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Fan Friday 9-10

Posted by Chris Brown on September 10, 2010 – 3:50 pm

The home opener is here. I think the Bills have a good chance to get off on the right foot Sunday, but first your questions. Remember if you’ve got any questions of your own.

1 – Chris,
Do you think that Ed Wang will get any significant playing time this season at LT based on his performance in training camp although it was cut quite short?

Thanks Mr. T

CB: I think 2010 is going to be a learning year for Wang. I don’t anticipate him stepping in and playing any appreciable time on the offensive line this year. He’s still 2-3 weeks away from having full use of his hand after thumb surgery. Building strength back into the hand will take time after that. There’s a good chance he might not be game ready until almost midway through the season.

So with all that time missed I think he’s going to find it difficult to get on the field barring a rash of injuries in his rookie year.

2 – How good do you think the team is compared to last year?? I suppose the Dolphins opener will be revealing. 


CB: I think these are the areas where this team will be better this season. I think they will be fundamentally sound and execute plays more consistently. I think they will not beat themselves with unforced errors like pre-snap penalties. I think they will be mentally and physically tougher due in part to their rigorous training camp. And I believe they will score significantly more points this season than they did a season ago.

All that being said we have to remember that with new offensive, defensive and special teams schemes, they will take time to get rolling. The players will do their level best to play fast right out of the gate, but the speed of regular season play demands that players react, not think and react. Getting accustomed to executing their new schemes at regular season game speed consistently will be the challenge. If they can get to that point sooner than later they’ll be in decent shape.

3 – Chris:

Why don’t the Bills try and make a trade for Charger hold out LT – Marcus McNeil.  This would provide a solid LT and Bell could be moved to RT. 

I have been a die-hard Bills fan since the Joe Ferguson/ Chuck Knox era, and making the trip back into Buffalo for the season opener against the Fins.  I believe the Bills are going to pull off the upset.  It would be a great start for the Chan Gailey era to knock off the Fins and come out of the gates with a divisional win.

Let’s GO Buffalo!    

Randy C

CB: I think ultimately that the Chargers and McNeill will get a deal done. They’re not going to get rid of a two-time Pro Bowl left tackle that’s just hitting his prime. Don’t get me wrong, he’d be a great acquisition, I just don’t see the Chargers parting ways with him.

4 – Hey Chris,

Do you go on Twitter at all? Would love to follow your up to date news on the Buffalo Bills.

Enjoy your blog a lot.


Jonathan Ragus

CB: I spend most of my time following Bills players on twitter, but I do not tweet. However, we do have a twitter presence. Here is the link to our website twitter handle.

There you can find links to all the latest content at the website, but only occasionally do they re-post my blogs. But you folks can re-tweet my blog posts when you view them. There’s a little tweet button at the bottom of each blog, so you can share them with whoever you want.

5 – Hi Chris, based on the last two preseason games, the Bills offense seems to have improved, but how about the defense? It seems that Indianapolis and Cincinnati were able to move the ball with relative ease on the first string defense. Is there cause for concern?

Tony, Daytona Beach.
CB: I think we all have to realize that it’s going to take playing in regular season games before a lot of these starters that are new to the 3-4 are going to feel comfortable where they’re just out there playing instead of thinking. This scheme is a dramatic shift from what they’ve played the past four years. It appears to me that players are still thinking and then reacting, instead of just reacting. Reps in regular season games will help to bridge that gap between thought and action, which is why Chan Gailey calls the defensive transition a work in progress.

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Individual game tix on sale 7/13

Posted by Chris Brown on July 6, 2010 – 2:52 pm

The Bills announced that individual game tickets will go on-sale to the general public at 9 am on Tues., July 13, but there’s a special way to take advantage of pre-sale access for Bills Backers members and friends. 

There will be an exclusive online pre-sale for Bills Backers members and friends of the Official Buffalo Bills Page on Facebook 24 hours before the general public, starting Mon., July 12, 2010 at 9 am. In addition, Bills fans signed up to receive Text or Twitter updates will also be granted early access.

There is no cost to become a Buffalo Bills Backers member ( or to join the Buffalo Bills Facebook ( or Twitter ( accounts. Standard text messaging rates apply for Bills Text Alerts (Text BILLS to 64621).

Any remaining tickets after the Bills Backers pre-sale will be made available to the public through Ticketmaster online via and Western and Central New York Ticketmaster locations beginning at 9 a.m. on Tues., July 13.

A list of Ticketmaster retail locations is available at by clicking on ‘retail locations.’ Remaining tickets may also be purchased online at, calling 1-877-BB-TICKS (1-877-228-4257) or visiting the Ralph Wilson Stadium ticket office. Due to high demand, tickets for individual games are subject to availability.  

There already is limited ticket availability for the Miami Dolphins and Pittsburgh Steelers games.

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Players tweeting curbed for game day

Posted by Chris Brown on September 1, 2009 – 2:53 pm

It was already established that NFL players would not be tweeting any time during regular season games on Sundays including halftime, but don’t look for Terrell Owens or Kawika Mitchell to be providing much information before or right after the games either.

That’s because the league’s policy on twitter states that players, coaches and football operations personnel can only use Twitter, Facebook and other social media up to 90 minutes before kickoff, and after the game following traditional media interviews.

That means that most players won’t be tweeting until they’re in their cars driving home from a home game or on their way to the airport to fly home from a road game.

In addition the league also included a line that also prohibits anyone representing the player to provide posts or updates. Some players do hire people to post for them.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how the league polices this, especially after games. Players leave the locker room after games at different times, so cracking down on tweeting after games might not be as easy as prior to games when there’s a hard cut-off time.

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No in-game tweeting by players allowed

Posted by Chris Brown on July 9, 2009 – 3:31 pm

A day after Chad OchoCinco indicated he’d be tweeting on the sideline during regular season games, the league reminded everyone of a rule passed several years ago.

That rule, provided by Pro Football Talk through NFL spokesman Greg Aiello, states that no cell phones can be used in the bench area during games. It’s still unclear if that extends to the locker room during halftime, but I would assume it does.

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