or is there more to it that I am not understanding?

My concern is that the smaller market teams are not being represented fully and that their concerns in the labor talks are not being heard. The more money that players are allotted will affect the overall budget for every team and high price free agents making more money would not be afforded by smaller market teams such as our beloved bills case in point would be that it would be even harder after negotiations for a smaller market team to remain competitive due to
the increase in player wages.

Can you please shed some light on these subjects? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again.
Norwich, CT

CB: The reason owners like Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft are often in the press is because they’re high profile owners with nationally recognized franchises. Both men are also part of the 10-person Labor Committee for the owners, chiefly responsible for helping to bridge an accord with the players. In fact here is the entire list of Labor Committee members for the owners.

Pat Bowlen – Denver
Mike Brown – Cincinnati
Clark Hunt – Kansas City
Bob Kraft – New England
John Mara – NY Giants
Mark Murphy – Green Bay
Jerry Richardson – Carolina
Art Rooney – Pittsburgh
Dean Spanos – San Diego

As you can see the labor committee representation is split down the middle between the large and small market clubs. Cincinnati, Green Bay, Kansas City, Pittsburgh and San Diego are considered the small market reps. Obviously small market ownership feels comfortable with this balanced representation.

Your concerns are not uncommon. I remember when I hosted the conference call with Bills season ticketholders and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the biggest concern was revenue sharing and it’s a valid concern. Here was the commissioner’s reponse to those concerns.

I can tell you with the NFL one of the things I’m proudest of is we continue to find ways to share new revenue. Our system right now close to 80 percent of our revenue is shared amongst the clubs. That’s one of the core reasons that the system works and why the Buffalo Bills have the financial ability to compete. You always have to evaluate that system and balance that system to make sure as the economics of the league changes, as revenue growth changes that you continue to have a system that will allow that revenue to grow, but also share it in a way that will allow the fundamentals of the league continue to be successful. I know our ownership has always stepped up to that and we will continue to do that to make sure that everyone has the financial ability and we can make sure that the Buffalo Bills and every other small market come into the season with the ability to be competitive.

The commissioner also went on to point out that the biggest revenue source for NFL clubs is the television revenue and that is shared equally amongst the clubs. I realize that the most recent talk about mandating teams to spend very close to the cap every year (no salary floor, no salary ceiling) in some reports could be discouraging, but I think a lot of that still has to be sifted out. That’s where having proper representation on behalf of the small market clubs on the owners’ labor committee is essential.


4 – Hey Chris, 

Just want to thank you for always being on top of things with the Bills and for keeping us Bills fans informed. I have 2 questions I hope you can answer. I like what the Bills did in the draft this year. I still see some gaping holes though and wonder what your thoughts are on addressing them:  I see us needing a QB (either a backup for this year or franchise QB going forward), a cornerstone OT (I don’t see one on our roster just a few passable OT’s for now), a TE, and an OLB ( I am hopeful Merriman comes back healthy and I like Moats potential…. but that is still just potential). Do you feel any of these will be filled this year in FA and do you see other needs that I didn’t mention that we need to have addressed ASAP?


CB: I think even the Bills themselves admitted that they wanted to either land a future franchise QB or a veteran to be a backup to Fitz. Based on how things played out in the draft it’s safe to assume they’ll be trolling for a backup whenever there is a free agency period.

At tackle I think there’s a bit more there than meets the eye. Defense was the pressing need in the draft and as a result it took precedent over some of the positions that you listed.

It’s hard to predict how aggressive the Bills will be in free agency because the new rules in a new CBA could alter strategies with respect to things like “dead money” on a cap and absolute dollars where it’s on your books right now and not pushed into the future. So we have to see what the rules will be before we can judge how a team like the Bills will approach free agency.


5 – Chris,

Can you explain the eligibility rules for the practice squad? Is there a number of games a player can dress and be on the active roster then to be switched to the squad? How many players are allowed on the squad? Could players like Howard, Roosevelt, Donald Jones, Ed Wang land on the squad since they maybe behind the pecking order at OG and WR?

