Good sign for rehabbing vets

Posted by Chris Brown on July 25, 2012 – 4:57 pm

The target date to be back in the fold for the likes of rehabbing veterans Terrence McGee, Torell Troup and Eric Wood was the start of training camp. After Wednesday’s conditioning workout for the balance of the roster, head coach Chan Gailey is encouraged that all three will be in the fold for practice Thursday afternooon.

“Troup, Wood and Terrence McGee all went through conditioning and made it through and did pretty good,” said Gailey. “I think we’ll be smart with all three of them. I think Troup is the furthest along of the three, but I thought all three of those guys looked good out here to start with.”

In all likelihood McGee, Troup and Wood will all be given time off whether it’s in reps, segments of practice or a whole practice day depending on each case. We’ll monitor the level of participation for all three on Thursday.

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Troup expected to be full go

Posted by Chris Brown on July 24, 2012 – 9:01 pm

Torell Troup is yet another Bills played coming off a lengthy rehab following offseason back surgery. Bills GM Buddy Nix is expecting Troup to a full scale participant come Thursday.

“When he left here (in the spring) we watched him hitting the sled and doing all those things and it looked like he was ready to go,” said Nix.

Nix also acknowledged for third-year players like Troup and some others the time to step up their play is now.

“For (Torell) Troup and (Alex) Carrington it is time for both of those guys to do it,” said Nix. “It is their third year. Injuries have been a big factor with Troup. If he can stay healthy I think he’ll be a factor.”

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McGee, Wood update

Posted by Chris Brown on June 21, 2012 – 4:48 pm

Terrence McGee and Eric Wood did not participate at all in the spring practices, but both are on track to be ready for training camp.

Head coach Chan Gailey however, indicated that while both should be cleared they may not have a full workload right from the start.

“Yes they’ll be ready,” Gailey said. “Now whether they can practice every day, it might be every other day to start with and then work them slowly in, but I expect them to be ready to go at camp.”

Other players expected to return to the practice setting in training camp that are coming off offseason surgeries include RT Erik Pears and DT Torell Troup.

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The 4-3 appealing to Troup

Posted by Chris Brown on May 25, 2012 – 8:25 am

Torell Troup didn’t have a problem with Buffalo’s old 3-4 defense, but Dave Wannstedt’s new 4-3 scheme is particularly appealing to the defensive tackle.

Troup, who plans to be back on the field full go come training camp, played in a 4-3 system under George O’Leary at Central Florida and likes the playmaking opportunities for defensive linemen in Wannstedt’s scheme.

“The 4-3 is just more of a defensive line scheme,” Troup told “In a 3-4 you’re holding up guys and letting the linebackers shoot gaps. This 4-3 is going to be us getting off the ball and making plays. Whoever has the one-on-one has to win and to me that’s more suited for me and a lot of the guys we have on our defense. This is going to be a better suited defense for the scheme that we’re running.

“The biggest thing is that first step. If you beat that guy when he hikes that ball and get a step on that guy… and I have a great first step and I feel like I’d be able to use that to my advantage this year.”

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Troup: Fans were rough

Posted by Chris Brown on May 25, 2012 – 8:09 am

Torell Troup is on his way back to being full go, though it likely won’t come until training camp as we profiled on the home page of today. While the coaches know what he’s capable of he wants to prove to his teammates he can be a reliable and consistent contributor to the cause. And if the fans start believing in him too, it’s gravy.

After Troup’s troublesome 2011 season that was riddled with bad luck (see: broken hand, broken back), he endured an awful lot of criticism from Bills fans. It got to the point where he avoided his twitter account.

“With the fans I’ve taken a lot of heat for this (past season),” Troup told “For example that (second) Jets game for not going out on the field I’ve taken a lot of heat for that. It got to the point where I wouldn’t even check my twitter page because the guys are bashing me on there.”

Troup was a game time decision in Week 12 for the rematch with the Jets, but watching him personally from the press box with binoculars it was obvious he was in no shape to play. He looked like a 70-year old the way he was laboring to walk out there and drop into a three-point stance, instead of a strapping 25-year old NFL lineman. In our profile on Troup even Chan Gailey approached after he knew his body wouldn’t allow him to suit up for that game.

Now on the rehab train and targeting training camp for a return there’s a lot of motivation to prove he belongs in the NFL. 

