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Fan Friday 10-26

Posted by Chris Brown on October 26, 2012 – 12:30 pm

Here’s the latest edition of Fan Friday with your questions from and @ChrisBrownBills.

1 – Chris,

The accuracy required to play QB in the NFL is on another level entirely–and at some point, talent is as important as work ethic and practice.  Is it possible that Fitz is turning into a “head case” with all of these adjustments with David Lee and his throwing mechanics?  What, if anything, are the coaches and Fitz doing to try and stem this problem?  The Bills will only go as far as Fitz will take them.  And I fear if he doesn’t revert to something close to what we say early last season, this team won’t improve much or go very far, no matter how much the defense improves or how much talent they put around Fitz.  It’s a QB driven league.  And while there are examples of teams winning SBs with a less than elite QB, it’s not very common.  And his current level of performance certainly will not be sufficient.  What, if anything, can be or is being done?

Thanks again for your coverage of the team.
Jeffrey Suchocki
CB: Ryan Fitzpatrick even agrees with you that his first half of the season has not been what he thought it would be. His completion percentage is admittedly down (61%) from where it was at this time last year (67.7%). I think we should be encouraged by what we saw in the Tennessee game, save for the late INT.

What went by the board in that disappointing loss was the fact that it was clearly Fitz’s best passing game of the season. He even got off to a fast start, something that doesn’t always happen in games for Fitzpatrick either.

He finished that game 27-35 for 225 yards and three touchdowns with the INT and a passer rating of 109.8. The interception aside, that’s the way Fitzpatrick needs to play for this team to have a chance to win every week. His completion percentage of 77% was the highest single-game completion percentage since the Washington game a year ago this week (77.8%).

So I think the hope is that Fitz has begun to rediscover his rhythm in the passing game. Now we just have to hope that the bye week didn’t disrupt that rhythm and he can have a second half of the season, like he had the first half of last season.


2 – Hi Chris,

When a player goes on I-R does he still receive 100% of his pay while he is unable to play?
Thank you again.

Bob Hammond
Rochester, NY


CB: I’m not going to pretend to know all the ins and outs of the injured reserve rules so I tapped into the expertise of Bills Senior VP of Football Administration Jim Overdorf. So with respect to a player getting his full pay when he goes on I-R, the answer is it depends. 

A player who has a split contract (meaning he gets a lower amount if he is on I-R) will get the lower amount of pay if he goes on I-R (there is a league minimum that corresponds to the number of credited seasons). Split contracts are more commonly seen in rookie contracts and with street free agents. 

It’s rare to see a split contract for a marquee player (e.g. a first or second round draft pick). Most rookie contracts do not include the third year as a split amount. So those players more often than not will receive full pay. However, that full pay may be at a lower amount if it has been negotiated in the deal.


3 – Hi Chris,
Just wondering when the Bills are going to turn T.J. Graham loose on some fly patterns. I know at the outset the Bills brain trust wanted Graham to have a better knowledge of the playbook, but with his blazing speed, when will they test defenses? The vertical game will just help Stevie Johnson and Donald Jones more. I know the spread offense is predicated on short and medium range passes, but showing the opposition some danger cannot hurt. What are your thoughts?

Tony, Ormond Beach, Fl
CB: I think it’s something that bears watching. The deep passing game is not a common focus in Chan Gailey’s offense. He’d rather get the ball out quick and let the playmakers get yards after the catch. That being said Gailey does want to have a role for Graham week in and week out. How big the role gets will likely depend on what Graham does with the opportunities he gets. But stretching the field is certainly something he can do.”


4 – Hi Chris,

I was wondering if you have an update concerning Tarvaris Jackson and how he is progressing.  Is there any chance he will overtake Tyler Thigpen as the #2 QB or is the task of learning the system a case of too much too soon?  The reason I ask is actually the potential return of Ron Brooks to the 53-man roster at the end of the month.  His expected role as a gunner on the punt coverage team (not to mention adding an extra CB to the mix) means someone will have to be cut.  Could it be Thigpen?

Thanks much,
Jeff Horn

CB: I don’t know what the chances are that it happens this year. Chan Gailey has said time and again that with no time during the practice week in preparation for a game to get him reps in the offense, Jackson is pretty much relegated to third QB status.

I will say that he did get some reps during the bye week practice this past Wednesday, but I don’t know how much weight should be put on that.

As for Brooks they can elevate him to the 53-man roster Wednesday. If they do they have to move someone else off the roster, but I’m not going to speculate about a guy getting released or not. I don’t think it would be Thigpen however, since his contract is guaranteed by virtue of being on the roster through the first week of the season.


