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Poz on draft classmates

Posted by Chris Brown on October 7, 2010 – 8:02 am

Paul Posluszny was a member of the Bills’ 2007 draft class, and seeing two members of that draft class depart over the past two weeks has made things feel a bit different in the locker room for him personally.

Poz and top pick Marshawn Lynch developed a friendship when they both trained at the same pre-draft training facility in Arizona. After they were drafted they joked about meeting in the hole for the first time in practice. Entering their second NFL seasons Lynch, Poz and Trent Edwards, the team’s top three picks in 2007 were all starters in key positions.

But Poz saw a different part of the business the past two weeks with Edwards’ released due in large part to performance and Lynch moved via trade to help strengthen the franchise with respect to the future. 

“It’s a tough situation,” said Posluszny. “I don’t know how to take it. It’s personal because those are the guys I came in with, we got drafted together, that class in 2007. It goes to show there’s a lot of turnover in the NFL and things can change in a hurry. We’ve got to concentrate on the day-to-day and concentrate on our work each day and go from there.

“We’ve all said this before. You’ve got to perform at a high level at all times because there’s a lot of turnover.”

With Lynch and Edwards gone, Posluszny is the last remaining member of the 2007 draft class on the roster.

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Jags Edwards #2 QB

Posted by Chris Brown on October 5, 2010 – 11:24 am

After just a week with the Jacksonville Jaguars QB Trent Edwards has been elevated to the #2 QB role for the Jags upcoming game against the Bills in Buffalo Sunday.

The Florida Times-Union is reporting that Edwards, who served as the team’s 3rd QB last Sunday, is now the backup behind starter David Garrard.

The Jaguars released former backup QB Todd Bouman leaving Garrard and Edwards as the only QBs on Jacksonville’s active roster.

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Rex wanted re-con from Trent

Posted by Chris Brown on September 29, 2010 – 10:07 am

The New York Jets were the one other team that put a waiver claim in on Trent Edwards Tuesday, along with the Jaguars who were awarded the former Bills QB. But Ryan’s intentions were decidedly different than that of Jacksonville and he wasn’t afraid to admit it.

“I think we’re just trying to fill our team with a lot of good football players, and the fact that he could’ve helped us is also a truth,” said Ryan chuckling. “We think it would’ve helped us to get an idea of this Buffalo offense. That would have been a little plus.”

Though the Jaguars are having far more production problems at quarterback than the Jets, you wonder if Jacksonville had the same idea knowing they’d be facing Buffalo in a week and a half.

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Bills to see Edwards again

Posted by Chris Brown on September 28, 2010 – 4:29 pm

The Bills QB contingent now consists of Ryan Fitzpatrick, Brian Brohm and Levi Brown after the release of Trent Edwards. But Edwards’ former teammates will see him again in just two weeks.

That’s because Edwards was claimed on waivers by the Jacksonville Jaguars. That according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Jacksonville plays Buffalo at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Week 5 on Oct. 10. The Jags have not been happy with their QB production thus far this season, so seeing them put a claim in for Edwards is not surprising.

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How Trent took the news

Posted by Chris Brown on September 27, 2010 – 2:46 pm

Head coach Chan Gailey was asked how Trent Edwards took the news that he was being released by the only NFL team he had ever known.

“First of all you probably need to ask him,” said Gailey. “He handled it very professionally just as he handled the demotion the week before. He is a guy that faces everything straight on and he was disappointed I believe, but he understands it’s a business.”

Fred Jackson, who also spoke to Trent, indicated that the now former Bills QB was disappointed.

“He was definitely disappointed,” said Jackson. “It wasn’t what he was expecting, but he said he’s okay. He’s hoping that something else can happen for him this year and I’ll be in contact with him and hopefully some things can move around for him.”

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Possible Trent landing spots

Posted by Chris Brown on September 27, 2010 – 12:05 pm

There are a number of places where Trent Edwards might land in the NFL now that the Bills have released him.

Naturally going to a team where the offensive system is completely different would represent a catching up process of sizable proportions. Everyone remembers the process Brian Brohm had to go through when he came to the Bills at exactly the same point of the season.