“I want to prove to the fans, but most important I want to be a contributor to my team,” he said. “It’s so hard to see the guys working. I’m in the building and even though I’m kind of with them, I’m not with them. They can do a lot more stuff than I can right now so I still feel like I’m on the outside looking in and that hurts. Until I can get healthy and do everything only then will it feel right again because I just want to be there for my teammates. I just think it could be a big year for us as a defense and as a team and I want to be a part of it. So I’m working my butt off to try and be a part of it for this 2012 season.”

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Fan Friday 3-23

Posted by Chris Brown on March 23, 2012 – 11:19 am

The NFL draft is just about a month away. Let’s get to your questions from

1 – Hey CB,

Thanks for all of your hard work reporting on the Bills–it’s really appreciated.  I was just wondering if you could layout the off season calendar from OTAs to Training camp and explain the new guidelines under the new CBA opposed to years past? 

CB: You can find all the OTA and minicamp dates right here. As far as OTAs go players can only go against “air.” In other words no offense vs. defense, no kickoff team vs. kick return team. Team drills can only be run against air and there are no one-on-one drills allowed either. Also during the first phase of OTAs there are no helmets worn and obviously no pads or shells without any live contact.

In the second phase of OTAs helmets can be worn, but there is still no live contact and therefore no pads or shells. A maximum of 10 practice days can be scheduled over this three week period, with no more than three days over each of the first two weeks.

For the mandatory minicamp coaches can have two-a-days on two of the three total practice days, but there are still no contact drills or use of pads allowed.

So in summation contact drills, unit vs. unit drills and one-on-one drills are now prohibited.  

And per the CBA each team is required to film all of these OTAs and minicamp practices and hold onto them until a month into the regular season in case the league wants to review them to make sure the rules are being followed.

2 – Chris,

I could use some clarification on how the salary caps works under the new CBA.  My understanding is that the salary cap is the most that a team is allowed to spend on player contracts, and under the new CBA that was reached last year, every team has to spend up to 99% of the cap beginning in the 2012 season.  I also understand that teams that were under the cap last year have the ability to roll that money over to next season to spend extra money.

Any additional info on this topic would be greatly appreciated. 

Las Vegas


CB: The way it was outlined in the new CBA was confusing to a lot of people because the league talked about collective team spending and then in the next breath individual team spending. It kind of muddied the waters with respect to what each team has to commit to spending-wise. I’ll try to present it as simply as I can (no easy task).

League-wide there has to be commitment to cash spending of 99 percent of the cap in 2011 and 2012. That means all the teams collectively. If the league’s 32 teams fail to reach the 99 percent level then the league has to make up the difference.

In 2011 and 2012 there is no salary cap floor (minimum). That does not kick in until 2013. At that point each individual club is committed to cash spending of 89 percent of the cap from 2013-2016 and 2017-2020. 

For the 2013-2016 seasons, and again for the 2017-2020 seasons, the clubs collectively will commit to cash spending of at least 95 percent of the cap. Again if the 32 teams do not reach that figure the league makes up the difference.

So starting next offseason there is technically a salary cap floor for all NFL clubs (89% of cap), but as far as the higher percentage, that’s a figure the league’s teams have to reach collectively.

The most important thing to remember is it’s not cap space, it’s cash spent by the clubs. That adds up a lot quicker than cap space knowing contracts with respect to the cap can be spread out over the length of the deal. Hope that all makes sense.


3 – Chris,

These two months of speculation of the draft are like sitting in a closed room, watching the walls of its paint dry. I am impressed with your tenacity for finding new information and working your sources for the fans of the Bills. I wonder how many Bills fans are aware that we could have picked Ron Gronkowski in the second round of 2010, instead we picked DT Torell Troup. Belichick had the next pick and he rewarded his Pats with what turned out to be the best TE in the business. I’m sure Buddy hasn’t forgotten that snafu as another draft approaches.

There are some really good quality picks for TE in the early second round. Did you think Buddy will take a chance on one of them? And who do you think is the best pick between Dwayne Allen, Orson Charles or the Stanford TE? It’s high time the Bills paid respect to a such versatile position with a huge upside.

Go Bills!
Buffalo Bill

CB: First, I wouldn’t call taking Torell Troup a snafu. Yes, Gronkowski has panned out to be a tremendous talent, whose value has largely been maximized by a very good coach and outstanding quarterback. Troup has been mired by a persistent back problem his first two seasons, but with his back issues rectified I think he’ll prove to be a solid contributor. Only time will tell.

