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Taylor: Von was joking, but it worked out

Posted by Chris Brown on September 25, 2017 – 10:20 am

It was misunderstood by many watching the game on Sunday at New Era Field. It was also misunderstood by head referee Carl Cheffers. After a failed third down pass by Tyrod Taylor, he was knocked down by Denver pass rusher Von Miller. Miller offered his hand to Taylor to help him up, only to pull it away a second later in a classic gag fitting of a 13-year old. Both players laughed as it unfolded, but Cheffers threw a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct.

“Me and Von came out the same year. We’re good friends,” said Taylor. “We were actually laughing on the field. I don’t think he knew. I honestly didn’t know at the time there was going to be a flag. We were laughing. It ended up working out in our favor. Just a bad play by him at the time. I’m pretty sure he wished he had it back, but got to move forward.”

“I just wasn’t thinking,” said Miller. “I know Tyrod, he was talking, smiling. I don’t even talk to quarterbacks, I don’t even do anything with quarterbacks. But I know Tyrod, we were kind of laughing and joking through the whole game. On that play, I just made a very, very crucial mistake at a vital point in the game.”

The penalty was a back breaker for the Broncos. Buffalo likely would’ve punted in a one-score game up 23-16 with 7:43 to play and pinned Denver back deep in their own end. The unsportsmanlike conduct however, gave Buffalo a fresh set of downs and the drive resulted in a game-clinching field goal by Stephen Hauschka with three minutes left.

“I stuck out my hand, thought he was going to help me up. It was kind of like an old school move,” said Taylor. “I got played in that situation I guess.

“It extended a drive and burned some time off the clock and were able to get them to use all their timeouts. So it worked out.”

“I can’t put my team in situations like that,” said Miller. “I brought us home field many times, I’ve closed games fifty million times. I’ve got to be smarter than that. I’m always on the rookies and all the young guys [about] being smart and doing this and doing that. Then I go out there and do something like that, in a crucial situation in the game, I’ve just got to be better than that. It hits you in the stomach. I haven’t been in situations [like that] since my rookie season.

“I killed the game today with that penalty. I’ve just got to be better than that, and I will be better than that.”

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Dareus over Broncos passing on him in ’11

Posted by Chris Brown on December 6, 2014 – 10:31 am

With the second pick in the 2011 NFL draft the Denver Broncos picked Von Miller. With the very next pick the Bills took Marcell Dareus. Buffalo’s Pro Bowl DT didn’t appreciate getting passed over by Denver or Carolina, who took Cam Newton first overall.

In an interview with Dareus not long after he was picked by Buffalo I asked him why he was so chapped about going third overall. This was his answer back in 2011.

“I worked my butt off to the point where I’m not going to give you a reason not to pick me,” Dareus said. “You’re not going to look at me and be like, ‘Well he’s good, but…” That ‘but’ word is never going to come up when you mention my name. My sole focus was for me not to give you a reason to not pick me and you still don’t? Okay, I understand you have needs somewhere else, but if you need somebody to control your front and be a commander across the front and not let anything happen? I work my butt off to do that, and you pass me up still? Okay, I’ve got something for you.”

Then in an interview with Hall of Famer Michael Irvin on WQAM radio in Miami, Dareus back in 2011 promised to make life difficult for the Broncos, who he played against as a rookie.

“Denver I’ll get a chance to play them in the regular season (this year) and I’m going to make it hell for them every time I play against them,” he said.

Buffalo won that game in 2011 by a score of 40-14. Dareus had four tackles including one for loss.

Four years later, however, Dareus is a more mature player and doesn’t hold any ill feelings toward the Broncos.

“I don’t like to hold grudges,” Dareus said. “I came out, I said what I had to say and I held up my end for the most part. But we’re fighting for so much more than some pick spot. I’m with these guys, I love these guys to death. We’re going to continue to fight and claw and get ourselves in the position they’re in.”


