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Fan Friday 4-16

Posted by Chris Brown on April 16, 2010 – 1:30 pm

Less than a week to go until the draft. Let the rumors fly.  As a reminder next week Fan Friday will take a hiatus as we will be providing frequent Inside the Bills blog updates during rounds two and three of the NFL draft. Fan Friday will return on April 30.
Here are your questions this week. (

1 – Chris,
Because our OL was not all that great last year, what is your opinion on the following draft scenario:
1st     Brian Bulaga or Trent Williams OT
2nd    Cam Thomas NT
3rd    Jon Asamoah OG could be used as OT
4th    Anthony Dixon RB
5th   John Skelton QB
6th  Linval Joseph NT
7th  Seyi Ajirotutu WR
I think this really addresses our needs, and solidifies out OL and DL especially with the new 3-4 D.
I know a lot people would not like this, but we have to get strong up front before anything !!!

CB: You’re preaching to the choir on fortifying the lines first. I’d be ecstatic if those first two picks come to fruition. Asamoah might not be there in the third and East Carolina’s Linval Joseph definitely will not be there in the fifth round. In fact he might come off the board before Thomas in round two. That guy is a beast. Positionally I think you’re on the money for the most part, although Chan Gailey made it clear he’s seeking a third down change of pace back that has more elusiveness to his game than Dixon, who moves the pile.

2 – Chris,
Do you think Cody out of Alabama would be a good nose tackle? I think we might be able to get him in the 2nd round.

Can’t wait for the draft. Tired of seeing everybody and their mom’s mock draft that keep coming out everyday.


CB: I think Cody will be a very effective run stuffer in the NFL. How can he not be? The man is enormous. That however, could also be a problem. He had issues with his endurance in college. In a lot of games he rarely played more than 35 snaps. He was a two down player in college and figures to be that in the NFL where the speed of the game is likely to get him winded even quicker.

Knowing he’s a two down player only I’m not sure every NFL team would be willing to invest a second-round pick in him, but I’m sure there are two or three teams willing to do that. Whether the Bills are one of them remains to be seen.

3 – Hey Chris,
What do you think are our chances of getting Jared Gaither from Baltimore? Heard they lowered their  choices to an early 2 rd pick.

There are rumors that it would take less than the first-round tender he was offered. What worries me are the reported work ethic issues with Gaither. It might just be a case of a guy that doesn’t get it yet being that he’s still so young and takes his talent for granted. But the Bills have some quality work ethic players on their front line right now. If they believe Gaither could disrupt that chemistry they might not look to acquire him at all.

Knowing the Bills have probably done their due diligence on Gaither in terms of character and work ethic, if he fits the bill and Buffalo doesn’t have the chance to take one of the top three offensive tackles at ninth overall (Bulaga, Okung, Williams), then I think making a move for Gaither becomes a greater possibility.

4 – Hey Chris,
Do you think if Bulaga is off the board that the Bills take Dez Bryant rather than take their chances with Anthony Davis or Trent Williams? At least Dez Bryant is the safe pick to pair up with Lee Evans and then just grab an OT at 41 or trade up. Also do you think Dexter McCluster will be on the board when the bills pick in round 3?

CB: If Bulaga is off the board and Trent Williams is still there I think they leap on him. Personally I think the Bills would be happy with any one of the top three tackles (Okung, Williams, Bulaga). I do not think they would take Anthony Davis at nine due to the fact that he’s 20-years old and a little immature. Dez Bryant is not the way they’re going to go. It would be similar to adding Terrell Owens last year. You haven’t fixed the line so no QB will have time to throw to any of those guys.
I’m not sure McCluster will still be there in round three. Could go late second round.

5 – Hey Chris,
I have a some questions for you concerning the Bills defense.
Do the Bills and their new coaching staff see playing Byrd at free safety and Whitner at strong safety a possibility? What position is Bryan Scott going to play this year? Is he going to be strong safety or linebacker? If the Bills were able to go to a Byrd/Whitner combo at both safety positions do you think we could see a trade with George Wilson or Bryan Scott involved?  Thanks for your time.  Go Bills!
Knoxville, TN

CB: Head coach Chan Gailey has defended Donte Whitner this offseason after he was the subject of trade rumors. He has been quoted as saying that Whitner is the starting strong safety and I believe free safety is Byrd’s job to lose. Bryan Scott will compete with Whitner. Linebacker is off the table for him. George Wilson will also compete at strong and free safety.

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Williams over Okung?

Posted by Chris Brown on April 8, 2010 – 6:53 am

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock is convinced like most that the Redskins will take an offensive tackle at pick number four, but he’s not expecting them to take Russell Okung, widely considered the best pass protector in the draft.

Mayock believes there’s a good chance the Redskins will take Trent Williams because he sees him as a better fit for Washington’s new zone blocking scheme that Mike Shanahan employed in Denver.

If Williams goes four, the Chiefs are a virtual lock to jump on Okung at five. If Seattle takes Bulaga sixth, then the Bills will be depending on the Raiders to pass on a tackle at eight so Buffalo can still get one of the top four at nine.