As for the TE position this year, Stanford’s Coby Fleener is the most complete. After clocking a 4.45 at his pro day he’s probably not going to be there in round two. That leaves Dwayne Allen from Clemson and Orson Charles from Georgia. Both are lacking a bit in size, and some NFL scouts consider them H-backs more than true tight ends.

I believe Allen’s hands are a little better than Charles’, but both are pretty good blockers. Allen looks a bit stronger physically than Charles. Both have good intangibles. I think it’s going to come down to whether a team wants a more versatile TE or not. If they want versatility I think Charles can line up in more places than Allen. Allen however, is stronger and a more natural pass catcher.

Both could come off the board in round 2.


4 – Chris,

Love the Bills’ coverage year round. There seems to be changes in the wind with the 10th pick. It appears they might lean towards Left Tackle. But at that spot, is that the best player available? Reiff and Martin both have concerns. I know they would like to add a tackle but both players have just as much risk as Ingram, Coples, and Upshaw. I would like to see them trade down or draft Floyd from ND. A sure handed big receiver with speed. Floyd would be a great addition across from Stevie and give Fitz targets. What’s your assessment on Floyd, LT.  Need vs value at pick 10?

CB: This is the great debate for the Bills heading into the draft. Reiff and Martin are widely viewed as players worthy of coming off the board between 10 and 15. Floyd has enhanced his overall stock with a solid Combine workout and squeaky clean senior year off the field.

Truthfully the debate isn’t need versus value. They need a starting left tackle and a number two wide receiver. The question is what is Buffalo’s draft grade on Martin, Reiff and Floyd? If the grades are close I think they pull the trigger at left tackle because they need a starter there. It’s harder and harder to find a capable starting left tackle with each passing round. This draft is deep at receiver and you can arguable get a quality player in round three, though he won’t have 4.47 speed that Floyd possesses.

What we also need to remember is if the grades on Martin, Reiff and Floyd are not close to that of the 10th pick Buffalo could trade down from there and re-group presumably armed with an additional pick.


5 – Hi Chris,

I know that Buddy and Chan want a deep threat that is open even when he isnt, and they dont see a pass rusher at 10, would it not make sense to go after Mike Wallace, if they gave him enough money in year 1 Pittsburg wouldn’t be able to sign him and they would have the scariest deep threat in the league, which should open things underneath for everyone else to shine even brighter
Thanks from North of the Border

CB:  I think the premise of your thought is a good one. You know what Mike Wallace is being a proven deep threat in the NFL. However, where things get sticky is in the money you would have to commit to Wallace. After committing number one receiver dollars to Stevie Johnson there’s no way they’d be able to do the same with Wallace, who will absolutely be looking for big, big money.

When you consider the fact that the Bills told Robert Meachem to take the four-year $25.9M deal from San Diego, it was an indication that $6.5M per season for their number two receiver is too steep a price as they see it. You’re not getting Mike Wallace for less than $6.5M per season so it makes giving up the 10th pick not worth it. I’m sure the Bills would love to have Wallace, but I don’t see Buffalo willing to accommodate Wallace’s contract demands after what went down with Meachem.

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Troup cleared to work out

Posted by Chris Brown on February 2, 2012 – 5:04 pm

Bills DT Torell Troup is a certified gym rat, but was not able to work out on the heels of offseason back surgery… until now.

Troup was so excited that he could work out again he spread the news on his twitter account.

TorellTroup GREAT NEWS!!! I’m cleared to start working out upper body with machines only. Im about to take a nap and hit the gym.

TorellTroup I missed the gym so much. Doctors told me not to go crazy though lol. They know me so well.

Last offseason Troup packed 13 pounds on lean muscle on his frame and looked strong in training camp before a chronic back injury flared robbing him of most of his 2011 season. Can only imagine how motivated the big fella is this time around.


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Troup update

Posted by Chris Brown on December 14, 2011 – 1:56 pm

Torell Troup revealed on Monday that he would be having back surgery on Friday. Coming out of surgery all indications from head coach Chan Gailey is that Troup will be up and running well ahead of training camp.

“Yeah, this is one time I did talk to the doctors, I just happened to be in there when the doctor was there and he explained to me the surgery and thinks that he’ll be full go by May,” said Gailey.

Troup has been dealing with constant pain in his lower back since the team’s last preseason game, and after trying several remedies will have surgery to fix the problem.

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Troup to have surgery Friday

Posted by Chris Brown on December 12, 2011 – 5:22 pm

Bills NT Torell Troup is having surgery on his ailing back this Friday.