5 – CB, 

Many fans are simply upset that the Bills haven’t drafted a QB. Why don’t they go after a developmental raw QB, though he might not pan out, it worth having one for either next year. Buddy Nix has passed on too many quarterbacks that are now successful (Andy Dalton). Buddy said he would want to draft 1 QB every year but only drafted Levi Brown in the 7th round. A QB on the squad could be developed in time by Chan. Both Ryan and Tyler were 7th round picks as well both learned under Chan. 
CB: I respect the frustration. Buddy Nix did say at one point that he’d like to draft a quarterback every year, but he had a roster with a plethora of positional needs that he had to fill out first. Perhaps now that the roster is a bit deeper at a good number of positions he can afford to take a QB in the draft.

Philadelphia has made a habit of this, taking a QB almost every year. Nick Foles is their latest example and he’s the team’s backup QB this season.

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Who is holding on kicks?

Posted by Chris Brown on September 26, 2012 – 3:31 pm

With Brian Moorman’s release Tuesday, Shawn Powell is his obvious replacement as the punter, but what about the holding job for field goals and extra points? Head coach Chan Gailey addressed those duties Wednesday.

“Shawn will practice there,” said Gailey. “Tyler (Thigpen) will practice there. We’ll see as it goes. Eventually Shawn will do it as soon as he gets some experience.”

So it sounds like in a big division game, they’re likely to use Thigpen as the holder this week with Powell soon to be handed full time duties as time goes on.

Meanwhile Lindell addressed the mechanics of the holding job as it relates to him.

“Brian knew exactly, kickers kind of nod their heads sometimes as if to say, ‘Yeah I’m ready,’ and Brian knew when I was ready to go,” said Lindell. “That’s one of the things, just how to tilt the ball, how I like the ball tilted. I try to simplify and so we’ll work on the timing of it all.

“We’ll work with Shawn and we’ll work with other people that would step forward. We’ll work hard and we’ll get it done.”


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Why it won’t be easy for QB Jackson

Posted by Chris Brown on September 14, 2012 – 10:47 am

Bills QB Tarvaris Jackson is doing his level best to absorb Buffalo’s offensive system, but GM Buddy Nix explains why the task proves more difficult once the regular season starts.

“It’s tough. It really is. I’m not going to sugarcoat that. Once the season starts it’s really hard for a guy,” said Nix in his weekly appearance on WGR Sportsradio 550. “Now he’s in every meeting so he’ll be prepared for that mentally. He’s a smart guy, but as far as reps in practice he doesn’t get many.”

For a third quarterback the number of reps to get further acclimated to the offensive system are few and far between in the practice setting, because the main focus is to get the starting quarterback ready to execute the game plan for that week. The second QB then gets a handful of reps in the event that there’s an injury and he has to step in. The 3rd QB really only gets scout team reps where he’s executing plays of the opponent instead of the plays in his own team’s offensive system.

This week Chan Gailey is likely to still have Tyler Thigpen as the number two signal caller as Jackson continues to work to get up to speed with the system.

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QB Jackson not yet ready to back up

Posted by Chris Brown on September 11, 2012 – 11:06 am

QB Tyler Thigpen served as Buffalo’s backup to Ryan Fitzpatrick in Week 1 and it’s likely to be the case for the next couple of weeks.

Head coach Chan Gailey said that recently acquired QB Tarvaris Jackson still has a hefty amount of ground to cover in Buffalo’s offense.

“He’s still not ready to go,” said Gailey. “He’s still got a lot to learn. That was a tough situation he was in and he’s still learning the whole system. He is.”

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Thigpen earns added respect

Posted by Chris Brown on September 9, 2012 – 10:01 am

Tyler Thigpen wasn’t exactly feeling comfortable when the Bills signed Vince Young earlier this offseason. Even after it was proved that Young wasn’t a good fit for Buffalo’s offense and he was released, Buffalo traded for another backup QB candidate in Tarvaris Jackson. Thigpen took it all in stride and still made the team’s 53-man roster, and in the process earned some additional respect from his team’s GM.

“The situation I was put into this preseason with them bringing in Vince Young, with them bringing in Tarvaris Jackson, Buddy Nix told me I gained a lot of respect from him by the way I handled myself and the situations,” Thigpen told the Myrtle Beach Sun News this week.

Thigpen also confirmed that he agreed to re-do his contract.