Still there are 10 NFL clubs with just two quarterbacks on their roster right now, which could entertain adding a third. Here’s the list.

NFL clubs w/two QBs on 53-man roster
Baltimore – Flacco, Bulger
Indianapolis – Manning, Painter
Jacksonville – Garrard, Bouman
Kansas City – Cassel, Croyle
New England – Brady, Hoyer
NY Giants – Manning, Rosenfels
Green Bay – Rodgers, Flynn
New Orleans – Brees, Daniel
Seattle – Hasselback, Whitehurst
St. Louis – Bradford, Feeley

Other NFL clubs that might see Edwards as an upgrade over their current number three QB
Arizona – current 3rd – John Skelton
Cincinnati – current 3rd – Dan LeFevour
Dallas – current 3rd – Stephen McGee
Minnesota – current 3rd – Joe Webb
Oakland – current 3rd – Kyle Boller
San Diego – current 3rd – J.T. O’Sullivan
San Fran – current 3rd – Troy Smith
Tennessee – current 3rd – Rusty Smith

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Trent’s record 2007-2010

Posted by Chris Brown on September 27, 2010 – 11:31 am

Trent Edwards’ release might be surprising to some, but it was clear his career was headed in the wrong direction in Buffalo.

A change of scenery may prove to be just what the young quarterback needs to rebuild his career. Here’s a look at his record as a starter for the Bills year by year.

2007 – 5-4
2008 – 7-7
2009 – 2-6
2010 – 0-2
Total – 14-18

The 14-18 record is certainly not much to be proud of, but the starting quarterback that came before him (J.P. Losman) had a starting record of 10-23. Still it was clear that the Bills’ offense was energized by Fitzpatrick’s presence in the lineup on Sunday, something that was not evident with Edwards under center.

Edwards is a hard worker and has physical talent, but he’s going to need to rebuild his mental toughness going forward to re-establish himself in this league.

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Fitz to provide input

Posted by Chris Brown on September 20, 2010 – 3:21 pm

When it comes to Buffalo’s game plan each week Chan Gailey is obviously at the controls, but he does seek input from his starting quarterback and with a new signal caller under center this week, Ryan Fitzpatrick confirmed that there will be conversations before the game plan is formulated by the offensive staff Tuesday.

“There’s definitely an open dialogue and I’ll have more discussions with Chan, (QBs coach) George (Cortez) and some of the other offensive guys tomorrow after I get a chance to look at more of the tape and just talk about ways we think we can exploit them, plays that we think we’re going to be comfortable with running,” said Fitzpatrick. “But there’s definitely an open dialogue there to get plays from his system, plays that we’ve run before and stuff that I’m comfortable with.”

Fitzpatrick went 5-4 in his time as Buffalo’s quarterback last season counting relief appearances.

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QB pecking order

Posted by Chris Brown on September 20, 2010 – 3:06 pm

Ryan Fitzpatrick is starting at quarterback, but Trent Edwards will still play a role.

Chan Gailey confirmed that Edwards will serve as the team’s backup quarterback. That means that Brian Brohm will remain the team’s 3rd signal caller.

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Fitzpatrick to start Sunday

Posted by Chris Brown on September 20, 2010 – 2:09 pm

Bills head coach Chan Gailey announced that Ryan Fitzpatrick will start at quarterback this Sunday in New England.

“We’re looking for a spark,” said Gailey.

Gailey said this is the move going forward and is not just a one week thing.

He said Trent Edwards handled the news very professionally.

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Fan Friday 9-17

Posted by Chris Brown on September 17, 2010 – 1:29 pm

Week 1 in the rearview mirror. Time to get ready for a big test in Green Bay. On to your questions (

1 – Hi Chris, What is your take on the Bills’ receiver situation? Do you think that David Nelson is a diamond in the rough? What about Steve Johnson being the number two receiver?

Tony, Daytona Beach, Fl

CB: Steve is locked in as the number two, but I think come season’s end that Roscoe Parrish will have more production. He’s more experienced and often runs routes that are more high percentage throws for the offense.