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Trent Williams pre-draft visit

Posted by Chris Brown on April 6, 2010 – 4:01 pm

Oklahoma OT Trent Williams visited with an NFC North team Tuesday.

According to the Detroit Lion official website, Williams visited with team executives and coaches Tuesday. Detroit has the second overall pick in the draft, but has made it known they’d be interested in trading back. Perhaps Williams would be a consideration if they slid back a handful of slots to between 7 and 10.

Taking Williams second overall would appear to be a bit high for the Oklahoma pass protector. But he could very easily come off the board anywhere from the fifth to 12th pick.

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New mock has Bills getting OT

Posted by Chris Brown on April 6, 2010 – 10:24 am

It’s a new mock with a result that while all too familiar would be welcomed nonetheless as far as the Bills are concerned. posted it’s latest mock draft and has the Bills getting one of the top three offensive tackles in the class. They have Buffalo landing Oklahoma OT Trent Williams in round one. They have both Okung (Washington) and Bulaga (KC) off the board before Buffalo’s pick.

There is a concern that Seattle and Oakland could take offensive tackles too, but they both have pass rusher needs as well and MoveTheSticks has them taking S Eric Berry and DE Jason Pierre-Paul. While I can see the logic in Oakland taking an athletic freak like Pierre-Paul. I don’t know that Berry will be the play for the Seahawks.

Of course I hope that it is because that means that Buffalo gets one of the top 3. One other interesting note is MoveTheSticks has Anthony Davis dropping all the way to pick 27 to the Cowboys who need to replace Flozell Adams. They have USC’s Charles Brown going before Davis at pick 17 to San Fran, which honestly would not surprise me.

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Fan Friday 4-2

Posted by Chris Brown on April 2, 2010 – 1:30 pm

More player moves this week as the Bills now have six receivers on their roster and Ashton Youboty just re-signed. Let’s see what you’ve got for us this week in the way of questions for Fan Friday from the inbox (

– Hey chris
I was looking at some mock drafts and some people seem to be predicting a possible run on OT in the top ten. If 3 tackles went before the bills pick do you think the bills would consider trading their first for Jared Gaither from the ravens? He has a 1st round tender on him but hes only 23 , has experience playing tackle, and he only missed 5 games out of the 33 he played in ( which is preety good considering how often our offensive lineman are hurt). I wondered what your opinion on Terrence Cody in the second round. He seems to be working on his weight and I think would be a good value in the second. Keep up the good work man thanks.
Lockport , NY

My biggest concern is the Lions at second overall start the OT run early and four OTs are off the board by the time the Bills are on the clock. But I think as long as one of the top four are there (Okung, Bulaga, Davis, Williams) they’d take one of them.
But having a contingency plan in place couldn’t hurt. From what I’ve been hearing out of Baltimore it might not take a 1st to get Gaither. I think the Bills second-round pick at 41 could get a deal done for him. I just wonder why the Ravens are not hesitating about trying to move him. I know they have Oher, but you don’t see teams jettisoning promising young left tackles.

2 – Chris,
Can Trent Williams play Left Tackle?  Everything I read about him seems to be vague on the matter.
Pete Howell

CB: This is where not having the full story can concern fans about certain players. Trent Williams had played left tackle through high school before coming to Oklahoma, where he started his career at left tackle. With Phil Loadholt in front of him (now with the Vikings) he didn’t flip over to left until this past season, his senior year.

At the start of the season he had a series of minor injuries that hampered his performance, but the guy played anyway. As the season wore on he got healthier and his play really took off. I think he can play left tackle effectively and he has the work ethic and intangibles you want to see from a big guy. You want to know they want to be the best and that’s exactly what he said at the combine.

– Hey Chris,

I was wondering if you would take a shot at Tim Tebow if you were in the head coaching position at pick 9?  Do you see the Bills drafting him at 9, or perhaps in the 2nd round if he happens to be there?  Do you know what Buddy Nix or Chan Gailey’s feelings are towards Tim Tebow?  What do you think they are going to do about the QB position?  Thank you! 

CB: Personally I would not take Tim Tebow at nine if I were picking for the Bills. I would not even take him in round two with pick 41. The reason why is the Bills have so many positional holes and needs that they cannot afford to use a high pick on a player that is not equipped to start right away in the NFL at his given position.

While there is much debate on just how good Tebow can be at the NFL level, no one is debating that it’s going to take him about two to three years to be NFL ready at the QB position. Knowing that, the Bills can’t use a high pick on a guy that’s not going to start right away. They need starters with their first two picks, similar to what they got out of last year’s draft. Wood, Byrd and Levitre were all starters. That’s a big step forward for this roster. They have to do that again this year. They’re not in a position to wait on a guy they draft in the first two rounds.
4 – Chris,

With the Bengals and Ravens seemingly out on Terrell Owens and not a  lot of other teams reportedly interested is there any chance that  Buffalo will bring him back at a small price if he is still available  late in the offseason?