“Once the final cuts came up that day, I spoke to my agent and they wanted to free up a little cap space to sign some other players,” Thigpen said. “I was willing to do that. Obviously you don’t want to take a pay cut, but if it helps the team out I’m willing to do it. I’m just glad to be here in Buffalo still, with this team, and not having to learn a new offense and go to a new area.”

Thigpen is signed through the 2012 season.

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Chan doesn’t rule out carrying 4 QBs

Posted by Chris Brown on August 27, 2012 – 5:41 pm

Bills head coach Chan Gailey is in a unique circumstance regarding the quarterback position. His starter is Ryan Fitzpatrick and his number three remains Brad Smith. The number two QB question lingers with Tyler Thigpen, who knows the offense, but has struggled with consistency; and the newly acquired Tarvaris Jackson who doesn’t know the offense very much at all. With the season opener in 13 days Gailey couldn’t rule out carrying four quarterbacks to start the season.

“You never know,” said Gailey. “We’re going to do what’s best for the team, I know that, and it’s not going to be an easy call whatever direction we have to go.”

When asked if he’s comfortable carrying four quarterbacks, Gailey wasn’t certain.

“I’m comfortable with doing what’s best for the team and I don’t know what that is today,” Gailey said. “So let us make that decision later on.”

That decision will have to come by 9 pm on Friday night when the roster must be reduced to 53 players. Tarvaris Jackson is only supposed to play a few snaps at best in the Bills preseason finale at Detroit. It’s unlikely to be enough to give the Bills any sense of comfort that he’ll be able to finish a game in Week 1 or 2 should Ryan Fitzpatrick succumb to injury.

“You’ll have to make a decision,” he said. “I’ve never been in this situation so I can’t tell you how I’m going to do it. We’ll evaluate it and do the best we can and it won’t be easy.”  

If the Bills do feel they need to keep four quarterbacks at least early in the season, it will take a spot away from another position to get to 53. Bills GM Buddy Nix said earlier in the day that you “probably can’t keep four.”

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Thigpen with 2’s

Posted by Chris Brown on August 27, 2012 – 4:36 pm

Tyler Thigpen is getting a lot more snaps than he did Saturday night.

Thigpen is taking reps with the second unit. New QB Tarvaris Jackson is dressed but doing a lot of observing and looking at the play call sheet for practice.

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Thigpen’s future

Posted by Chris Brown on August 27, 2012 – 4:15 pm

With the acquisition of Tarvaris Jackson via trade Monday and the departure of Vince Young, the future of Tyler Thigpen with the Bills is an interesting question. Here was Buddy Nix’s answer.

“Tyler again Chan has said this many times, he knows what Tyler can do,” said Nix. “Tyler knows the offense very well, and right now he’ll play a good bit Thursday.”

When asked by if he could see a scenario in which the Bills carry four quarterbacks on the final roster until Tarvaris Jackson is up to speed, Nix said the following.

“We’ve got four now, but Brad is working as a wide receiver right now,” said Nix. “He will be the third quarterback according to what Chan has said so I’m sure that’s right. Probably you can’t carry four.”

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How many QBs will Bills carry now?

Posted by Chris Brown on August 27, 2012 – 2:28 pm

Final roster cuts are on Friday, when the team must trim their roster to 53. Quarterbacks Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brad Smith are locks for the roster. Now in light of the trade to acquire Tarvaris Jackson one wonders if all four quarterbacks might be carried on the opening day roster for the Bills.

The reason why is with Jackson so new to the Bills offensive system, it might be hard to ask him to effectively execute the offense in two weeks time should there be an injury to Ryan Fitzpatrick in Week 1. It may very well force the Bills to carry all four quarterbacks on their roster to make sure they have a signal caller that can execute all aspects of the offense in a very important division game.

That being said, the offensive coaches had Brad Smith working with the quarterbacks up until last week when he moved to receiver with the sole purpose of having Smith know enough of the offense to get them out of a game if there were injuries suffered at quarterback.

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QB rotation might only be Fitz & Young

Posted by Chris Brown on August 25, 2012 – 4:10 pm

The quarterback rotation is pretty cut and dry with Ryan Fitzpatrick going the distance with the starters tonight against the Steelers, but there could be a change on the back end.

Vince Young will take over after Fitzpatrick and run the second unit for the second straight preseason game. He could very well go the rest of the way with Tyler Thigpen not taking a snap at all in the game. This shouldn’t be seen as a bad sign for Thigpen. In the minds of the offensive coaches they need to see much more of Young in a game situation than Thigpen.