David Nelson has been impressive since the spring. He rarely drops a pass and has a silky smooth nature to his game. He glides more than he runs. For a guy that’s 6’5” he gets in and out of his routes very well. He’s already part of the team’s four wide set. It’ll be enjoyable to watch his game develop.

2 – Hi Chris,

My question is about Trent Edwards.  Since he is in a contract year do you think he will be re-signed or do you think he will have to play out the year and then the bills will look at resigning him or going another option after evaluating him?


CB: I believe the year will have to play itself out before contract is discussed. The only thing that changes that is if Trent lights it up in the first half of the season and the team wins some games over some quality opponents.

3 – Who is going to be the primary kick returner?  I’d love to see McKelvin back there since he’s a hume run threat every time he gets the ball but is his leg ready for it.

Jeff Zier

CB: Chan Gailey has said that the kick return role will be rotated through the course of the season. One will be chosen for each particular game this season. In Week 1 it was Spiller, but he only had one return for 11 yards. He had to take a knee on another and one other went through the end zone for a touchback. For what it’s worth McKelvin is listed behind Spiller on the KR depth chart.

Tony Smith


4 – Who ‘s going to block out Clay Matthews?

Bill C.

CB: That task is going to fall to the two tackles as Matthews will switch sides frequently at his outside linebacker position. I’m expecting Buffalo to use their backs to chip on Matthews in passing situations and their tight ends to assist their tackles because Matthews is a monster. After last week’s leaky protection I think we’ll see more max protect.

5 – Hi Chris,

Could you explain the how & why players are listed as active or inactive for each game?

1) Why are teams only able to activate so many players?

2) Why not let teams dress the whole roster and use players as desired?

3) If a player is inactive for a game, does he still get paid that game check?

4) If he is still paid for that game, why not have him available for the team to use?



CB: There’s no other way to explain it than those are the league rules. A team can dress 46 players and a 3rd quarterback on game day. Yes, a player still gets a game check if he is inactive. I understand your point about how teams should have all roster players available, but those are the rules. Look for that to change if the league goes to an 18-game schedule.

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Moorman, Edwards in Rochester

Posted by Chris Brown on September 15, 2010 – 8:51 am

Brian Moorman and Trent Edwards were at the Verizon Wireless store in Rochester Tuesday evening. They met Bills fans, took photos and signed autographs and also met with the Verizon Wireless staff as part of the club’s partnership with Verizon. Here’s just one example.

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Protection and design

Posted by Chris Brown on September 14, 2010 – 10:10 am

While the brunt of the criticism for the Bills has been aimed at Trent Edwards and to a lesser degree Chan Gailey, it’s interesting to note what they both feel will solve some of the problems the team experienced on offense in Week 1.

Bills head coach Chan Gailey after Sunday’s game commented on his dissatisfaction with the way he designed the run game scheme for the Dolphins. And Trent Edwards followed that up with respect to the protections when asked about the penetration that Miami got on Sunday.

“I think we just need to try to fix our schemes,” said Edwards. “If we need to run a little more inside or outside or a little more play-action to just try to keep guys off balance a little more. I think we got a little bit predictable just with the situation we were in. If we can find a way to just change things up and change some calls up here and there, not allow that penetration, I think if you do get them on their heels that means you’re gashing them with plays here and there.”

With a direct line of communication between himself and the head coach Edwards will likely express the same to Gailey as he did to the media. I’m expecting the run game to be more effective than it was last week. The task for the offense overall however, gets no easier this week against a formidable Packers 3-4 defense.

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3-4 looks in practice should help

Posted by Chris Brown on September 8, 2010 – 3:30 pm

Buffalo’s offense has had its share of problems the past couple of years against 3-4 defensive fronts. Facing it in practice every day however, can only help familiarize the Bills offensive lineup with the many different looks that front can present.

“I think it’s helped me out a lot,” said Trent Edwards. “I think it’s helped the offensive line out a lot. I know that we faced some 3-4 defenses last preseason that we had never faced because we were in the 4-3 so some of those guys hadn’t seen the looks.

