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Lions Hill likes TEs

Posted by Chris Brown on November 12, 2010 – 10:38 am

Lions QB Shaun Hill, who will start in place of the injured Matt Stafford against the Bills this Sunday, has a propensity to throw to Detroit tight ends Tony Scheffler and Brandon Pettigrew.

As the Detroit News’ Chris McCosky points out, in the five starts that Hill has made in place of Stafford this season, he has thrown to the tight ends 78 times. That’s better than 15 pass attempts per game to his tight ends. Granted, WR Nate Burleson was out of the lineup for a good portion of the time Hill was playing, and has caught fire of late in the Lions passing game.

But knowing Buffalo’s struggles in covering tight ends, it would not be surprising to see Hill looking their way early and often against Buffalo on Sunday.

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Will Eagles up ante for Scheffler?

Posted by Chris Brown on April 25, 2009 – 6:44 pm

The Eagles asked the Broncos what it would take to get Tony Scheffler, and they said it would require a first-round pick. Philly apparently balked, but Scheffler is better than Brandon Pettigrew, especially if you want to win right now. So the question is will Philly cough up pick 21, or a 1st in 2010 to get him? 

I think they might pull the trigger when push comes to shove. If Pettigrew is off the board before pick 21, I think the chances of it happening are greater. Again they could still use 21 on a player like Knowshon Moreno and use their 1st in 2010 to get Scheffler.

The Broncos are the ones holding the cards in this deal, because their tight end is better than any tight end prospect in the draft (at least right now), which is why asking for a one isn’t outlandish.

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Fan Friday 4-10

Posted by Chris Brown on April 10, 2009 – 12:17 pm

Alright the draft is two weeks away, but we’ve got trade talk and draft stuff going strong in this week’s edition. You know where to go with your questions seeing as I have over 500 emails in my inbox. It’s Let’s roll.

1. Chris,

I just saw online that Denver has been shopping their 26 yr old TE, Scheffler. Is there any chance Buffalo would be interested in him??

Thanks for your time.


CB: I think it makes sense for Buffalo to be interested. He’s certainly established himself as a game-breaking passing option. There were rumors swirling that the Bills were negotiating some kind of deal when it was thought that his agent Bus Cook was in town. Cook wasn’t here however, so nothing came of it.

I like Scheffler as a player, but keep in mind he’s not a blocker by trade, so whether he can help you on the line is a big question mark and Buffalo needs a blocker at tight end as much as a game breaking pass catcher. Still he’d be a good acquisition. The question is at what price?

I’d give up a conditional fourth for him, which could increase to a 3rd depending on his production in 2009. But with a deep class of pass catching tight ends this year in the draft it’s a buyer’s market for Scheffler even as good as he is.  If you can get the upper hand in that deal though an NFL team should jump on it.

2. Hi Chris,

Just wondering if the Bills will be looking to add a safety. I had heard that Donte Whitner might be making the permanent move to FS. Is this true? If so, will the Bills be looking to add a safety through the draft of FA? Are they comfortable with Bryan Scott starting at the SS?

I think adding a guy like Sean Jones or Jermaine Phillips might be a solid addition.

Thanks for keeping us all informed,
Matt in Rochester

CB: I think the coaching staff was pretty happy with what they got out of the combination of Bryan Scott at SS and Whitner at FS, which was largely the tandem for the second half of the year when Donte didn’t have to fill in at nickel corner due to injury.

Unless they make an addition, which I’m not anticipating, I expect that to be the starting tandem in 2009. The reason I don’t see them addressing the safety position in the draft is because they have depth players on the roster already and there are more pressing positional needs.

3. Hey Chris,

I have a couple questions for you.

First, are you surprised to see that J.P. Losman has not visited any teams yet this offseason? He is only in his 5th season and has shown flashes of talent, which should have helped him out this offseason since there are few FA quarterbacks.

Second, do you see any FA o-lineman coming into Buffalo? I’m assuming that Buffalo’s greatest need is not on the line, but they might add some depth in the draft.

Thanks for your time,

CB: Losman was to visit with the Broncos before the whole Cutler mess to possibly be signed as a backup, but before he could arrive in Denver for a visit the Broncos signed Chris Simms. Other than that I haven’t heard much.

I wonder if Chicago might now be a possibility since they have a strong-armed QB in Cutler, and might want to add a backup that can make the same throws in the offense in the event of an injury.

At worst I’d expect his phone to start ringing after the draft as teams are waiting to see what prospects they might be able to land. What’s hurting him are his last few performances for Buffalo, which included the dreadful offensive performance against Miami in Toronto and the Jets game that the Bills had won until…

I think he’ll land somewhere, but he’ll be a backup at best.

As for offensive linemen I still think Kendall Simmons is a possibility for depth, but I see the Bills addressing guard in the draft.

4. Hi Chris

Just wondering, why no mention of Marlin Briscoe as one of the Bills’ all time receivers? I realize his career with Buffalo was short before moving on to other NFL teams, but I remember him as incredibly talented, very  effectively using positioning and leaping ability to catch virtually  anything that was thrown near him. I think he is largely the reason Dennis Shaw was offensive rookie of  the year.

Mike DeWald

CB: Marlin Briscoe did not make the list of nominees for wide receiver because he only spent three seasons in a Bills uniform. The parameters stated that a nominee had to spend at least four seasons in a Buffalo uniform. I didn’t make the rules, just relaying them to you. Hope that clears it up.

5.  Chris,
I can’t believe no one has talked much about Connor Barwin. He plays TE/DE and excels at both. The guy is 256 lbs, had 11 sacks last year, ran a 4.55 in the 40, jumped 40″ in the vert and just had an all around GREAT combine. Why isn’t anyone talking about this guy? Do you know if Buffalo has taken a good look at this guy? This one guy can fill the need for either TE or DE. How is this guy flying under the radar?
CB: I’m a fan of Barwin. I’ve blogged a few times about him. In fact if the Bills don’t get a top flight pass rusher in round one, I’m hopeful that Barwin is there to snatch up at 42 in the second. I’m not all that confident it will happen after his combine workout.

But I’d be very happy with him as a pass rushing addition. And trust me amongst NFL clubs he’s not flying under the radar. I think he could even crawl into the bottom of the first round.

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Cutler and Scheffler to Redskins?

Posted by Chris Brown on March 17, 2009 – 6:52 pm

Well here’s the latest rumor on this Cutler saga so take it for what it’s worth. According to the Bleacher report, yes I know… risky, it’s a three-way trade with Cutler, Scheffler and a Browns 3rd round pick going to Washington, Chris Cooley, Jason Campbell and a Denver 5th rounder to Cleveland and Brady Quinn and Washington S LaRon Landry going to Denver.

Oh and they say the teams will announce it at 5. Of course they lead the story off by saying ‘This is unconfirmed.’

Is it wrong for me to be skeptical? I just don’t see it all coming together this fast, especially with the Broncos apparently set to try to one more time to convince Cutler to stay put. Ah the viral power of the internet! Is this truth or fiction? You’ve been warned.

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