“I know what Tyler can do,” said Chan Gailey. “We need to see more of what Vince can do.”

Brad Smith won’t see any action at quarterback because he’ll be lining up at receiver and as a kick returner tonight against Pittsburgh.

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Thigpen reunion with go-to WR

Posted by Chris Brown on August 17, 2012 – 3:05 pm

Bills QB Tyler Thigpen will make sure he talks with a former college teammate that he teamed with to wreak havoc on the Big South Conference at Coastal Carolina when Buffalo faces Minnesota tonight in preseason action.

Thigpen and Vikings WR Jerome Simpson were teammates for three seasons for the Chanticleers leading the team to a 28-6 mark from 2004-2006. The tandem peaked in their final season together in 2006 when Simpson caught a school-record 16 TD passes from Thigpen, which accounted for more than half of Thigpen’s season total of 29.

When asked if Simpson had any phenomenal plays like the the flip head over heels for a touchdown that Simpson had last season for Cincinnati, Thigpen remembered one.

“He had a ridiculous one-handed catch in one game that made top 10 plays on ESPN too,” Thigpen told “He was pretty tough to stop in college.”

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Why no 7-on-7 for Fitz

Posted by Chris Brown on August 15, 2012 – 11:37 am

On Monday and Tuesday Ryan Fitzpatrick did not take any snaps during 7-on-7 team work in practice. Head coach Chan Gailey said there was more than one reason why it was done.

“It was two-fold,” said Gailey. “Ryan had taken a bunch of throws and we wanted to get him some rest. We wanted the other guys to make a lot of throws and further evaluate those two guys. So it was really a two-fold things. Ryan didn’t throw the one-on-ones for a couple of days. So we’re taking that opportunity to rest him and get them reps.”

Fitzpatrick was fine with giving his arm a break, but says his arm is in good shape at this point.

“They’re just giving me a little more rest and giving those guys some reps in the 7-on-7 stuff,” he said. “That’s a good time to go through your reads and make sure you’re throwing to the right guy. To me that team work (11-on-11) is really important in terms of the live rush and doing that so I wanted to make sure I focused on that and gave the other guys some time in 7-on-7’s and get down some of the timing and throws.”

The Bills QB says once you get to the preseason games and have off days coming out of those games there really is no concern about burning out your throwing arm.

“My arm feels good and once you hit the season you’re not throwing every day so it’s never an issue,” he said.


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Chan on the backup QBs

Posted by Chris Brown on August 10, 2012 – 8:36 am

Tyler Thigpen and Vince Young both got more than 20 plays in Thursday night’s preseason opener with Thigpen running the twos and Young the threes. Both had some good hits, and some misses.

“There were some good things in there, but to play that position you have to be consistent,” said Gailey when asked about Thigpen’s play. “That’s the one thing you’re trying to find. Who can create that consistency for you at the backup quarterback? That guy doesn’t get a lot of reps during the week so he has to be able to be consistent without getting a lot of reps. That’s what we’re trying to get both of them to do.”

Thigpen was 3-for-8 passing for 38 yards and an interception. As for Vince Young, Gailey thought he too made some plays.

“He created some things tonight and made some things happen,” said Gailey. “That’s what he can do. He brings that to the football team. We’ve got some work on some other things to get done to better help him out and he’s got to get better, but he brings that speed and that ability to go make a play with his feet to the football team.”

Young was 5-12 for 50 yards passing. He was sacked three times as the third string offensive line struggled, evidenced by Young’s team-leading 37 rushing yards including a 21-yard scamper to convert a long third down.

Next week Young will work with the second offensive unit and Thigpen will work with the third.

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Chan on QBs Thigpen & Young

Posted by Chris Brown on August 1, 2012 – 10:41 pm

For backup quarterback candidates Tyler Thigpen and Vince Young the first week of training camp has not been an easy go. Both have tried to get a better feel for their receivers in terms of timing, but even head coach Chan Gailey admitted both are struggling with their accuracy.

“It’s a little early, but it’s a concern,” said Gailey of the accuracy issues. “It’s not just Tyler. He and Vince are both having some trouble there. The twos in general are not performing very well offensively. Our ones are doing some good things, but our twos are struggling right now offensively.”

Gailey chalked up some of the struggles of the second team offense to the second team defensive line, which for the most part has consisted of Spencer Johnson and Alex Carrington inside and Shawne Merriman and depending on the RDE rotation Chris Kelsay or Mark Anderson. But Gailey made it clear that the entire second unit on offense has got to step their game up.