“We’ve seen it since Day One at OTAs now. I’ve said it before, some of these looks we’re going to get on Sunday that the Dolphins haven’t put on tape through the preseason we’ve probably seen out of our defense so far. As a quarterback, offensive lineman, running back, wide receiver, tight ends, that’s going to be beneficial for us that we’re going to be able to react a little bit better, a little more efficient when we do see that on Sunday.”

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Trent the starter

Posted by Chris Brown on September 4, 2010 – 4:47 pm

Head coach Chan Gailey officially brought the QB competition to a close Saturday.

Though it was fully anticipated, Gailey officially named Trent Edwards his starting quarterback after his strong preseason.

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Nix on Trent’s training camp

Posted by Chris Brown on August 26, 2010 – 12:35 pm

Appearing on 103.3’s Shredd and Ragan show this week, Bills GM Buddy Nix commented on the training camp that current starting QB Trent Edwards had when asked which signal caller had the best overall performance this summer.

Trent probably had the best camp,” said Nix. “He’s got more talent even though we’ve all got a lot to do. But I’ll leave that (final) assessment up to Chan and it’s something we’ll talk about and then we’ll try to make the right decision.”

Edwards has remained the starter since training camp opened in late July and he’s expected to start on Saturday night against the Bengals.

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Nix on number of QBs to be kept

Posted by Chris Brown on August 26, 2010 – 12:05 pm

During an appearance on the Shredd and Ragan show on 103.3 The Edge this week, Bills GM Buddy Nix was asked how many quarterbacks will be kept on the final roster. Nix gave the following response.

We’ve got four and we’ll take three,” said Nix.

Of course Nix did not divulge what three would be kept, but it seems clear that Trent Edwards will be on the roster and seventh-round pick Levi Brown is a player that the team wants to develop. Placing him on the team’s practice squad could be risky as any other NFL club could sign him off Buffalo’s practice squad to their active roster if they so choose.

If the Bills brass determines that Brown must be on the active roster for safekeeping, then it will mean that Brian Brohm and Ryan Fitzpatrick will be the two men fighting for one roster spot.

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Fan Friday 8-20

Posted by Chris Brown on August 20, 2010 – 2:31 pm

Here’s the latest edition.

On the heels of the preseason win over the Colts wanted to get to some of your most recent questions as well as some I’ve been meaning to get to. (

1 – Hey Chris,
Wondering how Marcus Stroud is feeling about sliding to end this year? I hear that he is slimmed down a bit.  I personally think he is going to be a beast out wide and am really excited to see what he can do this season playing in a 3-4.  Your thoughts?
Go Bills!
Adam (Los Angeles)

CB: Stroud is the fittest he’s ever been in his career. He’s hovering just under 300 right now, which works for where he’s going to be lining up this season. He’s excited about playing the five-technique or DE spot in the 3-4. Had a good showing against Indy with a tackle for loss. What we all have to remember is those spots up on the line in the 3-4 are not the glamor positions at all. They are often asked to stand there and grind with the linemen while the linebackers clean up behind them and make plays. That being said, I believe that him along with Kyle Williams and Dwan Edwards is a good front three in year one of a new scheme.

2 – It seems that the battle is between Edwards and Brohm. I think Brohm gives them the best chance to air the ball out due to Edwards being reluctant to go deep. Do you think this will sway Gailey’s decision? Do you think he would go with him if he believes Brohm will take more chances? Thanks again for your coverage.


Only Bills Fan in KY

CB: I respectfully disagree. Edwards has been more willing to push the ball downfield in the practice setting in training camp and followed through in the second preseason game against Indy. I think Brohm isn’t shy about going downfield either, but Edwards I believe is no longer under the shroud of conservative play that was pressed upon him by the previous coaching regime. And as for the only Bills in Kentucky signature, I think George Wilson, a Paducah native with family in the Bluegrass State would respectfully disagree with you.

3 – Hi Chris,

Thanks for all the great updates. Quick question, I didn’t see Shawn Nelson on the field last night versus the Colts.  Is he injured?



