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Time of possession must improve today

Posted by Chris Brown on November 26, 2017 – 11:05 am

There have been a host of deficiencies hurting the Bills odds of winning the last few weeks. Run defense, third down conversions, negative plays, lack of pass pressure, lack of takeaways and pass protection. All of it has contributed to a statistic that has left Buffalo’s offense with limited opportunities and Buffalo’s defense worn out.

Time of possession has just not been in favor of the Bills the last few weeks. It was at a season low against the Saints, when Buffalo just over 18 minutes of possession time. The last two games for Buffalo have been only marginally better. It’s why the Bills rank 30th in the league in time of possession at just 27:33 per game.

Conversely, Kansas City, though they’ve been struggling themselves, ranks eighth in the league in time of possession with just under 31 minutes of possession time per game (30:58).

If Buffalo wants a chance to get just their second road win over the season, they’ll need to stay in manageable down and distance and convert third downs to lengthen scoring drives. Their defense will also need to get more third down stops to force punts.

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Bills lead NFL in possessions

Posted by Chris Brown on October 24, 2013 – 10:38 am

The Bills may ranks 29th in the league in time of possession, but Buffalo has had more opportunities with the football than any other team in the league.

Buffalo leads the league in number of possessions with 97 through their first seven games. Only seven other NFL clubs have 90 possessions or more.

What has held the Bills back offensively is their scoring percentage. Buffalo has only scored points on 30 percent of their 97 possessions (14 TDs, 15 FGs). That ranks tied for 19th.

It’s not a terrible figure considering all of the turnover they’ve experienced at quarterback. If they improve that figure by just five percent they would move up to 12th in the league in scoring percentage.

Not surprisingly, Denver leads the league in scoring percentage at 50.5%. So more than half the time they have the ball they score points (35 TDs, 11 FGs). The only other team that comes close to the Broncos are three teams that score on 44 percent of their possessions. Those clubs are Green Bay, New Orleans and San Diego.

On the plus side Buffalo is tied for the eighth-lowest turnover percentage as just 10 percent of their possessions have resulted in takeaways (5 INTs, 5 fumbles). Considering they’ve had the ball more than any other club, it’s a pretty strong statistic in their favor.

Here’s a look at the top 10 NFL teams in terms of offensive possessions.

Rank      Team                     Offensive Possessions
1              Buffalo                 97
2              NY Giants            92
3t            Baltimore            91
3t            Denver                 91
3t            New England     91
3t            NY Jets                 91
7t            Kansas City         90
7t            Philadelphia       90
9              Arizona                 88
10           San Francisco     87

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Another key vs. Pats too

Posted by Chris Brown on July 18, 2009 – 11:00 am

In our synopsis on the home page (#7) on whether the Bills can finally topple the Patriots this season, particularly in Week 1 on the road (tough one), we examined a lot of the elements necessary for a successful performance. But there’s another glaring stat as well.

Time of possession. Even though Buffalo’s third down conversion percentage in the last four games has been respectable 45%, their time of possession in their last four meetings with New England has just not been good enough.

Buffalo’s average time of possession in those games is 25:17, and that number falls on both the offense and defense. The offense for not sustaining drives and the defense for being unable to get the ball back.

The Bills best TOP over those four games came in the season finale last year when they rushed for 161 yards, and even then their possession time was just 28 minutes.

With Brady back it will be harder to slow down the New England offense, but keeping it out of that guy’s hands increases your chances of beating them. Somehow, some way they’ve got to have the ball for more than half the game at the very least.

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