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Mock – LB, QB, OT for Bills

Posted by Chris Brown on April 27, 2011 – 3:07 pm

The latest and probably last mock draft by the National Football Post goes three rounds and they’ve got a LB, QB, and offensive tackle going to the Bills in those three rounds.

In round one they predictably have Buffalo taking Von Miller the pass rushing LB from Texas A&M. In round 2  they’ve got Buffalo taking Colin Kaepernick, the QB from Nevada and in round 3 they’ve got Buffalo landing OT Marcus Gilbert from Florida.

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Comparing Miller to Bruce

Posted by Chris Brown on April 21, 2011 – 2:48 pm

Bills Scout Shawn Heinlen was asked to compare Bruce Smith’s ability to stay low to the ground and maintain his leverage while rushing the quarterback to Texas A&M LB Von Miller. Here’s what he said, “Von is the same thing but in smaller package. He’s got that same ability to be able to do that where he’s so low to the ground but yet he’s able to maintain his power, his leverage, and his speed and take on the contact from the tackle and continue to progress. It’s a rare trait that I haven’t seen in any linebacker I’ve looked at.”

In his junior and senior seasons with the Aggies, Miller had a combined 27.5 sacks and 39 tackles for loss.

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Miller’s the choice

Posted by Chris Brown on April 14, 2011 – 10:49 pm

Texas A&M Linebacker Von Miller is expected by many to be a top 5 draft selection and if Bills fans had their way he would be the top choice for Buffalo. After watching the ouside linebacker preview in our Countdown to Draft Day series, fans made it clear Miller was their pick at the position with 73% percent of the vote. Miller has been a popular choice in a lot of mock drafts for the Bills.

UCLA’s Akeem Ayers came in second with 13% of the vote and Georgia’s Justin Houston came in third with 6%. Ayers and Houston might be options in the top of the second round.

Our final postional preview will be up on Friday in the media center and it takes a closer look at the running backs in the 2011 Draft.

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Miller, Bowers meet w/Browns

Posted by Chris Brown on April 12, 2011 – 12:25 pm

Texas A&M LB Von Miller and Clemson DE Da’Quan Bowers are both meeting with the Cleveland Browns (picking 6th) today (Tuesday).

That according to the National Football Post. Miller also has other pre-draft visits scheduled with Tennessee (picking 8th) and San Francisco (picking 7th) on Wednesday and Thursday this week. He also has a visit lined up with Washington (picking 10th) next Monday.

Miller and Bowers both had pre-draft visits with the Bills.

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Von Miller adding muscle

Posted by Chris Brown on April 12, 2011 – 10:01 am

Von Miller finished his senior season at Texas A&M at around 237 pounds. Knowing some NFL clubs with 3-4 defensive schemes want to know he can carry more weight effectively, Miller has been working through the whole pre-draft process to add muscle. First came an additional nine pounds. Now there’s more.

He weighed in at the NFL combine in February at 246 pounds, and didn’t disappoint with respect to speed clocking a 4.53 in the 40.

“Honestly, I didn’t even know I put on that weight,” Miller said at the combine. “I was just working hard just trying to maximize days, finish all my reps and eating all my food. I was just trying to work out at the best of my ability. I hadn’t weighed myself for about a week and half. I stepped on the scale and it said, ‘246’, I was like, ‘whoa.’ I just want to be the best football player I can be. I just want to get bigger, stronger, faster. And I guess I’m really bigger.”

On Tuesday morning, Miller tweeted his latest weigh in figure.

MillerLite40 Wow! I jus weighed in!!! 250!!!!!!

Miller said he’s been eating like crazy during the pre-draft process, but insists it’s all good weight. His performance at the combine was a testament to that fact.

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Chan on Von Miller

Posted by Chris Brown on April 11, 2011 – 4:17 pm

In an interview with Sirius NFL Radio hosts Adam Schein and Rich Gannon, Bills head coach Chan Gailey was asked about a lot of the top prospects with the NFL draft fast approaching, and that list included Texas A&M pass rusher Von Miller. Here was Gailey’s take on the senior linebacker.