CB: Players can typically spend two seasons on a practice squad. There are stipulations that allow for a third year, but I’m not going to get into those here. Once a player has dressed for nine NFL games he is no longer eligible for the practice squad. So for example, when Jim Leonhard in his first season with the Bills appeared in nine games, he was no longer eligible for the practice squad.

Practice squad sizes can hold a maximum of eight players.

Howard appeared in 10 games as a rookie last year and Jones in 15. Both would no longer be eligible for the practice squad to my knowledge. Wang and Roosevelt who each appeared in six games are still practice squad eligible.

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Fan Friday 6-17

Posted by Chris Brown on June 17, 2011 – 11:51 am

Well Bills fans for the most part the news has been positive for football of late. Keep your fingers crossed. In the meantime let’s get to your questions and Happy Father’s day to all you dads out there.

1 – Chris,
Any updates on Michael Jasper? The last it seems we’ve heard from him was all of the post-draft stuff. I’m curious if he’s continued to drop weight and he’s now below 377. I’m curious how his strength and conditioning are going to.

McLean, VA Bills Fan

CB: Unfortunately with no contact between the team and the players during this labor situation there really are no updates. Based on what I’ve read from local newspapers in Tennessee online, Jasper has been working out in Georgia and Tennessee and sounds committed to coming to Buffalo in the best shape of his life when we get back to football.


2 – Chris,
I was wondering how the teams are able to keep selling the jerseys with the players names on it. Doesn’t the lockout make it illegal? Or is there some kind of exception to the rule. Also, if the lockout is still in effect, what’s the plan for the uniform unveiling?

Usually we see several players in full uniform. Will the alumni be dressed up in full uniform to unveil the new uniforms?

Thanks for answering our questions.
Michael J. Thomas

CB: I’m not going to pretend to know all the licensing rights with respect to the jerseys. The league incurs the cost to have the jerseys produced and the players get a cut for the jerseys with their name or number on it that are sold. I can only guess that remains intact despite the labor situation.

As for the plan for the jersey unveiling, you’ll have to just wait until the 24th. Sorry Mike.


3 – Hey Chris,
How do unrated rookies and free agents get on a team like a non collegiate player trying to make it like Kurt Warner and what’s an NFL work out regiment consist of?

CB: As you mentioned they’d probably have to work out for a club at this point and if the team is interested enough they’ll sign them. Most NFL workouts vary by position. A defensive lineman for example would go through different drills from that of a defensive back, as you often see at the NFL combine if you’ve watched that coverage.

No longer is there NFL Europe for players to further develop like Warner did, but there is the UFL and CFL where some younger players can hone their skills in the hopes of making their game attractive enough to NFL franchises.


4 – Chris,
In your opinion, who will be the two starting tackles at the beginning of the season???

CB: I think barring any major player addition leading up to the season that it will be Demetrius Bell at left tackle and Erik Pears at right tackle for the 2011 season. Obviously the Bills coaching staff will have a lot more to say about that than I will.


5 – Chris,
I was wondering that since the Bills don’t have their franchise quarterback, what do you think the chance of the bills trading for someone like Tebow? I mean especially if the Broncos don’t think he can win than do you think the Bills will try him? He’s a winner and I think that he will be good. So do you see anything like that happening within the next two years?


CB: I’m not a mind reader so to know what the plan is by the Bills front office with respect to the quarterback position long term is impossible. We do know based on their comments leading up to this past NFL draft is they’d like to get a prospect or player that can capably fill that position for the next 8 to 10 years.

I believe they really want to see how far Fitz can take them now that he’s the entrenched starter and has the benefit of the system under his belt for a year. They believe he can get them to the playoffs and win in the playoffs. 2011 will go a long way in confirming whether that is the case. So essentially it’s a wait and see.

As for Tebow, the guy is not available. The quarterback that’s available in Denver is Kyle Orton, not Tebow so I don’t think he’s a realistic option for trade.