That straight from the player’s twitter account Monday afternoon.

TorellTroup Looks like i will be having my surgery friday. Got some great news from the doctor today.
TorellTroup I’m ready to get this over so i can be the player i was in the preseason. Will feel good to not be in pain everyday

Troup appeared in just six games in 2011 after a promising start in training camp due to his lower back issues that cropped up in the last preseason game and never let up. He’ll have a spinal fracture repaired and disc clean up performed. Rehab should take about three months according to Troup.

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Troup getting 2nd opinion

Posted by Chris Brown on December 9, 2011 – 1:21 pm

Torell Troup was scheduled to have back surgery this week to fix a persistent problem that rendered him ineffective before eventually being placed on injured reserve. But that surgery has been postponed.

“He did not get surgery this past week,” Chan Gailey told “There’s going to be another opinion given just to make sure. We want to get it right. Backs are not something that you mess around with. It’s not like you broke an arm or broke a finger. Those things you have to be very careful with so we’re being overly cautious to make sure we’ve got it exactly right.”

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Troup to have surgery next week

Posted by Chris Brown on December 4, 2011 – 10:16 am

Bills NT Torell Troup was placed on injured reserve earlier this week. has learned he’ll have back surgery next week.

That according to head coach Chan Gailey.

“It’s scheduled for this week some time,” Gailey told “It’s a shame for him and a shame for us, but hopefully this will solve the problem. And next year it will be like getting another number two draft choice again.”

Troup was never 100 percent healthy ever since his lower back problem first surfaced in Buffalo’s final preseason game and never let up to allow the second-year nose tackle to show how much he improved from his rookie season after a rigorous offseason training regimen. He successful return could go a long way in making Buffalo’s defensive not just deep, but potentially dominant.

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Troup to go under knife

Posted by Chris Brown on November 30, 2011 – 12:15 pm

Bills head coach Chan Gailey confirmed that Torell Troup will have back surgery, which prompted his move to I-R.

“They told us that surgery was needed,” said Gailey. “So we had to put him on I-R and elevate Lionel Dotson.”

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Picture at nose tackle

Posted by Chris Brown on November 30, 2011 – 10:48 am

With Torell Troup going on injured reserve Buffalo’s options for a 3-4 nose tackle are down to two.

Realistically only Marcell Dareus and Kellen Heard are capable of being an effective nose tackle in a 3-4 front for Buffalo now. Of late the Bills have played more of a 4-3 front, so the loss of Troup might not be that severe.

Based on what Chan Gailey said last week regarding 4-3 vs. 3-4 injury could prompt Buffalo’s defensive staff to play more 4-3 than 3-4 the rest of the way.

Some of it has to do with who’s healthy and who’s not, who we think can play, what we think the best matchup is as far as run game vs. tight end, throw vs. back out of the backfield. You take all of those things in consideration, it’s never just one thing,” said Gailey last week.

Buffalo has played more 4-3 each of the past two games, including last week against the Jets when Troup was inactive.

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Troup hoping to get answers

Posted by Chris Brown on November 29, 2011 – 1:10 pm

Bills DT Torell Troup, who has been dealing with lingering back problems since the last preseason game is hoping he can get some definitive answers when he meets with doctors this week.

“I just hope I can get an idea as to just what I need to do going forward,” Troup told “I’ve been dealing with this since the summer and my plan was to fight my way through it to the end of the season. We’ll see.”

Troup admitted that surgery is a possibility to correct the lower back issue that has compromised his level of play all season.

“They’re telling me if it does come to that, that it would be a situation where I could be out of the hospital three days after surgery so that’s encouraging if I have to go that route.”

Head coach Chan Gailey said Monday that injured reserve is a consideration for Troup with five games left in the season.

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Troup’s season in jeopardy

Posted by Chris Brown on November 28, 2011 – 4:06 pm

Bills DT Torell Troup has had lingering back problems that only worsened before Sunday’s game.

“Torell’s back acted up Saturday night and then it really locked up Sunday morning,” said head coach Chan Gailey in response to why the nose tackle was inactive. “They did more tests today and it’s not good and we’re going to have decide where we go with that in the next few days.”

There were high expectations for Troup coming into the season after he added nine pounds of lean muscle and looked strong in the early stages of training camp. But the lower back problems that were nagging him as a rookie became more pronounced this fall keeping him out of four of the first five games. He took on a rotational role after that, but was obviously playing at less than 100 percent.