“He has amazing speed and explosion and quickness,” said Gailey. “He’s got a knack for rushing the passer. He’s an extremely talented player.”

Schein then followed up asking Gailey how a player like Miller would fit into his defense.

“It’d be interesting to see if we ended up with a guy like that,” Gailey said. “He’s a great pass rusher, so when you get to nickel situations you want to make sure he’s rushing the passer. Then you have to decide if you want to put him on the end of the line in a 3-4 or do you want to stack him behind the line even though he hasn’t had a lot of experience like that. If you can cover a guy up that has that kind of speed and quickness you can just let him run to the football. There are a couple of different ways to use a guy like that to help your defense.”

Gailey had the benefit of seeing Miller work for a full week on his South team at the Senior Bowl in late January and had him in for a pre-draft visit at One Bills Drive last month.

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Fan Friday 4-8

Posted by Chris Brown on April 8, 2011 – 12:59 pm

Let’s get right to your questions this week from

1 – Hey Chris,
First off, just want to take a second and compliment you for all the work you do, as it really helps fans stay as up to date as possible with the Bills, even in the offseason. My question is about the new uniforms that are coming out for next year. Are there any more details out as to when exactly they will be unveiled? Like many fans I’m sure I cannot wait to move on from the old uniforms.
Thanks! Scott from Kenmore

CB: First, thanks for the kind words. With respect to the new uniforms, nothing concrete in terms of an unveiling has been passed along. I would imagine we would need to at least get past the NFL draft before any more information is distributed with respect to the 2011 unis.

2 – The tight end position seems to be ingored by the Bills for years. With Shawn Nelson hurt in much of his career, what is the future of TE position for next year? Chan rarely had tight ends run routes and stretch down the field. He mentioned he was looking for a all around TE ala John Mackey. But the Bills did meet with catching TE Virgil Green at the combine, scouted Rob Housler, and coached a number of them in the Senior Bowl. Do you expect the Bills to draft a pass catching TE in the middle rounds? Or will they go after one like Zach Miller in FA?


CB: With tight end not one of the team’s top 3 needs I think how or where they address that position is going to largely depend on how the draft board falls. Based on Chan Gailey’s comments that most of their nine picks are going to go to the defensive side of the ball coupled with more pressing offensive needs at tackle and quarterback, I just don’t see tight end coming up on day one (round one) or day two (rounds 2 and 3).

Even on day 3, unless an unexpected value falls in their lap at the tight end position I’m not certain they pull the trigger until the later rounds if at all. Buddy Nix said they are looking for an H-back type. Arkansas D.J. Williams, who was at the Senior Bowl on Chan’s South team roster is considered the best H-back in the draft class. He’s forecast as a fourth-round pick.

I know Buddy and Chan are high on Scott Chandler an in line tight end with some pass catching ability who they picked up mid-season last year. He’s a former fourth-round pick himself that Buddy picked for the Chargers back in 2008.

3 – Chris,
If Nick Fairley and Marcell Dareus are off the board before Buffalo is on the clock, who do you see the Bills taking?  I think Peterson can be a great asset to us and an immediate impact both in the secondary and another kick return option (with Spiller, McKelvin, McGee, and Peterson).  However, if we go that route we are leaving out our gaping hole at stopping the run.  Or do we take Bowers or Von Miller.  What is your take?
Rob Best

CB: I believe Von Miller makes the most sense there in that scenario. I really like Dareus a lot and he would be my top choice, but I’d be shocked if the Broncos pass on him. Miller is a pretty darn nice option ‘B’. Two years of proven production and a ridiculous ability to flatten himself out coming around the edge. An instant upgrade for the pass rush, which is needed after the Bills finished 27th in sacks last season.
4 – Hey Chris,
What are you thoughts on what we do with the first three picks?
1)      I think if Dareus is there, he’s a must take pick at three. He’s the BPA, safe, and fills an immediate need.
2)      As for the second round, is there any chance Martez Wilson is there at ILB? He also fills a need and is rated the best ILB in the draft.
3)     As for addressing the QB position, Kaepernick is definitely a project player, but who better to learn from than Fitz?
Coach Gailey loves mobile quarterbacks, and he could potentially be the new type of passer everyone is raving about, due to his ability to extend plays. Plus, you had to love his interview at the combine.
Kyle from PA  GO BILLS!!!