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Nix on why Tebow wasn’t in their plans

Posted by Chris Brown on April 29, 2010 – 11:13 am

Bills GM Buddy Nix told on draft weekend that Tim Tebow was never in their plans. On Thursday during an interview with Double-X 1090 radio in San Diego he explained why.

When asked if the Bills had ever considered Tebow as a possible draft choice early he stated that they did not, citing what he felt was likely to be a developmental process to make Tebow NFL ready.

“I went to every quarterback workout and I went to see every quarterback and that kind of thing,” said Nix. “I love Tim Tebow and he’s going to be successful, but we didn’t have time to wait on a guy. We have too many needs. We can’t take a guy and have him sit him two or three years or whatever it takes. I don’t know how long it’ll take. He might come in and play right off, but we didn’t know that. So it was kind of a thing where we had to get somebody in that (draft) spot that was going to contribute early.”

Whether it was round one or round two, Buffalo did get a pair of players that figure to be early contributors in C.J. Spiller and Torell Troup. Both are expected to be on the field a good deal as rookies in 2010.

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Tebow never in Bills plans

Posted by Chris Brown on April 23, 2010 – 10:24 am

There are reports that the Bills were “heartbroken” when Tim Tebow came off the board to Denver in the bottom of round one, but nothing could be further from the truth.

In an exclusive one-on-one interview with, Bills GM Buddy Nix stated in no uncertain terms that Tebow was “never in their plans.” Here is his direct quote.

“I love Tim Tebow,” Nix told “We spent a lot of time with him and he’s a great kid and he’s going to do well, but he was never in our plans. We never intended to move up (into the bottom of round one) to take him. I will admit we tried to move up, but it wasn’t to take Tim, it was another player and he was gone so we didn’t.”

Speculation will be rampant as to who the Bills were trying to get in the bottom of round one. My suspicion is DT Dan Williams was the mark, who ultimately went to Arizona with pick 26.

For the full exclusive interview just go to the media lounge at

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Tebow to be at home for draft

Posted by Chris Brown on April 21, 2010 – 8:53 am

NFL draft prospect Tim Tebow has decided not to attend the NFL draft in New York Thursday.

That according to’s Jason LaCanfora in his latest twitter post (see below).

JasonLaCanfora Tim Tebow will not attend the draft in NYC. He’s returning to Jacksonville but NFL Network will have a camera crew there with him.

So although Tebow will not be in NYC you can rest assured that wall to wall Tebow coverage during the draft will be in full effect on NFL Network.

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Fan Friday 4-9

Posted by Chris Brown on April 9, 2010 – 12:25 pm

The draft is closing in so let’s answer those questions this week. Here we go. (Remember send questions to

1 – Hey chris
I was looking at some mock drafts and some people seem to be predicting a possible run on OT in the top ten. If 3 tackles went before the bills pick do you think the bills would consider trading their first for Jared Gaither from the ravens? He has a 1st round tender on him but he’s only 23 , has experience playing tackle, and he only missed 5 games out of the 33 he played in ( which is preety good considering how often our offensive lineman are hurt). I wondered what your opinion on Terrence Cody in the second round. He seems to be working on his weight and I think would be a good value in the second. Keep up the good work man thanks.
Lockport , NY

CB: With respect to Gaither, I’m concerned about the work ethic issues I’m hearing with him. The Ravens are not the kind of team that puts a 23-year old tackle with Pro Bowl potential on the market for no reason. They claim their trade talk was to light a fire under him. I’m thinking they’re tired of trying to motivate him and with Michael Oher on the roster they have a replacement for him for left tackle.
We saw what an unmotivated Jason Peters did for the Bills, so I would not part with the ninth pick for him, even if there was a run on tackles. In fact I don’t know that I’d use the 41st pick either. Yes, he’s talented, but if you’ve got a talented player with a poor work ethic or lacking in motivation you’re going to have problems. Why inherit Baltimore’s?