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Lee glad to have front row seat

Posted by Chris Brown on July 20, 2012 – 8:40 am

Bills QBs coach David Lee has been coaching quarterbacks for 38 years, but the competition that will ensue for the backup job behind Ryan Fitzpatrick in training camp next week has him as excited as ever.

“That competition between Vince and Tyler is going to be something special,” Lee told “It’ll be fun to watch.”

Lee will have a front row seat as he’s worked with both players through the spring tightening up some of their footwork fundamentals much like he has with Fitz. Young brings actual game experience to the competition, while Thigpen brings a well-versed knowledge of Chan Gailey’s system with him. It’s likely to come down to the preseason games, but it will figure to be one of the more interesting position battles at St. John Fisher.

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Fan Friday 6-22

Posted by Chris Brown on June 22, 2012 – 11:05 am

1 – Chris,

Are we assuming Kyle Williams will be his old self? Most players don’t return to form until 2nd yr after major injury…what say u?


CB: Williams’ surprise participation in OTAs and minicamp can only be taken as an encouraging sign. I think a lot of fans forget that Williams (and Shawne Merriman for that matter) did not rupture his Achilles. He only had to have it repaired. The rehab on such a surgery is 4-5 months. By camp he and Merriman will be 8-9 months removed from surgery.

After seeing Williams in action in the team setting the past month, though his reps were only 5-10 a day, I’m encouraged that you’ll get the old Kyle Williams come training camp, the preseason and the regular season. The sudden burst off the ball was there and knifing through gaps was evident. Get ready.


2 – Hey Chris,

Thanks so much for your daily updates on Bills mobile, one of my favorite things to wake up to! Anyways, I need to ask about the running back situation. Fred recently signed a contract extension, I know this, but when will Spiller be the official starter and get his chance? Even though Fred had a breakout year, I think people tend to forget Spiller was a top ten pick, and I feel as if were completely wasting away his talent.

CB: Chan Gailey has been asked this question in one form or another often. Spiller certainly showed he’s ready for primetime with his performance over the last six games in place of an injured Fred Jackson. As good as C.J. was I think you’re forgetting that prior to the game that Fred got hurt he was first in the AFC in rushing and third in the league, third in the NFL in yards per carry average (5.5), had the second-longest TD run of the season at the time (80 yds) and was 5th in the league in receiving yards for running backs with the second-highest yards after catch average among RBs in the NFL (12.8).

In terms of total scrimmage yards he was second only to Matt Forte, who had him by 15 yards at the time (1,391 to 1,376).

You don’t toss that production aside because you have a top 10 draft choice on your roster. Chan Gailey and his offensive staff know they have to get both players on the field a lot and get them both involved in their attack. This is where having a veteran offensive play caller and designer is an advantage.

I think you’ll see a good number of split backfields with both Jackson and Spiller out there simultaneously. I think there will be a good amount of pre-snap motion with either Fred or C.J. motioning out of the backfield and lining up somewhere else. And while game to game the amount of work each of them get might not be in perfect balance I believe come season’s end, barring any injuries, that both will be integral components in the offensive production.

Coach Gailey has told me it’s impossible to keep everyone happy with the amount of touches they get, but his focus is doing what’s best for the team to win games.  What that translates into could change week to week based on the opponent and based on player performance. Just know as a fan you’ve got a good situation no matter which one of them has the ball in their hands.


3 – Chris, 

With the drafting of TJ Graham, do you expect Marcus Easley to be a factor in the Bills passing game?

And what are his chances of securing the position of the Bills No. 2 receiver? 

William Aiken
Schenectady, NY

CB:  I think Easley’s situation certainly wasn’t made any easier by the addition of Graham. Graham is clearly the fastest wideout on the field. It’s not even close by my eye. He’s very, very explosive. That being said he’s still trying to master the base concepts of the offense.

He was however, given a ton of reps with the first unit through the spring workouts for a reason. They want him out there to stretch the field vertically. I just think when the pads go on it may prove to be harder for Graham to make plays consistently because he may get knocked around a bit.

I still believe that Easley has the best physical skill set of the entire receiving corps for the outside receiver role they’re trying to fill opposite Stevie Johnson. That doesn’t mean I don’t think there are other players on this roster that are capable of holding down that job (see: Donald Jones). I just believe if Easley can put it all together he’s the clear choice out there at 6’4” 225 pounds and running a 4.4 40-time.