CB: As I stated above Dareus is my personal favorite at 3 if he’s there. The thought of him lined up with Kyle Williams and Dwan Edwards in a 3-4 front is very appealing.

I do think Martez Wilson could be there. I asked Mel Kiper personally where he sees him going and he said in the 33 to 45 overall pick range for what it’s worth. He also offers versatility as he could line up outside as well. Great athlete.

Kaepernick is an easy kid to like. Tons of production, smart, super athlete with the tools, just needs time on the job. Wouldn’t mind him on Buffalo’s roster at all.

5 – Chris,
First I wanted to say thank you for all your combine related articles. Great job.

Concerning the days of the NFL Draft what are the specific mechanisms for one team to contact another for the purpose of trading? Do they each have a telephone, do they use messengers, or some other method (Red or green lights)? Is there a form they both sign accepting the trade terms?
Very Respectfully,
Patrick M. Bald

CB: Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated. Concerning making contact to discuss trades, each NFL club is provided with a draft room phone list for every other team in the entire league. Knowing time can sometimes be short between picks to make trade offers, they try to set up the most instanteous contact system possible.

Contact with another club is sometimes assigned to a member of the personnel staff. For the Bills it might not necessarily be Buddy Nix making the call. It could be VP of College Scouting Tom Modrak, it could be Assistant GM Doug Whaley, it could be Senior VP of Football Administration Jim Overdorf.

Buddy would presumably put an offer together and give it to whomever he wanted to make the call. If things were moving in the right direction he then would hop on the phone and finalize details in certain cases.

In terms of receiving calls, the assigned person would handle those as well knowing Buddy is busy keeping track of the board and where their preferences lie.

When deals are completed both teams talk to their representatives in New York City at the draft. Those reps write the terms of the trade down on a form and bring them up to the league desk. Once approved the trade is announced at the podium.

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LB, LB, TE in Kiper mock

Posted by Chris Brown on April 6, 2011 – 11:31 am

ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper has submitted his three-round mock draft and has the Bills taking a pair of linebackers in the first two rounds, followed by a tight end in round three.

In round one with Newton to Carolina and Dareus to Denver, Kiper (like Todd McShay) has Von Miller to Buffalo with the following explanation.

Few have seen their stock rise as much as Miller has since the season wrapped up. The pass-rush skills were there, as was a developed ability to drop and make reads. The tape shows a guy who can do anything on the football field, and do it explosively. Miller offers immediate help at one of the top two positions of need for the Bills. They simply can’t get enough value here in drafting an offensive lineman, and Miller will impact games next year more than any rookie in the draft if you asked me today.

Kiper then has Buffalo taking Illinois ILB Martez Wilson, widely regarded as the top inside linebacker prospect in the class. In round three he has the Bills taking Wisconsin TE Lance Kendricks (someone McShay has Buffalo taking in round three as well).

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LB to Bills in McShay mock

Posted by Chris Brown on April 6, 2011 – 11:12 am

ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay has released the fourth version of his mock draft and he goes three rounds deep. He’s got an outside linebacker going to Buffalo third overall followed by a QB in round 2 and a TE in round 3.

After he predicts Cam Newton going to Carolina first, and Marcell Dareus to Denver second, McShay, like several mock prognosticators has Von Miller going to Buffalo at third overall. Here’s his reasoning for the pick.

The Bills’ most significant need is at left offensive tackle but there is not one on the board worth this pick and, although Gabbert would eventually provide a major upgrade at quarterback, Miller would be an immediate boost for a 3-4 defense that is in dire need of pass rushers. Former first-round pick Aaron Maybin has not realized his enormous potential and Miller is a plug-and-play impact rusher who could help fill the void by quickly becoming a double-digit sack man.

