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Zone read plays for offense or to prep ‘D’?

Posted by Chris Brown on August 5, 2015 – 4:02 pm

In Wednesday’s practice at training camp there were portions of the 11-on-11 team segment dedicated to the zone read game where the QB reads the defense on the fly and either leaves the ball in the running back’s bread basket to make a play, or pulls it out to get yards on the ground on his own. Tyrod Taylor and EJ Manuel were the two signal callers who executed those plays. The question is were the plays executed as part of installation for the offense, or were they solely run to prepare the defense for something they might see this fall?

“We were doing some specific things, working a lot of zone reads against the defense,” admitted head coach Rex Ryan. “So we split a period there where we were running some offensive things against certain looks. We call it dealer’s choice. We had David Lee running primarily zone read plays for the offense against the defense.

“Teams are running that and whether you see it one snap, two snaps or 20 snaps you have to be prepared for it on defense. So that was something we were looking at doing. We’ll flip it sometimes, we’ll have EJ running it because we’ll certainly do some zone read with EJ at quarterback and we’ll certainly do it with Tyrod. So we’ll split those guys back and forth so they’re actually servicing the defense, but we’re also running some of our plays against it.”

So according to Ryan the answer is both because there are zone read plays in Greg Roman’s playbook and they want the defense ready for anything with respect to the zone read game this season.

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Zone read ins and outs

Posted by Chris Brown on January 30, 2013 – 10:17 am

As we covered on today, the Bills new defensive staff stands a good chance of having viable answers to stopping the zone read quarterbacks that are taking over the NFL. One of them obviously is playing Sunday in the Super Bowl in Colin Kaepernick, and his team’s scheme was dissected well by National Football Post.

Former NFL safety Matt Bowen does a good job of explaining the elements of the 49ers Pistol offense with Kaepernick and provides visuals of why it’s tough to defend.

Fortunately the Bills have defensive assistants under Pettine that have been defending similar types of offensive schemes in the college ranks the past seven years. That should equip Buffalo’s defensive staff with practical solutions in defending it that should make the Bills defense more effective than they were against such quarterbacks last season (See: Russell Wilson).

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