He clearly impressed the coaching staff in OTAs and minicamp because in minicamp Easley was given more reps with the first unit.

He plucks the ball out of the air, rarely body catches, can make plays with DBs hanging on him or in traffic. Really the only thing that has stopped him is his body (injury, medical condition). Having three years of exposure in this offense will be an asset, but he’s got to get through camp healthy and not miss time.

I’m confident if he does that he’ll be right in the mix for that outside job opposite Stevie.


4 – Chris,

Shawne Merriman says he has never felt better coming of surgery for his Achilles injury.  Considering how he was a force with San Diego when he was healthy, could he be a sleeper factor in the Bills’ newly revamped pass rushing attack?

Mike in Rochester

CB: After what we saw in OTAs and minicamp I think you can be encouraged that Merriman is as close as he has ever been to his former self when he was terrorizing quarterbacks all over the league and a three-time Pro Bowl talent.

Now there’s still another bridge to cross in training camp when the pads go on, but nothing in the spring workouts gave any indication that he could have a setback. His first step burst has been impressive and his power game looks to be back as well. We’ll know more when the pads are on and the football gets far more physical, but the arrow is pointing up right now on Merriman’s outlook for the first time in a long time.


5 – Hey Chris,

First off thank you very much for all the great Bills coverage you provide us loyal Bills fans every day. My question to you sir is about the QB position and how you think it might pan out. With the signing of Vince Young do you think that Brad Smith will stay listed as a QB?

I would think that Vince Young having the same kind of running QB wildcat potential, and if he wins the QB 2 job I can see it making sense to have him run the packages that were originally designed for Brad Smith allowing Brad to focus on WR/KR and be listed there on the depth chart, relegating Thigpen to the QB 3 roster spot, it’s an intriguing situation and was hoping to get your thoughts, thanks again. 

Sean Clemens
Las Vegas, NV

CB: Appreciate the sentiments. Chan Gailey made it clear that Brad Smith is his third quarterback and will run their Wildcat package. So Vince Young is essentially in a quarterback competition with Tyler Thigpen for the #2 job going into camp.

Through the last week of OTAs and minicamp Young and Thigpen rotated in and out with the second unit and I anticipate that to be the case when we all get to training camp as well. So although Young is athletic Smith is the better option for that Wildcat package.

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Backup QB a two horse race

Posted by Chris Brown on June 15, 2012 – 3:27 pm

It was largely assumed already, but Bills head coach Chan Gailey effectively confirmed that Buffalo’s backup quarterback competition will be a two man competition.

In talking about the team’s plans for Brad Smith, Gailey locked Brad Smith into the number 3 quarterback role as a multi-faceted Wildcat threat.

“He’ll go into the season, unless something major changes which I don’t foresee, he’ll be the third quarterback so he’s got to have enough quarterback knowledge to get you out of a game,” said Gailey of Smith.

That leaves Vince Young and Tyler Thigpen in direct competition with one another for the backup quarterback job behind starter Ryan Fitzpatrick. Since Thigpen has returned to the practice setting from his strained abdominal muscle he has seen more of the snaps with the second unit, but Young has rotated in.

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Thigpen throwing

Posted by Chris Brown on June 11, 2012 – 12:12 pm

For the first time in two weeks Tyler Thigpen is throwing again.

He’s only tossing short passes in red zone walk through right now. We’ll see if he does much more than that.

Head coach Chan Gailey said last week he anticipated Thigpen would be back sometime this week.

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Thigpen to return

Posted by Chris Brown on June 5, 2012 – 1:42 pm

Tyler Thigpen has been out with a strained abdominal since last week. Head coach Chan Gailey however, expects him back before OTAs are over.

“He’ll miss the rest of this week, but he should be back next week,” said Gailey.

Vince Young has been taking second team reps in Thigpen’s absence.

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Thigpen dealing with minor injury

Posted by Chris Brown on June 1, 2012 – 2:07 pm

Bills QB Tyler Thigpen said he has not participated in the last two days of OTAs this week. Here’s why.

“I’ve got a small tear in my abdominal,” Thigpen told “It’s about a centimeter. I’ve been dealing with it, but we’ve got to rest it and get it right.”

Quarterbacks use their core every time they throw to put added power and torque on their passes. So the abdominal injury is not something that will improve with the constant twisting of the torso when passing. Thigpen doesn’t want to make it a bigger problem than it is now, but did not indicate when he’d be back practicing.

As a result Vince Young took second team reps on offense. Bills OTA practices resume Tuesday June 5th.

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