 In round 2 McShay has Buffalo taking Florida State QB Christian Ponder with the 34th overall pick. In round 3 he has Buffalo taking Wisconsin TE Lance Kendricks.

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Davis mock has LB to Bills

Posted by Chris Brown on April 6, 2011 – 11:04 am

NFL Network analyst Charles Davis put together his latest mock draft and has a LB going to Buffalo at third overall.

With Carolina taking Cam Newton and Denver pulling Marcell Dareus off the board, Davis has the Bills taking OLB Von Miller.

“I think they need to get that guy that can rush the passer,” said Davis.

Miller has been a very popular pick at third overall in mock drafts for Buffalo.

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QB in 3rd in mock for Bills

Posted by Chris Brown on April 5, 2011 – 3:53 pm

In a three round mock draft, the Bills are predicted to go pass rushing LB in round one, wide receiver in round two and a quarterback in round three.

Draft Insiders predicts Von Miller with the third overall pick for Buffalo, followed by Pitt WR Jonathan Baldwin in round two and Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick in round three.

Personally I’m not sure Kaepernick is even on the board come round three with most analysts pegging him as a second rounder now that he’s had a solid pre-draft body of work and up to 10 teams putting him through private workouts.

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Mort sees Miller for Bills’

Posted by Chris Brown on April 5, 2011 – 9:20 am

ESPN NFL Insider Chris Mortensen was asked on twitter which of the top two quarterbacks (Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert) was the favorite for the Bills at third overall. Mort instead went to the other side of the ball.

Here was his response to the question.

mortreport  RT @TreSmitty: @mortreport who is the favorite for Buffalo, Newton or Gabbert? > I’d say best def player. Von Miller very possible if there

Mortensen seems to be of the opinion that Buffalo is going defense with their top pick. Just take note that Mortensen did include the qualifier “if there” meaning he believes Miller could be off the board before the Bills are on the clock.

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Groundbreaking mock

Posted by Chris Brown on March 31, 2011 – 1:19 pm

The Charlotte Observer presents a groundbreaking mock draft that would turn NFL fans on their head if it happened. They’ve got Carolina trading out of the top spot, and the Panthers are the team they cover.

In their fourth installment they have Carolina trading out of the top spot in exchange for the 10th pick, 41st pick and a first next year from Washington. They then have Washington taking who else, Cam Newton. With the second pick they’ve still got Denver taking Marcell Dareus with Buffalo landing Von Miller at 3.

For the record they’ve got Blaine Gabbert to the Bengals at four.

Truthfully, even as willing as Redskins owner Dan Snyder has been in the past to part with draft picks, I can’t see even him willing to give up the farm to get to the top spot. Of course he’s an NFL owner that has a history of being impulsive. Personally it’s just nice to look at a change up with respect to the dozens of mocks that are put together this time of year.

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LB to Bills in NFP mock

Posted by Chris Brown on March 30, 2011 – 10:38 am

The National Football Post just put out an updated mock draft and they’ve got an OLB going to Buffalo at three.

NFP’s Wes Bunting has Marcell Dareus, who’s visiting the Bills today, going first overall to Carolina, followed by Patrick Peterson to Denver at 2. He then has Buffalo taking OLB Von Miller with the following reasoning.

The Bills did receive some solid production at the QB position last season and in my mind don’t need to bring in a rookie signal caller at three. Pass rusher is a massive need for them and Miller looks about as close to a sure thing as you can get.

For the record he has Gabbert and Newton going to Cincinnati and Arizona right after the Bills.

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King on prospects Bills like

Posted by Chris Brown on March 28, 2011 – 1:35 pm’s Peter King in his Monday Morning QB column mentioned a couple of players that he believes the Bills are high on in round one.

In his 10 truths portion of his weekly MMQB column number four dealt with the Bills and read as follows.

The Bills like Von Miller and Patrick Peterson a lot. Not saying they’ll take either. Just saying they’re high on both, and even though GM Buddy Nix has been at every top quarterback’s workout, Buffalo-watchers think it’s more likely the team will go defense.