“Yeah, he hasn’t been 100 percent in a long time and we had so much promise for him early in camp and early in the season, it’s been tough on everybody, especially losing Kyle the way we did,” said Gailey. “It’s been hard.”

Gailey admitted that with five games to play that injured reserve is a possibility. Buffalo currently has two defensive linemen on their practice squad in Lionel Dotson and Jay Ross.



IR possibility?

It is a possibility, yes, unfortunately it is.

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Bye week helped Troup

Posted by Chris Brown on October 28, 2011 – 12:20 pm

With Kyle Williams out this week and possibly next the Bills were hopeful that Torell Troup’s lower back issues would subside. All indications to this point are that Troup is doing much better.

“He improved tremendously during the bye week,” head coach Chan Gailey told “He has felt the best he has felt in a long time. I feel like he should increase his production and his play time and I think we’ll get a lot of good play out of Torell in the next few weeks.”

Troup had been limited to only 10 to 12 snaps a game because of his lower back, but he’s improved considerably and looked more agile and loose in the practice setting. He still might not be 100 percent, but he has looked more like the Troup we saw prior to these back issues.

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Fan Friday 10-28

Posted by Chris Brown on October 28, 2011 – 11:46 am

The Bills Toronto Series resumes on Sunday at the Rogers Centre. I’m encouraged about this one knowing Chan and his staff has had two weeks to prepare. Let’s get to your questions from

1 – Hi Chris,                   
With the way our defense is playing very well, as in takeaways, keeping us in games, playing very hard and more, we still rank very low ..26th/29th against the opp. pass/rush.  Why do you think that is?  I’m trying to figure out if it’s because the defense is still meshing, or do we have a lack of talent somewhere or not the right size players yet?  And my last question is, if the draft was today which position do you see as our biggest need or an upgrade to be made?  Yes, I know it is early however at the beginning of the season I could find endless spots including depth I thought we needed, now how the team is playing and everyone doing pretty well, I can’t see too many spots that need help except maybe WR and that is because of injuries only, not because of a lack of talent.  
Thank you for your time 
-Showtime.  GO BILLS!

CB: The problem is pass rush. Buffalo is not getting enough consistent pressure on opposing quarterbacks. We’ll see if George Edwards and his defensive staff have come up with some new schematics to help the players be more effective in that area, but there is no real proven pass rusher on the roster. Merriman was the only one and he wasn’t the same with his Achilles problem and is now on I-R.

With that in mind it’s the answer to your second question as well. Buffalo needs a pass rusher off the edge that opponents have to game plan for, so I’d have that at the top of the list with respect to the draft next spring.


2 – Chris,

What can Bills fans expect from Torell Troup this season? With the possibility of Kyle Williams missing games, this is the perfect opportunity for Troup to stand up and demonstrate that his value as a high draft pick was justified. Also, if the Bills haven’t done so already, they should look into treating Troup’s lingering lower back pain with acupuncture. It may be an unconventional method however, as someone who suffered from LBP myself, I know how effective acupuncture  can be when more traditional means fail. Hope you continue to appear on Rodger Wyland’s Big Board Sports. You are a wealth of knowledge of the Bills’ operation.

Schenectady, NY 

CB: Thanks for the kind words. With respect to Troup he’s had two different issues with his back. Without getting into details, the first problem has been remedied and he’s told me the second problem will eventually dissipate as well. He still doesn’t look full speed to me in practice, but he insists he will get better with time. Knowing that it’s hard to predict just what they’ll get from Troup this season. If he does in fact get back to 100 percent I believe you’ll see a much improved player. He worked his tail off this offseason and looked very good in the early stages of training camp. If he gets back to that kind of play he’ll be making plays with regularity at nose tackle.

If not, then I think we’re looking at a situation where he’s a rotational player giving Kellen Heard a break as long as Kyle Williams is out of the lineup.


3 – Hi there Chris,

I’m just going to come out and say it, no beating around the brush. Our Buffalo Bills have the best hair in football. You can tell that many members of the team take extreme care in their hair. What saddens me is that there are quite a few members of our team that used to have long, beautiful, rock-star like hairdos (Steve Johnson). . .  Are any Bills thinking about growing back their locks? Or maybe team beards? Dumbledore/ZZ Top beards?

Brenning Greenfield (Crozet, VA)
Canisteo, NY 

CB: I do know that Andy Levitre is working feverishly on a Fu-Manchu mustache, but beyond that and Fitz’s beard, which is supposed to go the distance this season, I’m not aware of any specific hair growing commitments on the part of the players, though Kellen Heard has been growing his for a year a half. He keeps it trimmed though. Erik Pears is growing his beard out. I’ll investigate though to see if there are any others.