As for Terrence Cody, there’s no debating he’s a run stuffer, but his weight issues are not just going to disappear. It’s going to be a constant struggle. It’s clear to me that it affects his endurance in games. There were times that Nick Saban had him on the field for only 25 plays. I think he’s going to be just a two down player in the NFL and I don’t know if you take a guy that’s only going to give you two downs a series in the first or second round.

2 – Chris,
You really got me thinking ever since you blogged about the Bills’ site visit with C.J. Spiller.  I know you mentioned they could just be doing their due diligence in scouting but for some reason I feel there might be more to it.
Now that Spiller’s pro day is over, and he apparently impressed those who attended, how does this affect his draft stock with the Bills?  The reason I ask is because of the old “best player available” logic when drafting.
There is a chance, in my opinion, that Spiller just might just be the “best available player” on the board at pick 9.  This kind of scares me but also intrigues my interest a bit too. Scares me because the Bills have other pressing needs to be addressed but intrigues me because Jackson and Spiller can/would be a dynamic RB tandem.
If nothing else it will be interesting to see who goes before pick 9, but I wouldn’t put it past the Bills to take a flyer on this Spiller kid. It’s really hard to pass up talent and play-makers if your not sold on other guys available at that spot.
Any similar thoughts from you or am I wasting my efforts?
Thanks for your time.

CB: Spiller is a difficult talent to pass on, no question, and teams that passed on Adrian Peterson a few years back because they felt they were set at RB already are still smarting from their decisions. Buffalo’s needs are many, but if the top three tackles are off the board (Okung, Williams, Bulaga) and Clausen is gone, I could see Spiller as a distinct possibility. If the above scenario unfolded I think Buffalo would take Spiller or the best pass rusher on the board, which could be Derrick Morgan.

3 – Hi Chris,
Do you foresee Buffalo moving up in the second round to draft a QB?  Suppose we traded next year’s second and fourth round picks so that we can get the Detroit lions 33rd pick to draft QB Tim Tebow?  I do not know if Tim Tebow would still be on the board when it comes to Buffalo’s pick at 42.

CB: I think if you’re a team that wants to ensure you get Tim Tebow you better trade into the bottom of the first round. There are too many teams at the top of round two that could take a shot at him, so I would expect a team that coveted him to move into the bottom of the first. Quarterbacks values always get overinflated on draft day because of the position’s importance. So I think you’d have to be somewhere in the mid-20’s to have a shot at him come draft day.

With Buffalo’s situation I would not make such a move. There are too many positional holes to fill to take a player late in round one or early in round two that is not going to be a starting player for you as a rookie. The Bills need players they draft that high on the field in year one. Tebow will need time on the job to develop his game.

4 – Hey Chris,
Seems like the newly signed Andra Davis will be competing with Mitchell for an inside backer spot. I’d hate to see either of those guys on the bench. Any chance one of those inside backers gets moved to outside? I think a lineup of Davis, Mitchell, Poz, Maybin could be pretty fierce…
Eric from Alaska

CB: I think there’s a chance that defensive coordinator George Edwards will want a linebacker that’s very familiar with the 3-4 scheme in the middle of that defense and that to me gives Andra Davis the edge to start next to Paul Posluszny. That means that Kawika Mitchell is likely the strong side linebacker on the outside opposite Maybin, which to me isn’t a bad thing. Mitchell is a good blitzer and certainly strong enough to grind with the tight end. I think he could be a good fit there.

5 – Hi Chris,
Do you think the bills will trade back at all in the draft?  Do you think trading back with San Fran to 13 or 17 is realistic to pick up some extra picks especially if the LTs are off the board by 9?  If we’re going to build through the draft i think trading back would be a good move to add an earlier pick to the mix. 
                                   Thanks – Showtime.

CB: Trading back is always a possibility because what a team might be expecting to see available when they’re on the clock could be gone. Typically the Bills have up to three players in mind that they feel are worthy of their top selection and fit their team’s needs the best. Picking as high as nine it’s unlikely that all three of the choices they come up with will be off the board, but if they are then there is a good chance they move back if there is a taker.

With nine picks the Bills have the ability to move up and down the board a bit.

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