While the note is far from surprising, knowing how many NFL clubs are enamored with the abilities of Peterson and Miller, both widely forecast as top five picks, it’s the second part of his blurb that is perhaps even more interesting.

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2 rd mock: LB, QB to Bills

Posted by Chris Brown on March 28, 2011 – 11:01 am

A two-round mock by Rotoworld has the Bills taking a linebacker first and a quarterback second.

Rotoworld’s two-round mock has Buffalo taking Texas A&M pass rusher Von Miller at three with the following analysis.

Chan Gailey sent out indications at last week’s owners meetings that he’s head over heels for Newton and Blaine Gabbert. We’re not buying it from a coach who specializes in turning non-premium quarterbacks into productive passers. Miller is everything that Aaron Maybin isn’t..

Then in round two the mock has Buffalo selecting Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick, with the following reasoning behind the pick.

Kaepernick is an ideal fit for Bills coach Chan Gailey, who runs a variation of the Pistol Spread offense and loves athletic quarterbacks. A team could be intrigued enough with Kaepernick’s cannon arm and 4.5 speed, however, to trade back into the end of the first round to draft him. 

Kaepernick’s stock was originally in the 3rd or 4th round as he was widely viewed as a developmental type prospect. However, on the heels of a consistent pre-draft process from the Senior Bowl to his pro day, Kaepernick is now widely viewed as a second round pick that’s in the mix with the likes of Andy Dalton, Christian Ponder and Ryan Mallett.

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More pre-draft visits for Miller

Posted by Chris Brown on March 25, 2011 – 2:04 pm

Texas A&M LB Von Miller is still on the pre-draft visit circuit.

After visiting with the Bills last week and having a private workout with Denver and a meeting with Arizona, Miller is scheduled to have pre-draft visits with Denver, Cleveland, San Fran, Tennessee and Washington. That according to the National Football Post. All of those teams draft in the top 10. It’s interesting that Denver is meeting with him after having him conduct a private workout for them.

Most analysts are of the belief that Miller will slip past the Broncos, with top pass rusher Elvis Dumervil coming back from injury this year for Denver and that John Fox would take Alabama’s Marcell Dareus. But if the Broncos harbor any doubts about Dumervil’s return to form, Miller could very well be the pick.

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Fan Friday 3-18

Posted by Chris Brown on March 18, 2011 – 12:24 pm

Hey Bills fans. I’m taking the day off for my birthday, but here are some answers to your questions from Have a good weekend.

1 – Chris,
Can you break down how Bowers, Fairley, or Dareus would fit in the Bills 3-4. Can you explain the difference between a five technique and three technique lineman. Would they have to only play the DE position with Kyle up the middle. What are the future plans in the 3-4 for Troup and Carrington going forward in terms of starting next season.

Sean, NY

CB: Bowers and Fairley would be strictly defensive ends in the 3-4. Some believe Bowers can shift to an OLB role in a 3-4, but I think he’s strong enough at 275 pounds to stand in there at end in a 3-4. Fairley could be a three technique defensive tackle in a 4-3, and knowing Buffalo is going to be multiple with their fronts on defense next year, he has double value.

Dareus is the prospect with the trump card though. He is a fit in either defense because at 319 pounds he could stand in there and play nose tackle in a 3-4, but he’s athletic enough to play end in a 3-4, which is what he did at Alabama. He could also play the one technique or three technique defensive tackle in a 4-3.

The only difference between a three-technique and five-technique is the alignment of the defensive linemen. Now their roles are different in the scheme of the defense, but basically there are numbers assigned to the alignment of a defensive lineman. For example, if they are lined head up on a center they’re in a zero technique.

A one-technique defensive tackle is lined up on the shoulder of the center. This DT is typically the grinder that ties up blocker in a 4-3 front. A three technique DT is lined up on the outside shoulder of the guard and is usually the more athletic penetrating type defensive tackle.