CB: You’re right he did not play in the Indy game, but as you know by now he was suspended by the league for the first four games of the regular season. He can still play and practice in the preseason. We’ll have to ask Chan on Saturday at camp why he did not even play.

4 – Chris, 

With Coach Gailey’s reputation for working with the talent he has, I was wondering how long it takes him to determine his players strengths and tailor his offense for them?   I imagine a lot of the ground work can be laid during practice, but I assume there is an amount of live game snaps to finally decide on strengths and weaknesses, probably a trial and error situation until he is finally comfortable with the type of play selection that will be used. 



CB: He’s told me that he and his staff use the preseason games to make final determinations. In fact with the three-headed monster in the offensive backfield, it was his intention to determine specific roles for Jackson, Lynch and Spiller based on how they performed and executed certain plays. That of course has been delayed by the Jackson and Lynch injuries, but that’s how he approaches it with every position. And if you think about it, do you really know until you see a player try and execute in live game conditions? His approach makes sense to me.

5 – Chris,

I know it’s still early in the preseason, but I see a long season.  But did you think there were any stand-outs in the games?  Do you think the Bills will go to free agency or trades to help the team or will they go with what they have and season them? 

John Supple

Lancaster, CA

CB:  I think you have to take into account a few things with respect to this season. First and foremost when NFL teams implement new schemes on offense, defense and special teams, no matter how much you rep it in practice it’s still not the same as in the games. Making those adjustments at game speed takes some getting used to, which is why most teams under a new coach are not wildly successful.

As Buddy Nix has stated, he is not a proponent of quick fixes in free agency unless it can make the team dramatically better. He believes in building through the draft. So I think despite the fact that there is a lot of talent on this team there are still holes. And those holes will be filled in a methodical fashion, not a quick fix fashion. I know patience is the last thing Bills fans have after 10 years of no playoffs, but rebuilding a team is a process, not a snap of the fingers.

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Gailey downplays pressure

Posted by Chris Brown on August 19, 2010 – 3:25 pm

With Buffalo’s 1st team offense now closing in on two years without scoring a touchdown in the preseason, head coach Chan Gailey is making an effort to keep it from turning into a situation where the players on offense make it a bigger issue than it needs to be.

Outside observers have been asking Trent Edwards and company about the fact that the first unit on offense hasn’t been in the end zone since the last time the Bills played the Colts in the preseason (Aug. 24, 2008) and that unit was led by J.P. Losman, who was filling in for an injured Trent Edwards. Gailey is trying to impress upon his players as well as anyone else that will listen that the past is the past and the new offensive system makes what happened in the past irrelevant.

“You obviously want to score every time you touch the football. That’s the objective of offensive football,” Gailey said. “I don’t see the pressure in that. I want us to be successful. I want us to execute. I want us to do the little things that allow you to be able to do that. But I don’t see pressure in that.

“I guess if you go back and look at history maybe that would bring some pressure. To me all the other sins are kind of (washed) away. This is a new beginning for everybody and that’s the way we have to look at.”

Edwards has done his best to take that approach, but since he is a part of that recent history on offense, it’s likely that it will continue to follow him and Buffalo’s offense as fans and the media remind him and his teammates of it.

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Trent on the QB competition

Posted by Chris Brown on August 19, 2010 – 1:23 pm

Trent Edwards has heard his head coach address the media. He knows nothing is set in concrete with respect to the starting QB job. That’s why he’s taking the following approach to help ensure he’s still atop the depth chart when the preseason has concluded.

“I need to grow and continue to compete out there,” he said. “Chan (Gailey) wants to see a guy taking control of the quarterback position, being assertive and being yourself out there and enjoying the position. So, I’ve got to make sure I’m competing and that’s something that I enjoy doing. Come week one, hopefully I’m the starter.”

Edwards realizes he has to lift the collective play of the offense with a few plays of his own. Hopefully he can make some of the same deep ball completions that he has in the camp practice setting with the likes of Lee Evans and Roscoe Parrish and get the offense rolling.

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