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How things worked between Kubiak & Dennison

Posted by Chris Brown on January 23, 2017 – 11:16 pm

There have been widespread reports over the years about the amount of latitude now retired head coach Gary Kubiak had with his play calling delegation to Bills new offensive coordinator Rick Dennison. It’s no secret that Kubiak called plays, but there were several games over the years where Dennison also called plays. Broncos receivers coach Tyke Tolbert, who worked the past two years with both Kubiak and Dennison in the offensive meeting rooms, set the record straight as to how things functioned in an appearance on the John Murphy Show.

“It was a collaboration,” Tolbert said. “Gary Kubiak was an offensive guy through and through. He played the position and coached the position and came up in the west coast system. He knows it like the palm of his hand like Rico (Dennison) does. So it was collaboration with everything. During the week we all had our part, and Gary Kubiak was a big part of that game planning. Coach Kubiak, Rick Dennison and (QBs coach) Greg Knapp had the most input in terms of what we were doing.”

More on Dennison’s handling of the offense in Tuesday’s edition of Bills Today.


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Tolbert goes to Panthers

Posted by Chris Brown on January 21, 2010 – 3:44 pm

Bills wide receivers coach Tyke Tolbert has found work with another NFL club.

Tolbert has been hired by the Carolina Panthers. He’ll coach receivers under John Fox. He replaces the retired Richard Williamson.

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Evans, Owens put in extra work

Posted by Chris Brown on July 26, 2009 – 6:08 pm

For a second straight day Lee Evans and Terrell Owens put in some extra work after practice.

Evans was working on his catching as he was taking passes from the JUGs machine. As he went along he’d take a step closer every two or three catches to the point where he was within five or six yards from the machine, and he was still catching them. He also had the JUGS machine operator lower the trajectory of the ball so he could practice catching passes down around his shoe tops. Out of about 50 passes I didn’t see one drop.

Owens meanwhile was working on release techniques off the line with receivers coach Tyke Tolbert.

“I’ve been in the game for awhile so every coach has their coaching style,” said Owens. “Teaching different things as far as releases. Obviously there are some different routes. So anything that can be an advantage for me, with my size, and kind of mix up things from what I’ve done in the past to obviously make me a better receiver. Every coach that I’ve had, like I said, has a different coaching style, so I try to adopt and adjust to what they have.”

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