A five-technique is an alignment usually for a DE in a 3-4 on the outside shoulder of the offensive tackle. Their role is to stand and grind with the OT and sometimes TE to hold the point of attack and allow linebackers to run free to make tackles, although they have full license to disengage and make plays themselves. The alignments go all the way up to nine, which is the widest alignment, usually taken by a pass rushing DE or OLB.
2 – Hi Chris, 
I’ve taken some heat for this question already.  But I’d like your take on it.  What are you thoughts on building up the defense and o-line this year and trying to pick Andrew Luck in next years draft?  Now I know he will probably be the #1 pick in the draft but if we package some picks together or some players and picks, we may be able to get him unless we have a horrible season and end up picking #1 overall.  I just think that no one besides ryan mallett would be worth grooming or putting any time into as far as a qb for the future.  Luck has everything your pretty much want in a qb coming out of college and i’d like the bills to have a player at QB  who isn’t so much of a question mark.  Besides Fitz is playing at a high level and we need to invest this season in other areas such as defense and o-line.  As always thank you for your time.
CB : I don’t think your idea is so far-fetched. I’m all for loading up on the defensive side of the ball and if you still have time to address offensive tackle all the better. I don’t mind being aggressive and doing whatever it takes to get up to number one next year for Luck. Just keep in mind it’s anything but a guarantee, knowing first there’s likely to be a host of other NFL clubs looking to make a similar trade deal for Luck, and you’re likely to have a team in that number one spot all too happy to take Luck first off the board, and with no interest in trading out. It’s not something you can bank on.

That’s why I think there’s a good chance they take a QB somewhere in the draft.

3 – Chris,

I’ve been reading a lot about the right tackle position and the teams general need for linebackers.  In those conversations, I never see anything about Ed Wang or Arthur Moats.  Is Wang still that far away from contributing as a right tackle (even as a backup)?  Was his injury the big setback or does he just have a lot more to learn?  I was thinking Moats, Poz, and Merriman would be 3 of the 4 starting linebackers next year – the 4th being a new addition with a big, run-stuffing frame.  Do the Bills see Moats more of a 3rd down rush linebacker?  Do they see issues with his run defense?

Eric in Baltimore

CB: I think in the end Wang will be best suited to play guard. That’s just my opinion. Right now guard is a deep position. They worked him at both guard and tackle last year and I anticipate that will continue. I don’t see him getting on the field as a starter in 2011 however.

Buddy Nix has said he likes some of the young talent they have at OLB, and that includes Moats. He’s got potential, but if Merriman is healthy and the Bills draft a pass rushing LB high (e.g. Von Miller), Moats will not be a starter.

Personally I expect them to address ILB with more picks than OLB, not higher picks, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see two picks used on ILBs.

4 – Hello Chris,
Kiper brings up an interesting observation with his 2.0 mock draft.  Newton to Bills.  Does the possibility of his tremendous upside make him too attractive for the Bills not to pass up?  Even if the Bills take someone like Von Miller that doesn’t mean he pans out either.  (i.e. Maybin)  Newton could be worth the gamble.
Jim (Skaneateles)

CB: It’s the 64 million dollar question Jim. Picking this high doesn’t happen often and it affords you the opportunity to get a franchise quarterback if you believe there is one in the draft. That’s what the Bills have to figure out. Is there a franchise type QB in the draft. If so they have to take him, whoever it is (Newton, Gabbert). If not, then they have to take a player that is considered a sure fire star. The safest picks at the top of the board are Marcell Dareus and Patrick Peterson.

5 – Chris,
Doesnt the Bills releasing Marcus Stroud indicate that they will go for a defensive end with the no. 3 pick in the upcoming NFL draft?

Perhaps Marcell Dareus, if Bowers and Fairley are gone by the time Buffalo picks?

Or will it be LB Von Miller, who I believe Gailey likes?


CB: I think it increases the positional need. With the three top flight talents you mentioned I think they feel good about having the chance to take one of them. Whether they feel all three are worthy of the third pick is another question. Von Miller is an option as well, and yes Gailey may like Von Miller, but there are very few head coaches in the NFL, if any, that don’t like him.

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