4 – Hey Chris,

What’s going on with Kirk Morrison? Why is he not getting any playing time? Also how much longer is Aaron Williams expected to be out for?

Clayton from Buffalo NY

CB: Hopefully you saw my story on Aaron Williams’ progress in his return from a chest/shoulder problem earlier this week. He believes he’s about two weeks away from playing in a game which puts him at the Dallas game.

As for Morrison, he’s strictly a reserve player. He’s an inside linebacker and he’s behind Nick Barnett, Andra Davis and Kelvin Sheppard on the depth chart right now. A good player, but doesn’t have as much time in the system and the playing time is going to Shep and Barnett right now.


5 –  Hi Chris!

This old timer has been shouting “Go Bills” since being transfered to Buffalo in ’61 (our second year).   I live now in Gainesville, Florida.  I have a comment and a question.

I hope the younger fans appreciate the website in general and BDC in particular.  In the Super Bowl years fans had to wait for detailed information until “Shout” magazine arrived–sometimes as much as eight days after a game.  Great job, Chris.

Could you give us an insight into what happens at One Bills Drive after a Sunday game?  We know that Tuesday is an off day with practices the rest of the week, but what do the players, trainers, and coaches do on Monday?  What time do they all report?  How long are they there?  What is the routine; what takes place?

Best,     Bill Laney — ( 51 years a faithful fan )

CB: Basically on Mondays, injured players or players that are nicked up get treatments in the training room. Players watch game tape from Sunday’s game with their position coaches and are graded on their performance. Then coaches go over corrections with them. There is also some light conditioning work that’s done with the strength and conditioning staff to stimulate blood flow, which helps get the soreness out of the body sooner rather than later. That’s pretty much it. Thanks for the kind words.

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Bills at New Era store in Toronto

Posted by Chris Brown on October 21, 2011 – 3:10 pm

A number of Bills players will be making an appearance to meet fans at the New Era store in Toronto on Mon. Oct. 24th.

The Bills and New Era will host a meet-and-greet appearance with select Buffalo Bills players WR Stevie Johnson, LB Nick Barnett, RB CJ Spiller, LB Kelvin Sheppard and DT Torell Troup will take photos and sign autographs for invited guests. They’ll be at the New Era Flagship store at 202 Queen Street West in Toronto.  The event will take place from 7:00 – 8:30 pm.

Guests will also have the opportunity to win autographed team merchandise and tickets to the 2011 Bills Toronto Series game between the Buffalo Bills and Washington Redskins on Sunday, October 30th at 4:05 pm at Rogers Centre.


To receive an invite for this contest, fans must message @new_era_caps via twitter and include the #BillsinTOR.  Randomly selected fans will receive an invitation to attend this special event.

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Troup still not right

Posted by Chris Brown on October 18, 2011 – 8:23 am

Bills DT Torell Troup played in Sunday’s game against the Giants. It was just his second appearance of the season and with Kyle Williams out did not even start.

Kellen Heard got the nod, in part because Troup’s lower back still is not right. Troup could manage all of about 10-12 plays last Sunday.

“He’s not 100-percent or anywhere close right now,” said head coach Chan Gailey. “He’s functional but not at top form.”

Knowing how hard Troup worked in the offseason to make himself a better player has the second-year player frustrated by this persistent back problem. It’s unclear if the bye week will do much to improve his condition, which unfortunately puts him in a similar position as Kyle Williams, whose nagging foot problem is unlikely to go away the rest of this season either.

It leaves the Bills precariously thin at nose tackle for the final 10 games of the season.

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Troup-Heard combo?

Posted by Chris Brown on October 16, 2011 – 8:23 am

With Kyle Williams very iffy for today’s game against the Giants, the Bills have options at nose tackle.

Buffalo is expected to have Torell Troup at the healthiest he has been all season as he practiced fully the entire week for the first time on the year. If Williams winds up being inactive, Troup is expected to start in his place. The Bills also have the luxury of having the very capable Kellen Heard as a rotational nose behind Troup. 

Depth up front has been a problem in recent years, but fortunately that is no longer the case for the Bills. And if for some reason Troup’s back issues resurface in the game don’t be surprised if Marcell Dareus kicks inside to help fill the void. Of course this is all predicated on if Kyle Williams is inactive.

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