David (Penfield, NY)

CB: I just don’t see it happening. The Bills have made their plans clear in stating Owens will not be offered a contract. They want to turn the page at receiver and see what the young kids have got. Personally I like that approach. How do you how good Hardy and Johnson can be if you don’t give them the opportunity?
5 – Hi Chris:
I’m thinking out of the box a little here. Truth be told, the Bills are probably looking at two more non-playoff seasons. With that in mind, I see a left tackle as the obvious first draft pick next month. It is supposedly a deep draft for offensive linemen. What would you think about a right tackle in the second round if a quality player is available? That would solidify the O-line with four high draft picks and give them a couple years to mature together while the Bills collect the rest of the needed parts.
Pete Johanson
Youngsville PA

CB: I don’t think it’s out of the question, but I would suspect it to happen later in the draft like round three or four. They’ve got a stop gap veteran player in Cornell Green for right tackle, so they’re covered for this year and next. Plus they have young tackle prospects on the roster in Demetrius Bell, Jamon Meredith, Andre Ramsey and Jason Watkins. In round two I think the play is nose tackle.

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A shift toward Trent Williams

Posted by Chris Brown on March 23, 2010 – 12:55 pm

With mock drafts changing almost daily, there has been an interesting trend with respect to the name that has been popping up more often in Buffalo’s slot at ninth overall.

Of all the mock drafts we’ve been keeping tabs of offensive tackle still dominates for the Bills projected pick with 24 of the 48 guesses going with a pass protector (50%). Quarterback is second accounting for 25% of the guesses by prognosticators.

What’s most interesting however, is the name of the offensive tackle most recently filling the Bills slot at nine. In three of the five most recent mock drafts released an offensive tackle has been the position of choice and all three times Oklahoma’s Trent Williams was the pick.

Now this doesn’t mean that Williams is suddenly rising up draft boards and is a lock to be a top 10 pick. What it signifies is most prognosticators are expecting three offensive tackles to be off the board prior to Buffalo’s pick at 9, namely Russell Okung (Okla. St.), Bryan Bulaga (Iowa) and Anthony Davis (Rutgers).

With those three widely predicted to be off the board, Williams is regarded by most to be the fourth best tackle prospect and has been considered by a fair amount of the so called experts to be a top half of the first round pick. So the naming of Williams is more indicative of how the prognosticators see the top 10 picks falling with respect to the tackle position than anything else.

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Twist to Bills pick in Casserly mock

Posted by Chris Brown on March 18, 2010 – 9:00 am

Former NFL GM Charley Casserly gave his top 10 mock draft picks for the 2010 draft on NFL Network, and while there weren’t many suprises, his additional comment on Buffalo’s pick was an interesting one.

Casserly had four offensive tackles going in the top 9 with the Bills getting Trent Williams. Russell Okung (#4 – Wash.), Bryan Bulaga (#6 – Sea.) and Anthony Davis (#8 – Oak) were all off the board already in his mock.

However, when Casserly talked about Buffalo’s pick at nine and discussed Williams and the team’s need for an offensive tackle, he also threw in this comment.

“I think another possibility there is Derrick Morgan the defensive end, Chan Gailey recruited him,” said Casserly.

Casserly is not alone in thinking there’s a chance that Gailey and his staff would be partial to taking some of his former players from Georgia Tech. Morgan is the highest rated of the group and is expected to come off the board in the first 15 picks. That being said, Morgan is largely considered to be a better fit as an end in a 4-3 system than as an OLB in a 3-4.

But knowing the connection with Gailey and defensive line coach Giff Smith both being from Tech it has to be considered a possibility, perhaps even more so if Aaron Schobel chooses retirement.

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Mock has OT to Bills

Posted by Chris Brown on February 10, 2010 – 12:01 pm

Corey Chavous, a former NFL safety and draft analyst for NFL Network has put his own mock draft together for 2010. And for the Bills he has them taking an offensive tackle with the ninth overall pick.

Chavous has Buffalo taking Iowa OT Bryan Bulaga. Bulaga is widely viewed as one of the most NFL ready tackles in the class while the upside is deemed higher by many for Anthony Davis and Bruce Campbell.

It should be noted in Chavous’ mock he has Russell Okung off the board at 4 to Washington, Anthony Davis off the board at 6 to Seattle, and I believe an OT is very likely for the Seahawks at 6 with Walter Jones a good bet to retire. He then has Trent Williams going 8 overall to the Raiders, which might be a little high in most eyes, but hey it’s Oakland.

So with the run on OTs happening early in Chavous’ mock, he has Buffalo taking Bulaga. I like Bulaga, provided he checks out medically (thyroid condition, shoulder injuries). He drive blocks guys 10 to 15 yards downfield at times. He also steers pass rushers wide around the pocket well. For a tall guy I think he’s pretty good at redirecting too. Whether he’s worthy of the ninth overall pick however, is up to the Bills and the Bills only.

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